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Since I had gained experience at being stealthy, I was able to up the stairs without making noise.

Those two had stopped middle upstairs and I stayed behind the wall, I would let them have their talk.

If things went wrong, I would come to Kitsune's side and let Kirara handle it however she could.

If I dared to defend Kirara, it would only worsen Kitsune's state of mind.

"I'll ask YOU this question then"

It was the first thing I heard. It was Kirara's voice, my heart was pounding.

"Why? Of all the brothers in the world, why does it have to be mine? Why does it have to be the weirdo in the classroom who goes out with my Onii-san?"

I heard a slight laugh; as it seems that Kitsune was not completely sane. I was willing to intervene at the time, but I wanted to hear his response.

"I do not blame Sempai for having answered different, love comes in boxes of different sizes and colors, and that doesn't make it less precious... but since you are so curious, the one responsible for me falling in love with Sempai ... it's you, Ataka-chan."

Well, that made sense to me. As I was the brother of his classmate it was possible that she had seen me before

But the one who did not reason it was Kirara.

"What are you talking about?"

She asked her angry and confused.

"You were the one who introduced me Sempai in a manner of speaking it was during the beginning of the course. I was a girl who had nothing, I didn't even know why I was going to school nobody talked to me, not that I have interest in talking to anyone in particular. There was also nothing I liked to do, and my relationship with my Onee-san went from bad to worse My parents were always occupied and I spent all my time alone I was someone transparent, like a shadow or a phantom, in fact, Ataka-chan, if they didn't call me "weird" at school and point at me, you wouldn't even have noticed my existence."

Somehow I was aware that her school affairs were not those of a girl surrounded by friends, but for reasons of consideration, I never asked so directly, so I was unaware of the details, and she never told me so clearly.

"One nice day in language class, the teacher asked us to take a picture of someone we admired and to explain who he was and why we admired him... I was not excited at that moment, because I really did not know that I could admire someone. Most people took photos of artists, athletes, there were those who bring their mothers photography; I had nothing, so I got an F on that day. But it was that day that Ataka-san presented up a photo of Sempai."

Kitsune said that as if it represented a life-changing event. I couldn't see either of them but I could tell from her voice.

Something that I had not taken into account is that, apparently, Kirara admired me. Was that true? Well, I have never done something that I can say was worthy of admiration, I had only acted like his brother, and those occasions were even rare. But it seems that I had won Kirara's respect.

"Onii-san is the best, he always buys me what I ask him when we go out somewhere, he takes care of me, he helps me tie my ribbons in my hair, and when I don't understand something from my lessons, he always explains."

"Stop! I get it. I remember"

Kirara's voice was trembling, it seemed like she was going to cry at any moment,

I guess it was somehow embarrassing to her, even though I stopped doing all those things a long time ago.

But it was she who started to move away from me. I assumed it was due to his growth. Kitsune continued.

"In all the class, I was the only one who heard everything Ataka-chan had to say about her Onii-san, I began to think that he must be a wonderful person, and that maybe, just maybe, I could actually see what that person was like. But the hopefulness that Ataka-chan would invite me to meet him was around zero. In fact, I think that the hatred that everyone else felt for me had rubbed off on Ataka-chan. I don't even know who began hating me first ... but that's not important."

Just like the last time, when Kitsune felt threatened in some way, even her tone of voice was different, it is true that there was no overt hostility in her tone of voice, neither did she yell, it was more like she was speaking while pointing at you with a weapon.

I felt sorry for the way Kitsune-chan had been treated during her time at school, I think I began to understand why she avoided (whenever she could) attend school, and the reason why she stalked me even while I was in class.

"Sempai turned out to be much cooler and kinder than Ataka-chan described him, as he usually mined his own business, he didn't trouble anyone and he didn't hurt anyone. Ataka-chan had said that his brother had no particular hobby, and that intrigued me, but I discovered much more about Sempai, such as his love of delicious food, his sleepless nights, his musical tastes ... I think I fell in love with Sempai because he was the kind of person I always had dreamed of being with one day also, unlike you, Ataka-chan, I found Sempai very, very attractive. Sempai did not take long to realize my existence ... I did not have much experience as a stalker, and Sempai realized that I was following him ... even so, his kindness was so big to not to be alarmed and be very kind to me ..."

I was shedding tears, unable to help myself ... I can't even remember what I thought of her at the time, but I remember that my first thought was precisely not to call the police, and there is no one who can know how glad I am having made that decision.

That was the best decision of my life.

"And while he told me that he would accept my feelings if I accepted his, I understood that he was the right person, and that was like being born again."

There was silence for a moment, I was still leaning back against the wall, not to be seen by the two of them, Kirara must have been speechless, after a few moments, Kitsune-chan finally spoke again.

"You Know? Ataka-san, I'm sorry that it had to be your Onii-san, and if you want to fight for his love, I will understand ... but I will not lose, Sempai is my boyfriend, he proposed to me and I will not let him go ... I will do what I have to do by any means necessary to keep Sempai by my side and happy."

That was Kitsune's sentence, I didn't dare to look out, and Kirara sighed after a few moments of silence.


It was a rare event that she called her by name, apart from the honorific "chan" but, anyway, and contrary to what it might seem, Kirara was not so blind as not to understand what was happening there.

"I am not going to fight for someone's affection, much less for Onii-san's that I know doesn't belong to me anyway, there are many things that I don't know about him, that you do, and I understand I will get a boyfriend soon, I won't be able to take care of everything so, I want you to make Onii-san happy I can't do it anymore. Now it's your job, not mine."

"Are you saying that you accept our relationship?"

Kitsune asked kind of upset; I think that is something she did not expect.

After all, she would never have accepted something like that. Fortunately my sister was not a Yandere.

"I'm saying that now it's your problem, take care of him, Kitsune-chan, now I'm going to bring him here, make sure he's happy."

That was what my sister said, I had to go down the stairs quickly, so that they would not realize that I had been spying on them, when I got down, wait sitting, as if I had not heard anything. However, when I saw Kirara go down the stairs, I couldn't help but smile.

"Were you there, Onii-san?"

She asked, my mother was not in the room.

"I, I couldn't help it I was curious Kirara Why?"

She looked up for a moment, I was sitting and she was standing next to me, so I guess she didn't want to meet my eyes, I guess she was embarrassed that she was discovered about the way she talk about me in her class.

"You know, Onii-san? I did not know what to think of her, but that does not mean that I would be able to take from someone everything she loves, just because."

That's what she told me, I couldn't help but nod.

"Listen, Onii-san, for me, you are my Onii-san, and dumb, and now a lolicon. But for that girl, you are her world, and the love of her life and the only thing she ever had."

I stood up, she turned around, I think she was crying.

"Of the part that I have had to see, I can tell you that everything she said is true so don't abandon her."

After telling me that, Kirara left. I went up the stairs to meet Kitsune, who was leaning against the wall, there were no signs of stress in her eyes. She seemed to be calm.

"Sempai Why are you crying?"

I just stood there in front of her, looking at her. She was the purest and most innocent girl I had ever known, and I couldn't answer her devotion. In truth, with this, I finish affirming that I am the biggest idiot ever.

But there was still time, I could fix it.

"It's nothing, Kitsune-chan. "

"Did I did something wrong? Said something wrong? Sempai."

I shook my head, brought her close to me and hugged her, she let herself be hugged, while my tears did not stop coming from my face.

And I had no intention of stopping them.

I think that until I heard all that, I understood.

I was everything that this pure and innocent girl had, I had read it in my research, she had told me before also, but I think it was not until I heard everything Kitsune-chan said so clearly, that I understood that she was not talking about an illusory and romantic love that the stories speak of, but of a real dependence, of the fear of being alone and that there is only one person who is everything to you.

I think everything can be defined in a single sentence: "Her relationship with me is the only thing she has, there is nothing else, no one else and there will never be."

She looked up to my face, alarmed.

"Sempai, don't cry, I'm here, if there is something that bothers you I will remove it, if something hurts I will heal you, but please, do not cry."

She seemed desperate to stop my tears from coming out, I even felt bad that I couldn't stop them to make her happy, but then I did something better.

"Kitsune-chan, you haven't done anything wrong, it's just that all this made me remember (it was "understand", but I couldn't say that to her) that you are the only thing that matters to me in life."

I kissed he right after

It didn't really matter to me that my parents or my sister might have seen us, they weren't important at the moment.

Because right now, it was just Kitsune and myself, and nothing that happened outside of that small space was relevant to me. I must begin to reciprocate these feelings properly.

Perhaps it is the fact that the fear of her leaving me is completely absent, since I know very well that's not going to happen.

But if something actually happen, I do not know what I would do if I lost her...

After kissing her, I took out my cell phone and took a photo of her, she smiled for the photo and thus I got the best shot that could be had of the most beautiful girl in the world.

"Why the photo Sempai?"

"I haven't had one for a long time, I need many, you know?"

"I'll let Sempai take all he wants; after all, I'm Sempai's property."

At that moment, my mother came up the stairs, we both turned to see her, and she smiled and said:

"Wow, it seems that here I have a couple in love, getting emotional on the stairs, go outside for a moment, there is raining on sunny day."

We both blushed at what my mother said, and then I took her hand.

We went outside and my mother was right, it was nice to see the rainbow in the sky. Somehow I was at peace with myself for everything that had happened so far. It was the first time I could see Kitsune-chan in the eye, and really thank the world for meeting her.


Men do things that are an open secret, hiding pornography in a drawer is real.

Manga and anime are seen every day, as well as funny dramas on TV, where jokes are made about that little detail about men daily life.

It is so satirized, that there are those who think that it is not true.

But... that really happens.

The main problem with having a girlfriend like Kitsune is that she is always watching, searching, moving this or that thing. And of course, she had to find those things that she is not supposed to find. Like my magazines.

Who has magazines like that these days? Well, the answer to that is very simple, times change, customs do not, and it is much more practical, in many ways, to have those things on paper, although it obviously makes it more risky.

Sunday is the only day that can be said that I really have free, and I really hoped to be able to spend it quietly with my girlfriend, what I forgot is that she obviously had planned the same thing.

I think that was the only time in my life when I really regretted introducing Kitsune to my parents.

Because the day after that, Sunday arrived. I think she got up too early.

"Sempai Sempai, wake up."

I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw is Kitsune-chan, I thought I was inside the dream, it was not until she moved me a little, that I found that it was not a dream, why Kitsune-chan ishere so early?

The door to my room was open, and she was inside my room. Apparently my family let her in, and even allowed her into my room ... now that I remember ... the "special" drawer was left open last night.


It was what I said, without thinking.

But she seemed to get angry, apparently she misunderstood well, the idiot is me for saying it out loud.

"Ehhhh? I come early to be with Sempai and the first thing he does when he sees me is curse how cruel you are Sempai."

Apparently she did not notice anything strange ... well my room was strange for everyone except for her.

I mean, well, she did not find anything strange. I smiled after that.

"Don't be mad at me, Kitsune-chan, I just remembered that today is the day I can spend the whole day with you, and I should wake up earlier how to say I feel like I've wasted time with my pretty girlfriend, sleeping."

Sometimes I wonder where I get those answers from, it must be because I love her ... damn, I think I'm in the state that others call "stupid couple" but it doesn't matter because she was happy to hear that, although she denied with the head.

"Not at all, I have spent quality time with Sempai watching him sleep, it is something that I cannot do very often, so Sempai has given me a beautiful moment."

I got up while listening to those words, then I asked her to wait, I had to go to the bathroom and change, brush my teeth and get my face washed.

Apparently it was quite early. It was a nice change, normally it was Kirara who came into my room to wake me up, but she wasn't the kindest of sisters.

I think things do really improve when your girlfriend wakes you up.

When I returned to the room she was sitting peacefully on the floor, I think if someone saw her, they would never think about everything that has happened to get here.

When I started calling her "my little Yandere" I really didn't have a clear idea what kind of girl Kitsune-chan was, I think now that I think about it, she can't just be classified as "Yandere"

There was once, in a manga, in which they coined the term "Tsun-pure" to define a girl who appeared there ... whose characteristic, apart from being Tsundere, was precisely being exceptionally innocent ... I think it was the mixture of the terms "Tsundere" and "pure" which is "Pure," in English ... if so, I think Kitsune-chan would be fine, if it existed, the term "Yan-pure" in that case.

She call me later.

"What are we going to do today Sempai?"

I thought about it for a moment ... I've never actually been to the movies with a girl other than my family. It's true that I've gone with Itami and Yaru-chan but that doesn't count so I thought it was a good idea. .

"There is a movie, which has been announced on television, I would like to see it if Sempai wants, of course."

It was what she told me. I agreed as it seemed fair to me. Since having made the decision so unilaterally, at least she was responsible for the movie we would see.

To tell the truth, I don't care if I can go to the movies with Kitsune.

We down the stairs holding hands.

This is what they call "silly lovers" without a doubt, I had already said it, I know, but with each of these things, I am becoming more and more convinced of that.

It was when we were going down the stairs that I realized it.

She had taken one of the magazines from the special drawer and now it was stored in her handbag. The problem was that since the magazine was bigger than the bag, the title of the magazine was perfectly noticeable. I almost had a heart attack when I saw her.

As if all this were not enough, my mother appeared at that moment.

"Are you leaving now? Isn't it too soon?"

My mother asked, it was something early anyway, so I decided that we should wait a little longer. The problem was telling Kitsune-chan, who apart from having a porn magazine in her bag like nothing else matters, was very excited to go out at that moment.

Luckily, my mother saved the situation.

"I think you both should have breakfast before going out. Can't go without eating, right?"

My mother says, and Kitsune-chan, who didn't realize that I had noticed what she was carrying, turned to see me.

"We can have breakfast together, Kitsune-chan, before leaving, that way, we can spend more time strolling without worries."

With those words, she only said "Sempai is right" and sat on the table, made a movement with her hand, so that I sat right next to her,

Kirara did not come down; I believe she was still sleeping.

"Kaa-san, how come Kitsune-chan came in to wake me up? Do you know how embarrassing it was?"

I asked my mother, while she was looking at us, visibly delighted. Probably my mother likes Kitsune-chan.

"Well ... she was standing out there for a long time, it was a bit cold in the morning, and I didn't notice her until I started to prepare breakfast, as soon as I saw her, I called her and said that she could come in whenever she wanted to, no need to wait outside if was my son's girlfriend. Was I wrong to let her go up to your bedroom?"

"Yes, you were, now she has taken an adult magazine that even I shouldn't have, and I don't know how I should handle this with her". That was what I thought, but I couldn't say it without hurting Kitsune's feelings.

"It's not that, it was special that she was the one who woke me up, but she surprised me a lot."

"Sempai sleeping face is cute; he looks very calm when he sleeps."

Kitsune said.

Oh come on... as if she couldn't embarrass me even more, but it seems like she doesn't mind saying such things in public, my mother just laughed.

Kitsune had her bag on her lap and I couldn't stop thinking about it and the magazine she was carrying anyway, why would she want it?

"I think Kitsune-chan's honesty should be rewarded, if you come back here after the walk, I'll show you the photos of Shin as a baby, and I'll even let you take some with you."

Wait to? Mother, why do you have to embarrass me in front of my girlfriend? I guess this day should be called, the day to embarrass Yashite.

On the other hand it seems that my mother has a good opinion of Kitsune, which makes me quite happy...

What would my mother think if she realized what she had taken?

Is Kitsune-chan interested in that kind of thing?

But that is basically impossible, she has never made a single movement that makes me suspect something else, she even blushes when I am the one who embarrasses her sometimes.

But Kitsune regardless of her age is still a growing girl, maybe it would be normal that she was starting to get interested in that what kind of stupid things I am thinking of?

By imagining all these things in my mind, I began to have a serious problem, a problem that miraculously I did not have when I woke up.

I have to admit that I thought about it for three seconds, and then shook my head to erase the image of Kitsune in that situation.

"Sempai is red on his face. Do your photos embarrass you so much? If Sempai doesn't want me to see them I'll tell Okaa-sama that I'm not interested."

It's not because of the photos, it's because of all the stupid things you've made me think by taking that magazine that's what I wanted to say but I just shook my head.

And my mother came back with breakfast, put it on the table and sit again I couldn't put Kitsune in an embarrassing situation, I don't have the heart to do that to her so I decided not to expose her little "theft" while my parents were around.

My problem was How do I tell Kitsune that she shouldn't see that magazine?

The way I see it, here are three possibilities; Number one, if she took the magazine without knowing what it was which was very likely, I would be in serious trouble when she asked me to explain what the magazine is about.

Number two: She knew what the magazine was about, and wanted to know why I have it. Then I would be in trouble explaining what I do with that. I didn't want to corrupt her heart, and she would surely ask questions.

Or number three; she was really into those things in which case I would be completely left with no alternative in summary, I'm screwed.


"Sempai, you've been weird since this morning, and I know that for some reason you don't want to tell me what's going on."

Kitsune-chan asked me finally as was evident that she would notice any change in my attitude. I did not want to tell her in the middle of the street ... this was becoming more difficult as time passed; I tried not to look at her bag so I looked at her to the eyes.

"It's nothing you should worry about, Kitsune-chan, it's just that, I've been thinking about everything I need to do."

She smiled.

That smile so beautiful and pure, was it really possible that a girl like her was?

I tried stop thinking no senses.

We were walking hand in hand and she seemed quite happy. I decided to forget about it and make her happy today, which after all, was what this outing was all about.

We got to the mall and started walking, there were a lot of girls, I guess my little Kitsune-chan must have felt threatened and started to protect what was hers, that is, me.

She hugged me tightly and we started walking like that she really seemed to be hanging on my arm. I have no objections anyway.

I am not interested in any other girl and more than that, I know well that just turning to see a girl other than her, will ruin her day, and probably worse things happen.

We had a normal date and we went to eat candy and cotton candy.

I think we seemed like a very normal couple in love.

Maybe we are just a loving couple.

I like to believe that.


After a while of walking, we decided that it was time to go to the cinema, the movies did not appeal to me that much, but because it is the first time that I go with a girl to the cinema, I was somewhat excited.

I'm even glad I didn't go to the cinema with Amatsune but I shouldn't think about that now, I'm with Kitsune-chan, nothing else matters right?

We bought tickets to a movie that said it was about two young men spending a season in a cabin in the woods I knew it was a horror movie.

I agreed because she seemed quite excited about the movie and I really had no fixation on any one in particular.

But let's be clear I'm not particularly a fan of horror movies. What I should have known is that Kitsune was, because of her condition.

I think there was very little left for the one who ended up screaming and hugging the other inside the cinema was me. The truth is that the animation was very good and the music was very emotional, I can't say I didn't enjoy it.

We ate popcorn, and like any couple, inside the cinema we held hands.

It was actually quite nice we were already holding hands, but I think the cinema, the darkness and the huge screen give some emotion to all this.

If I liked something about Kitsune, it was the fact that she was so sincere. So during a scene where the protagonists get romantic, the essence stuck to her and she gave me a fleeting kiss on the cheek ... ah ... this is life.


"Did Sempai enjoy the movie?"

Kitsune asked me as we left the room, once the movie had finished, I turned to look at her, she had stolen my question, but I think she was fine.

"I liked it a lot, but I think it must have its sequel, I think it will be good to come back, once it comes out."

The film left a very obtuse ending, so it was evident that it was not going to end like that.

I had already said that Im not especially a fan of that type of film but I have to admit that after all, those leave you with something that you makes return.

We left the mall it was noon so luckily we still had plenty of time. I led Kitsune-chan down an alley for a moment, once there, I lit a cigar.

Out there, on the street, everyone watches what everyone does. So if someone sees a minor with a cigarette in his hand surely I will have problems. And that would be ruining everything.

Luckily we were more hidden from the looks from people here. Although it could also be misinterpreted if seen.

As usual, Kitsune-chan paid no attention to such "trifles" and kissed me on the lips.

"I always wanted to do that. "

She commented, her face was red... she always is like that. She was bold but apparently, right after doing something like that, she reddened. I think the embarrassment came to her a few seconds late.

"You wrote it in one of your notes, but what does it taste like?"

I asked her.

I was curious, what was the flavor that she hoped to get from something like that?

Of course what she was doing was wrong ... but like everything in life, it had already started, now it was too late to turn back ... That didn't include Kitsune liking the taste of this, in fact, that was something to worry about, but she smiled.

"It tastes like adultness. "

"You have no idea how bad that sounds do you? "

I asked her, because that sounded like ... you know what I mean.

But she tilted her head ... it seems she really had no idea.

"Sempai doesn't want to be an adult?"

"This is not about being an adult, there are things that."

I interrupted myself, she was looking at me very attentively, but that had brought back to my mind all that related to the magazine that she still had in her handbag.

I didn't want to remember that ... I didn't want to embarrass her ... she should grow up as she wants to, whether or not she's interested in those things, it's not my business, not yet anyway.

It didn't even bother me that he had taken it she wasn't going to ask me, was she?

"Kitsune-chan. Do you like the way I am? Do you like who I am?"

I don't really understand why all this seemed so strange to me, but curiosity killed me, so I began to think that I was the worst kind of person.

And that feeling scared me a little cause I couldn't help being curious, but I felt guilty for wanting to find out.

"Sempai don't be silly I like you like that, I'll always like you, don't doubt of that please, you make me feel strange."

That's what she told me, it seems her devotion hasn't waned, even after she realized that I'm a ah what the heck.

"I didn't doubt it, it's just that sometimes I need to hear it. "

"In that case, I'll keep telling you whenever you want. "

She told me with a smile and I hugged her but with the hug it happened.

The magazine fell from the bag.

She realized that, and then she looked at it for a moment, she didn't even blush, that was strange. She was not the type to lose her composure, but still ... that was not normal. She just waited for us to finish cuddling, and she reached down, picked up the magazine, and put it back in her bag.

Okay, this is out of line I mean in the weirdness.

"Ahem, Kitsune-chan, is it okay if we go to my bedroom now?" There is something I need to ask you, it is important."

There was a small throat clearing before saying that, she nodded animatedly.

We went home after that and Kitsune was very happy.

When she did not take me by the hand, she ran a little in front of me, and turned around, and then returned to my side and took my hand again ... very cute.

I decided to take her to a place where I could ensure that we would be alone, so that she would be comfortable, and why not say it, me too.

After all, I wasn't going to ask a question like that in the open... on the other hand, there was no other intention in this than to find it out ...i swear, I didn't have it.


After all that it was mid-afternoon and we were in my room. That served so that we could have a cup of tea and calm down. In addition, the autumn sun was beginning to extinguish and it was not very hot anymore, the air was cool, so we also needed to bundle up.

She was so happy about the fact that I put one of my coats on her that, leaving her purse aside, that she started pacing the room. Sometimes it was incredibly easy to make her happy.

My parents were in their room and my sister did her homework in the living room. So basically there weren't many ways for us to be bothered.

As I had already explained, I had succumbed to my curiosity and wanted to find out the reasons behind all this strange behavior.


"Tell me, Sempai, do you think I look good with the coat? Does it look weird?"

"You look good, I think you look cute."

Actually, I couldn't find a way to ask her. Well, her way was quite simple, so I decided to ask the question directly.

One has to see how much it hurt to hold my head up as I mentally prepared myself. I say this because I must have been red as a tomato.

"Sempai, are you feeling sick? Is that why you asked me to come over? Sempai, you don't have to force yourself, if you didn't want to go out, because you're sick, I can take care of you, and wait for you to feel better."

Damn, she is indeed a Yan-pure, in the full extent of this term, invented by me.

Sometimes it seems ridiculous to me how I look for a way to define her, since she is simply a person.

How many times have I changed my term until now? Not even I am able to tell it, but if you understand what I am saying, then I consider myself well paid.

"I don't feel sick, I'm just a little embarrassed. "

I explained, she looked at me a bit confused. It really seems like she didn't have the faintest idea what I was trying to tell her so I got straight to the point.

"Why did you take the magazine? Do you know what it is?"

I felt the worst for asking that to a girl like her but I couldn't take it anymore. I'm a disgusting person, I know. But she looked at me very seriously.

"Well, when I arrived, this morning, I could see that Sempai had been looking at these magazines, I know they are adult magazines and that I shouldn't nosedive through them, but Sempai seems to be fond of these girls, so well."

She was starting to blush ... please don't be ashamed, you'll make me feel worse! But despite her embarrassment, she continued her intention leaving me appalled.

"I want to be the only woman for Sempai, so I thought about looking for each one of them and eliminating them so Sempai would only look at me."

Sure, that made a lot of sense ... Wait what?

Of all the nonsense I thought, something so Kitsune ways did not cross my mind. She is like that, and...

"They're just paper, do you know?"

I asked her. She started sticking her index fingers in the cutest way possible on a girl.

"But if Sempai gets to know one of those harlots that appear in those magazines he will like them more than I he will leave me that's why I must eliminate them. All of them."

This girl plans are to murder all the models in the porn industry ... What's wrong with her?

Oh. I remember ... it's Kitsune-chan we're talking about, now it makes more sense ... yes.

I gave her a light karate in the head. As to make her understand that it was ridiculous, then I explained.

"Listen, Kitsune-chan, these magazines have nothing to do with you, nor are they rival for you, they have nothing of closeness, and they don't even know of my existence, nothing will happen."

That's what I told her. I feel like I sounded ridiculous but I better explain it to him like that. She did not give up by the way. More like she got a little angry.

"Sempai didn't know of my existence either, and we met, and here we are. How do I know that it won't be like that with any of them?"

She won't understand, right? Well there's only one thing left to do. I sighed, defeated.

"Okay, okay, I'll get rid of all of them, okay? "

She turned around, somewhat indignant, although she did not seem truly annoyed. Rather I think she distrusted me at least in that aspect.

"Then begin now, Sempai."

I froze, she was demanding of me like any girlfriend would, I understand that point, but ... the absurdity of the request left me frozen.

It was mid-afternoon and all my family was at home, it is not garbage collection day, so it was obvious that I would expose myself in front of everyone if someone opened the box before they took it away.

"Kitsune-chan, it's not collection day so everyone will see me, my sister, my parents Can't it be tomorrow night?"

I begged, because there were still two days until the garbage collection. Although deep inside myself, I felt that she was kind of right.

"If I'm not careful, Sempai will hide them again and see them again, and fall in love with them. "

I got up defeated.

She was firmly convinced that some coincidence would lead me to meet a porn actress... there was no way that she would be happy if I did not do what she asked me at that moment. I just prayed that my parents did not see me go down with the box where I put everything.

Kitsune was looking at me with her arms crossed and making an angry face, even though I know she was happy that I was just willing to do it.


"Maybe I should just have let her kill them all"

I thought as I put the box in the bin, Kitsune was watching me from the stairs.

I looked everywhere, so that no one could see me.

Unfortunately Kirara came out of her bedroom and with the noise of the door opening, I was scared and drop the box, which since it was excessively full, opened from below and the magazines rolled on the floor.

As if that were not enough, Kirara came to ask what I was doing.

"What do you think I do?"

I asked Kirara, somewhat angry. She looked at me, then at the huge pile of pornography that was on the floor, and then at me again, and said:

"I haven't seen anything, forget you saw me today Onii-san actually, forget that we know each other."

She turned around and went into his room again.

I couldn't feel more miserable, but it was all to please Kitsune. I turned to look at the stairs but she, apparently, had entered the room. When I returned to my room and tried to open the door, it was locked.

Why did you put the lock? She was most likely looking to see if there were more.

"Kitsune-chan, please, open the door, there is nothing left, I swear, and I promise not to have more, just open the door, please."

Kitsune took a while, but she opened the door.

When I entered her face was red.

Would she find any more? It could be that that was not in the drawer I decided to ask what was going on, I had already thought a lot of nonsense for making assumptions without asking.

"Something happens? I've already gotten rid of all of them, I have nothing else."

I told her, she didn't seem to pay much attention to that. She took out her phone and started dialing something on it.

Moments later my message tone rang. I took out my cell phone and

I almost fainted...

She had sent me a pic... but not just any pic...

I understood that she had closed the curtain and locked the door for that ... she took a photo almost naked, from behind and in a pose that (perhaps without think that much about it) was very suggestive.

If this were a manga my nose would have blooded. I looked at her.

"I didn't have time to take more, or to take better takes, Sempai, but I didn't want to leave you without "material" so I'll send you more as soon as I can, okay?"

That's what she told me.

I almost went backwards.

Though for her it had the most natural connotation that this matter could offer ... she was my girlfriend, I had to see her ... Damn! She always takes things to the last consequences.

"I mean ... you want me towith this ..."

I could not finish the sentence. Even though I tried to take it with the same naturalness with which she took it, it was not possible, even less with what she had already sent me ...

I had a strange, contradictory feeling inside me ... Of course I felt like this was kind of wrong, on the other hand, of course I wanted more photos of her she was my girlfriend after all.

"You cannot? Is my body useless for that?"

Well, it wasn't really that it didn't work, I mean it, but I never thought about that possibility.

However, despite how illogical it may seem, I have to remember who she is. It's about her obviously wanting me to like her only. And from what I can tell, that includes that sense.

"It's not that, in fact, it's hard to contain it with what I just saw. "

I admitted. And had to sit down because I had a little big problem, and I was still reluctant to expose Kitsune to something like that. However, she seemed pleased to hear that.

"Thank goodness I'll take more photos then like this, if you want any special, just ask I'm yours after all, Sempai."

After that, I made up my mind to something that maybe I should have to since this started: To not to try to force anything on her. I would let things go as it goes by...

I no longer wanted to impose my ideals on her, it was clear that her values and mine differed a lot, at least in this aspect...

That is also accepting the person as it is ... nothing is right or wrong in this really ... it is just the way we live our own relationship, I have heard of couples who spend six months and barely hold hands. And we do not have half of that , and I have already received hot pics from my girlfriend.

It would be hypocritical to say that I do not enjoy it. It would be lying to her if I said that the "material" did not work out.

She really wants to become the only woman for me I have to admit that she is doing very, very well.


Kitsune's madness, love, devotion, jealousy, innocence, and beauty. All of them give shape and life to the greatest nonsense that someone can live.

I have to admit that it is wonderful to have someone. Especially if that someone changes your life the way my little Kitsune-chan has. At her side I have passed shame, joys, fears, despair, horror, and, above all, happiness, which she carefully nurtures with her love.

She insists on making my breakfast every day, and her jealousy and devotion have not diminished one bit. I can't eat anything at school that she hasn't prepared for me, and I can't give anyone what I have I think they are beginning to take me for an antisocial.

She also enters my bedroom regularly; I can no longer have pornography, even in drawings, absolutely nothing at all.

She spends all the time he should have free, either with me, on the street or in my bedroom, or in my living room, or either stalking me while I'm at school, or making breakfast, and looking in manuals for new recipes. She also cleans my room from time to time.

The photo I took on the stairs that day, I have printed and framed it, and now it is at the head of my bed, she helped me put it there. That day she was most charming with me all day for that fact alone .

The "material" is a delicate matter ... or at least I consider it that way ... magazines are something that you can show your male friends, and share those "interests" but this ... this is absolutely, decidedly, irrevocably, top secret.

Every time I receive it, I rush to put it on the computer under password and erase all traces of its entry to my cell phone. It seems to be enough.

Anyway, it is not as if someone else, apart from her and me, enter my bedroom, therefore, the computer is safe ... but you never know.

I think that, although I know is safe, I would prefer to tie the computer around my neck and throw myself to the bottom of the sea than to allow someone to put their hands on it.

It had been a few days after the magazine incident, and I was getting ready to go to job, when Kirara arrived, her face was red.

"What happens? Have something?"

I asked, she glared at me and turned around, gave me a shove and ran up the stairs, calling for Mother and crying.

That piqued my interest, as Kitsune comes in if she doesn't see me come out, I thought I'd wait for her to come in and in the meantime, find out what was going on.

"It was horrible Kaa-san, everyone was looking at me."

Kirara cried.

"Explain calmly what happened, that I can't understand everything at once."

Apparently my mother was with her trying to reassure her. I don't know why I had a feeling that Kitsune-chan had something to do with it, but I decided to keep listening.

"You see, Kaa-san, this morning, after the break, I was telling my friends that I had seen the chapter of the drama that the three of us have been following since it began, when we entered the classroom, the teacher had taken Katabe's notebook, because she seemed especially distracted today and when teacher asked her, what was she thinking? She responds as if nothing... to do the obento for Sempai... and everyone started laughing, while she with a fool-loving face stands up and asks me! Do you know if Sempai likes tuna?

It seems my little girlfriend had given Kirara a hard time at school she made a ridiculous imitation of Kitsune-chan's voice I couldn't help but put a palm to my head.

"It was horrible, Kaa-san, after that, those who did not laugh stared at me, two boys from my class began to shout what was more than obvious, that I am the sister of the Sempai who goes out with the freak in the classroom, and Everyone made fun of me she didn't even apologize Onii-san must discipline that girl I hate my life!"

Well, if we analyze it from Kirara's point of view, she had suffered a huge embarrassment about it. It was normal for her to be angry. On the other hand I don't think Kitsune thought it like that. What's even more, I can say that she must not have noticed even that she had put Kirara in shame in front of the entire class.

I think now the entirety of Kirara School knows that Kitsune-chan has a boyfriend, and that it's me.

That must be somewhat problematic because of the reputation that Kitsune-chan has among her classmates.

Luckily, once winter is over, which is not long in coming, she will graduate from there.

I suppose she will attend the school where I study, surely.

"Sorry Kirara, but I'm not going to try to reprimand Kitsune for feeling love, or for expressing it as she wishes ... you are alone in this, it will not last long, you will have to endure it a bit" I thought as I get down the stairs of my house.

I was just thinking about it when Kitsune knocked on the door.

I went out to open the door, already with my backpack on my shoulder. She looked just as charming as always, and she kissed my cheek when she saw me, I decided not to hold back.

"Good morning, Kitsune-chan, you look beautiful today."

I felt some shame for saying that just like that, but I have to bear it.

I need her confidence to be at the highest point, only then will she not be in danger of falling into another psychotic episode.

I've gotten used to the fact that I must be the one to tell her, only then will she believe it.

"Good morning, Sempai, it makes me very happy that you tell me that, but I'm just the same as always, I prepared tuna today."

She extended her obento box towards me. I took it and put it in my backpack.

I said goodbye from where I was and taking my girlfriend's hand we began to walk.

That's my day to day in these times. It's strange, but I feel like the happiest man in the world.

I love mi girlfriend.

I love everything of this girl.

I really do.

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