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The night is drooping, the stars are shining, and the lights of the Splendid Palace are beginning to shine, golden purple and charming.

Murongci had just eaten dinner, and was about to take a walk in Houyuan, but a servant came to report, and Taiwei Yang and other ministers asked to see him.

She curled her lips and sneered and came to the front hall.

Yang Taiwei, Qing Guo Gong, Rong Guo Gong and other ministers, a total of seven or eight people, stood under the front steps of the hall and bowed.

Murongci stood in the hallway with a cold face, "Everyone, Aiqing asks to see you at night, what's the point?"

"Your Majesty, naturally it is an important thing." Qing Guogong said solemnly.

"Your Majesty, the veteran received a secret report. Qingzhou has moved, hundreds of houses have been damaged, and thousands of people have been affected; Jinzhou has fallen into the sky and the forests on the hills have been burnt down. Seven or eight towns and villages have been burned, and half of the city has also been burned; There was a sudden spread of the epidemic in Yizhou. Hundreds of people have died from the epidemic, and thousands more have contracted the epidemic." Taiwei Yang cried bitterly, looking like a virtuous and loyal minister who worried about the country and the people, and sympathized with the common people. "Your Majesty, these are all natural disasters, this is a warning from God."

"Oh? Is there a report from the prefects of the Three States?" she asked calmly.

"This is the memorial of the prefects of the three states." Rong Guogong presented three memorials.

"How can the performance report of the prefects of the three states be in the hands of Lord Rong Guo?" Qin Ruo asked.

"These three memorials were originally not in the hands of the old ministers, but the matter was urgent. The old ministers took the memorials without authorization and came with you and presented them to your majesty." Rongguo Gongyu said with heart and soul, "Your Majesty, the natural disasters in these three states are There are not a few people who are affected by human life matters, and they must be handled properly, otherwise it will be anger and instability in the country."

Murongci opened the memorial and glanced at it, sneered in his heart, how could such a coincidence happen at the same time in the three states, when she was a three-year-old child?

A minister said: "Your Majesty, natural disasters and plagues occur in the three states at the same time. This is a warning from God. This is God's warning to us. Don't do anything against God's will. Otherwise, thousands of people will suffer. The people know that this is God's punishment, and there will surely be people's grievances, and there will be riots at that time. At that time, it will be out of control."

Qin Ruo said angrily: "My lord, this is alarmist talk!"

Gong Qingguo reprimanded: "We are discussing state affairs with your majesty. Do you even a little female official dare to arbitrarily discuss the affairs of the country?"

"Yang Aiqing, are you talking about, what exactly are the warnings of the natural disasters in the three states?" Murong Ci asked in a leisurely manner.

"Old ministers bravely, for the sake of the common people's sufferings, for the welfare of the people, the old ministers are remonstrative. The rulers have always been the true dragon emperor, and no woman can participate in politics. Dayan has never had a woman to the throne, and there is no country in the world. Now your majesty is the daughter of the ruler. Political affairs, angering God, this is the time when disasters are brought from heaven to show punishment." Taiwei Yang said with a heartbreak, "Your Majesty loves the people like a son, and cares about the people of the world, and will surely have compassion for the people who have suffered."

"Your Majesty, the old minister courageously asks the decree to welcome King Yong to return to the palace, and Zen is located in King Yong." Rongguo said loudly, "As long as your majesty sits in the Zen position and conforms to the will of God, God will not bring disasters again."

"So, all Aiqing have peeked into God's will?" Her eyes were cold.

"Women are in charge, heaven and earth are not tolerated, man and **** are angry, and disasters from heaven are inevitable." Taiwei Yang raised his eyebrows lightly, and his conspiracy was inadvertently revealed. "Your Majesty, Shengming, should follow the will of heaven and follow the trend, otherwise the end will be worrying."

"What if I don't follow it?" Murongci's bright eyes flew with a murderous look.

"Then you can't blame the minister for offending." Taiwei Yang's brows showed a little ruthless look.

"Your Majesty, think twice, don't do anything against God's will." Rong Guogong and other ministers threatened.

"You want to rebel?" She suddenly exclaimed.

"Your Majesty Zen is located in Yongwang!" Yang Taiwei and other ministers said in unison, their voices shook the world and were aggressive.

"Everyone is good at it!"

Accompanying this deep voice was loud applause.

Taiwei Yang and the others followed the prestige in shock, staring so that their eyes were about to fall off, walking out of the hall... isn't it Murong Yu?

Isn't Murong Yu beheaded? Was Taiwei Yang personally supervised the cutting and witnessed by the civil and military officials, is this person a man or a ghost?

Some timid ministers stepped back involuntarily, putting their hands together and praying to God.

Qin Ruoren couldn't help but be frightened like this?

Taiwei Yang recovered from the shock, with sharp eyes like an eagle. Is that person Murong Yu?

However, this man is exactly the same as Murong Yu, and he has come out of the Qingxin Temple. Could it be that he is really Murong Yu?

Murong Yu stood beside Ah Ci, Xue Yan braved the cold and murderous spirit, "Qingzhou, Jinzhou and Yizhou have natural disasters and epidemics. It seems that you are well informed. You may have received secret reports. Yong Wang is addicted to gambling. , Owed three thousand taels to the gambling shop, unable to repay it, and had been beaten to death by the people at the gambling shop."

"Oh no."

The officials looked at each other in shock, how could this be?

Murong Yu said coldly: "You want King Yong to return to Beijing to take the throne, but I am afraid that you can't. Natural disasters and epidemics occurred in the three states, and the king did not receive a secret report. At this time, the prefects of the three states should be with the king's people in the Yamen Drink tea and chat."

"Who are you?" Taiwei Yang wrinkled his eyebrows, and his heart was overwhelmed. Murong Yu was the only one who possessed such tolerance, courage and means.

"Your grandchildren and grandchildren are too playful. I have come to see this king's other garden, where he is eating spicy food in that other garden." Murong Yu said with the scenery Jiyue.

"He is Murong Yu! He's not dead!" Rong Guogong pointed at him fearfully.

"Didn't Murong Yu be beheaded? We have seen it with our own eyes, what is going on?"

"Yeah, how could Murong Yu still be alive?"

The ministers talked in disbelief and were shocked.

Murongci curled her lips coldly, and in the end, she still had to rely on Murong Yu to suppress these strange ministers.

But what does it matter?

Murong Yu said coldly: "Murong Yu is dead, this king is Yan Feiyang."

Murongci said coldly: "Taipei Yang, Gong Guogong and Gong Guogong formed a party for personal gains, concealing evil intentions, forcing the palace to conspiracy, and the crime is extremely sinful and unforgivable. Come, take it!"

The guard waited aside, and immediately stepped forward to fetch people after hearing the words.

"Your Majesty for mercy... It was Taiwei Yang who bewitched the old minister... The old minister was also blinded by him... Your Majesty for mercy..." Rongguo shouted hoarsely.

"Your Majesty is forgiving... the old minister will never dare anymore... the old minister is willing to resign and return to his hometown, so as to keep a small life... Your majesty will give you a favor..." Duke Qing yelled sadly.

"If you want to kill, you need to slash, you can do whatever you want!" Taiwei Yang was iron-clad.

Rong Guo Gong and Qing Guo Gong broke their throats and begged for mercy, while the other ministers bowed their heads and squatted, not daring to speak out.

Murong Ci asked in a cold voice, "Do you Aiqing want to intercede for these three rebellious officials?"

The ministers shook their heads and knelt in horror: "The ministers are guilty, and the ministers will let your majesty send them down."

Murong Yu gave an order coldly and sternly: "Put the three rebellious officials and thieves in the jail for another trial at a later date."

Taiwei Yang and others were detained by the guards, and the other ministers shivered and sweated.

"I thought I was the first offender for you, and I was deceived and deceived by Taiwei Yang and others. This time I will not be held accountable and will be fined one year. I hope you all will do your best for Dayan and the court." Murong's speech is cold and cold. Tao.

"Your Majesty Longen, the ministers must be loyal and serve the court." The ministers said in unison.

Afterwards, they retreated and left the palace.

The next day, they witnessed Yang Taiwei, Rong Guo Gong, and Qing Guo Gong beheading the three people outside the palace gate. The three residences were confiscated, and their family members and servants were exiled at the border.

The four great families suffered before and after, from the centuries-old Zanying powerhouse, the family quickly fell, the family was destroyed and the people died, causing shocks between the ruling and opposition parties and the people's discussion.

Soon after the new emperor ascended the throne, the Yang family, the Tang family, and the Rong family were executed. The method was like a thunderbolt, and the ruling and the opposition were silent like a cicada. Here, no one underestimated the female emperor.


"It is said that after the female emperor killed the imperial king, Yang Taiwei, Qing Guo Gong and Rong Guo Gong, she worked diligently in governance, diligent in government affairs, loved the people like her son, and treated both civil and military officials with grace and power. The court and the public have all respected the female emperor. In the past three years, The weather in our Great Yan country is smooth, the country is prosperous and the people are strong. Her Majestys political performance is no worse than when the Emperor was regent..."

In the teahouse, the storyteller was talking endlessly, and many listeners listened with relish while drinking tea and tea.

Someone said: "You have said all of this, didn't you say that you want to talk about your majesty's favorite male? Say it quickly."

Someone ridiculed: "How does your majesty's male pet know about it? I heard that the male pet is free to go in and out of the palace, and your majesty gave birth to two sons for him."

The storyteller was not angry, pressed his hand, and said unhurriedly: "Your Majesty gave birth to two sons, and the whole country knows. What I want to say today is something you don't know."

"Then you just say it, I'm so anxious to death."

"Speaking of that male pet..." the storyteller said slowly, and drank a sip of tea before continuing, "The male pet's surname is Yan, looks like Qiongxue, handsome, and both civil and martial arts, looks like the former royal king. Generally no different."

"How is it possible? You just broke it."

"That's right, you are talking nonsense. How can there be people with exactly the same looks in the world?"

"The male pet surnamed Yan is a powerful character. He has a deep affection with her majesty , raises her eyebrows, and even asks her to handle government affairs when her body is unwell." The storyteller said.

"How is it possible? How can a hundred officials of civil and military affairs let a male favorite do politics?"

The storyteller continued: "Although he is a favorite of men, the female emperor has married him in court, and he is the royal husband. I have received reliable news that it was not the royal king who was beheaded back then, and the royal king is still alive."

Someone was shocked, "Huh? Impossible. Many people witnessed the day the king was beheaded."

Someone said: "I'll just say, Yuwang is an invincible general, a rare war **** in our Great Yan Kingdom in a century, how could it be easily beheaded? Her Majesty likes him, so she won't really beheaded. Kill him."

The storyteller stroked a long white beard and said: "In the past three years, Her Majesty and the imperial king Qinse have been in harmony with each other and ruled together, so that our Great Yan Kingdom will prosper and prosper. '."

"Is what you said is true? Is your majesty's royal husband really the royal king of the year?" Some people didn't believe it.

"That's still fake? I know it clearly, otherwise, how can I dare to talk nonsense?" The storyteller laughed.

In the private room on the second floor, a man and a woman were drinking tea while listening to the storytelling on the first floor.

The beautiful woman frowned and said: "Brother Emperor, do we want to go to the palace to see Murongci?"

The man drank tea, feeling gloomy, "Think about it again in my palace."

"Since I'm here, I'll see you, why do you come all the way?" The woman is Yu Wenyao, the princess of Fengyao in the West Qin Kingdom.

"You don't understand." Yuwen Zhantian returned to the table and sat down.

"Why did Murong Yu change his name and surname?"

"Before Murong Yu's ancestor was given the national surname of Yan, his surname was Yan."

"So that's the case. In the past three years, Murong Yu has been assisting Murong Ci. Isn't there any selfishness or ambition? He is willing to be crushed by a woman?"

"The palace has given a lot of eyes and ears in the capital of Yan State. In the past three years, Murong Yu and A Ci are very affectionate, and he takes care of everything for her, and he strictly controls the people under his hands. The people in the Royal Palace did not do anything wrong or bully others. Hundred officials have changed his view."

Yu Wenyao nodded with a look of admiration, "Murong Yu is too powerful."

Yu Wen Zhantian smiled bitterly, A Ci is so happy, and Murong Yu is so helpful to her. What else is there to worry about?

She begged: "Brother emperor, sister-in-law miss her, let's go to the palace to see you."

He felt bitter, "Go alone."

Perhaps it is better to miss each other than to meet each other.


Ten years later.

After taking a shower, Murongci returned to the sleeping hall, and suddenly smelled a familiar masculine smell, then she rose into the air and couldn't help but smile and said, "What are you doing?"

Murong Yu hugged her and placed her on the bed, raised her slightly rounded chin, his eyes were burning hot, "I haven't been to bed with you for almost a month."

The sleeping hall was dim, and there was only one Qiansha Palace lantern faintly lit in the corner of the wall.

"Are you sure that the third child will not come over tonight?" She smiled.

"I have ordered the palace man not to let her out."

He eagerly took off her shirt, kissed her lips passionately, and finally had a place to vent his lovesickness.

She closed her eyes and hugged him, her body instantly softened, and the tender spring water filled him.

The green gauze curtain fell, and the two fell, and a small groan floated out.

For ten years, the fierce passions like dry wood and fire surging continuously, flooding them like huge waves.

"Mother Empress...Mother Empress..."

The five-year-old princess waved her small arms and ran in with her calves, shocking the beautiful spring scenery.

Murongci froze all over, as did Murong Yu, dare not move, and gritted his teeth silently.

Do palace people eat shit?

The little princess ran to the bed, but stopped two feet away, pointing at him, and her immature and angry voice sounded, "Father, you are bullying the mother again."

She was only wearing a pink shirt, her dark and agile pupils twirling, her small cheeks were fleshy, round and tender and white, with pink makeup and jade-like makeup, and she was so cute.

"The father did not bully the mother emperor. The mother emperor is tired and has to rest. You should go back to bed quickly." Murong Yu explained patiently.

"You are bullying the mother emperor when you press down on the mother emperor. Don't think that the children do not know, huh! Father, come down quickly, and the children have to protect the mother emperor." The little princess stomped her feet and looked very angry, "Father, you If you dont come down, Erchen will go over and beat you."

"The father didn't bully the mother... The mother has a sore back, and the father is stretching his muscles and bones for the mother..." Murong was sweating on his back and winked helplessly at him. You can deal with this grinning little fairy. Come on?

"Really?" the little princess asked seriously.

"Of course it is true." Murong Yu smiled dryly, suffocating too hard, and uncomfortably tight, "Go back to bed, or you will catch a cold."

"Father, come down quickly. You can't dominate the mother emperor. Your son will sleep with the mother emperor." The little princess stamped her foot again, and Shuiling's pupils flickered.

Murongci began to sweat on his forehead.

Murong Yus voice was so gentle that it turned into a childish voice, "Your mother is tired and tired tonight, and really doesnt have the energy to take care of you, so let the mother take a good rest for a few days. You are the best beloved and the one who loves the mother the most. Isn't it?"

The little princess nodded, "Yes, Erchen loves the mother emperor the most. Well, tonight Erchen sleeps alone. Father, you can't bully the mother emperor, you have to be obedient."

He laughed repeatedly, "That's natural, that's natural."

At this time, the lady of the palace probed her head outside the dormitory, not daring to come in.

"Don't **** the princess back to bed?" Murong Yuhan said solemnly.

"Slaves obey orders."

The two palace ladies lowered their heads, squinted their eyes and came in, picked up the little princess and immediately exited in a flash, without seeing anything.

Murongci breathed a sigh of relief, "This grinning little princess has finally left."

Murong Yu pondered: "I have to think of a way to stop the youngest from pestering you."

"The third child is the most messy, can you tell her better?"

"I let her."

"Let the youngest be so scared, you can't do it, then go to sleep."

"Who said I can't do it?" He raised his eyebrows wickedly, "Don't want to sleep well tonight."

"That won't work, I have to get up early and go to the morning tomorrow..."

What Murongci hadn't said yet was swallowed by him.

Heat surges, passion surges.

In the enthusiasm, Murong Yu said in a low voice, "Give me another baby, okay?"

Her eyes were confused, and she murmured, "Isn't three enough?"

He kissed her lips softly, "The three children are all named'Murong'. Give me another one, whether it is a daughter or a son. My surname is Yan, okay?"

She slowly opened her eyes, knowing in her heart that he wanted to stay behind for the Yan family.

His deep black eyes were full of expectation, and she couldn't help nodding her head.

Trust is blessing, love and love have been integrated into their blood, and they are dependent on life and death, and will never leave.

In the long and short second half of their lives, she hoped that they could be like a day for decades, with no doubt about their affection, and he hoped that he could hold her hand and grow old.

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