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Seeing her, Shui Yijun hurriedly got up, walked to her, and looked at her carefully: "You look tired."

"Really tired."

The toddler sighed and sat down in the chair, barely having the strength to reach for a cup of tea.

Shui Yijun poured a cup of tea, intending to feed her, hesitated, and then stuffed it into her hands instead.

The toddler poured a cup of tea, and then said: "Shui Yijun, I really admire you. If I took a year of Yijing Dan when I was a child, I would not die, and I must be crazy."

Shui Yijun frowned: "Do you feel pain too?"

"No wonder it's not painful."


"Your mother said, trash feels painful?"

Shui Yijun was silent, and smiled gently: "So she said this to you."

"Don't take it to heart. Your mother even scolded the closed disciple she just collected as waste." The toddler picked up the small water bottle and drank the water directly. "In her heart, anyone who is weaker than her is It's waste."

Shui Yijun seemed to think of something and smiled.

The child said: "I know what you are laughing at. If it weren't for asking her, I would definitely point out to her face that her talent is not as good as mine. In front of me, she is also a waste."

Shui Yijun said: "You are probably the first person to say that she is trash."

"How can a mother belittle her own son like this? Oh, I almost forgot, she didn't just belittle her own son, but also nearly killed her own son for a little bit of purpose."

Shui Yijun said: "Youyou, don't rush to criticize my mother. I'm here to tell you something."

"what's up?"

"In the afternoon, my mother went to Miaomiaofeng to treat Zhang Lichen's injury, and found that his injury had worsened a lot."

"What?" The child immediately sat up straight, "Your mother did your hands and feet again?"

"It's weird just because it doesn't."

"How can you be sure that there is no? Is she afraid that my master will get well too soon and I will not continue to practice?"

"You think too much." Shui Yijun shook his head, "It's not for this reason. After I heard about it, I also went to see it. Zhang Lichen's injury suddenly became serious, which is indeed strange."

"Will you die?"

"That's not true. It's just that the treatment is difficult, and the recovery time will be delayed a lot."

"No matter how you look at it, it feels like your mother did it."

"Youyou." Shui Yijun was a little helpless, "I know you don't believe my mother, don't you believe me either?"

"You and I naturally believe it, but your mother is too domineering, too ruthless, and too cunning." The child sighed, "I took the Yijing Dan soaked thirteen herbs this morning. The waterfall has been smashed for a long time. I think I'm going crazy."

Shui Yijun said: "This method is really overbearing. If you are not for your talent, I am afraid that you will not be able to survive it. Even if you do it, it will lead to serious consequences."

"Thirteen grasses and waterfalls are enough, I can still bear it, once I add the Yijing Dan, it is really..."

Just thinking about it, the children already felt the creeps.

Last time, she would never stuff Yijingdan into her stomach again.

Even if the medicine works, it won't work.

Shui Yijun said: "Just don't eat it. With your talent, even if you don't eat it, it means that you will upgrade more slowly, not so much."

"Your mother will watch me eat."

Shui Yijun thought for a while and suggested: "You put the Yijing Dan in your mouth and spit it out when she leaves."

"Can you still sell money then?"


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Chapter 803: Three Months Chapter 804: Where To Rest Chapter 805: The Corners Of The Eyes And The Brows Are All Spring Chapter 806: Niangniang Is A Blessed Person Chapter 807: Dong Shi Xiao Ning Chapter 808: Self Knowledge Chapter 809: Marry Me But Wronged You Chapter 810: The Emperor Is Different After All Chapter 811: Rest Well Chapter 812: If You Have Anything Say It Clearly Once Chapter 813: No Matter How Much You Love You Have To Have A Degree Chapter 814: Three Years Ago Old Things Were Brought Up Again Chapter 815: Live A Lifetime And Be Confused For A Lifetime Chapter 816: Why Is It Difficult To Give Birth Chapter 817: Poisonous Woman Chapter 818: In The End You Still Have To Rely On Yourself Chapter 819: If You Want To Fight Change Your Face Too Chapter 820: Whose Child Is It Chapter 821: Settle Her.. It's My Flesh And Blood Chapter 822: These Evil Obstacles Chapter 823: His Royal Highness The Prince Yanzhi Looks Down On Me? Chapter 824: What Can I Do With The Baby In My Stomach Chapter 825: Xie The Emperor For Not Killing Chapter 826: See His Own Fate Chapter 827: Mandarin Duck Pot Chapter 828: Butterfly Hairpin Chapter 829: Yan'er Too Chapter 830: The Face Gets Bigger And Bigger Chapter 831: New Year's Eve Dressing Chapter 832: Birthday On New Year's Day Chapter 833: Biren Chapter 834: Not Jealous Chapter 835: Concubine Worried For The Emperor Chapter 836: Chinese New Year Is To Eat Chapter 837: Some Regret Chapter 838: Fainted Chapter 839: Sister In Law My Minister Respects You Chapter 840: Fourth You Are Full And Have Nothing To Do Right? Chapter 841: Are You My Dad? Chapter 842: Can The Head Of The Bed Hang? Chapter 843: The Emperor's Red Envelope Chapter 844: Is The Emperor Jealous? Chapter 845: I Wait For You To Dress Chapter 846: Most Anticipated Chapter 847: Are You Afraid? Chapter 848: It's A Deal Chapter 849: Don't Worry Too Much About The Mother Chapter 850: I Just Want To Get Pregnant And Have A Baby Chapter 851: Roundabouts Chapter 852: Anxious Chapter 853: Red Bean I'm Sorry For You Now Chapter 854: Confused For A While Chapter 855: Got Crushed Chapter 856: Give Birth To A Baby You Will Be Better? Chapter 857: Guining Chapter 858: I Admit I'm Jealous Chapter 859: Never Regret Chapter 860: Home Remedy Chapter 861: Acacia Chapter 862: Uncle's Gift Chapter 863: Deja Vu Chapter 864: Didn't You Hear What I Said? Chapter 865: Can't Control My Heart Chapter 866: Birth Of The Prince A Hundred Years Old Chapter 867: Sign Chapter 868: Meet The Concubine Chapter 869: Sweetest Orange Chapter 870: Dont Bully The Queen Too Much Chapter 871: Ten And Eight Princes Chapter 872: Verbal Insult Chapter 873: Who Said I Can't Give Birth? I Can Give Birth Chapter 874: This Man Is Going To Coax Chapter 875: Is Actually A Jealous Woman Chapter 876: Compare Notes Chapter 877: Impeachment Queen Chapter 878: Give Up This Wicked Woman Chapter 879: Seven Out Chapter 880: Who Is Your Daughter Anyway Chapter 881: Give Up Her? Chapter 882: Beaming Chapter 883: Show Off Chapter 884: The Family's Face Is Really Thick Chapter 885: You Have No Face Chapter 886: Prepare Early And Leave The Book Chapter 887: Do You Have Me In Your Heart? Chapter 888: Meet Mrs. Jin Shao Chapter 889: Is That The Queen Empress? Chapter 890: Teach Brides Rules Chapter 891: Concubine Knows Wrong Chapter 892: Why Didn't You Tell My Palace After Being Beaten? Chapter 893: The Servant Wants To Stay Chapter 894: Zhumen Wine And Meat Chapter 895: Thank You Chapter 896: Take Good Care Of Chapter 897: You Are Too Presumptuous Chapter 898: Golden Bell Chapter 899: The Trouble Should End It Chapter 900: Get Out You Are Not Allowed To Come Here Again Chapter 901: Cut The Ears Chapter 902: Surprising Operation Chapter 903: The Richest Person Chapter 904: It's More Than Just Like It's Just Envious Chapter 905: Fortunately For His Three Lives Chapter 906: Things That Benefit Mankind Chapter 907: Call My Name Chapter 908: Staying In The Bed Chapter 909: Look Down On Him Chapter 910: The Draft Will Proceed As Usual Chapter 911: Little Girl Are You Trying To Provoke Me? Chapter 912: Oppressing People Must Be Fair Chapter 913: Incredible Chapter 914: A Flower Rhyme Chapter 915: Infatuated Chapter 916: Idiot Cowardly Daughter In Law Chapter 917: Wait On Chapter 918: What Are You Dare You Call Him? Chapter 919: A Woman Without Talent Is Virtue Chapter 920: So Ashamed Chapter 921: If You Are Reluctant Call Her Over Chapter 922: I Don't Want To Be Looked Down Upon Chapter 923: The Choice Is Not Me But The Queen Chapter 924: Return To The Palace Chapter 925: Become Different Chapter 926: My Heart Is Breaking Chapter 927: I Have Nothing But You Chapter 928: The Minion Is Not Going Anywhere Chapter 929: Hidejo Chapter 930: A Civilian Woman Who Doesn't Know How To Promote Chapter 931: I Like You Chapter 932: Cousin Chapter 933: Ready To Move Chapter 934: Jin Shan Chapter 935: The Emperor Doesn't Like Vulgar Fans Chapter 936: The Emperor Is My Cousin Chapter 937: Anyway The Emperor Has Taken A Fancy To Me Chapter 938: Start Draft Chapter 939: The Queen Looks So Good Today Chapter 840: Just Got A Patch Chapter 941: Something Is Wrong Chapter 942: Believe Her Nonsense Chapter 943: Funny Fart Chapter 944: Let The Emperor Choose Chapter 945: It Was Her Chapter 946: Xue Yiru Chapter 947: Just Want Her Chapter 948: It's All Up To The Emperor's Wife Chapter 949: Pick One Of Two Chapter 950: Selected Chapter 951: Too Annoying Chapter 952: I Am Different From You Chapter 953: Eat Melon Sisters Chapter 954: I Want To Pair Up With You Chapter 955: Do You Have Me In Your Heart? Chapter 956: Be Confused For A While Chapter 957: Position Chapter 958: Give Them A Face Chapter 759: Empress Empress Complete Chapter 960: Concubine Please Chapter 961: Little Nizi From Beiqi Chapter 962: You Have To Pay A Fine For Being Late Chapter 963: Full Attendance Award Chapter 964: Eating Is Good Chapter 965: Queen Sister Chapter 966: Are You Sure You Will Not Regret It In The Future? Chapter 967: Minion Is Willing To Be With Yuzhu Girl Chapter 968: Palace Wedding Banquet Chapter 969: Cute And Cute Chapter 970: Have Learned To Talk Back To Her Chapter 971: Deliberately Humiliated Chapter 972: It's Embroidering.. Chapter 973: Beautiful Chapter 974: Even If Its A Cottage They Have To Buy It Chapter 975: Very Fierce Chapter 976: Not Convenient Today Chapter 977: You Dead Eunuch Chapter 978: It's Fine If You Die Chapter 979: Glass Blowing Chapter 980: Gu Jia Now Chapter 981: Queen Empress Chitose Chapter 982: A Family Of Scholars Precious For Half A Lifetime Chapter 983: Xiao Ye's Surname Gu Chapter 984: Someone Above Chapter 985: Brothers Are Good To Go Chapter 986: Unwilling Sad Chapter 987: Misfortune Chapter 988: A Shame Chapter 989: Want To Own It Chapter 990: King Qin's Wedding 1 Chapter 991: King Qin's Wedding 2 Chapter 992: Terrible Headache Chapter 993: Relapse Of Old Disease Chapter 994: Leisurely And Quiet Chapter 995: Pregnant Chapter 996: I Think She Gets In The Way Chapter 997: Come Hold One Chapter 998: It Happens To Be This Time Chapter 999: Such A Powerful Woman Is Not Hers Chapter 1000: Gave Birth Chapter 1001: My Mother Is Just Like That Chapter 1002: Xun Chapter 1003: The Origin Of The Pendant Chapter 1004: I Am Not Happy Chapter 1005: It's Cool And Comfortable Chapter 1006: Hello I'm Fine Chapter 1007: Looks Similar To Her Chapter 1008: My Daughter Is More Worry Free Chapter 1009: No Money.. Chapter 1010: You Are Pretty Fierce Chapter 1011: Still Too Full Chapter 1012: Thinking Day And Night Chapter 1013: Useless Chapter 1014: Take The Initiative To Please The Queen Empress Chapter 1015: Don't Go Around Chapter 1016: What A Filthy Fengyi Palace Chapter 1017: I Am Passionate Chapter 1018: Partiality Chapter 1019: Hope You Get Pregnant Sooner Chapter 1020: Far Worse Than The Empress Chapter 1021: Break Chapter 1022: Do It Yourself Chapter 1023: You Shameless Chapter 1024: Niang Niang Happy? Chapter 1025: The Queen Is Not Your Guinea Pig Chapter 1026: Lethargy Chapter 1027: Sickness Chapter 1028: Concubine Is Guilty Chapter 1029: She Is Different Chapter 1030: Be A Concubine Chapter 1031: Heart Beating Chapter 1032: Offer A Reward Chapter 1033: Open Your Eyes And Talk Nonsense Chapter 1034: You Are Adding A Block To This Palace Chapter 1035: Ungrateful Chapter 1036: No Filial Son In Front Of A Long Hospital Bed Chapter 1037: Don't Want To Wait For Death Chapter 1038: No Matter How Good Elsewhere I Dont Want Chapter 1039: Bring Back Your Own Things Chapter 1040: Concubine Jing You Are Fine Too Chapter 1041: Found A Cure Chapter 1042: I Thought You Wished The Queen Died Chapter 1043: Don't Panic Chapter 1044: Daughter Changed Chapter 1045: Hypocritically Chapter 1046: You Really Disappointed Wei Niang Chapter 1047: Prawns Roast Duck Braised Pork Rice Chapter 1048: Stink Deep Into The Soul Chapter 1049: Absolutely Chapter 1050: Of Course With A Woman Chapter 1051: What A Cruel Person Chapter 1052: Overstep Chapter 1053: Hateful Hateful Chapter 1054: Godsend's Shoes Chapter 1055: Sao Operation Chapter 1056: It's Her Chapter 1057: Carrying A Scapegoat For The Prince Chapter 1058: Simple To Shabby Chapter 1059: Don't Bully Him Anymore Chapter 1060: Stuff In The Pillow Chapter 1061: Recall Chapter 1062: I Really Hate Myself Chapter 1063: Dizzy Chapter 1064: Not The First Time Chapter 1065: Flirt? Chapter 1066: What Kind Of Vinegar? Chapter 1067: The Emperor Always Has Only You In His Heart Chapter 1068: The Last Person To Know Chapter 1069: Something Is Wrong Chapter 1070: Too Wrong Chapter 1071: Give Up The Position To Tsing Yi Chapter 1072: Absolutely Impossible To Cure Chapter 1073: Recognition Chapter 1074: Plan Chapter 1075: Go If You Like Chapter 1076: Is This What She Has Been Busy All Day? Chapter 1075: Trembling Chapter 1076: Time To Calm Down Chapter 1077: Squeamish Queen Chapter 178: Miser Chapter 1079: I Really Like The Queen Empress Chapter 1080: The First Time Chapter 1081: Could It Be.. Chapter 1082: It Should Have Been An Uproar Chapter 1082: A Touch Of Worry Chapter 1083: Matter Within Chapter 1084: Collapsed Chapter 1085: Xiangu Chapter 1086: I Am Not I Don't Chapter 1087: Cooperation Chapter 1088: Riding A Tiger Chapter 1089: Willing? Chapter 1090: Glass Is Very Expensive Chapter 1091: Surprise Chapter 1092: Gift Chapter 1093: Fish Surfaced Chapter 1094: Empress Empress Saves Her Concubine Chapter 1095: Broken Bottle Chapter 1096: Burning Jade And Stone Chapter 1097: Ridiculous So Ridiculous Chapter 1098: I Will Not Betray My Master Even If I Die Chapter 1099: Then Let Her Speak Out Chapter 1100: The Emperor Treats Himself Better And Better Chapter 1101: Wrinkles Chapter 1102: I..will Chapter 1103: Who Cares About You Chapter 1104: People Have Three Urgency Chapter 1105: Why Am I Not Good Enough For You? Chapter 1106: Gu Yundai Chapter 1107: General Xu Was Wronged Chapter 1108: The Identity Of Xiangu Chapter 1109: Grind Chapter 1111: Do You Think You Are The Queen? Chapter 1111: Finally See The Emperor Again Chapter 1112: Come And Sit Next To Me Chapter 1113: I Will Anger You Sooner Or Later Chapter 1114: I'm So Disappointed Chapter 1115: Good Show Is Coming Chapter 1116: Yao Shuibi Chapter 1117: Furious As A Beauty Chapter 1118: Acacia Is A Kind Of Incense Chapter 1119: Disposal Of Jiang Ran Chapter 1120: To Be Decent Chapter 1121: Kill Your Concubine Chapter 1122: Down To Lady Chapter 1123: Next Time It Will Be Forever Chapter 1124: I Will Change It Chapter 1125: Looks Too Old Chapter 1126: Looks Pretty Chapter 1127: Hard Life Chapter 1128: Formula Chapter 1129: Frighten Her Chapter 1130: As Always Unpalatable Chapter 1131: That Girl Is Related To Me Chapter 1132: Junior Sister Chapter 1133: Is She Happy Is It Related To Me? Chapter 1134: This King Is Very Satisfied Chapter 1135: Never Reject Him Chapter 1136: Not In Line With Her Style Chapter 1137: I Want To See Her Chapter 1138: Want To Cover Up Chapter 1139: Sister Chapter 1140: Nice Chapter 1141: Just Hear The Name But Dont See The Truth Chapter 1142: Ouyang Shocked Chapter 1143: Autumn Bleak Chapter 1144: Changed Appearance Chapter 1145: After All I Lost Chapter 1146: If There Is An Afterlife Chapter 1147: Zhao Yuanjing Are You Sad? Chapter 1148: Relieved Chapter 1149: Coax The Small One Coax The Big One Chapter 1150: Good Wind Moon Chapter 1151: Steal Your Heart Chapter 1152: I Really Look Down On You Chapter 1153: Passionate Chapter 1154: Because Of Your Bad Morals Chapter 1155: This Is Really Just A Surprise Chapter 1156: Laugh It's Terrible Chapter 1157: Let Her Out Of The Palace Chapter 1158: Lovesick Forever Chapter 1159: Go To Sleep Chapter 1160: Much Cleaner Chapter 1161: I Want To See The Queen Chapter 1162: Concubine Ning Is Crazy Chapter 1163: Hanging Chapter 1164: Why Can't You Think About It Chapter 1165: You Still Resent Me After All Chapter 1166: Servants Regret Chapter 1167: Concubine Knows Wrong Chapter 1168: Real Eunuch Chapter 1169: Like Watching You Smile Chapter 1170: Retire With Peace Of Mind Chapter 1171: No Money To Feed Idlers Chapter 1172: I Can't Kill You Chapter 1173: More Than A Thousand Small Flyers Chapter 1174: More Than Just Like It It's Just Infatuation Chapter 1175: You And I Are Both Women Chapter 1176: Don't Cry Chapter 1177: We Are Aboveboard Chapter 1178: I Don't Know What To Do Without You Chapter 1179: The Kind Of Beautiful Chapter 1180: No Matter How Good Looking It Is It Cant Compare To The One In His Heart. Chapter 1181: What's The Use Of Married Chapter 1182: Empress This Is A Concubine Chapter 1183: Think Carefully Chapter 1184: The Concubine Is Willing To Serve The Empress Chapter 1185: The Queen Will Cry Chapter 1186: Mother And Queen Dont Let Father Hug Chapter 1187: Catch Up Chapter 1188: Benevolence Chapter 1189: Turn Up Chapter 1191: This King Is Also A Man Chapter 1192: Why Do You Always Cry? Chapter 1193: Bullying Chapter 1194: The Minister Is Back Chapter 1195: Bully Queen Chapter 1196: Paranoid Chapter 1197: It's A Lack Of Heart Chapter 1198: True Home Chapter 1199: Pooh Chapter 1200: Acacia's Nemesis Chapter 1201: Self Blame Chapter 1202: Care Is Chaos Chapter 1203: Zhao Yuanjing You Must Get Better Chapter 1204: Moon Cake Chapter 1205: Sinful Chapter 1206: Reward Chapter 1207: It's Another Full Year Chapter 1208: Marriage Chapter 1209: Close Chapter 1210: Just Do It Chapter 1211: Merchant's Household Chapter 1212: Selfishness Chapter 1213: Uncle And Nephew Chapter 1214: See You Together Chapter 1215: The Face Of The Queen Empress Chapter 1116: Double Happiness Chapter 1117: Child Is Fate Chapter 1418: Better Chapter 1219: The Cost Of Saving Chapter 1220: Little Emperor's Hard Work Chapter 1224: Harem Intervention Chapter 1225: Add Fire Chapter 1226: Old Lady Troublesome Chapter 1227: Messed Up Chapter 1228: Good Looking Makes People Feel Bad Chapter 1229: I Eat When I Am Hungry Chapter 1230: Don't Let Your Mouth Stay Open Chapter 1231: Gift Marriage Chapter 1232: Pick A Little Girl Into The Palace Chapter 1233: Go To The Arsenal Chapter 1234: Clean Cold Strict Chapter 1235: Long Long Ago Chapter 1236: I Am Different From You Chapter 1237: Yuner You Are A Genius Chapter 1228: All Smashed Chapter 1229: There Is A Little Prince In Beiqi Chapter 1230: King Qin's New Look Chapter 1231: Contrast Cute Chapter 1232: Delicious But Dumplings Chapter 1233: Do The Washing Up Chapter 1234: Ask Chapter 1236: Found Chapter 1237: Yizhi Congratulations Chapter 1238: Past Years Chapter 1239: I Really Don't Like To That Idleness Chapter 1240: She Is Tricky Chapter 1241: To Me It's Not Worth Mentioning Chapter 1242: Married A Daughter In Law And Forget Her Mother Chapter 1243: The Feeling Of Raising A White Eyed Wolf Chapter 1244: This Look Is Too Attractive Chapter 1245: Pain With My Mother Chapter 1246: If You Turn Your Face Turn Your Face Chapter 1247: It Would Be Much Better If I Was With You Chapter 1248: You Are Just A Pawn Chapter 1249: Two Messages Chapter 1250: Red Beans Are In Labor Chapter 1251: Empress Doesn't Care Chapter 1252: Get Her Out Chapter 1253: Daughter In Law Dare Not Chapter 1253: Gave Birth Chapter 1254: The Stunning Beauty Of The Future Chapter 1255: Be My Wife Yan'er Chapter 1256: Fang Ximei Premature Delivery Chapter 1257: Very Comfortable To Stay Chapter 1258: One Family Is Happy One Family Is Worried Chapter 1259: Dai'er Come To Me Chapter 1265: Don't Talk Nonsense To Me Chapter 1266: In Sleeve Chapter 1267: Zhao Yuanjing Don't Cry Chapter 1268: Shocked Chapter 1269: Find A Meilangjun To Live Chapter 1270: Do Not Do That Chapter 1271: Feed Yourself Chapter 1272: Son Of Sun Chapter 1273: Bride And Groom Chapter 1274: Dai Er It's Me Chapter 1275: If There Is Another Time Take Her Life Chapter 1276: Ransom Chapter 1277: Two Good News Chapter 1278: Crazy For Money Chapter 1279: Glutinous Rice Balls Chapter 1280: Wilting Chapter 1281: Flower Branches Trembling Chapter 1282: Money And Curiosity Chapter 1283: Sven Scum My Palace Likes Chapter 1284: Do Not Steal Or Snatch Enjoy It Chapter 1285: Cry Poor Chapter 1286: Envy Jealousy Hate Chapter 1287: Mainly Excited Chapter 1288: Caught Back Chapter 1289: Real Secret Chapter 1290: The Bells Are Making Trouble Chapter 1291: Interesting So Interesting Chapter 1292: Remember Your Duty Chapter 1293: Wolf Cub : Don't Be Nervous Chapter 1295: Tentative Chapter 1296: Heart Pounding Chapter 1297: Since You Are Not Happy Just Leave Chapter 1298: Why Are You Crying? Chapter 1299: Mad Chapter 1300: Very Valuable Chapter 1301: You Are Really A Prodigal Maiden Chapter 1302: Unusual Chapter 1303: A Bit Luxurious Chapter 1304: I Just Love Jealous Chapter 1305: Banquet Chapter 1306: Prince Of North Qi Chapter 1307: Don't Treat Yourself As An Outsider Chapter 1308: Lonely Increase Chapter 1309: I Know Who It Is Chapter 1310: Try Gadgets Chapter 1311: Too Shameless Chapter 1312: Shabby Chapter 1313: See Yi Wang Chapter 1314: How Big This World Is You Cant Even Imagine Chapter 1315: Itchy Hands And Itchy Chapter 1316: Dress Up Chapter 1317: Bmw Chapter 1318: Deliberately Please Chapter 1319: Get Out Of Kyoto Tomorrow If You Don't Wear It Chapter 1320: Shameless Northern Qi Barbarian Chapter 1321: Injured Chapter 1322: Yun Dai On The Field Chapter 1323: It's Snowing Today Hunting You Roasting Whole Lamb Chapter 1324: Slightly Embarrassing Chapter 1325: You Are Happy Chapter 1326: I Want To Eat Horse Meat Tonight Chapter 1327: Not Willingly Chapter 1328: Pearl Chapter 1329: Understand Chapter 1330: Lamb Chops Chapter 1331: What If I Picked It For You? Chapter 1332: I Also Like Chapter 1333: Reasonable Guess Chapter 1334: You Restrain Chapter 1335: My Father Is Also Your Father Chapter 1336: Verify Chapter 1337: Sentiment First Chapter 1338: Love Chapter 1339: Your Highness Chapter 1340: Chinese Cabbage Chapter 1342: She Refused To Accept Chapter 1342: Can My Sister Go With Me? Chapter 1343: Where Have You Not Seen It? Chapter 1344: Father Dumb Chapter 1345: All Spoiled Chapter 1346: Bing Qing Yujie Chapter 1347: The Harem Is Like A Workplace Chapter 1348: Dancing On Ice Chapter 1349: She Said It Was Cold Chapter 1350: Dig It Out Quickly Chapter 1351: She Is In My Eyes Chapter 1352: Sister Come To Eat Chapter 1353: Your Highness Chapter 1354: My Bottom Line Chapter 1355: A Pile Of Iron Bumps Chapter 1356: Not Tolerate Children's Affair Chapter 1357: I Have My Strengths And You Also Have Your Weaknesses Chapter 1358: The Benefits Of Having More Sons Chapter 1359: You Seem To Be Afraid Of Me Chapter 1360: In The Snow Talk Chapter 1361: Each Other Chapter 1362: Come Let The Emperor Give A Hug Chapter 1363: I'm Going To Save Him Chapter 1364: Aims Chapter 1365: Hua Jin Mo Chapter 1366: He Won't Do Such Stupid Things Chapter 1367: Who Can Shake Your Position? Chapter 1368: Stay In The Prince's House Chapter 1369: The Princess Is Such A Virtuous Person Chapter 1370: Wash And Sleep Chapter 1371: It's A Pity That The Emperor Doesn't Like It Chapter 1372: Have A Lot Of Children Chapter 1373: She Is A Scourge Chapter 1374: I Am Her Nemesis Chapter 1375: Jin Caicai Chapter 1376: Scream Brother Listen Chapter 1377: Don't Be Fooled By His Appearance Chapter 1378: She Won't Be Allowed To Touch The Child Chapter 1379: Colic Chapter 1380: Is This Floating? Chapter 1381: Don't Break Red Bean's Heart Chapter 1382: Go With Purple Clothes Chapter 1383: Who Offended Her? Chapter 1384: Excuse Me Chapter 1385: The Queen Empress Is So Fierce Chapter 1386: Merry Charm Chapter 1387: Call This King Chapter 1388: This King Is Not In A Good Mood Chapter 1389: You Can Eat Rice But You Cant Talk Nonsense Chapter 1390: Daegu Chapter 1391: She Is Like A Cloud In The Sky Chapter 1392: Try Chapter 1393: Unworthy Chapter 1394: Can't Get Him A Little Sincere Chapter 1395: See You At The Critical Moment Chapter 1396: I Send You Chapter 1397: Sister Eat Chapter 1398: I Am Your Brother Chapter 1399: Pin Your Mother Chapter 1400: Only By Doing It Yourself Can The Hatred Be Resolved Chapter 1401: Small Report Chapter 1402: Kneel Down To Apologize To The Princess Chapter 1403: Cut The Way Forward Chapter 1404: We Are There Waiting For Him To Come Chapter 1405: Dilemma Chapter 1406: Shiquan Town Chapter 1407: Peaceful And Quiet Town Chapter 1408: Money Greedy Punks Chapter 1409: Wolf Pack Chapter 1410: Forbearance Chapter 1411: Chase Chapter 1412: Ji Tangtang Chapter 1413: Brother And Sister Chapter 1414: Where's My Gun? Chapter 1415: Who Wants Hugh? Chapter 1416: A Rich And Kind Person Chapter 1417: Ride Together Chapter 1418: Seems To Have Seen It Somewhere Chapter 1419: A Bit Sour Chapter 1420: Big Elbow White Rice Chapter 1421: Don't Say She Is Stupid Chapter 1422: Farewell Chapter 1423: What A Greedy Ji Wenyuan Chapter 1424: Goodbye Chapter 1425: Sanbei Chapter 1426: Brother Chapter 1427: Enough You Chapter 1428: I Don't Blame You Chapter 1429: Hao Zhixiang He's Here Again Chapter 1430: Shit Doesn't Make Sense Chapter 1431: Self Contained Chapter 1432: Happy Picture Chapter 1433: Again Chapter 1434: I Want To Stay With My Mother Forever Chapter 1435: Dinner For Three Chapter 1436: Zhao Yuanjing You Are So Boring Chapter 1437: Who Else Likes You? Chapter 1438: Its Just Yourself Chapter 1439: Niang Niang This Is Happy Chapter 1440: The Vinegar Jar Chapter 1441: Hope It's Younger Brother Chapter 1442: Yundai's Determination Chapter 1443: Yunji Chapter 1444: Sunglasses Chapter 1445: After Drinking Chapter 1446: Is She Our Sister? Chapter 1447: Its Easy To Have A Baby Chapter 1448: Sisters Talk Chapter 1449: And Chapter 1450: You Deserve To Be Fat Chapter 1451: People Have Their Own Ambitions Chapter 1452: You Come Over And Kneel Chapter 1453: Choose The Royal Family Chapter 1454: You Always Talk To The Little Emperor Chapter 1455: Hope It's A Son Chapter 1456: Change Of Position Chapter 1457: Why Can I Keep My Favor? Chapter 1458: Are All Concubines Chapter 1459: Hard Work Chapter 1460: It's Too Easy To Be A Concubine In The Palace Chapter 1461: Positive Fourth Grade Female Officer Chapter 1462: Work Hard Chapter 1463: Discuss Chapter 1464: Don't Marry A Wife Chapter 1465: Canonize The Crown Prince? Chapter 1466: Ji Family Brothers And Sisters Chapter 1467: Candied Haws Chapter 1468: Spring Outing Chapter 1469: Looks Made In Heaven Chapter 1470: Blind Date Chapter 1471: Lean Phase Chapter 1472: Take A Walk In The Peach Blossom Forest Chapter 1473: Righteous Daughter Chapter 1474: Contraception Chapter 1475: Wash And Reuse Chapter 1476: Xiao Du Chapter 1477: First Sight Chapter 1478: Flowers Are Not Bad People Are Not Good Chapter 1479: I Want The Emperor To Bear Chapter 1480: His Majesty The Emperor Has Excellent Medical Skills Chapter 1481: Conversation In The Carriage Chapter 1482: Wishful Thinking? Chapter 1483: Take It Away Chapter 1484: No I Don't Want Chapter 1485: Your Brother Is Late Chapter 1486: As A Younger Sister I Am Very Relieved Chapter 1487: Shameless Chapter 1488: The Fate Of The Ji Family Man Chapter 1489: Let Your Brother Stop Chapter 1490: Born With Eccentric Eyes Chapter 1491: All Pretty Good Chapter 1492: Make An Appointment Chapter 1493: Glass Bowl Chapter 1494: Royal Family Won Chapter 1495: King Qin's Comfort Chapter 1496: Improper Beauty Chapter 1497: Want To See Her One Last Time Chapter 1498: You Think Pretty Chapter 1499: This Girl Is Crazy Chapter 1500: My Sister Is Silly White Sweet Chapter 1501: Like King Qin Chapter 1502: Who Allows You To Give People Away To My House At Will? Chapter 1503: Just Say It If You Want To Chapter 1504: When I Was Young And Frivolous Chapter 1505: She Never Tells Lies Chapter 1506: Your Guilty Conscience Chapter 1507: Willing To Let Her Lie Chapter 1508: I'm So Tired Chapter 1509: I'll See You Tomorrow Chapter 1510: Too Bully Chapter 1511: I Am Ashamed To Call Someone A Widow? Chapter 1512: If I.. Just Married Chapter 1513: Dark Cuisine Chapter 1514: Beauty I Come To See You Chapter 1515: Beauty You Have A Lot Of Meat Chapter 1516: Today Is Also A Day Without Sending Troops To Beiqi Chapter 1517: Must Be Cool Chapter 1517: Enter The Room Chapter 1518: Someone Sold My King Chapter 1519: The Lantern Is Hung Up Chapter 1520: You.. Kiss Me Chapter 1521: I Did Not Do Anything Chapter 1522: Lard Blindfolded Chapter 1523: One Miss Is Forever Chapter 1524: Concubine Knows Wrong Chapter 1525: Cantilever Chapter 1526: Her Brother Is Rich Chapter 1527: He Disappeared Chapter 1528: What Is Your Brother Up To Now? Chapter 1529: Don't Be Stupid Chapter 1530: I Want To See Him Chapter 1531: Send Troops Chapter 1532: Jealous Chapter 1533: Extraordinary Means Chapter 1534: Yundai's Conditions Chapter 1535: Feeling Pitted Chapter 1536: Willing To Jump Into Your Pit Chapter 1537: You Are Not Pregnant You Are The Devil Chapter 1538: No Matter How High Martial Arts Is I Am Afraid Of Bricks Chapter 1539: Do Not Pretend To Be Forced Pretending To Be Easy To Be Struck By Lightning Chapter 1540: Mother Don't Make Fun Of Your Concubine Chapter 1541: Father Father Chapter 1542: Tell Her To Feed The Dog Chapter 1543: Sad Chapter 1544: The Queen Seems To Be Unhappy Chapter 1545: Del..is Still Satisfied? Chapter 1546: Yufu Wedding Chapter 1547: With Your Daughter's Prickly Face She Is Worthy? Chapter 1548: Lang Cai Nv Appearance Chapter 1549: The Empress Fell.. Chapter 1550: Torture Chapter 1551: The Minister Just Wants To Know The Truth Chapter 1552: Minister Convicted Chapter 1553: Cry Chapter 1554: Where Does The Mother Hurt Chapter 1555: Full Gate Chapter 1556: Pregnant Chapter 1557: Recognize Female Chapter 1558: Hand Chapter 1559: Sheriff Chapter 1560: Upset Chapter 1561: Not Qualified To Point Fingers Chapter 1562: Relegated To Concubine Chapter 1563: Concubine Is Too Wrong Chapter 1564: Auntie? Chapter 1565: Push Out Chapter 1566: You Are My Only Wife Of Jin Lan Chapter 1567: Infertility Chapter 1568: So Sweet So Ice So Refreshing Chapter 1569: Send Her Away Quickly Chapter 1570: Are You In Love With Him? Chapter 1571: That's Fat Chapter 1572: Ji Wenyuan I Believe You Chapter 1573: Emergency Military Situation Chapter 1574: Last Wish Chapter 1575: Don't Be Afraid Chapter 1576: Irregular Things Chapter 1577: Explain Chapter 1578: Empress Is Not Serious Anymore Chapter 1579: Who Wins The House Has A Reward Chapter 1580: You Just Eloped Your Whole Family Eloped Chapter 1581: Parting Chapter 1582: Inconvenient Chapter 1583: Contributed Chapter 1584: Ryokyo Is Extremely Cold Chapter 1585: Meet Deceased Chapter 1586: Thousands Of Adults Chapter 1587: Sturdy To The Extreme Chapter 1588: My Old Lady Will Get Close To Men Too Chapter 1589: Child Chapter 1590: When The Thousands Of Adults Come Back You Will Be Pretty Chapter 1591: I'm Female Too Chapter 1592: Zhuang Xiaoyu Chapter 1593: The Bed Is Warm Chapter 1594: Xiaoyu I Promise You Chapter 1595: Climb Chapter 1596: Into Town Chapter 1597: I Am Coming From The South Chapter 1598: Sister Is That You Chapter 1599: Sister In Law Chapter 1600: She Is Mingmin's Daughter Chapter 1601: Xiao Yan's Secret Chapter 1602: Die Chapter 1603: Starving Chapter 1604: Sister Rest Assured Chapter 1605: Chapter 1606: Chapter 1607: Chapter 1608: Chapter 1609: Take Care Of Your Sister In Law For Me Chapter 1610: Brother Chapter 1611: Mysterious Chapter 1612: Fiasco Chapter 1613: Mother Queen Chapter 1614: Make A Comeback Chapter 1615: Aunt Chapter 1616: Sisters Chapter 1617: Chapter 1618: Yanchun Tower Chapter 1619: Aunt Fang Chapter 1620: Jiaojiao Chapter 1621: Ara Chapter 1622: I Only Like Women Chapter 1623: Sister? Chapter 1624: Redemption Chapter 1625: Countless Benefactors Chapter 1626: My Son Is Going To Be Emperor Chapter 1627: This Is A Pill Chapter 1628: Snow White Chapter 1629: Xiaoye Quit Chapter 1630: Cramming Education Chapter 1631: Zhao Yuanjing's Letter Chapter 1632: Ambition Chapter 1633: I Miss Him Too Chapter 1634: I'm Too Difficult Chapter 1635: I Want To Ask If The Princess Is Short Of Money Chapter 1636: Noble Princess Fan Chapter 1637: To Be The Queen? Chapter 1638: Persuaded Chapter 1639: She Is Only Worthy To Be My Foot Washing Maid Chapter 1640: Don't Shake Your Legs Chapter 1641: See You Not Pleasing To The Eye Chapter 1642: Fight Or Not Chapter 1643: Your Lack Of Heart Is Beyond My Imagination Chapter 1644: What Do You Like? Chapter 1645: This King Knows Chapter 1646: I Asked Someone To Lead The Cow For You? Chapter 1647: You Are Injured What Should I Do? Chapter 1648: One Piece Of Meat Chapter 1649: Sister Don't Get Angry Chapter 1650: Was Pitted Chapter 1651: My Sister Let You Go Dare You Not? Chapter 1652: Thank You Princess For Her Fulfillment Chapter 1653: Light Warm And Sweet Chapter 1654: Negotiation Chapter 1655: I Warn You Not To Touch King Qin Chapter 1656: Too Ruthless Chapter 1657: A Piece Of Fat Chapter 1658: I'm Afraid Of Vomiting Blood From You Chapter 1659: The Third Condition Chapter 1660: All For The North Qi Chapter 1661: Jiangshan Is Still A Beauty Chapter 1662: Fight Chapter 1663: Lord Take Your Time Chapter 1664: I'm Afraid He Won't Come True Chapter 1665: I'm Going To Ask Him Chapter 1666: Snowing Chapter 1667: Will Not Fail Chapter 1668: Ji Wenyuan Why Are You Doing This? Chapter 1669: I Really Take It Chapter 1670: The True Face Of The Great Devil Chapter 1671: Submission Chapter 1672: The Most Unpromising Man Chapter 1673: I Like To Be Gentle And Watery Chapter 1674: Does The Mother Blame Me? Chapter 1675: Do You Love King Qin? Chapter 1676: Go Away Chapter 1677: I'm Tired With My Neck Up Chapter 1678: Hook Finger Chapter 1679: Dress Up Chapter 1680: Follow The Rules Chapter 1682: So Expensive? Chapter 1682: Too Hateful Chapter 1683: I'll Tear A Chicken Leg To Give You A Taste Chapter 1684: Feast Of A Thousand Taels Of Silver Chapter 1685: Ask Jiaojiao Chapter 1686: There Are No Eternal Enemies Only Eternal Benefits Chapter 1687: Boiling Chapter 1688: When She Came Back Chapter 1689: You Can Beat Your Leg Well Chapter 1690: I Really Miss You Chapter 1691: Rub Her Into Her Arms Chapter 1692: Bathe Chapter 1694: As Long As It Has Nothing To Do With You I Won't Blame You Chapter 1694: Canonization Chapter 1695: The Emperor Are You Jealous Again? Chapter 1696: Brother In Law Chapter 1697: Waist Is Almost Gone Chapter 1698: Late At Night Chapter 1699: Don't Like Honest People Being Bullied Chapter 1700: Uncles Chapter 1701: Find Someone Who Loves Each Other Chapter 1702: Profit Chapter 1703: Beat Up Chapter 1704: Alive And Fat Chapter 1705: Do You Want To Give Birth To Grandpa? Chapter 1706: Seal King Chapter 1707: More Happy Than New Year Chapter 1708: Cai Cai Looks So Beautiful Chapter 1709: Dance Chapter 1710: Concubine Chapter 1711: Red Envelopes Chapter 1712: First You Have To Have Children Chapter 1713: Open Red Envelope Chapter 1714: I Will Never Let You Go Today Chapter 1715: Cai Cai Chapter 1716: The Emperor Are You Coming? Chapter 1717: New Year Chapter 1718: Blessed People Chapter 1719: Empress Don't Care Chapter 1720: Suffering Little Uncle Chapter 1721: Married Girl Chapter 1722: I Don't Want Him To Be Upset Chapter 1723: Harmonious Young Couple Chapter 1724: Brother Chapter 1725: Take Your Glutinous Rice Balls Chapter 1726: Dumplings Chapter 1727: Goodbye Guo Ning Chapter 1728: In A Rush Chapter 1729: Shepherd's Purse Chapter 1730: Who Is More Pitiful Chapter 1731: You Also Like The Little Emperor Right? Chapter 1732: Sister In Law And Dumplings Chapter 1733: Stop Wives And Marry Again Chapter 1734: Hide From The Sky Chapter 1735: Can't Stop Chapter 1736: Wenrou Township Chapter 1737: In Phase Chapter 1738: All Willing Chapter 1739: As If Someone Has Never Given Birth Chapter 1740: Queen Are You Going To Rebel? Chapter 1741: Disrespectful Chapter 1742: Fanaticism Chapter 1744: Dumplings From Afar Chapter 1744: Dumplings From Afar 2 Chapter 1745: The Queen Empress Is So Kind Chapter 1746: You Eat Dumplings I Eat Leg Of Lamb Chapter 1747: The General Is Mighty Chapter 1748: Singled Out Chapter 1749: Broken Arm Chapter 1750: Falling Off The Cliff Chapter 1751: Look For Chapter 1752: Turn Up Chapter 1753: No Way Chapter 1754: Don't Struggle Wenyuan Chapter 1755: White Horse Chapter 1756: Zhuangzhuang Wait For Me Chapter 1757: No Matter How Cold Blooded I Am Moved Chapter 1758: My King Marry You Chapter 1759: Can't Love Chapter 1760: Treasure In The Future Chapter 1761: Relocation Chapter 1762: She Probably Won't Come Again Chapter 1763: Blackening? Chapter 1764: It Takes No Effort Chapter 1765: How Long Do You Want To Talk About This Mess? Chapter 1766: Don't Like Sour Chapter 1767: Get Well Chapter 1768: Regretful Chapter 1769: Waited For You For So Many Years Chapter 1770: Give Birth Chapter 1771: Concubine Chapter 1772: Reward Chapter 1773: You Just Don't Want To Give Birth To Me? Chapter 1774: Break Up Chapter 1775: But If One Wife And One Concubine Are So Worried? Chapter 1776: Is Sister In Law Chapter 1777: Kong Yanhua You Are Not Brave Chapter 1778: Take Daughter Away Chapter 1779: I Want Mother Chapter 1780: Take Away Chapter 1781: I Am Not Interested In Managing Chapter 1782: New Lady Chapter 1783: Empress Empress Is Also Pretty Bad Chapter 1784: Eight Thousand Brothers Chapter 1785: Measure Your Face Well Chapter 1786: Not As Good As A Dog On The Side Of The Road Chapter 1787: Chapter 1788: Can You Listen To Me To Finish? Chapter 1789: More Pleasing To You And Obedient Chapter 1790: Kowtow Forgive Me Chapter 1791: For The Dragon Vein Chapter 1792: Uncle And Nephew Chapter 1793: Gu Yunxiang Is Crazy Chapter 1794: What Are You Afraid Of? Chapter 1795: Yan'er Is Gone Chapter 1796: Torment Chapter 1797: See You Without Face Chapter 1798: Heart Breaking Chapter 1799: She Believes Him Chapter 1800: One More Person Chapter 1801: Little Boy In Ewha Village Chapter 1802: Save Someone For Uncle Chapter 1803: Human Small Demon Size Chapter 1804: Some Women Just Owe Them Chapter 1805: Tough Chapter 1806: I Don't Care About You Anymore Chapter 1807: Discoloration Of The World Chapter 1808: Boy Chapter 1809: Turn Up Chapter 1810: Last Minute Chapter 1811: Kind Of Stupid Softhearted Chapter 1812: A Hundred Years Of Life Chapter 1813: Are You Going To Regret It? Chapter 1814: Ten Times Chapter 1815: Days Have To Pass Chapter 1816: Acceptable Chapter 1817: Open Branches And Leaves For The Royal Family Chapter 1818: First Beauty Chapter 1819: Hemoptysis Chapter 1820: Put It To Death And Live Chapter 1821: Boring Chapter 1822: People Are Changeable Chapter 1823: Deep In Love Chapter 1824: You Guys Are So Inspiring Chapter 1825: Go To Like King Qin Chapter 1826: What Do You Want Me To Do? Chapter 1827: I Like What He Likes So Much Chapter 1828: Last Words Chapter 1829: Drunkard Doesnt Mean Wine Chapter 1830: It's Time Chapter 1831: Jun's Coming Chapter 1832: A Stone Chapter 1833: Jun Family Brothers And Sisters Chapter 1834: Quarrel Chapter 1835: Full Of Gas Chapter 1836: Send Supper Chapter 1837: Play Off Chapter 1838: Light Secret Chapter 1839: Ask For Help Chapter 1840: Confidant Chapter 1841: Evil Grows Chapter 1842: Brother Help Chapter 1843: Don't Beep If You Can Chapter 1845: Brother You Take Me Home Chapter 1846: Concubine Chapter 1847: You Are Ugly Chapter 1848: Double Happiness Is Coming Chapter 1849: Queen Empress's Thigh Chapter 1850: Unless You Let Me Be Queen Chapter 1851: Chest Tightness Chapter 1852: Don't Provoke Me Chapter 1853: Jiangshan Half Of You Half Of Me Chapter 1854: Father Huhu Chapter 1855: There Will Be A Day Of Old Age And Decline Chapter 1856: Its Hard To Tell If Its The Emperor. Chapter 1857: Beautiful Chapter 1858: I Am A Man You Are A Woman Chapter 1859: Tonight I Want To Have A Good Talk With You Chapter 1860: Don't You Feel Bad? Chapter 1861: Especially You Chapter 1862: Not Comparable Chapter 1863: I Dont Know What The Two Of Them Did In The House Chapter 1864: Come In Then Chapter 1865: Don't Mention The Broken Jade Chapter 1866: Younger Siblings Chapter 1867: Blatantly Hooking Up With The Queen? Chapter 1868: Beauty Is Beautiful Chapter 1869: Go Out With Me Chapter 1870: Cheap Cotton Skirt Chapter 1871: Lost Eyes Chapter 1872: I Always Remember Chapter 1873: Help Her For Life Chapter 1875: Heart Is Too Big Chapter 1876: Looks Too Ugly And Will Be Beaten Chapter 1877: This Girl Is So Cute Chapter 1878: Old Uncle Chapter 1879: Want To Catch Chapter 1880: Yuan Xi Is Pregnant Chapter 1881: Ashamed Chapter 1882: Its The Queen Who Doesnt Worry Chapter 1883: Don't Fight Her Lest You Suffer Chapter 1884: The Lion Has A Big Mouth Chapter 1885: The Best Looking Woman I Have Ever Seen Chapter 1886: Queen? Queen Again Chapter 1887: Youth And Youth Spring Heart Sprouts Chapter 1888: Highlight The Beauty Of Jun Yue Xi Chapter 1888: Father Please Chapter 1889: This Palace Is Going To Be Set Chapter 1890: She Wants To Marry You Chapter 1891: Beautiful Boy Good Time Chapter 1892: Weichen Hao Zhixiang Chapter 1893: All Satisfied Chapter 1894: Can't Help It Chapter 1895: Hidden Disease Chapter 1896: Some Rumors About The Queen Chapter 1897: Playing Chess Reading Drinking Tea? Chapter 1898: I Want You To Treat Me Wholeheartedly Chapter 1899: Does This Mean That You Love Me Very Much? Chapter 1900: Don't Think Of Yan'er's Idea Chapter 1901: I Can't Stand It Chapter 1902: Are You Talking About Me Or His Royal Highness King Qin? Chapter 1903: Then Marry Chapter 1904: Soft Chapter 1905: Who Hasn't Been Young? Chapter 1906: Are You Watching The Queen's Excitement? Chapter 1907: Weird In The Ice Basin Chapter 1908: Trial Chapter 1909: Tear Face Chapter 1910: Grandma Are You Worried? Chapter 1911: The Is Also A Human Being And Has A Heart Chapter 1912: I Only Want Her As A Woman Chapter 1913: Throw Ai's Family Out Of The Palace? Chapter 1914: Pack It Up And Throw It Out Chapter 1915: You Bully The Queen Chapter 1916: Both My Uncle And Nephew Are White Eyed Wolves Chapter 1917: Sweet Little Girl Chapter 1918: Embarrassing Situation Chapter 1919: There Is A Sister Who Is A Queen Who Is Dengguang Chapter 1920: Parting From The King Chapter 1921: You Should Call Me Father Too? Chapter 1922: Happy Again Chapter 1923: Preferably A Boy Chapter 1924: Jin Shan And Qi Xiao Cooperate Chapter 1925: Shock Of The Empress Dowager Chapter 1926: Do You Like Sour Or Spicy? Chapter 1927: Sister Do You Have It? Chapter 1928: Don't Make It Difficult For Your Brother In Law Chapter 1930: Vigil Chapter 1931: Tim Fu Chapter 1932: I Still Want You Chapter 1933: Is He Very Old? Chapter 1934: I Also End Chapter 1935: Fate Hasn't Arrived Yet Chapter 1936: Did You Admit It? Chapter 1937: The King Is Not Old Chapter 1938: Thirty Is Old Enough To Make Tofu Dregs Chapter 1939: Do You Want To Be A Concubine? Chapter 1940: I Am A Man Chapter 1941: If I Propose To You Will You Agree? Chapter 1942: Lord I Am Going To Round The House Today Chapter 1943: I'm Ten Years Older Than You Chapter 1944: I Have To Die Today Chapter 1945: Don't Talk About The Queen At Will Chapter 1946: Should Serve Your Husband Chapter 1946: What A Filial Daughter In Law Chapter 1947: Peony Chapter 1948: Innocent Chapter 1949: I Want To Take A Concubine Chapter 1950: Jovial Chapter 1951: Noble Than Chicken Chapter 1952: Face Chapter 1953: You Find Two This Princess Will Find Six Chapter 1954: Shameful Shame Chapter 1955: Marks Of Jin Dynasty Chapter 1956: What Are You Pretending To Be Innocent? Chapter 1957: Yuan Si Don't You Want To Live? Chapter 1958: Uninvited Chapter 1959: Stop Talking About Others Bullying You Chapter 1960: Not Ashamed Or Ashamed Chapter 1961: All Of You Are Forcing Me Chapter 1962: Last Wish Chapter 1963: Can't Give Birth At All Chapter 1964: Don't Touch Me Chapter 1965: It's Utterly Nonsense Chapter 1966: Chill Chapter 1967: Don't Pluck A Hair Chapter 1968: War 300 Rounds Chapter 1969: Want And Leave Chapter 1970: Next Time We Will Call In A Place Where Nobody Chapter 1971: Humiliating Chapter 1972: Like It For Many Years Chapter 1973: Disgusted Chapter 1974: There Is No Absolute Fairness Chapter 1975: The Belt Is Getting Wider Chapter 1976: Marry Me Okay? Chapter 1977: I Hate You Chapter 1978: The World Is Suffering Chapter 1979: Chapter 1980: Too Unfair Chapter 1981: Why Is Sister So Mean Chapter 1982: Miss Red Bean Chapter 1983: Don't Move Your Mind Chapter 1984: Enough For Two Or Three Years Chapter 1985: Cat Food Chapter 1986: Tension Before Delivery Chapter 1987: They Are Coming Chapter 1988: Three Men Chapter 1989: Sister In Law Chapter 1990: Chapter 1991: Wishful Thinking Chapter 1992: Then He Will Die In The Sun Chapter 1993: Pregnancy Is Too Annoying Chapter 1994: My Heart Is Bitter Chapter 1995: Propose Marriage Chapter 1996: Forbid You To Marry Again Chapter 1997: Birthday Chapter 1998: Less Than Ten Days Alive Chapter 1999: Grandfather Chapter 2000: Loneliness Chapter 2001: Like Your Mother Chapter 2002: Rollover Chapter 2003: Back To Light Chapter 2004: No Pain At All Chapter 2005: Bear With You For A While Chapter 2006: Two Princes Chapter 2007: Three Corpses Chapter 2008: Tangtang Help Me Chapter 2009: Empress Empress Will Not Leave Us Alone Chapter 2010: How Come You Have Fallen Into Such A Field Chapter 2011: To Be Born Is To Suffer Chapter 2012: Faith Collapses Chapter 2013: Abandoned Their Previous Feelings Chapter 2014: I Want To See King Qin Chapter 2015: I Do Not Go Chapter 2016: Treatment Chapter 2017: It's A Pity That King Qin Doesn't Have Me In His Heart Chapter 2018: Idle Is Idle Chapter 2019: Unspeakable Heart Chapter 2020: Zhao Yuanjing I Have A Headache Chapter 2021: Move Into The Palace Chapter 2022: Princess Master Chapter 2023: This Is Provocation Chapter 2024: Everyone Who Kills Dogs Chapter 2025: Strong Girl Chapter 2026: So Handsome Chapter 2027: After All.. He Is King Qin Chapter 2028: Not Disgusting Chapter 2029: Side Face Is Invincible Chapter 2030: Contrast Cute Chapter 2031: Exchange Of Hostages Chapter 2032: He Can Do Nothing Chapter 2033: Are You Going To Keep Me Locked? Chapter 2034: Have I Stopped You? Chapter 2035: I Will Give You A Chance Chapter 2036: She Is Likable