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"Stingy! Whoever wants to eat moon cakes, eat one piece and one catty fat, it is too greasy, come, my brother opens his mouth and eats two catties fatter." She broke a piece of moon cake, and used a knife and fork to pick up the egg yolk in the moon cake and stuff it over.

The camera shakes constantly, and the girls cheerful laughter keeps coming.

"What gift does Jiajia want the most for her birthday?"

"Why don't you give me a package for my brother? Wash it up and wait for my lady's luck on the bed."


"Hey...Come on..."

Listening to the voice inside, looking at her crooked eyebrows, Lu Yichen laughed lowly and touched the porcelain-white columbarium in his arms.

"Jiajia, you are waiting for your brother, soon... brother will come to you soon."

The man whispered softly, and his slender, hot hand reached into Li Jia's clothes and hugged her into his arms.

Li Jia had a dark face, pulled his paws out of his clothes and arched them into his arms, his husky and soft voice still awakened in ignorance. "Why are you looking for me?"

Lu Yichen opened his eyes slowly, his mind was a moment's cloud, until the familiar and soft body in his arms came up against him, he recovered from his dream, his slender fingers stroked her black hair, bowed his head gently Leave a kiss on her.

"Did you wake you up?"

"No." Li Jia stretched her waist, the soft curve was exquisite and delicate, and it was attached to the hot and powerful body of the man in his arms. The man's deep and narrow eyes were deep, catching her with the hands that stretched out the quilt, turning over and covering it.

"Do some good exercises in the morning." The hoarse and dark voice is **** and charming.

"Come again! No! Your son is about to break in!" Li Jia whispered, and heard the knock on the door outside. "You both promised that they would take them to the zoo to see the pandas."


"Daddy! Mommy! The sun is tanned!" Outside the door, the youngest of the twins knocked on the door on time to remind him that he was afraid that Dad would have forgotten this important event.

Lu Yichen's handsome face was dark, and finally remembered that he had promised two small children the previous two days, and they took them to the zoo on weekends when they got good grades.

"Good dad, you can't break your promise, go ahead." Li Jia smiled at the black-faced brother and leaned over and kissed his forehead.

She turned over to get up, was hugged by Lu Yichen, and pulled back into her arms.

Outside the door, the little guy finished reminding him, and after hearing the vague words inside, he confirmed that both parents were awake. Then he jumped and went downstairs to look for his brother and sister happily.

In the room, Lu Yichen no longer heard the knock on the door like his son's light bulb, and then he secretly breathed a sigh of relief. He held Jiajia's slender waist and hugged him into his arms, feeling the reassuring warmth and familiar breath. He let out a long sigh of relief.

Fortunately, everything is just a dream, everything is over, and nothing like that will happen again.

"What's the matter?" Li Jia realized that his emotions were a little wrong, so he wrapped his neck and looked at him strangely. "Did you hide your private money for fear of being known by me?"

Lu Yichen was startled, dumbfounded, and nodded the tip of her nose. "naughty."

Does he need to hide any private money?

"Brother remembered something."

"what is the matter?"

"When Jiajia had a birthday, I asked my brother to give you as a birthday gift. How about re-sending it to Jiajia today?"

"..." She would definitely not say such vulgar words.

"Free shipping, don't spend more money, wash it, do you want to be lucky?" Lu Yichen stared at Jiajia with bright black and narrow eyes.

Li Jia turned around to run, was hugged by him and didn't let go. "If you want a gift, you can't go back!"

"Lu Yichen! What about your integrity!"

"Jia Jia ate it."


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Chapter 922: Confirm That The Rhino Is A Girl Chapter 923: I Love You To Death Chapter 924: Shock Chapter 925: Lu Shao Of Little Tripe Chicken Intestine Chapter 926: I Want To Challenge Him On The Spot Chapter 927: Rhino Asked To Challenge Chaoyu In Weicheng Chapter 928: I'm Weicheng Please Give Me Some Advice From My Wife Chapter 929: Hello Everyone I Am Lu Yichen Chapter 930: Dead Pigs Are Not Afraid Of Boiling Water Chapter 931: Is Lu Shao's Expression Petting? Chapter 932: Lu Shao Xianjian Chapter 933: You Love Your Husband So Much Chapter 934: Please Note That This Is A Public Place Chapter 935: Knock This Door Open Chapter 936: Made A Little Mistake Chapter 937: High Energy Warning Ahead Chapter 938: Did Young Master Slap Himself? Chapter 939: Scandal Chapter 940: Role Grabbing Chapter 941: Good Husband Chapter 942: Who Says I Am An Old Feudal? 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Chapter 1034: I Just Got Dumped Chapter 1035: It's Scary When A Woman Is Darkened Chapter 1036: Why Did You Steal Her Man? Chapter 1037: Misunderstanding Chapter 1038: Chase And Intercept Chapter 1039: Stop Deceiving Yourself Chapter 1040: I Fulfill Your Love As Deep As The Sea Chapter 1041: Jiajia My Stomach Hurts Chapter 1042: Rare Blood Type Chapter 1043: I Do Not Agree To Divorce Chapter 1044: Love Starts With Curiosity Chapter 1045: She Stopped Playing Chapter 1046: This Kind Of Woman Is The Most Terrifying Chapter 1047: Ikkensei Ma Chapter 1048: Flirt Chapter 1049: Take Measures Chapter 1050: Stunned Police Chapter 1051: Fall From The Cloud Chapter 1052: The Truth Is Exposed Chapter 1053: Soon Everything Will End Chapter 1054: Yu Wan Calls The Police Chapter 1055: Horror Prank Chapter 1056: She Can Unilaterally Ask For A Divorce Chapter 1057: The Last Straw That Overwhelms The Camel Chapter 1058: Who Has The Guts To Offend Her? 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Chapter 1095: Extraordinary Dispute Chapter 1096: I Only Need One Child Chapter 1097: I Won't Remarry You Chapter 1098: Snake Essence Disease Lu Shao Chapter 1099: Extraordinary Progress Greatly Increased Chapter 1100: Fanwaizhi Cant Communicate With Beasts Chapter 1101: Baby Grabbing At The Airport Chapter 1102: Fanwaizhi Is Really There Chapter 1103: Can't Be Done Chapter 1104: The Abnormal Lu Shao Chapter 1105: Fanwaizhi Was Discovered Chapter 1106: Extraordinary Quick Rescue Chapter 1107: Fanwaizhi Rushed Home Chapter 1108: The Treacherous Jia Jia Chapter 1109: I Was Wrong Chapter 1110: Hand It Over Chapter 1111: The Overlord Of The Outer World War Ii Chapter 1112: Shao Lu Chapter 1113: Yu Qing And Yu Wan's Finale Chapter 1114: Previous Life Extra Episode 1 Chapter 1115: Previous Life Extra Episode 2 Chapter 1116: Previous Life Extra Episode 3 Chapter 1117: Previous Life Extra Episode 4 Chapter 1118: Previous Life Extra Episode 5 Chapter 1119: Previous Life Extra Episode 6 Chapter 1120: Previous Life Extra Episode 7 Chapter 1121: Previous Life Extra Episode 8 Chapter 1122: Previous Life Extra Episode 9 Chapter 1123: Previous Life Extra Episode 10 Chapter 1124: Previous Life Extra Episode 11 Chapter 1125: Previous Life Extra Episode 12 Chapter 1126: Previous Life Extra Episode 13 Chapter 1127: Previous Life Extra Episode 14 Chapter 1128: Previous Life Extra Episode 15 Chapter 1129: Previous Life Extra Episode 16 Chapter 1130: Previous Life Extra Episode 17 Chapter 1131: Previous Life Extra Episode 18 Chapter 1132: Previous Life Extra Episode 19 Chapter 1133: Pre Life Extra Episode 20 Chapter 1134: Secret Love 1 Chapter 1135: Secret Love 2 Chapter 1136: Secret Love 3 Chapter 1137: Secret Love 4 Chapter 1138: Secret Love 5 Chapter 1139: Secret Love 6 Chapter 1140: Secret Love 7 Chapter 1141: Secret Love 8 Chapter 1142: Secret Love 9 Chapter 1143: Secret Love 10 Chapter 1144: Secret Love 11 Chapter 1145: Secret Love 12 Chapter 1146: Secret Love 13 Chapter 1147: Secret Love 14 Chapter 1148: Secret Love 15 Chapter 1149: Secret Love 16 Chapter 1150: Secret Love 17 Chapter 1151: Secret Love 18 Chapter 1152: Secret Love 19 Chapter 1153: Secret Love 20 Chapter 1154: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 1 Chapter 1155: Pre Life Extra Episode 2 Chapter 1156: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 3 Chapter 1157: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 4 Chapter 1158: Pre Life Extra Chapter Fell 6 Chapter 1159: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 6 Chapter 1160: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 7 Chapter 1161: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 8 Chapter 1162: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 9 Chapter 1163: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 10 Chapter 1164: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 11 Chapter 1165: Pre Life Extra Chapter Fell 12 Chapter 1166: Pre Life Extra Chapter Fell 13 Chapter 1167: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 14 Chapter 1168: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 15 Chapter 1169: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 16 Chapter 1170: Pre Life Extra Episodes Fall 17 Chapter 1171: Pre Life Extra Chapter Fell 18 Chapter 1172: The Pre Existence Chapter Falls 19 Chapter 1173: The Pre Life Extra Chapter Fell 20 Chapter 1174: I Like You 1 Chapter 1175: I Like You 2 Chapter 1176: I Like You 3 Chapter 1177: I Like You 4 Chapter 1178: I Like You 5 Chapter 1179: I Like You 6 Chapter 1180: I Like You 7 Chapter 1181: I Like You 8 Chapter 1182: I Like You 9 Chapter 1183: I Like You 10 Chapter 1184: I Like You 11 Chapter 1185: I Love You 12 Chapter 1186: I Love You 13 Chapter 1187: I Love You 14 Chapter 1188: I Love You 15 Chapter 1189: I Love You 16 Chapter 1190: I Love You 17 Chapter 1191: I Love You 18 Chapter 1192: I Like You 19 Chapter 1193: I Love You 20 Chapter 1194: Pre Life Extra Story Abyss 1 Chapter 1195: Pre Life Extra Story Abyss 2 Chapter 1196: Pre Life Extra Story Abyss 3 Chapter 1197: Pre Life Extra Story Abyss 4 Chapter 1198: Pre Life Extra Chapter Abyss 5 Chapter 1199: Pre Life Extra Story Abyss 6 Chapter 1200: Pre Life Extra Story Abyss 7 Chapter 1201: Pre Life Extra Story Abyss 8 Chapter 1202: Pre Life Extra Episode Abyss 9 Chapter 1203: Pre Life Extra Episode Abyss 10 Chapter 1204: Pre Life Extra Episode Abyss 11 Chapter 1205: Previous Life Extra Episode Abyss 12 Chapter 1206: Pre Life Extra Story Abyss 13 Chapter 1207: Pre Life Extra Chapter Abyss 14 Chapter 1208: Pre Life Extra Story Abyss 15 Chapter 1209: Pre Life Extra Story Abyss 16 Chapter 1210: Previous Life Extra Episode Abyss 17 Chapter 1211: The Abyss 18 Chapter 1212: The Abyss 19 Chapter 1213: Pre Life Extra Chapter Abyss 20 Chapter 1214: The End Chapter 1215: The End Chapter 1216: The End Of The Pre Existence Chapter 1217: The End Chapter 1218: The End Of The Pre Existence