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Introduction Sign In To The Blood Of The Supreme Dragon God

[The arrogance of the heavens strives for hegemony, violent, passionate, and does not lick the dog]The heavens and immortal realm, the great world is opened, the emperor is fighting for the front…Long Zhantian, a fanatic of another world, carries the soul of the system through the three thousand heavens, signs in to the goddess system of the heavens, and opens the blood of the Supreme Dragon God…From then on, Long Zhantian began his road to hegemony in the fairyland.At the peak of the imperial state at the age of three, transforming wings and flying into the sky, the dragon god is immortal and small;At the age of eight, he moved to the peak of the physical realm and crushed the bronze lion to death;At the age of fifteen, at the peak of the Heavenly Mighty Realm, the ancient giant mastiff was killed by lightningAt the age of sixteen, he stepped into the fifth realm of the first stage of the imperial realm. He conquered the emperor dragon sword, opened the red dust experience, conquered the heavens, and began to realize his life ideals step by step…Embracing a peerless beauty, sitting on three thousand heavens, pointing the world, and sweeping the fairy river…I am the emperor of heaven, who will fight!- Description from MTL

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