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On October 15th, the whole city of Z was lively on this day. The hero of city Z, the black mask, was going to marry the gymnastics queen Hanyu Hanae.

This wedding ceremony attracted countless people.

The trembling tornado of heroes, the shining Flesh, the black light, the atomic warrior and others all arrived.

Banggu, Zhou Yan, Yanhua, and Guidao Teachers from the Wushenghui all came here.

All members of the Masked Legion, the president of the Heroes' Association and the branch presidents of several branches, as well as many cadres in Z City.

Songcheng Miyuki, chairman of Songcheng Pharmaceutical, and several group chairman.

As well as Natsuki's friends, the Saitama couple, and Ryota Kawai all came to the scene.

Only the venue was changed during the booking stage. Finally, I chose an island to hold the wedding on the island.

And because of the strong demands of the media, half of the weddings had to be opened, and some media that often cooperated with them were given the opportunity to take pictures, and even live on TV.

Under the blue sky, the wedding has come to an end.

The pastor said, "Mr. Qingyuan Natsuki, would you like to marry this woman? Love her and be loyal to her, no matter if she is poor, sick or disabled, until death. Are you willing?"

Xia Shu stared at Hanyu Huazhi and said, "I am willing!"

The pastor asked, "Ms. Hanyu Hanae, would you like to marry this man? Love him and be loyal to him, no matter if he is poor, sick or disabled, until death. Are you willing?"

Hanyu, wearing a white wedding dress, said shyly, "I do!"

The priest nodded, and then said, "Please exchange the rings."

Xia Shu took out the ring and put it on her finger for Hanyu Huazhi, and Hanyu Huazhi also took out a ring and put it on Xia Shu.

"Then now I declare."

The pastor solemnly said: "Under the witness of God, you two are married."

Accompanied by the pastor's words, there was applause around, but just as the applause appeared, the sky changed.

I saw the clouds in the sky, suddenly and slowly changing color, at first they were red, and then a touch of orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, and purple continued to appear, slowly dyeing the clouds into colorful colors.

"what is that?"

Heiguang looked up at the sky, "Seven colors of clouds."

"It's so beautiful." Chunxiang couldn't help but said.

"Colorful auspicious clouds, so beautiful." Chuuxue was full of admiration.

"Fukiyuki really likes it."

When the tornado on the side saw this scene, he secretly made up his mind that when he married her, he would make a colorful auspicious cloud.

"Quickly, point the camera at the clouds."

The photographer quickly mobilized the camera, aimed at the clouds in the sky, and passed this picture to every corner of the world.

"It's so beautiful."

Shahi sat in front of the TV and couldn't help saying, "We should go to the scene."

"Huh, it's not beautiful at all." Lingling rolled her head, feeling extremely envious in her heart.

The audience in front of the TV marveled at the beauty, and at this moment, the clouds suddenly changed.

I saw these clouds gather together, slowly hanging down, forming an arch bridge.

"Let's go up."

Xia Shu took Hanyu Huazhi away, stepped onto the arch bridge, and walked upward step by step.

They walked toward the sky, and behind the arch bridge and the clouds, a huge figure shimmering with light suddenly appeared, spreading out their palms.

"what is that?"

Seeing the figure, Sonic couldn't help exclaiming.

"What a huge power."

Feeling the pressure from the figure, Bangu frowned and said, "This is not an illusory existence, and this power is awesome."

All the guests, and the audience in front of the TV, were shocked by this scene.

Xia Shu and Hanyu Huazhi stepped onto the clouds step by step, walked into the hands of the gods, and then folded their hands to submerge the two of them.

In the end, the gods slowly disappeared, and even the summer tree and the feather blooming branches disappeared.

It took a few minutes for the guests to make a loud noise and were shocked by the scene.

At the end of the wedding ceremony, the guests were led to live in the hotel on the island, and the senior officials of the association and the chairman of some companies left here.

However, most of the relatives and friends still stay here, because in the evening, there will be a dinner party.

It's just that it won't be open to the media again.

"Brother is married."

Qianqiu returned to the room, took off his high heels, walked into the room barefoot, and lay directly on the bed. After a while, a low sob sounded.

Although I have been prepared for a long time, I have accepted the fact that the two will become husband and wife during the year of getting along.

But her heart is still extremely sad, especially as a bridesmaid, giving the bride to the one she loves.

Qianqiu was heartbroken, aggrieved, and even more unwilling.

But there is no effect anymore, the matter has reached this point, and nothing can be changed.

Thinking of the next life and Xia Shu becoming someone else's husband, she felt so painful that she couldn't help sobbing.

But not long after, a knock on the door rang.


Qian Qiu got up from the bed, quickly wiped away his tears, walked to the door and looked out, but Chunxiang was standing outside.


Qianqiu opened the door and looked at Chunxiang. Chunxiang smiled and grabbed her hand and said, "Go."

"I, I haven't put on shoes yet."

Qianqiu shouted, but she felt a force coming from behind, pushing her out of the door, and with this step, the scene in front of her suddenly changed.

It is no longer a long corridor, but a luxurious auditorium. Rows of seats spread towards the front. In front of the seats, there is a high platform. On the high platform, a tall figure stands.

"Xia Shu?"

Qianqiu stood there, looking at the figure, stunned on the spot.

"Let's go Qianqiu."

On Qianqiu's left, a voice sounded, and one hand grabbed her wrist and pulled her forward.

"Flower branches?"

Qian Qiu looked at her figure and was a little dazed, not understanding why she was here, Huazhi and Chunxiang were both here.

"What are you going to do?"

Qianqiu couldn't help asking, but Huazhi didn't answer. Instead, she took her hand and continued to move forward.

As she moved forward, the dress on her body changed and turned into a luxurious white wedding dress, which wrapped her body.

"Wedding dress?"

Qianqiu's body trembled, why did he put on the wedding dress, and walked to the forefront in a daze.

In the front seat, sitting several familiar figures, Saitama, Jenos, Matsuki Miyuki, Tsukahara Teacher, and Masawa Bunsuke.

They all smiled when they looked at Qianqiu.

Qian Qiu walked to the high platform, Hua Zhi let go, and together with Chun Xiang, returned to the seat.


Xia Shu stretched out her hand towards Qianqiu, Qianqiu's heart trembled, put her hand on his palm, and was pulled up to the high platform.

Then beside the two, a figure of colorful streamer slowly emerged and stood there.

"This seems to be?"

Qian Qiu showed a surprised expression when he saw this figure.

"Then now, hold the wedding of Qianqiu and Xia Shu." The figure slowly said.

"The wedding? The wedding with Xia Shu?"

Qian Qiu was stunned, and his mouth grew wide, "I and Xia Shu are going to get married? No, it's impossible."

Must be dreaming.

That's right, I just got on the bed and fell down there.

And the wedding dress, the clothes on my body, suddenly turned into a wedding dress, how could this be possible.

Moreover, this figure looks very illusory, not a physical entity, it is probably an illusion of oneself.

It must be a dream that I had too longing for the wedding just now.

"It turned out to be a dream."

Qian Qiu exhaled, but he showed a happy expression, "Since it is a dream, then in the dream, it should be okay to meet my small requirements."

Thinking about this, Qian Qiu looked at Xia Shu and showed a happy smile.

Under the auspices of the gods, Qianqiu said softly: "I am willing."

"Then exchange rings next."

The voice of the **** sounded.

Xia Shu picked up a ring and put it on for Qian Qiu.

"I, I didn't..."

As soon as Qianqiu said that there was no ring, a box appeared in her finger, and she quickly opened it with a ring inside.

She picked up the ring and put it on for Xia Shu, and then Xia Shu stepped forward, leaned down, and kissed Qianqiu's lips.

"If it's a dream, it's worth it."

Qianqiu closed his eyes and responded enthusiastically. Amidst the applause that sounded below, Xia Shu hugged Qianqiu and walked towards the back.

Walking out of the back door, the scene in front of him changed and turned into a huge bedroom.

In the center of the bedroom, there is a luxurious big bed.


The moment Qian Qiu saw the bed, Qian Qiu's face was shy, "This dream I had, even this step."

Xia Shu hugged Qianqiu and walked to the bed, put her on the bed, and then climbed onto the bed, hugging her and kissing.

After a while, the two separated, Xia Shu snapped his fingers, and Qian Qiu's clothes disappeared without a trace, revealing a white carcass.


Qian Qiu screamed subconsciously, covering her body with her hands, but was kissed by Xia Shu's mouth, and finally took her hand.

The two kissed for a while, and when the relationship reached the hottest time, the figures of the two were covered together, and then slowly merged into one.

"it hurts."

Qian Qiu frowned, isn't it a dream? Why is it so painful?

But the next moment, a peculiar heat flow appeared, the pain disappeared without a trace, replaced by a warm feeling.

"Sure enough, it was a dream and I didn't feel the pain."

Qian Qiu thought, and then began to enjoy this feeling.

It didn't take long for Qianqiu to reach the peak of his life in joy.

However, the continuous movement shrouded it and continued to roll in the waves.

It was not until one and a half hours later that Qianqiu passed out in fatigue.

This dream is so good.


It wasn't until night fell that Qianqiu slowly woke up, stretched out, yawned, and then lay there, remembering something.

But the next moment, she opened her eyes wide, fumbled her body, and sat up.

"Why am I not wearing clothes?"

Qian Qiu looked at the smooth body surface, and then looked around, "Where is this? It's not my room, why is it the same as the room in my dream?"

"No, no?"

Qianqiu was stunned, and then raised his hand, with a ring on his finger.

"Ring? I remember this ring..."

Qianqiu's expression was a little unbelievable, and she stood up and found a ruddy touch on the bed sheet, "That, isn't that a dream?"

At this moment, the door opened and two figures walked in.

"It's finally over."

The voice of Hanyu Kashiwa sounded, and then Xia Shu said, "Now is our time."

Two people walked over and saw Qian Qiu, Hanyu Hanyu smiled and said, "Are you awake?"

"What exactly is going on?"

Qianqiu couldn't help asking: "Me, where's my clothes?"

"I took off your clothes, have you forgotten?" Xia Shu said.

"Then, what's the matter with that ring?" Qianqiu raised his hand, his voice trembling.

"I put the ring on you when we got married."

Xia Shu said, "Did you forget?"


Qianqiu said blankly, "Isn't that a dream?"

"of course not."

Xia Shu walked over and said with a smile: "We are married and we are married."


Qianqiu was still a little surprised. He looked at the two and said, "But, but why do we get married?"

"Don't you want to get married?" Xia Shu smiled and pinched Qianqiu's nose~wuxiaworld.online~No, no. "

Qianqiu quickly denied, and then said: "Yes, but why would Huazhi agree? I remember Huazhi was there, and she was still a bridesmaid."

"Have no idea."

Huazhi said helplessly: "It looks like you will never leave Xia Shu in your life, and Xia Shu still likes you, I will give you a chance."

"Yes, is it?" Qianqiu said unexpectedly, but he was still a little excited.

"And he said..."

Huazhi looked at Qianqiu and said: "His energy is combined with the technique of rejuvenation. We may never die forever and remain young forever. As a thank you to him, I gave in a little bit. In the long life, there will be one more person. Not bad."

"Can you really stay young and live forever?"

When Qian Qiu heard Huazhi's words, his brows were overjoyed.

"There is no problem living a thousand years."

Xia Shu said that Dr. Kinas had already handed over the technology of rejuvenation, but there were still some defects. The soul could not exist forever, and it only had a lifespan of 200 to 300 years.

But they still have powerful energy. If they are used together, they can live for a long time, at least one thousand years.

However, these technologies will be kept strictly confidential, even with a life span of two to three hundred years, only a few people can enjoy it.

As for the life span of one thousand years, there will only be Huazhi and Qianqiu, as well as the three people of Miyuki Matsushiro who have long promised.

"That's great."

Qian Qiu immediately became excited, marrying Xia Shu, and being able to stay young forever, living for such a long time, this is really a happy thing.

"So from today onwards, the three of us will live together."

Xia Shu shook their hands and said, "I will never be apart for the rest of my life."

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