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Seeing that his pitiful blood trough was emptied by a third in an instant, Wang Chao immediately withdrew from the goat's attack range, and when he was about to leave, he got up two people from the south. The names "Adu" and "Xiaojiejie" are also on his head. I rely on. Adu is okay, what the **** is Xiaojiejie? Wang Chao muttered softly.

"Wow... So tough! Dude, you have a dozen levels? You can single out a level 10 monster!" The last person arrived, the voice came first. Xiaojiejie shouted;

"Uh... I just played, it's still level 0" Wang Chaodao;

boom. . .

boom. . .

The two fell to the ground in an instant, and it took a while to see them both getting up. "Brother, you are really BT. Just come to pick level 10 monsters, we both killed chickens for a few days. Now the most is to kill the children..." Adu said

"Uh, novice. Novice... just came in. I see a sheep and try it. What level are you now?" Wang Chao was a little embarrassed, scratching his head and immediately changed the subject;

"I am at level 6, he is at level 7." Adu said; "Right. I don't know what you call it?"

Because he just came in, Wang Chao's name was not released.

"Huangfu Super Bo!"

"Ultra-thin? Okamoto? 0.3mm? Wow...we are brothers? Are you in this business??" Xiaojiejie said from the side;

"Okamoto? 0.3mm? What is it? No, no, brother, can you speak more slowly, what are you talking about?" Wang Chao looked at the two men with a bewildered expression;

"The TT imported from the island country. Its ultra-thin. Its only 0.3mm. Its known as the thinnest in the world. Its the fighter in the TT. Although some people dont like island countries very much, they still like two things. As a man, you know. . By the way, arent you in this business?"

"Ah! No, no, mine is this blog." Hearing what they said, Wang Chao was so frightened that he quickly released his name. Tragedy Diwa, why didn't I think of this. Super blog, super thin, uh.

"Nothing, it sounds the same anyway." Xiaojiejie said indifferently; "Lao Du, we will be the TT trio from now on. There is another brother."


. . .

Wang Chao was very helpless about Xiao Jiejie's familiarity and had to change the subject.

"Two, I just came in. I don't know how to play yet. You teach me?"

Xiao Jiejie immediately said: "No problem, who told us to be a trio!"

So the three of them walked in the direction of Changshe City together.

Along the way, the two of them also told Wang Chao in detail about some things they knew in the game.

It turns out that the two of them are colleagues in the same company who do TT business. So Adu is the TT salesman who claims "Those who are not stopped by us, we are responsible for raising them!", while Xiaojiejie is another A salesman of a manufacturer known as "Invisible Thin". After listening to the two people's explanation of their own names, and thinking about their own names, Wang Chao couldn't help covering his face for a long time. Because there are not many things in normal times, I played Zhan Three Kingdoms together. They also came in yesterday afternoon, the third day of game time. At the beginning, I tried to kill the higher-level monsters, and they almost died. After listening to the people in front of them, I realized that they couldn't kill them with the strength they just entered. Everyone is the same when they first entered the game, attacking 1 and defending 1, and can kill those level 0 chickens, mice, tortoises by the river, etc. When you reach level 6 or 7, you can go to level 5 to play free. There are now 20 to 30 million people in the game, but only 200,000 people are allowed to build a village. On average, there are only one or two hundred villages in each county. Others are still leveling and fighting monsters honestly. If you fight monsters, you have a certain chance to hit meat, skin, tendons, feathers, etc. For meat, only NPCs will process it into cooked food that can be better edible (such as jerky, stew, etc.), so players can only go to the village to replace it with other foods, such as wheat cakes and the like. of. Because the players vigor will decrease after playing the game for a period of time, it must rely on food to improve, or they can only sit there and wait for the vigor to rise by themselves. Of course, if you like to eat raw meat, you can avoid the process of exchanging food with NPC. . As for the amount of blood, blood medicine is only sold in the city, and it is said that the blood medicine of +10 costs 50 copper. It seems that no one can buy it now, even if it is affordable, it will not spend money. In this regard, you must know that in the early days of the game, the players were all from Chiguoguo, and there was no copper coin on them. They only exploded when killing monsters, and the explosion rate was pitifully low. Like the low-level monsters, the explosion rate is less than one-twentieth, and each time it is pitiful one or two copper coins. In other words, you have to kill five or six hundred mobs to get a bottle. The money for blood medicine comes. Moreover, at the beginning of the game, there was no open exchange of real currency and game currency, and everyone knows that blood medicine is actually not worth this money, but the system increases the difficulty of the game to increase the playability. As for equipment, according to many senior players and organizations, it should only explode on humanoid monsters, and based on the explosion rate of ordinary monsters, it is estimated that the explosion rate of equipment will be lower. So many people say that most of the equipment in the game should be buildable instead of just killing monsters like everyone's previous games.

"How much experience do you have to kill a chicken?"

"1 o'clock."

"Uh... Then, don't I want to kill 100 chickens when I get to level 10? I want to kill 1,000 chickens when I get to level 10." Wang Chao was speechless. "How long does it take to kill a chicken?"

"A chicken has 5 points of blood, cut a little at a time, and cut it 5 times!" Xiaojiejie said; "This is a good deal!"


O earth!

Why is this game called Battle for Hegemony? Let's just call to kill the chicken to play!

"Brother, be sorry... Everyone came here like this" Adu patted Wang Chao on the shoulder; "It's okay. Brothers will take you directly to kill the son!"

. . .

Five or six miles outside the west gate of Changshe City, there are several monster spawning spots. By the time the three of them arrived here, dozens of them were already wiping off their children. Xiao Jiejie greeted a few people he knew well, and did not forget to introduce Huangfu Chaobolai to everyone.

"Lao Lai, I brought your little brother to get rid of the child again! Come, let me introduce to you, this is my brother's ultra-thin brother..."

"Lao Baigan, how many levels did you get today?..."

. . .

Wild Free: Level 5 Wild Monster. Blood 10, defense 0, no aggressiveness. There are only three points of experience in killing one. Occasionally, there are mutations of the wild dog or the wild dog king, which is much more cost-effective compared to the ordinary wild dog, but only a few people encountered it in a few days. It is said that a lot of them have burst. thing.

The three people formed a team and began to pick up strange things. Players can also form a team before they have an official position, but there can only be a maximum of five people. Because they are just exempting mobs such as the ones, the three of them did not form a full team. After teaming up, as with all online games, the experience of spawning monsters is average for everyone, and exploding items are also divided by their own people.

For three people, each of them has an attack of 1. On average, a little more than three knives per person is enough. Soon, with the help of the two of them, Wang Chao was promoted to the second level. There were five more pieces of meat and two free skins in the bag of the belt, and three coins were also allocated. 555. . . My pockets are not cloth stickers anymore.

In a blink of an eye, a few hours passed, and it would soon be dark. Because the players field of vision will be halved at night, and the more aggressive monsters like level 20 wolves and level 15 snakes will increase their range of activity at night, so players are more likely to be attacked in the wild. Therefore, many players go to relatively safe places near the county town, player villages, etc. If they go offline there, they don't have to worry about having a big monster next to them when they go online the next day. Even players who are not offline will try to get close to these places, because there are not many people online at night, so there are not many people spamming monsters in these places, so sometimes it is faster than leveling during the day.

"Brother Chaobo," Adu said; "Let's go too..."

"Okay, thank you so much today. If it weren't for your help, I wouldn't know how many detours I would take. By the way, where do you usually go offline?"

"Not necessarily. But most of the time we go offline at Zongheng Village, south of Changsha." Xiao Jiejie said on the side;

"Zongheng Village? Is it great?"

"That is. It is our first village in Yingchuan. It is also ranked in the top 10 in the whole game. You don't know how good the boss of Zongheng is, he got one in less than an hour after opening the server. Village building drawings. There are now forty villagers in the village, and several elders in the village have also made a few legions. There are forty or fifty people, and the average level has reached 10. It is said that they are now preparing to fight The bandit, said he took a mission, but it is a humanoid monster of level 20 or so. It will take the initiative to attack. You say bulls are not bulls..." As soon as he opened his mouth, Xiaojiejie talked endlessly. It's introduced. "It's a pity that our ranks are not enough, and people look down upon it. Or we can join the army..."

"Come on," Adu said back; "Will your kid endure the restraint if you go in?"

"Haha... That's the same. Why don't we hire a few people and go to their village to get an army to play?"

"Haha..." Wang Chao listened. "Lets talk about the corps later. Its not just that you can afford to do it. If you catch a few people, you can make a corps. When the time comes, you will be sold and you will still help the people. Its best to find those who can get along. Until then, just dividing things will make you a headache."

"Yes. The most annoying thing about the games I used to play was the division of things in the army. There were quarrels all day long, and I was so annoying." Adu said;

The three of them walked and talked. After half an hour, they arrived at the west gate of Changshe City. When he saw the city in the game for the first time, Wang Chao couldn't help but stand and want to take a good look.

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Gongsunzan's Counterattack Chapter 556: Xianbei People Retreat Chapter 557: After The War Chapter 558: Military Reform Chapter 559: Xu Shu Came To Vote Chapter 560: Post War Discussion Chapter 561: Reward Chapter 562: Reorganize Soldiers And Horses Chapter 563: Confusion Of Chen Gong Chapter 564: Huangfu Song Army Arrived Chapter 565: Gao Shun Appears Chapter 566: The Requirements Of The Camp Chapter 567: Lu Bu Joins The State Chapter 568: Personnel Adjustments Chapter 569: Where To Go Chapter 570: Put It To Death And Live Chapter 571: Copy Map Chapter 572: Further To Longhua Chapter 573: Port Problem Chapter 574: Condominium Chapter 575: Co Management Covenant Chapter 576: Promotion Chapter 577: Upgrade The County Seat Chapter 578: Announce Upgrade Requirements Chapter 579: With The World People Chapter 580: Leting Town Chapter 581: The Eighth Ring Mission Completed Chapter 582: Gao Shun Training Chapter 583: Double Salary At The End Of The Year Chapter 584: Knight Preparation Chapter 585: Lack Of Internal Affairs Talent Chapter 586: Preparation For Luoyang Academy Chapter 587: Yuan Gonglu Chapter 588: New Year's Eve Banquet Chapter 589: Two Years Have Passed Since The War In Zhongping Chapter 590: Inspection Territory Chapter 591: Send Troops To Hulao Kanto Chapter 592: Yuan Yin Went To Luoyang Chapter 593: The Might Of The Camp Part 1 Chapter 594: The Power Of The Camp Part 2 Chapter 595: Negotiate A Ransom Chapter 596: Soldier To Hulao Chapter 597: Qingkejing County Chapter 598: The Knight Is Ready To Go North Chapter 599: Bridge Zhang Xiancheng Chapter 600: The Right Wise King Of The Xiongnu Goes To Humble Chapter 601: Serial Mission Completed Chapter 602: Mission Rewards Chapter 603: Eventually Become A Prince Chapter 604: Yuan Rong Crossbowmen Chapter 605: Prepare For The Trip To Binzhou Chapter 606: Get Together Chapter 607: Proposal To Kill The Wrong Wolf Chapter 608: Player Power Alliance Chapter 609: Zhuge Liannu Chapter 610: Counterattack Chapter 611: 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Nannan Army Chapter 1050: Feng Guogong Part 1 Chapter 1051: Sealed Country Middle Chapter 1052: Feng Guogong Part 2 Chapter 1053: Feng Guogong Next Chapter 1054: Find An Island Base Chapter 1055: World Situation Chapter 1056: Turn An Enemy Into A Friend? 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Chapter 1278: Tang Alliance Chapter 1279: Lu Bu Is Gone Chapter 1280: Lu Bu's Whereabouts Appear Chapter 1281: Wei And Zhao Coalition Appeared Chapter 1282: Prepare To Meet The Enemy Chapter 1283: Reinforcement Chapter 1284: Wei Jun War Begins Chapter 1285: White Horse Righteous From Killing Chapter 1286: Outstanding Record Chapter 1287: Wait For The Rabbit Chapter 1288: Some People Want To Fish In Troubled Waters Chapter 1289: Chen Liu Chapter 1290: Xu You's Arrangement Chapter 1291: Wei Jun Neiying Chapter 1292: Nancheng Change Chapter 1293: Handan City Break Chapter 1294: Extremely Suspicious Chapter 1295: Upcoming Cavalry Duel Chapter 1296: Fukouguan Reinforcements Dispatched Chapter 1297: Gradually Into The Hub Chapter 1298: Cao Xingzhongfu Chapter 1299: Lu Bu Retreat Chapter 1300: Lose Both Chapter 1301: Dilemma Chapter 1302: Changyi City Break Chapter 1303: Hua Xiong Rushed Back Chapter 1304: Xu Rong Is Seriously Injured Chapter 1305: Xu Rong Died Chapter 1306: Retreat To Jiyin Chapter 1307: End Of War Chapter 1308: Yan Gang Is Not Dead Chapter 1309: Zhao Zilong's Thoughts Chapter 1310: Joint Troops Part 1 Chapter 1311: Joint Troops Part 2 Chapter 1312: War Is Back Chapter 1313: Send Troops To Sheyan City Chapter 1314: Bing Refers To Henan Chapter 1315: Zahu Coalition Part 1 Chapter 1316: Zahu Coalition Part 2 Chapter 1317: Zahu Coalition Soldiers Encircle Baitu City Chapter 1318: Prepare For Night Attack Chapter 1319: Assault Camp Part 1 Chapter 1320: Assault Camp Part 2 Chapter 1321: Into The Pit Chapter 1322: Change Strategy Chapter 1323: Sun Ce Assassinated Chapter 1324: World Player Situation Chapter 1325: Ping The Land Of Henan Chapter 1326: Knight's Decision Chapter 1327: Arrived In Meji Chapter 1328: The Ambition Of Amorous Sword Part 1 Chapter 1329: The Ambition Of Amorous Sword Part 2 Chapter 1330: Yuan Shaojun's Move Chapter 1331: Bingzhi Gongsunzan Chapter 1332: Can't Save Chapter 1333: Setsaku Chapter 1334: Zhao Guo's Response Chapter 1335: Lao Du Ji's Arrangement Chapter 1336: The Mind Of The Superior Chapter 1337: Honest Man Gongsun Fan Chapter 1338: Soldiers And States Chapter 1339: Fight Again In Xi'an Yangcheng Chapter 1340: Breaking The City Chapter 1341: Take Xi'an Yang Chapter 1342: Advent Party Chapter 1343: Whereabouts Of Huang Xu's Army Chapter 1344: Sad Cao Xing Chapter 1345: Lu Bu Sent Troops Chapter 1346: Bing Knocked At Nanguan Chapter 1347: Changes In Changshan Country 1 Chapter 1348: Changes In Changshan Country 2 Chapter 1349: Changes In Changshan Country 3 Chapter 1350: Changes In Changshan Country 4 Chapter 1351: Situation In The North Chapter 1352: Hao Zhao Offers Advice Chapter 1353: Fixed Plan