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In the Tenth Army Barracks, a man wearing a blue robe and commoner, with a proud expression on his face, looked at a gray-clothed old man in front of him.

"Ju Changyun, I just want to see you General Lu, what do you mean now?" The man in the green robe looked softer with a smile on his face.

In front of his eyes, Ju Changyun's face was flushed, and he stared angrily at the person in front of him.

"Yuan Shi, my Tenth Army does not welcome you, please leave!" Ju Changyun suppressed the anger in the clan's hearts, staring at the person in front of him and said in a deep voice.

Yuan Shiqing cast a glance at the person in front of him, his face suddenly showed sarcasm, and then he hummed softly.

"Oh, you still know that you are the Tenth Army. Since you know your identity, it's not enough for you, Lord Yuan, to let you go!" Yuan Shi gave a light voice, the tone of the words did not put the person in front of him in his eyes at all.

"You...you, as a pioneer of the First Army, came to my 10th Army barracks to make trouble. Do you really think that the old man dare not clean up you?" Ju Changyun's eyes reddened, and his momentum slowly rose.

Thousands of cultivators in the barracks immediately surrounded them, their faces were full of unpleasant colors, their eyes focused on Yuan Shi's body.

Yuan Shi's expression remained unchanged, a trace of disdain flashed in his eyes, and he saw a wave of his arm, and a black token was held in his palm.

"The First Army of Frost Snow City, acting general Yuan Shi, you are waiting for the rebels to fail!" Yuan Shi shouted, looking at the people here.

As soon as this black token appeared, the thousands of monks and soldiers in the barracks also changed their complexions, and then raised their hands to bow to the person in front of them, and each took a step back.

Ju Changyun's figure trembled, and his complexion revealed a complex color. After a moment of silence, he also raised his hand and bowed to the person in front of him.

The top ten military camps in Frost Snow City were founded by the general himself. It seems a bit sloppy, but in fact it can be described as strict military regulations. This black token is the black order of the acting general.

They are different from Lu Chen or other students. Whether it is Ju Changyun or the thousands of military cultivators here, they are really living here, and they are extremely in awe of the military regulations.

"My subordinates dare not. General Yuan wants to see my 10th Army general. Please wait for Lao Rong to give a briefing." Ju Changyun sighed secretly, and then he was about to turn around and retreat.

"No need to report, I can go directly in. If you dare to block me, military law will deal with it!" Yuan Shi coldly snorted and stepped forward directly.

Ju Changyun also looked helpless. In the top ten military camps in Frost Snow City, only the general was qualified to say the four words military disposal.

These four words, in the ten major military camps, are like Tianwei. Although different military camps, the level of the person in front of them is higher than oneself.

"Yuan Shi, don't go too far!" A voice suddenly came from a distance, it was the yellow robe that had just walked out.

With a look of anger on his face, he shook his figure and stood in front of Yuan Shi.

Yuan Shi stopped, glanced at the person in front of him, and then tossed the black token in his hand in front of Huangpao's eyes.

"Huangpao, a small pioneer of the bottom army, dare to yell in front of me Yuan Shi!" Yuan Shi's whole body was overwhelming, and his cultivation level burst out.

As the acting general of the First Army, his original cultivation base was higher than that of Huangpao, and he had already reached the middle stage of Yuan Ying.

If this yellow robe dared to stop him, according to the military regulations of the ten major barracks, he could condemn this person as a crime of disrespect, and the general who shot him could not be said.

"Yuan Shi, although my yellow robe is only a small vanguard, you can tell me clearly that my tenth army is not the bottom army!" Huang Pao blushed and shouted directly.

Yuan Shi smiled contemptuously, then glanced at the thousands of monks and soldiers present.

Under his gaze, the roar of the yellow robe had already fallen, but none of the people present dared to rebut, as if they had acquiesced in their hearts, they all bowed their heads.

"Dogs can't change eating shit, you people are the shame of Frost Snow City's top ten military camps." Yuan Shi's expression was extremely mocking, and his eyes swept at everyone coldly.

Ju Changyun's face was bitter, and Huang Pao couldn't help but sigh secretly when he saw the expressions of everyone.

After so many years at the bottom, these people have lost their fighting spirit. Once something has become a habit, it is even more difficult to change it.

Originally, with the arrival of Lu Chen a few days ago, the morale of the Tenth Army only improved slightly, but it only improved slightly, but it could not withstand a little blow. They were at the end of the top ten barracks, and they had become a habit.

Yuan Shi was proud of his expression. He had been a pioneer of the First Army for many years, and he knew the temperament of these people too much. Today, he came here to attack the morale of the Tenth Army, so as to stabilize the strength of his Frost Snow City First Army.

"Is this the Tenth Army? Is this what you call glory?" A low voice sounded in everyone's ears.

An invisible pressure immediately engulfed the entire Tenth Army. Under the horrified expressions of everyone, Lu Chen's figure slowly walked out from behind.

Yuan Shi's figure at the moment was also shaking, and the huge pressure in the air made his face instantly pale.

"The acting general of the First Army, Yuan Shi, has seen General Lu." Yuan Shi raised his arm with difficulty and bowed to Lu Chen in front of him.

He could look down on the Tenth Army, but he would never dare to be presumptuous in front of the people in front of him. After all, Lu Chen's strength was obvious to all. He was a man who could fight with the great general of Frost Snow City.

"Oh, you recognize me..." Lu Chen's expression was indifferent, his whole body was full of momentum, and he walked forward step by step.

Every time he takes a step, the pressure on Yuan Shi's body is a little bit more. The cultivation base of the middle stage of transforming the gods can hold this person in place by the force of coercion.

"General Lu, please calm down, this time I'm here to discuss something." Yuan Shi's forehead broke out with a cold sweat. Although Frost Snow City has a general ban, most people don't dare to take action on themselves easily.

But the general Lu in front of him made him feel a little unsure. Even the general dared to fight. At this moment, he was beheaded without mercy. It was not impossible.

"What's the matter with you, just say it." Lu Chen put away his aura, glanced at the people beside him, and then moved his gaze to Yuan Shi.

This person's cultivation level was only in the middle stage of Yuan Ying, and he dared to directly break into his barracks. As expected, he was somewhat of the first vanguard of the First Army.

"I want to send the army to take over the First Army of Frost Snow City and become a general of our army!" Yuan Shi raised his arm and bowed respectfully to Lu Chen, with a serious expression on his face.

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