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"Uncle Jing, can we rest for a while!" An Yuxin's soft voice sounded again with some grievances, and brought back Gu Xunjing, who was deeply in memory.

At this time, An Yuxin was already five years old, which meant that Luo Ye had passed away five years ago.

And today is An Yuxins birthday. She knows that this day is special, because of the beautiful and incredible woman sleeping at the bottom of the base lake. Her mother said she is the greatest person. Because of her, they will have the current life. .

She knew from the time she remembered that she took her name, and she liked it herself, so she always called her Aunt Ye.

Gu Xunjing stood up and looked at the sweaty little steamed bun Zha Ma Buzha, his cold heart softened, Chao An Yuxin beckoned, "Come and rest!"

An Yuxin stood up in an instant, and Deng Dengdeng ran to Gu Xunjing, looking so energetic as before, "Uncle, let me talk about Aunt Ye again! I want to listen, but I dont feel tired of listening!"

"You ghost spirit!" Gu Xunjing nodded An Yuxin's forehead, then began to remember little by little, and then said it out.

When Lan Ling came here, he saw such a scene with a smile on his lips.

After experiencing the apocalypse, and honed in the zombie world for another five years, the years have smoothed Lan Lings edges and corners, and Lan Lings cheeks have become softer, without disturbing the two of them. Lan Ling leaned against the tree trunk and listened quietly, before his eyes appeared. The scene in the past.

"Well-Aunt Ye is so great! It would be great if I could see her. Aunt Ye must be suffering a lot every day, so I feel sorry for Aunt Ye." Unlike in the past, this time An Heal After listening to the heart, Xin said what was in her heart, which made the two people next to him feel unbearable.

"Come for dinner!" Zhang Huihui shouted, standing at the door with a loud voice, facing the three of them.

An Yuxin changed her previous sadness, jumped up from the ground, and ran to hug Zhang Huihui's leg, "Aunt Huihui, what did you make today!"

Zhang Huihui picked up An Yuxin and walked into the house, chatting with An Yuxin as she walked, ignoring the other two directly.

This has been the case for five years, everyone seems to be used to Zhang Huihui's attitude, but every time there is an unspeakable heartache at this time, after Luo Ye's death, all of them are not the same as before!

When Luo Ye died, Zhang Huihui was still working outside. When she came back with a beautiful and incredible rose, the entire base was hung with white sails. At that time, she knew that the girl had been dead for almost five or six days. .

Later, she planted the rose by the lake, and then knelt there for three days and three nights. After she passed out, she was sent back. From that day on, Zhang Huihui changed and became less close to others, except for An Yu heart.

"It's all here, let's get started!" When Bai Qianqian and Shiyue came out carrying the plate, everyone was already there, and everyone was sitting around the table.

"No, the people are not there yet, Aiselqi hasn't come back yet." Gu Xunjing's tone was a little heavy.

It has been more than half a year since Aiselqi left, and there has been no news. Some time ago, someone said that he had seen him. Apart from losing a lot of weight, he was still very good, which made them feel relieved.

It's just that one person is missing after all, so I feel that something is missing.

Seeing Zhang Huihui sitting alone and talking and laughing with An Yuxin, Bai Qianqian sighed and walked over. With a strong attitude, she pulled the person to the dining table and pressed Zhang Huihui's shoulder to make her sit down.

"It's been five years, why can't we look forward? Is this your return to the leader?" Bai Qianqian took a deep breath.

"There is nothing you can't live with. In five years, if some things have passed, let him pass! Let me go, the leader, she definitely doesn't want us to be like this, let her breathe the leader to bring us The new air, okay?" He said, almost crying.

"Mom doesn't cry." An Yuxin was still young and didn't understand many things.

But she knows that on this day of the year, most people at the base are very sad, especially those uncles and aunts who are close to her, so she behaves well on this day.

An Yi watched her wife feel sad, she couldn't help feeling sad, and she kept comforting her.

The atmosphere on this side fell into silence. On the other side, Aisleqi and Baozi stood on an abandoned high-rise building, looking at the direction of the symbiosis base with Baozi.

"It's this time again, miss, do you know? We really miss you!"

"Woo~" Steamed Bun yelled in coordination with Eiselqi.

"Let's go!" As Erqi touched the smooth hair of the buns, one person and one animal disappeared on the roof.

The base at night was illuminated by fire.

Whether it is an adult, a child or the elderly, everyone has a different look, holding a delicate lantern in his hand, and the fire light illuminates the entire lake.

The lanterns were put into the lake one after another, during which no one made a sound.

When all the lanterns were put out, the lake surface became very beautiful, everyone raised their breath and watched the center of the lake slowly speak, and the melodious singing slowly sounded.

This song was written for a long time after the children heard Luo Yes deeds. The lyrics are not very gorgeous, but the whole song tells the greatness of Luo Ye and also tells the story of Luo Yes life, making the listener cry. , The hearer is sad.

Aisle, who was alone, sang the same song at the same time.

After singing the song, several women held their children and stood at the forefront.

In five years, many new lives have been added to the base, and the one who is now at the forefront is the one who just gave birth this year.

They will receive the blessings of everyone at the beginning of their lives.

The beautiful and sad night ended at midnight, and everyone returned to their homes. What makes the difference is that at this time of year, the newly born children do not cry.

Even the crying child on weekdays is extremely quiet this night, which makes everyone feel incredible.

"I'm leaving, I'll see you again when I have time, and tell me what is needed." The next afternoon, Lan Ling will return to the zombie world, saying goodbye to everyone before leaving.

"We are still a family, you are always welcome here anytime."

The knot was finally unraveled, and everyone's relationship seemed to have returned to the way it started.

Lan Ling looked back, and then everyone looked at Zhang Huihui, and everyone was waiting for her answer.

"Welcome back anytime." In the end, Zhang Huihui let go of the resentment in her heart, and her eyes became clear. Maybe it's time to let go.

The base and the world are getting better and better, and we are getting better and better.

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