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No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult Right?


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Introduction No Way People Find Cultivation Difficult Right?

Xianwu Era, March 3.With the unremitting efforts of the head, Qingyun Daozong finally ushered in the eighth disciple Ye Ping.In order to allow Ye Ping to stay and to gain Ye Ping’s respect, the Zongmen tried all kinds of methods to deceive him.Boasting that he is a genius of peerless swordsmanship, genius of peerless cultivation, genius of peerless alchemy, genius of peerless refining equipment, genius of peerless divination, genius of peerless array technique, genius of peerless Jianbao, son of peerless luck.Moreover, in order to maintain the image of genius, it is even more chaotic.Just scratching a sword mark will let Ye Ping comprehend the peerless sword intent.Just take out a cauldron and let Ye Ping make the best pill.Just take out a coin and let Ye Ping figure out the unparalleled secret.I just hoped that Ye Ping would discover the truth later and stay in the sect.What everyone didn’t expect was.This new little brother… actually learned it.- Description from MTL

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