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Changsheng Mountain.

"The real body of the devil has appeared."

Su Changyu sat cross-legged, opened his eyes, whispered in his mouth, and then closed his eyes again.

The Qinglian in front of him already looked bleak and malnourished.

And on his primordial stage, Qinglian swayed, with a crystal clear lotus seed condensed on it.

Ten countries.

As the ancient sky demon figure was blasted away by Xiao Mu and Xueye Pingping, Xia Qian forced the demon **** to wake up at the expense of himself.

Boom boom boom boom boom!

With a roar resounding throughout the world, the six gates of **** evolved into the body of a demon god, allowing the devilish energy to roll in the void, entwining death and ominousness.


The demon god's head opened his eyes, like a blood-colored star, bright and mysterious, staring at Xu Luochen, blasting out the breath of death, turning everything in front of him into nothingness.

Suddenly, Xu Luochen felt a dangerous aura, and hundreds of millions of stars were shining behind him, and the five spirits around him turned into a barrier, immediately protecting his figure.

However, under the attack of the Demon God, this layer of defense began to burst at a rate of destruction.

Upon seeing this, the demon lord immediately turned around and took action to protect Xu Luochen.

"Thank you dad."

Xu Luochen thanked him immediately. This blow was terrible. Although it wouldn't kill him, it wouldn't be good.

"The current situation is a bit difficult."

The demon lord saw the situation in front of him and said so.

Even if he saw this, he couldn't help frowning.

"Everyone calm down!"

Faced with this situation, Xiao Muxue immediately spoke out to calm people down. Under such circumstances, you must not panic.

"Senior Demon Lord, please continue to take action to suppress a door of hell!"

Xiao Muxue bowed to the demon lord and continued to speak out.

"Luo Chen, Junior Brother, you two will join forces to suppress a door of hell."

"Mr. Ziyun, Mr. Tianxuan, Lay of Sanhe, the three of you join forces to suppress a door of hell."

Xiao Muxue spoke again and again, letting everyone join forces to suppress the gate of hell.

The body of this Demon God is terrifying, but everyone in the field has outstanding combat power. Now the Demon God has not really descended, and he has become a perfect body, and there is still a glimmer of life.

"Luo Chen, if you want to leave, Dad can directly take you to ascend."

The demon master did not look at Xiao Muxue, but at Xu Luochen and asked Xu Luochen's thoughts.

He doesn't feel much about Demon God's destruction of the world. What does the destruction of the world have to do with him?

He has become an immortal in Hongchen, and can directly take Xu Luochen to ascend and leave this world.

Xu Luochen heard the words of the demon master and called Niubi, feeling very moved in his heart.

"Father, I want to try."

Xu Luochen said like this.

Now in this situation, how could he choose to run away.

"For my son's sake, leave this door to me!"

When the demon master heard Xu Luochen's choice, he directly killed the door of **** where the demon god's head was left without saying a word.

The breath of this **** gate is the strongest, terrifying.

"Little Junior Brother, you will fight side by side with Senior Brother!"

Xu Luochen nodded, he was not afraid, his eyes showed war.

"Yes, Senior Brother Luo Chen."

Ye Ping also showed no fear, showing expectation.

The other people also responded one after another and slew towards the gate of hell.

At this time of life and death, everyone did not retreat, and they all acted directly to show their determination.

Although the Demon God is desperate, it is not invincible.

They can cultivate to this strength, and their hearts are extremely firm.

"The rest of the cultivators follow the orders, and follow me together, doing their best!"

"You can't lose this battle! At the same time, spread the letter, summon the five dynasties, and the strong immortals will come and make up for it at any time!"

Xiao Muxue spoke with a serious voice.

It is true that this battle cannot be lost.

If it fails to suppress the six gates of **** and let the Demon God's true body fully manifest, then it will be completely over.


Everyone shouted in unison, and their voices rushed into the sky.


Immediately, Xiao Muxue stepped out one step at a time, sacrificed the Immortal Tool Seal, and killed it.

"Great Desolate Falling Heaven Halberd!"

"True Dragon Handprint!"

"God Demon Fist!"

"Ice the world!"

"Great sun burns the sky!"

"Tianxin Devil Slayer's supernatural power!"

Everyone shot together, and the terrifying ultimate move broke out, making the heaven and the earth boil, the stars fell, and everything wailed.

The body of the demon in the six gates of **** is too terrifying, and they are constantly attacking and killing them, and they have to walk out of the gates of **** and smash into the void.

The big halberd in the hands of the demon master danced, cutting the world and smashing the gates of hell, but the head of the demon **** was very terrible, with his mouth wide open, like a black hole in the abyss, to swallow him.

Both Ye Ping and Xu Luochen were physically incomparable, and their fists burst into bright light, fighting with the demon god's right arm.

The same is true of other Mahayana monks, suppressing the gates of hell.

Xiao Muxue stared at all of this, and she immediately made up for any problem where there was a serious injury.

The battle was terrible and shocking. Everyone was bloodied.

The Demon God is too terrifying, it would be unimaginable to wait for the Demon God to fully appear.


"Fifth Junior Brother, you are optimistic about Senior Nephew Gu."

Wang Zhuoyu's injury had stabilized, and seeing the situation in the sky, let Lin Bei Daxu take care of the seriously injured Gu Jianxian, and his whole body rose into the sky.

Now he has Xue Zhuan's Golden Dragon blessing, and his short-term strength is extraordinary.

"Master sister, we also have to contribute!"

Wang Zhuoyu is holding a chess board with stars, and a golden dragon phantom appears all over his body.


Seeing Wang Zhuoyu, Xiao Muxue immediately saw the general situation inside his body, and said with a smile.

Immediately, Wang Zhuoyu made a move, and the star chessboard evolved into the world, and he wanted to seal a door to hell.

Void fluctuating, Chen Lingrou also came, but everyone ignored Chen Lingrou, and their eyes fell on the unicorn beneath her.

Qilin ancient emperor stepped on the auspicious clouds, surrounded by the aura of Xuanhuang, making everyone surprised. Unexpectedly, there would still be the existence of the mythical beast Qilin in the world.

"Little girl, you are optimistic on the side, so that you can see the strength of the emperor's two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine level!"

Gu Aotian threw Chen Lingrou on his back aside and started directly.

He is a divine beast unicorn with terrible strength. Every blow carries the power of wind and thunder, just like a tribulation.

Xiao Muxue was surprised when she saw Gu Aotian and Chen Lingrou appear, but she didn't expect the other party to appear, and brought the little junior sister over.

But what about Su Changyu?

Didn't Chen Lingrou say that Su Changyu rode away on a unicorn?

The battle is now, the sacred beasts and unicorns have appeared, and Su Changyu has not yet appeared, which is very weird.

"Kirin ancient emperor, where is Su Changyu?"

Xiao Muxue asked.

"When the time comes, Big Brother will naturally appear."

Gu Aotian said something like this, and walked toward the **** gate of the demon god's torso to suppress it.

He is very strong, not much worse than the Demon Lord.

Time passed bit by bit.

The five great dynasties, Immortal Gate, only left some of the strong men in charge, and all the other strong men came here to join the battle.

This battle is a matter of survival and is already higher than the dynasty, the sect.

Even if the Four Great Demon Cults looked at them, they couldn't take care of that much.

The battle lasted for three days and three nights, and all the monks continued to take turns to suppress the gates of hell.

At this moment, abruptly, someone showed a look of horror.

"How is this going!"

The void collapsed, cracks appeared in the gates of **** and began to shatter.

Click! Click! Click!

The gates of **** shattered, and then gathered together, turning into a thousand-foot-long gate, and the terrifying breath of death swept the entire world in an instant.

At this moment, all the monks took a deep breath, watching all this, their hearts trembled.


A terrible roar sounded, and a thousand-foot figure walked out of the gate of hell, and the terrifying pressure was permeated, making everyone feel an unprecedented pressure.

"Devil God, this is the real body of the Demon God! What is going on!"

Someone screamed, feeling incredible.

This breath was terrifying, covering everyone, even the Mahayana monks who crossed the Tribulation, they felt terrified, and their bodies trembled.

Everyone couldn't believe all of this, how well, the six gates of **** were united, and the demon **** appeared in its entirety.

The demon **** walked out of the gates of hell, his devilish energy billowed, flooding hundreds of millions of mountains and rivers, the heaven and the earth changed drastically, and the sky was even more thunderous.

This is intolerable by the world.

When everyone in the field saw the Demon God, they all showed incredible colors.

In the world, countless cultivators turned pale when they saw the Demon God.

"everything is over!"

The devil roars, his body is like an immortal **** iron, his devilish energy is rolling, making people feel terrified.


He raised his big hand and shook the sky, the whole world was roaring, and millions of mountains collapsed, which was simply terrifying.

Everyone felt a breath of death at this moment.


Xiao Muxue shouted.

In an instant, the array that had already been set up in the void was activated, and beams of light shot into the sky, blocking the demon god.

However, under the demon god's great hand, the formation was like a bubble, annihilated at a speed visible to the naked eye, the demon master, Gu Aotian, Ye Ping, Xu Luochen and others all shot together before reluctantly resisting the demon god's attack.

The Demon God shot again, he was peerlessly cruel, and his devilish energy would drown the entire Daxia Dynasty, raising his hands and feet, destroying the world.

With a punch, the Ten Kingdoms shattered directly, the void shattered, and everything was turned into dust wherever they went.

That billowing devilish energy wiped out all creatures.

This is the Demon God, the Demon God of Exterminating the World.

Xiao Muxue, the demon lord, and Ye Ping, were also very difficult to resist under the attack of the demon god, and they were retreating steadily.

Everyone in the field can see the look of horror in the eyes of others, although they all know that the demon **** is terrible, but when they really appeared, they still did not expect to be so terrible.

"How could this happen."

Xiao Muxue's face was bitter, and under this kind of absolute power, it made people desperate.

After only two rounds, it was difficult for everyone to resist, and the demon spirit of the demon **** was constantly permeating, I am afraid that it will not take long before it will sweep the whole world.

This devilish energy obliterated everything. Facing this devilish energy, ordinary cultivators had no resistance at all, and it really was the end.

"Hold it!"

Xiao Muxue continued to speak, her voice a little hoarse.

At this time, she herself didn't know the meaning of holding on, but what's the use of holding on for a while.

Su Changyu?

Xiao Muxue thought of Su Changyu who had never appeared.

The demon **** kept making moves, causing the sky to collapse and the earth to fall, and the killing was earth-shaking, so that everyone including the demon master, Xiao Muxue, etc. could only continue to fight back and retreat.

However, at this moment.

There was fairy music in the void, fairy air filled, and only a gate appeared.

This gate was several feet high, wrapped around the real dragon and divine phoenix, filled with immortality, blocking the attack of the demon god.

"How is this going!"

"what's happenin?"

"There is a figure in the door!"

"Could it be that an immortal made a move to stop the demon god!"

When everyone saw this scene, they couldn't help but look forward to it.

In the courtyard, a peerless figure slowly walked out.

Everyone held their breath and looked at this figure.

At this moment, everyone is full of expectations.

"Three million sword immortals in the sky!"

"You must lower your eyebrows when you see me!"

A calm voice sounded, as if from nine heavens, extremely noble.

The figure was revealed, this was a man, wearing a cyan brocade robe, looks peerless, like an immortal in the dust, with extraordinary temperament.

He stood in the void, immortal aura was permeated, and there were five beasts around him.

"Big brother!"

"Big brother!"

"Big brother!"

"Big Brother!"

"Su Changyu!"

Ye Ping, Xu Luochen, Wang Zhuoyu, Gu Aotian, Xiao Muxue and others immediately recognized this figure.

It is Su Changyu.

Many other people also recognized Su Changyu. After all, in the past few days, the affairs of the Daxia Dynasty, the peerless sword fairy Su Changyu, can be said to be unknown.

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At the moment Su Changyu appeared, the Demon God roared and his fist blasted directly at Su Changyu.

With a punch, Wanli Void directly shattered.

Su Changyu raised his hand, the sun and the moon lifted into the sky behind him, and fell on the fist of the demon god, and there was a roar that sounded through the whole world.

This scene made everyone happy.


Macho, peerless macho!

Everyone saw hope.

"Damn, I didn't pretend to be a beep!"

Xu Luochen watched Su Changyu's hands, but he didn't expect that he was still a younger brother in front of Su Changyu.

But Su Changyu's way of playing showed him, and he will do the same next time. Zhen Nima pretended to beep and read a poem at the same time.

Everyone in Qingyun Dao Sect, except Ye Ping, everyone felt unreal when they watched Su Changyu's hands.

"I have a sword to kill the devil."

Su Changyu's face was calm and his voice was calm.




Everyone took a breath.

One sword can cut the devil.




This is horrible, and everyone can't help but feel trembling in their hearts. It's horrible.

What is invincible?

This is called invincible.

Everyone couldn't help but see Su Changyu's blood boiled over.

"Brother is mighty!"

Ye Ping was very passionate and shouted.

"The sword is coming!"

Su Changyu stood with his hands behind, and continued to make a sound, his voice indifferent.

In an instant, the sword intent soared into the sky, so that everyone could feel this supreme sword intent.

At the same time, the sun, moon and stars, mountains, rivers and trees, and everything in the world were transformed into swords, which turned into a picture of supreme sword behind Su Changyu.

The Demon God kept bombarding Su Changyu, but all the offensives were resolved by Supreme Sword Qi.

Su Changyu's figure was extremely small under the devil's thousand feet of body, but at the moment it looked extremely stalwart.


Gu Jianxian lay on Qingyun Back Cliff, sensing Su Changyu's sword intent, and couldn't help but wake up.


He raised his arm, the supreme sword picture condensed into a peerless divine sword, Su Changyu held the divine sword, just like a peerless immortal emperor, with outstanding elegance.


Cut out with one sword.

Submerged the devil, submerged everything in the world.

Boom boom boom boom!

Boom boom boom boom!

Boom boom boom boom!

Under this sword, the devil's body continued to crack and began to annihilate.

Not only that, wisps of fairy light burst out from the sky.

This is Tianmen.

The power of Su Changyu's sword was too terrifying, not only slaying the demon god, but also slashing open the heavenly gate.

All the monks held their breath and their brains went blank.

"The devil is dead!"

Someone yelled, his voice filled with disbelief.

"Solve it?"

"We won, we won!"

"It's incredible!"

"Peerless sword fairy, Su Changyu!"

At this moment, everyone showed joy.

Unexpectedly, the Demon God died like this, and was beheaded by Su Changyu with a single sword.

This is incredible.

"Hahahahahahahahaha, Su Changyu, you lost!"

At this moment, abruptly, a loud laugh sounded, shocking everyone.

A figure appeared, it was Xia Gan.

Before, he used his own sacrifice to summon six gates of hell, but he did not expect to appear again at this time.

"This sword has exhausted your will, and now, you can no longer kill me!"

"I admit that I have a gambling element, but I win the bet, you lose!"

Xia Gan was very happy and excited.

Before Su Changyu had not appeared, and faced with difficulties, he had a plan to make sacrifices to summon the real body of the Demon God. This real body of the Demon God is based on him, but he is not under his control.

But if the demon gods true body is beheaded, he can escape from his true body, and through the demon gods ravages, kill with heaven and earth, evil thoughts turn into nutrients, and his strength surges.

Xia Gan was betting that Su Changyu had been hiding in the dark, waiting for the final blow.

If he made a wrong bet, he has been trapped in the real body of the demon **** for this life.

Everyone was shocked and couldn't believe that Xia Gan was not dead.

How is this going.

However, Su Changyu didn't look at Xia Gan, but looked at Ye Ping and said lightly.

"Little Junior Brother, have you learned it?"

Su Changyu opened his mouth and asked like this.

This this this?

Everyone was dumbfounded.

What does this mean, can anyone learn the sword you have just now?

But Xiao Muxue, Xu Luochen, Wang Zhuoyu, Xue Zhuan and others were stunned.

Looking straight at Ye Ping.

They understand what Su Changyu means.


A refreshing breeze came.

Immediately afterwards, Ye Ping's voice slowly sounded.

"Brother, Junior Brother will meet."

The voice fell, at this moment, Xia Gan was stunned.

Everyone was stunned.


Are you coaxing us?

You can learn this kind of swordsmanship at a glance?

Will you die if you don't pretend?

How come everyone likes to pretend to beep so much.

Everyone was speechless.

However, Xiao Muxue, Xu Luochen, Wang Zhuoyu and others were shocked.

Because they knew, Ye Ping said yes.

That's really going to happen.

Ye Ping continued to speak.

"I have a sword to kill the devil!"

"The sword is coming!"

Ye Ping spoke and said the same words as Su Changyu before.

His voice was not as indifferent as Su Changyu, but very loud.

next moment.

Qiang Qiang!

A mouthful of flying sword appeared behind Ye Ping.

Above the sky, the stars vibrated, bursting with incomparable light, rushing to Ye Ping, so that he was bathed in divine light, shining brightly.

Ye Ping raised his hand and condensed all the flying swords into the supreme divine sword, and the supreme sword intent broke out completely.

Everyone was shocked and dumbfounded.

Really learned?

You two said it in advance, just to pretend to beep, right?

"how can that be!"

Xia Gan couldn't help but feel silly when he saw this sword.

If someone else uses this sword, forget it, no matter how hard it is to kill him.

But Ye Ping possessed the will of heaven and earth.

Ye Ping remained silent, and the sword in his hand was cut towards Xia Gan.

"I am not reconciled, I am not reconciled! How is this possible!"

Under the gaze of countless lights, the sword light was dazzling, drowning Xia Gan, and at the same time, Xia Gan's roar sounded.

Boom boom boom!

Under this sword, Xia Gan's body began to disintegrate, dissipating between heaven and earth.

In the yin and yang struggle between heaven and earth, when evil thoughts become more and more to the extreme, a demon will be bred.

The mission of gaining the will of heaven and earth is to resist evil thoughts and destroy the devil.

However, after the eradication, after a thousand years, ten thousand years, the evil thoughts of heaven and earth will grow more and more, and there will be more and more evil thoughts, which will give birth to the devil, and continue to cycle.

In the letter that Su Changyu left, Su Changyu told Ye Ping that the root cause of accommodating evil thoughts and nurturing the devil was the true body of the devil.

Su Changyu wants to completely eliminate the devil, so that the evil thoughts between heaven and earth will automatically dissipate, and no devil will be bred again.

To do this, it is necessary to kill both the Demon God Real Body and Xia Gan at the same time.

And only Xia Gan could call out the Demon God's true body, which was why Su Changyu didn't directly kill him after he knew that Xia Gan was a demon seed.

Because this cannot solve the root cause.

"Solve it?"

Everyone couldn't help shaking as they looked at the situation in front of them.

Is this catastrophe finally solved?

After a long time, everything subsided, everyone confirmed that the catastrophe was indeed over, everyone cheered.

"Big brother, I withstood it!"

Ye Ping said this with a smile on his face after slashing the sword.

This war of exterminating the world ended, but the entire Daxia Dynasty was devastated and messed up, and the Ten Kingdoms suffered countless deaths and injuries.

With the death of Xia Qian, the demon god, Jiantianyuan, and the five dynasties, the immortal gate immediately began to liquidate the four demon cults.

Because the previous whereabouts were exposed, the Four Great Demon Sects were completely unstoppable in the face of this force, and they were wiped out nine times out of ten.

The remaining people can only hide in the dark, unable to overcome the storm.

At this point, the war was completely over.

Later, Ye Ping found Xiao Muxue.

"Master sister, I can restore the Daxia Dynasty, but I need treasures, spiritual stones, anything of value!"

Ye Ping said to Xiao Muxue.

Qingzhou, Jin Kingdom, Ten Kingdoms, this is the place he has always stayed. There are many of his relatives and friends who died in this battle.

He wanted to use the heavenly altar to sacrifice to God and restore the Ten Kingdoms and the Great Xia Dynasty.

At the same time, he will also resurrect the Taoist Taihua.

Xiao Muxue was surprised at this and asked what Ye Ping did.

Ye Ping told Xiao Muxue that this was the supreme Taoism taught to him by the four senior brothers Xue Zhuan. Money can be connected to the gods, and the heart can be connected to the sky, and the altar of heaven can be evolved. Through sacrifices, he can promise what he wants in return.

As long as the price is sufficient, everything can be done.

Xiao Muxue was stunned.

There is this kind of operation.

If someone else said that, she just slapped it.

But when Ye Ping said this, she naturally believed.

Immediately mobilized resources to Ye Ping in the name of Jiantianyuan.

In the previous battle, no one in Jiantianyuan had any objections. At the same time, the five dynasties, Xianmen, and Sanren League were willing to provide resources.


Ye Ping showed the altar of heaven in full view.

When Xue Zhuan saw this scene, he also had a sense of participation. He felt that he was very good, and he had made up such a powerful Taoism himself.

After that, Ye Ping put the sacrifice resources on the altar of heaven and began to worship God.

To restore the Great Xia Dynasty and the Ten Kingdoms, the resources needed were a terrible number, but fortunately Xiao Muxue was there.

Ye Ping took out storage bags one by one, and took out the resources.

As long as the sacrificial objects have not disappeared and been taken away by God, it means that more money will be required.

Add money!

Add money!

Add money!

Finally, the sacrificial objects on the altar of Heavenly Dao disappeared and were taken away by Heavenly Dao, which proved that Heavenly Dao felt and was willing to make a move.

In an instant, a colorful rainbow appeared on the sky of the Daxia Dynasty.

The devastated appearance, under the shining of the colorful rainbow, seemed to look back in time, and began to return to its original state, with mountains and rivers, and prosperous ancient cities.

At the same time, the cold corpse in Su Changyu's arms also opened his eyes

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Vol 2 Chapter 48: : If You Can Make It Out I Will Swallow All The Pill Furnace Vol 2 Chapter 49: : One Person's Night Lonely And Long Vol 2 Chapter 50: : Big Sister Xiao Muxue Vol 2 Chapter 51: : Little Brother Do You Look Good? Vol 2 Chapter 52: : 3 Hours 1 Qi Training Level : The Exercise Settings Have Been Modified. Vol 2 Chapter 53: :what? Did You Make A Picture For Brother 2? Vol 2 Chapter 54: : Did The Younger Brother Make A Picture For You? Vol 2 Chapter 55: : Don't Fight Anymore Don't Fight Anymore Oooooooo : Last Week's Summary More Explanation Vol 2 Chapter 56: : Isnt It Just One Painting? Is It Invaluable? Vol 2 Chapter 57: : If This Painting Is Worth 50 Thousand Gold I Will Twist My Mouth. Vol 2 Chapter 58: : Time Is Slow? I'll Help You Ask Brother 3 Vol 2 Chapter 59: : What Is It? Slow Down Time? Wait For Me Vol 2 Chapter 60: : 4 Layers Of Qi Training Array Of Symbols Vol 2 Chapter 61: : I Want To Sign Up For The Qingzhou Kendo Conference Vol 2 Chapter 62: : Master Dont You Really Think Im Weak? Vol 2 Chapter 63: : True Sejong Gate Vol 2 Chapter 64: : Princess Daxia Buy Paintings Vol 2 Chapter 65: :what? Did You Really Sign Up For The Qingzhou Kendo Conference? : Single Chapter For Some Doubters Vol 2 Chapter 66: : No Matter What The Younger Brother Said You Can Do It The Other Way Around Vol 2 Chapter 67: : If You Dont Move One Move Is Amazing Vol 2 Chapter 68: : Endless Sword Drawing Broken Sword Style Vol 2 Chapter 69: : Tianhe Sword Power Down The Mountain Chapter 70: : The Wind Is Blowing In Qingzhou The Undercurrent Is Surging End Of Volume 1 : Conclusion Of Volume 1 Chapter 71: : Bold Evildoer Dont Show Up Soon Chapter 72: : Linhe Ghost Tomb Chapter 73: : My Qingyun Disciple Not Good At Female Sex Chapter 74: : Did You Let Me Teach You To Transcend Longitude By A Ghost? Chapter 75: : Too High To Save People's Longitude Save The Golden Light Chapter 76: : Frightened Him Chapter 77: : Dawei Tianlong Da Luo Fa Mantra Chapter 78: : Re Open The Body Again Practice Qi 7 Layers Chapter 79: : Qingzhou Ancient City Set Up A Sword Stand Chapter 80: : Xiao Daoer This Su Changyu Is Definitely An Expert Chapter 81: : Senior Su You Have To Be The Master For Us Chapter 81: : Qingzhou Official Road Meet The Teacher Chapter 82: : Is This In The Gangster's Den? Chapter 83: : Senior Su Are You Here? Please Help Us Chapter 84: : Who Gave The Courage To Make You Say This? Chapter 85: : What Is Real Kendo Chapter 86: : I'm Already Out Of The Sword Chapter 87: : The Sword Of The Big River Comes From The Sky The Sword Of Qingzhou Chapter 88: : Qingzhou City Lord Li Jianyi Chapter 89: : Li Changye Wang Minghao Is Here Chapter 90: : Do You Want To Become A Peerless Sword Fairy? Chapter 91: : The Duel List Appears Chapter 92: : The Demon's Teaching Chapter 93: : Sikong Jiantian Jiantianyuan Chapter 94: : Is The Road To Invincibility About To Begin? Chapter 95: : Fellow Daoist Li Dont Die I Really Dont Know Your Cultivation Level Is So Bad Chapter 96: : Lay Into The Top 8 And Pay Attention To The Whole Country Chapter 97: : Not 10 Tens Of Thousands 2 But 100000 Spiritual Stones Chapter 98: :what? My Big Disciple Loses 20 For 1? Then Just Buy Him And Lose Chapter 3: Jiang's Testimonials And Votes Chapter 99: : This Person Is A Peerless Sword Immortal Who Must Be Killed Chapter 100: : Sikong Jiantian's Layout Top 4 Chapter 101: : Su Changyu Zhan Sikong Jiantian Chapter 102: : The Reincarnation Of Beep King 5 Grievances Against Ancient Poison Chapter 103: : Junior Brother Run Leave Me Alone Chapter 104: : Please Dont Just Chase Me Chapter 105: : Brother You Are So Strong Why Do You Want To Run? Fishing? : Important Notice Must Read For Readers Who Raise Books. Chapter 106: : I Am Not Calling To Betray My Colleagues But To Act For The Sky Chapter 107: : Big Brother I Got It Chapter 108: : The Birth Of A Peerless Macho Chapter 109: : You Don't Think There Will Be A Master Of Taoism? Chapter 110: : Du Hua Jinguang Tian Thunder Sword All Died For The Lord Chapter 111: : The Degree Of Jinguang Has Improved Wei Lin Is Stunned Chapter 112: : Cohesion Of The Golden Wheel Chapter 113: : Ye Ping Enlightened Dao The Breeze Came Chapter 114: : Too Up To The Golden Wheel The Ancient Bodhi Tree Chapter 115: : Jiantianyuan? Jin Kingdom Shakes Vol 2 Chapter 116: : Qingyun Daozong I'm Back End Of Volume 2 : Volume 2 Testimonials Vol 2 Chapter 117: : Take A Good Rest These Few Days Wait A Few Days Brother Teaches You How Vol 2 Chapter 118: : Breaking Through The Realm Jin State Academy Vol 2 Chapter 119: : Perfect Qi Training Build Foundation Qinglian Vol 2 Chapter 120: : Ye Ping Suddenly Realized Jin Genius Cried Vol 2 Chapter 121: : The Power Of The Candle Dragon The Body Of The Demon Vol 2 Chapter 122: : The Blood Is Like A Furnace The Flesh Is Like A Dragon Vol 2 Chapter 123: : Brother Arrange A Formation See If You Can Crack Vol 2 Chapter 124: : I Dont Listen I Dont Listen I Want You To Avenge Me Vol 2 Chapter 125: : Don't Worry Brother Can Help You Get Revenge Vol 2 Chapter 126: : Prince Of Jin? Is It My Disciple? Vol 2 Chapter 127: : Jin Guo Academy? I'm Not Going Isn't It Fragrant To Stay In The Sect? Vol 2 Chapter 128: : Space Formation Secret Realm Of Primordial Demon Vol 2 Chapter 129: : Space Teleportation Secret Realm Of Primordial Demon Vol 2 Chapter 130: : I Lost It This Yuanmo Is A Bit Outrageous Vol 2 Chapter 131: : By Mistake.. Your Uncle Vol 2 Chapter 133: : Palace Lord Are You Me? Available Tomorrow Morning : After Earning Some Money The Goddess Suddenly Added Me As A Friend Comments On Shelves Vol 2 Chapter 133: : Cheers From The Audience Vol 2 Chapter 134: : Make A Pot Boil Water Refine Alchemy Feifeifei Vol 2 Chapter 135: : The First Sword Fairy Vol 2 Chapter 136: : Determine The Goal Taikoo True Dragon Fist Vol 2 Chapter 137: : Jin State Academy Su Chang Imperial Collection Vol 2 Chapter 138: : Friends Of Mo Xuan 0 People Gathered Vol 2 Chapter 139: Ye Ping Like A Dragon Push 1 Cut Horizontally Vol 2 Chapter 140: : The Blood Oven Shocking Universities Vol 2 Chapter 141: : Like A God Seems Invincible All 3 Generations Are Defeated Vol 2 Chapter 142: : If Ye Ping Is My Apprentice I Will Lead The School To The Moon Star : Full Subscription Group And Update The Plan In The Future Attached Thanks List Vol 2 Chapter 143: : 1 Person Teaches 1 Kind See Who He Thinks Is Better Vol 2 Chapter 144: : What Do You Think Of Elder Li's Swordsmanship? Ye Ping: Fallen Down Vol 2 Chapter 145: : Epee Has No Edge Great Skill Is Not Working The Wall Stands At 0 Ren No Desire Is Strong Vol 2 Chapter 146: : Supreme Sword Intent Li Jiang Apprentice : Say 1 Update Situation. Vol 2 Chapter 147: : Southern Evildoers Crisis In Jin Vol 2 Chapter 148: : There Is No Non Toxic Pill In This World Vol 2 Chapter 149: : This Can Also Train Pill? The Shock Of Jin Guo Students Vol 2 Chapter 150: : Shocking Shocked The Non Toxic Pill That Is Enough To Change History Vol 2 Chapter 151: : 500 Years Beyond The Great Xia Dynasty Vol 2 Chapter 152: : Then I Have To Go Back And Ask My Brother : Ask For Votes Go Home Now Don't Delay Vol 2 Chapter 153: : Fellow Wang Dao Long Time No See Vol 2 Chapter 154: : 10 Princesses Xia Qingmo Thank You Vol 2 Chapter 155: : You Do Not Know How To Use Swordsmanship? Grace Can I Teach You? Vol 2 Chapter 156: : Old Iron Hurry Up I'll Help You Block Vol 2 Chapter 157: : The King Of Ghosts Was Born The Golden Cage Vol 2 Chapter 158: : Back To The Sect Hand In Danfang Jin State Policy Vol 2 Chapter 159: : Big Brother Returned 2 Brothers Failed The Alchemy Assessment Vol 2 Chapter 160: : Sister Sister Brother 4 Brother 5 Are All Back? Vol 2 Chapter 161: : Little Brother Let Sister Take A Good Check On Your Body Vol 2 Chapter 162: : Shangxian Shangxian I Have A Great Secret To Tell You Vol 2 Chapter 163: : Family Banquet Invincible Southern Genius Vol 2 Chapter 164: : Ye Ping Teaches Swordsmanship The Southern Genius Suppresses 1 Cut Vol 2 Chapter 165: : Huangfu Tianlong Horizontal Push 1 Cut Vol 2 Chapter 166: : Great God And Demon Body True Dragon Of Qi And Blood Ancient Sword And Immortal Enlightenment Vol 2 Chapter 167: : Master Do You Know Lu Changsheng? : Adjust And Update Don't Take The Rhythm. Vol 2 Chapter 168: : Daxia Mighty Marquis Who Is Bothering Me To Clean Up Vol 2 Chapter 169: : Bullying My Junior Is It A Mistake? Vol 2 Chapter 170: : Qingmo Leaves Ye Ping Returns To The House Vol 2 Chapter 171: : Ye Ping Returns The Battle Begins Vol 2 Chapter 172: : Ye Ping Is Like A God Invincible With One Punch Vol 2 Chapter 173: : Like A God Like A Sun Vol 2 Chapter 174: : Da Xia Xia Zi Bestow Hereditary King? : I Had A Cold And I Had An Injection For 1 Day. Vol 2 Chapter 175: : Give Him What He Wants The Palace Is The Great Summer Prince Vol 2 Chapter 176: : My Master Is Prince Daxia The Crown Prince Daxia I Want A New Book.. Vol 2 Chapter 177: 10 Nations Grand Competition Examination Questions Encircle And Suppress Demons Vol 2 Chapter 178: : 10 Princes Of Daxia Comprehend The Peerless Sword Intent Vol 2 Chapter 179: : Su Changyu's Formation? Vol 2 Chapter 180: : It's Yaoshou Su Changyu Really Knows How To Form? Vol 2 Chapter 181: : Dao 3000 Bao Jian Vol 2 Chapter 182: : 9 Deaths And 1 Life Hole The Divination Technique Of Taihua Taoist Vol 2 Chapter 183: : Wei State 1 Line Sky Hatred Of Licking Dogs : Ask For Monthly Pass At The End Of The Month Vol 2 Chapter 184: : Chen Hongfei: I Am In The Same Brotherhood With Qinglian Vol 2 Chapter 185: : The 10 Nations Grand Tournament Begins Tianxin Fantasyland Vol 2 Chapter 186: : Demon Cult Raid? Don't Be Afraid Everyone This Is A Magical Array Vol 2 Chapter 187: : Really Cruel The Evil Sect Is Worthy Of Death Vol 2 Chapter 188: : Teleportation Array No Way To Escape Vol 2 Chapter 189: : 2 Hours Decisive Vol 2 Chapter 190: : Demon God Teaches The Son The War Begins New Book Needs One Cut Vol 2 Chapter 191: : The Truth Is Revealed Magic Array? Vol 2 Chapter 192: : Early Admission The Arrogant Talents Of 10 Countries Vol 2 Chapter 193: : 7 Secret Realms Of Kings Ancient Wells In This Life Can See The Future Vol 2 Chapter 194: : Inheritance Of The Sword King Su Changyu Is Ill Again Vol 2 Chapter 195: : I Ruined The Inheritance A Petrified Egg? Vol 2 Chapter 196: : Xia Di And Su Changyu A New Book Needs One Cut Vol 2 Chapter 197: : Tianyi Pavilion Worth 500000 Top Grade Spirit Stones? Vol 2 Chapter 198: : Level 2 Of The 10 Nations Grand Tournament Is Over Go Straight To Level 3 Vol 2 Chapter 199: : Wen Shocked The World The Resources Of Wen Sheng The World Shocked Literati Crazy Vol 2 Chapter 200: : 1 Million High Grade Spirit Stones? No 100 Low Grade Spirit Stones? Vol 3 Chapter 201: : Back To Qingyun Daozong Meet Su Changyu End Of Volume 3 Vol 3 Chapter 202: : Junior Brother Brother Wants To Develop A Set Of Devil Training For You Vol 3 Chapter 203: : Father And Son Recognize Each Other? Vol 3 Chapter 204: : Changyu This Child Is So Distressing Vol 3 Chapter 204: : Junior Brother Why Dont You Make Up Your Own Brain? Vol 3 Chapter 205: : My Son Has The Emperor's Capital Vol 3 Chapter 206: : Do You Really Think That I Dare Not Change The Prince? Vol 3 Chapter 207: : The Confiscation Of The Princes Responsibility To Supervise The Country The Truth About The Mystery Of The Supreme Being Vol 3 Chapter 209: : Ye Ping Enlightened Dao Peerless Sword Fairy Vol 3 Chapter 210: : One Sword Breaks Ten Thousand Magic Xiao Muxue Special Training Vol 3 Chapter 211: : Changyu Do You Want To Know Your Parents? Vol 3 Chapter 212: : Changyu You Are Likely To Be An Illegitimate Child Vol 3 Chapter 213: : The Chief Invigilator For The Training Of Alchemy Is Ye Ping Vol 3 Chapter 214: : You Must Use The Most Rigorous Method To Evaluate Your Brother Vol 3 Chapter 215: : Taishang Xuanji Gave Things To Su Changyu Vol 3 Chapter 216: : I'm Going To Daxia Country Capital Ask Me To Understand Vol 3 Chapter 217: : Phoenix Nirvana Dan Vol 3 Chapter 218: : Qingzhous Difficulties Gods Eggs Vol 3 Chapter 219: : My Child Either Luck Is Bad Or Bad Luck Vol 3 Chapter 220: : Su Changyu Is Lost Again Vol 3 Chapter 221: : This Person Is My Master Su Changyu:? ? ? Vol 3 Chapter 222: : Li Changqing Under The Tutelage Of The Ancient Sword Fairy Vol 3 Chapter 123: : I Didnt Expect Ye Ping To Be The 10th Prince Vol 3 Chapter 124: : Senluo Ancient Temple Ye Ping Must Be Killed Vol 3 Chapter 225: : Junior Brother Brother Tells You That You Have A Great Road Vol 3 Chapter 226: : The Altar Of Heaven Su Changyu Came To Dagan Vol 3 Chapter 227: : The Emperor Dagan Is The Uncle Of The 10th Prince Of Daxia Vol 3 Chapter 228: : Da Gan Huang Tai Sun Dare To Bully Me Su? Vol 3 Chapter 229: : I Want Su Changyu To Know What Is Meant By Emperor Taisun Vol 3 Chapter 230: : Your Name Is Chang Yu? Just Call Me Aunt Rouyun Vol 3 Chapter 231: : Emperor Do Not Can Disgrace What? Is He The Orphan Of My Sister? Vol 3 Chapter 232: : Today Grandpa Huang Wants To Teach You How To Be A Good Person. Vol 3 Chapter 233: : Grandpa Emperor Stop Fighting Stop Fighting Kill Another Man Vol 3 Chapter 234: : New Deal Forbidden Back To The Sect Vol 3 Chapter 235: : Controversy Between Kings Li Changye Reappears Vol 3 Chapter 236: : The Strongest King Of The Same Generation Crowning The World Vol 3 Chapter 237: : Su Changyu I Went Back To Daxia Just To Make A Break Vol 3 Chapter 238: : I Su Do You Need Someone To Protect? Vol 3 Chapter 239: : The First Level Of The King's Domain The Great Kingdom Vol 3 Chapter 239: : King's Domain Level 1 Big Dry Fruit Vol 3 Chapter 240: : Golden Elixir Su Changyu's Return To Xiantian Vol 3 Chapter 241: : The Treasure Of The King's Domain I Am Not In Harmony With Sin Vol 3 Chapter 242: : Longma Is Chen Yuan? Vol 3 Chapter 243: : Shengxian Hall Everything Is Ready Su Changyu Is Transformed Vol 3 Chapter 244: : Su Changyu Awakens Son Of Destiny Vol 3 Chapter 245: : As If I Saw A Fairy Vol 3 Chapter 246: : Emperor Xingxian Su Changyu Goes To Daxia : If Something Happened In These 2 Days We Will Resume The Update Tomorrow Vol 3 Chapter 247: : Su Changyu Li Teleportation Array Vol 3 Chapter 248: : King's Domain Level 2 Vol 3 Chapter 249: : Besiege A Miracle Vol 3 Chapter 250: : 3 Million Sword Immortals In The Sky You Must Lower Your Eyebrows When You See Me Vol 3 Chapter 251: :zhu Xian Wang Xian Beep Wang Su Changyu Vol 3 Chapter 252: : The King Zhu Xian Invited To Fight Vol 3 Chapter 253: : The True Trial Of King Zhu Xian Vol 3 Chapter 254: : But You Have Vol 3 Chapter 255: : Real Assessment Zhuxian Will Vol 3 Chapter 256: : The Truth About Zhuxian's Will Vol 3 Chapter 257: : From The Curtain Vol 3 Chapter 258: : All Right I Lied To You Keep Talking Vol 3 Chapter 259: : Do You Know What Happened 20 Years Ago? Vol 3 Chapter 260: : Ins And Outs Vol 3 Chapter 261: : Taihua's Secret Vol 3 Chapter 262: : Taihua Passed Away Vol 3 Chapter 263: : Go To My Biological Father And Have A Break Vol 3 Chapter 264: : Report Your Majesty The Illegitimate Son Of Master Xuanji Is Here : Happy New Year Everyone Vol 3 Chapter 265: : Father And Son Recognize Each Other Vol 3 Chapter 266: : Restore Memory Lao Xia Is My Father? Vol 3 Chapter 267: : Causes And Consequences Su Changyu Is Upset Vol 3 Chapter 268: : Xia Qingmo Is Going To Get Married? Ask Big Brother For Help Vol 3 Chapter 269: : The Marriage Contract Is Cancelled Xia Di Scolds The Prince Vol 3 Chapter 270: : Xia Qian's Anger Su Changyu's Choice Vol 3 Chapter 271: : Leaving The Palace Formation Riots Vol 3 Chapter 272: : Grief Su Changyu Father And Son Confrontation Vol 3 Chapter 273: : Ye Ping Has An Adventure Kirin Fruit Vol 3 Chapter 274: : Emperor Star Is Ominous Break Into The Palace Vol 3 Chapter 275: : Black Lotus Moves Cut Off The Blood Relationship Between You And Me Vol 3 Chapter 276: : In Front Of Me You Are Also Equipped With A Sword Vol 3 Chapter 277: : Pass Your Peerless Swordsmanship Come With The Sword Vol 3 Chapter 278: : Xiao Muxue Is Dumbfounded Let Me Tell You A Secret Vol 3 Chapter 279: : I Am Your Long Lost Father Vol 3 Chapter 280: : Master I Understand Kylin Ancient Emperor Vol 3 Chapter 281: : The Magic Seed The Prince Is Strange Vol 3 Chapter 282: : After The Us Dollar Infant Primordial Magic Method The Catastrophe Will Begin Vol 3 Chapter 283: : Xia Gan Shot Changshengshan Is Secret Vol 3 Chapter 284: : Difficulties In 10 Countries The Picture Of Jinshengjing Vol 3 Chapter 285: : Xu Luochen Like A God Ye Ping Left The Pass Vol 3 Chapter 286: : The Devil Is Revived Everyone Is Desperate Vol 3 Chapter 287: : Big Brother I Will It's Over season Finale