Home Master Of ThermodynamicsChapter 1013

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This is a preview, full chapter is coming soon!

The new book "Don't Run Muggles" has been released, and we welcome all readers to appreciate it.

This waste guarantees, this should be a novel and interesting story, readers who like HP colleagues should not miss it.

Mr. Harmes, the line of tourists who line up at the 9 and 3/4 stations every day is more than 1 kilometer long [man novel network www.9nanren.com], how does your Hogwarts Magic Tour Company plan to solve this a little?

Mr. Hames, your magic speed car has a total of 123 violation records last month, including 32 red light running records. How do you explain this?

Mr. Hamas, Hamas Magic Industries Group, with a market value of 20 trillion US dollars, what do you think of this?

Mr. Hames, the governments of certain countries in East Asia believe that the magical dolls produced by the Harmes Magic Industry Group have caused the younger generation to refuse to marry, and the country is about to face the crisis of national subjugation. Do you have anything to say?

This is a story about a man who is in charge of the magical world and set off a magic industrial revolution in the Muggle world.


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Chapter 559: Metal Biplane Chapter 560: Double Tube More Than Twice The Power Chapter 561: The Man Who Controls The Destiny Of The Kingdom Chapter 562: Operation Rye Field Fire Circle Chapter 563: The Age Of The Sky Has Come Chapter 564: Honorary Name: Desperate Flame Chapter 565: Stuff Al Into The Tube Chapter 566: The Master Really Exists Chapter 567: Field Chapter 568: Black Hole Ray Chapter 569: Picnic Chapter 570: Starving Can Live Long Chapter 571: The Head Of The Top Powerhouse Chapter 572: The Prestige Of The Sky Knight Chapter 573: Under The Crown Arrietty Wants To Make A Deal With You Chapter 574: The Promise I Made Will Surely Become A Reality Chapter 575: Railroad And The Giant Ancient Demon Snake Chapter 576: Delta Wing Fall Chapter 577: People's War Chapter 578: Those Who Learn From Me Live Those Who Like Me Die Chapter 579: Decent Comes From Respect Chapter 580: He Is Her God Chapter 581: The People Of The Sea Tide Collar Are So Weird Chapter 582: Cheka Chapter 583: Modern Runes Chapter 584: The Most Qualified Noble Chapter 585: Saint White Fort Chapter 586: Haichao Bank Chapter 587: The Most Scientific Way Of Feeding Chapter 588: Blessed Shell Chapter 589: Harvest Festival Gifts Chapter 590: Lulu Xiu's Adventure Chapter 591: Rules Are Above All Else Chapter 592: Starry Sky Chrysanthemum Chapter 593: Compulsory Education Act Chapter 594: Demon King Chapter 595: Bird Flock Air Defense Net Chapter 596: Cloud Of Fire Chapter 597: One Person Singles Out 200000 Chapter 598: Frozen Thousands Of Miles Chapter 599: Flooded Seven Army Chapter 600: Super Magic String Chapter 601: You Are The Invincible God Of War Chapter 602: People Who Trust In The Crown Will Surely Be Rewarded Chapter 603: The Place Where The Legend Was Born Chapter 604: Long Live The Of War Chapter 605: Chapter 606: Slave Owners Who Treat Common People Well Chapter 607: Hand Of Flame Cinder Chapter 608: Wherever The God Of War Goes We Will Go Chapter 609: It's Too Much To Please The God Of War Chapter 610: Chopsticks And Etiquette Chapter 611: Dark Iron Angel Chapter 612: Who Dares To Speak Ill Of Me? Chapter 613: Game Of Thrones Chapter 614: Bogidas Of Wronged And Submissive Chapter 615: The Chicken Has Chopped Its Legs And The Storm Is Migrating Chapter 616: The Human Heart Is The Devil Chapter 617: Under The Nitpicking Crown Chapter 618: We Need A Change Chapter 619: Historical Xinmi And Void Demon Race Chapter 620: You Don't Know Anything About Power Chapter 621: National Weapons Chapter 622: Master Of Iron Chapter 623: Steel Titan Chapter 624: It's A Big Deal Again Chapter 625: I Also Want To Sell My Daughter Chapter 626: Your Family Is Going To Die Chapter 627: Renault's Killing Game Chapter 628: The First Victim Of The Flag Sacrifice Chapter 629: 5 Impressions Of Mr. Odin Chapter 630: Under The Crown Of Tyrant Chapter 631: Can't Escape Our Eyes Chapter 632: I Think I'm Going To Make History Chapter 633: Who Is More Like The Master Of The Kingdom? Chapter 634: The New Magic Aircraft Silver Goose Chapter 635: Your Inference Is Correct Chapter 636: An Outstanding Liar Chapter 637: Magic Color Invisibility Cloak Chapter 638: V2 Missile Chapter 639: I Saw Death And Destruction Chapter 640: Under The Crown Please Do Not Enter The Palace Chapter 641: Upanishads In Half Of The Human World Chapter 642: Shocking Chapter 643: Reaper's Lyre Chapter 644: Sapphire Falls Chapter 645: Come To An End Chapter 646: Round Island Railway Chapter 647: That Matter Chapter 648: Lord Lord Is A Walking On The Earth Chapter 649: Land Reclamation Chapter 650: Miracle Island And Paradise Island Chapter 651: Demonize Chapter 652: The Face Of A Big Dog Chapter 653: Twin Towers Chapter 654: The Enviable Navy Chapter 655: Storm Snail And Weather Magic Sensor Chapter 656: Advanced Command System Chapter 657: Passive Protection System Chapter 658: Void Devouring Bomb Chapter 659: Death Of The Sea Monster Chapter 660: Aftermath And Rainbow Bridge Chapter 661: School Chapter 662: Tides Of Death Curse And Leviathan Chapter 663: Ice Sea Demon Chapter 664: Shadow Talent Chapter 665: The Strange Variation Of Warcraft Chapter 666: Demonized Infection Chapter 667: World Of Warcraft Flying Cat Chapter 668: Warcraft That Specializes In Steel Grilled Meat Chapter 669: Carnivorous Shellfish Chapter 670: Mysterious Misty Sea Chapter 671: Missing Cases Chapter 672: The Strongest Migrant Worker In History Chapter 673: Performance Symbol Cat Chef Chapter 674: Mushrooms Can Grow In The Sea Chapter 675: Magic Silver Mine Chapter 676: Lava Chapter 677: Salvage Magic Metal Chapter 678: Explosive Chapter 679: Miss It's Better Not To See Chapter 680: Flood Chapter 681: Kill The Chicken And The Monkey Chapter 682: Largest Landlord Chapter 683: The Army Is Good Chapter 684: The Correct Way To Open Innate Human Rights Chapter 685: Hell Island And The Fire Spirit Chapter 686: Hometown Of The Void Demon Chapter 687: Quantum Transition Chapter 688: Buy The Human World A Hundred Times Chapter 689: The World Of Void Demon Chapter 690: Political Wisdom Chapter 691: The Farm Is Very Problematic Chapter 692: The Problem Is More Serious Than I Thought Chapter 693: Enchanted Magic Crystal Chapter 694: Doors Connecting Different Space Chapter 695: Coordinates Chapter 696: Eternal Life? Chapter 697: Soul Wizard Channel Chapter 698: Relic Shock Chapter 699: Anatomy Chapter 700: Disasters Are Actually Wealth Chapter 701: Aegis Chapter 702: Alienated Carapace Armor Chapter 703: Parasites Chapter 704: Supersonic Cruise Chapter 705: Cold Current Chapter 706: Death Is Not Scary At All Chapter 707: Craniotomy Chapter 708: Ring Of Magic Sense Chapter 709: Doctor Black Chapter 710: Seduce Chapter 711: This Call Is More Like Chapter 712: Refugee Camp Chapter 713: The Hague Fort Chapter 714: Monument Rice Cake Chapter 715: Upper Class Middle Class And Inferior Class Chapter 716: Opposition Chapter 717: I Said Yes You Have Chapter 718: Upanishad Fire Chapter 719: Gate Of Elemental Talisman Chapter 720: Canonization Ceremony Chapter 721: I Have Worked For More Than 1000 Years Chapter 722: Food War Chapter 723: He Is More Like A King Than A King Chapter 724: Historic Day Chapter 725: Miss Gabriella Chapter 726: Its Hard To Be A Man But Its Even Harder To Be A Speaker Chapter 727: She Just Wants A Baby Chapter 728: It's Time To Witness The Miracle Chapter 729: This Is People's Livelihood Chapter 730: Hard Work Beamon Chapter 731: Metal Smasher Chapter 732: I Want To Work For The Speaker Chapter 733: The Destiny Of Countless People Has Changed Because Of You Chapter 734: They Are Really Lucky Guys Chapter 735: You Are So Skinny Chapter 736: Central Aircon System Chapter 737: Shadow Walker Chapter 738: See Also Magic Black Technology Chapter 739: Shock Chapter 740: Splitting Magic Ring Chapter 741: Alien Version Of Resident Evil Chapter 742: Concentration Camp Chapter 743: The Style Of That Knife Chapter 744: The True Face Of Demonized Infection Chapter 745: King Of Arca Chapter 746: Space Blade Seeking Monthly Ticket For Subscription Chapter 747: Burning Sky Cloud Recommend Monthly Ticket Subscription Chapter 748: Airdrop Odin's Hammer Chapter 749: Odin's Fang Chapter 750: The Flying Machine Of The Void Demon? Chapter 751: Corpse Ten Thousand Years Ago Chapter 752: Perfect Race Chapter 753: Princess Jaina Chapter 754: Mountain Of Gold Chapter 755: Copperforge Chapter 756: Big Belly Fried Chapter 757: A Powerful Country And An Equally Powerful Army Chapter 758: Million Army Chapter 759: Haichao Airlines Recommendation Subscription Monthly Pass Chapter 760: It's So Advanced Please Recommend A Monthly Pass Chapter 761: Flame Preserved Egg Chapter 762: Burn This Bunch Of Bitches Chapter 763: Burning City In Flames Chapter 764: Angel Of Destruction Chapter 765: It's So Extravagant Chapter 766: Times Are Different Chapter 767: A Handful Of Yin Void Demon Race Chapter 768: The True Power Of The Book Of Laws Chapter 769: There Are So Many Uprights Like Chinese Cabbage Chapter 770: Nice To Meet You Princess Jaina Chapter 771: I Am Willing To Serve You Forever Chapter 772: Demon Chapter 773: Flying Alienation Magic Recommendation Subscription Monthly Pass Chapter 774: Must Marry Renault Odin Chapter 775: Serve Me Right Now Recommendation Subscription Monthly Pass Chapter 776: Eagles Fall In The Sky Chapter 777: Haichao Railway Company Chapter 778: Stabbed A Hornet's Nest Chapter 779: Light Of God's Punishment Chapter 780: blade Of God Slayer Chapter 781: Slash The Green Hills With One Blow Chapter 782: One Click Batch Generation Of Extraordinary Chapter 783: 1500 Extraordinary People A Year Chapter 784: Map Editor Is Online Chapter 785: The Awesome Map Editor Chapter 786: Magic Machines Change The World Chapter 787: Industry Destroyer Chapter 788: The Secretary General Has Something In His Stomach Chapter 789: Seems To Be Our Child Chapter 790: Start With Warcraft To Replenish Your Body Recommendation Subscription Monthly Pass Chapter 791: Warcraft Surrendered? Recommendation Subscription Monthly Pass Chapter 792: Let Warcraft Go To Elementary School Chapter 793: Upanishad Sea Monster Chapter 794: One Cut Chapter 795: The Ferocious Two Legged Beast Chapter 796: Nuwa Potion Chapter 797: One Of The Most Important Discoveries Of Mankind Chapter 798: Lord Lord Made History Again Chapter 799: Technological Progress Chapter 800: Ice Warcraft Chapter 801: Life Winner Transport Airship Chapter 802: Bbq In The Air Chapter 803: Drag And Fly Chapter 804: Pillar Of Heaven Chapter 805: 10000 Tons Per Day Chapter 806: Water Gun Can Also Fight Monsters Chapter 807: Small Gift Chapter 808: You Can Be Promoted By Eating Meat Three More Recommendations Subscription Monthly Pass Chapter 809: Faster Than Robbery Chapter 810: New Race? Chapter 811: There Is A Very Big Magic Crystal Here Chapter 812: The Praying Mantis Catches The Cicada The Oriole Is Behind Chapter 813: This Cat Will Never Treat You Chapter 814: A Warcraft That Can Move Bricks Chapter 815: Proficiency In A Foreign Language Is Very Important For Dogs Chapter 816: Our Family Is A Demolition Household Chapter 817: A Whole New World Chapter 818: The Happy Life Of New Immigrants Chapter 819: How Did Grum's Old Lover Become A Tentacle Monster? Chapter 820: I'm Not Interested In Being A Slave Chapter 821: Heavy Soldiers Gathered Chapter 822: Blow It Up Chapter 823: Detonate Chapter 824: Take The Earth Plane Chapter 825: Southern Classmate Who Saw It Snowing Chapter 826: One Day The Land Will Disappear Completely Chapter 827: I Hope This Day Will Come Sooner Chapter 828: I'm Not Even As Good As A Dog? Chapter 829: Snow Dragon Chapter 830: General Fubo Chapter 831: The Age Of Knights Has Passed Chapter 832: Discipline Team Chapter 833: Professional Garbage Pickers Chapter 834: The Storm Is Coming Chapter 835: Underwater Boat Chapter 836: Dominate Reproduction Chapter 837: Ice Blood Gladiatorial Chapter 838: Gods Who Really Walk In The World Chapter 839: You Will Not Refuse To Be Crowned Will You? Chapter 840: His Words Are More Effective Than The Code Chapter 841: Are You Crazy? Chapter 842: Reaper's Scepter Chapter 843: The Bizarre Adventure Of The Northland Turtle Chapter 844: Deep Happiness Chapter 845: Protective Development Chapter 846: Workers In Our Republic Chapter 847: Lowlanders From The Republic Chapter 848: God's Gift Theory Chapter 849: Out Of Law Chapter 850: Blame Sitting In The Cave Disaster Comes From The Sky Chapter 851: In Winter I Planted A Row Of Monsters Chapter 852: Prehistoric Magic Lamp Chapter 853: Damn Prehistoric Magician Chapter 854: Prehistoric Super Landmark Weapon And Heat Death Project Chapter 855: Earth Shattering Big Shot Chapter 856: I Can Only Help You Here Chapter 857: This Step Has Gone Through Thousands Of Years Chapter 858: Are The Black Orcs Human? Chapter 859: Humanitarian Crisis Chapter 860: F Chapter 861: Transnational Law Enforcement Chapter 862: Spread The Whole Human World Chapter 863: A Group Of Strange Young People Chapter 864: Intimidation Of The Upaniers Chapter 865: Revolution Chapter 866: Freezing Storm Chapter 867: Upanishad Evolution Chapter 868: I Must Be Promoted To Dominate Chapter 869: The Power Above The Profound Meaning Chapter 870: Fire Tree Silver Flower Chapter 871: If You Want To Wear A Crown You Must Bear Its Weight Chapter 872: Diary Ten Thousand Years Ago Chapter 873: Dead Eunuch Chapter 874: Vanity Killed The Seal Chapter 875: White Mouse Chapter 876: Thanos Hand Chapter 877: Is This Really Life? Chapter 878: Life Born From The Power Of Law Chapter 879: Miss Eskimo Chapter 880: Epic Journey Chapter 881: Yingbird Revolution Chapter 882: Beat The Nobles And Divide The Land Chapter 883: Hyena And Night Crow Chapter 884: Yes This Is Revenge Chapter 885: Human Federation Chapter 886: Princess Anastasia Chapter 887: Father's Wrath Chapter 888: Traitor Convention Chapter 889: The Power Of The Law Is Really Abnormal Chapter 890: The Church Of The Father Has Fallen Chapter 891: Mirror World Chapter 892: Hey Is It So Funny? Chapter 893: Now They Are Mine Chapter 894: The Death Of The Church Chapter 895: You Must Be The Chosen One Chapter 896: Subspace Transition Chapter 897: Honeymoon Chapter 898: God Of War Catalogue Chapter 899: Animal Protection Act Chapter 900: May Lord Lord Be With Us Chapter 901: Ice Elemental Bullet Chapter 902: That Weapon Chapter 903: Historic Moment Chapter 904: Born Awakened Chapter 905: Don't Ask Me What Is Martian Chapter 906: This Is Your Father Chapter 907: Prenatal Education Chapter 908: Waste Chapter 909: Headshot Storm Chapter 910: Fate Chapter 911: The Day When The Upright One Fell To The Altar Chapter 912: Hell Taming Farm Chapter 913: Alien Chapter 914: Frozen Planet Chapter 915: Devil's Pillar Chapter 916: Kill The Master Chapter 917: 10 Times The Training Speed Chapter 918: Immortal Person Chapter 919: Rewriting Fu Literature Chapter 920: Implant Talent Chapter 921: Yankee Chapter 922: Vulcan Net Chapter 923: Aurora Chapter 924: Orbital Strike Group Chapter 925: Historic Mission Chapter 926: The Big Bang Of Black Technology Chapter 927: I Am The Savior Of Fate Chapter 928: State Of War Chapter 929: The Battle Of Domination 1 Chapter 930: War Of Domination 2 Chapter 931: The Battle Of Domination 3 Chapter 932: The Battle Of Domination 4 Chapter 933: Lord's Fall Chapter 934: Space Dominance Chapter 935: the Third Law Of Thermodynamics Chapter 936: Dragon Palace And Phoenix Nest Chapter 937: Space Fighter Chapter 938: Anchor Of Space Chapter 939: Planetary Engine Chapter 940: Moon Palace Chapter 941: My Father Althea Misses You Very Much Chapter 942: Prometheus Project Chapter 943: Stealth Fighter Chapter 944: Interstellar Express Chapter 945: Son Of Odin Chapter 946: Disaster Buster Chapter 947: This Is Definitely Not Accidental Chapter 948: Rune School Chapter 949: Something Big Happened In The North Chapter 950: Valkyrie Spear Chapter 951: High Energy Fire Magic Explosive Chapter 952: The World Is Falling Apart Chapter 953: Demon Army Chapter 954: Humanoid Orbital Weapon Chapter 955: Leave The Following Things To Me Chapter 956: Hand Rub Heat Death Rays Chapter 957: Waste Can't You Hurry Up? Chapter 958: Live Broadcast Chapter 959: Super Immigration Program Chapter 960: Arm All Mankind Chapter 961: Powerful Federal Army Chapter 962: Age Of Miracles Chapter 963: Zeus Airship Aviation Chapter 964: Chapter 965: Aircraft Carrier Battle Group Chapter 966: Indiscriminate Bombing Chapter 967: I Love The Valkyrie To Death Chapter 968: Thor's Sword Chapter 969: Impossible To Intercept Weapons Chapter 970: Dead Space Chapter 971: Foresight Chapter 972: Born Extraordinary Chapter 973: Apocalypse Project Chapter 974: 240 Kmh Destroyer Chapter 975: Unmanned Submarine Chapter 976: The Curtain Of War Opened Chapter 977: Encircle Chapter 978: Encircle And Suppress Chapter 979: Fleet Chapter 980: All Out War Is Getting Closer Chapter 981: Million Sea Monster Chapter 982: Fierce Firepower Chapter 983: Demon Descends : 0984 Our Technology Is Stronger Than The Demons Chapter 985: Trinity Joint Operations Chapter 986: Wipe Out Chapter 987: Destroy The Floating Fortress Chapter 988: Dead Planet Chapter 989: Thanks To The Great Supreme Chapter 990: Mechanized Soul Chapter 991: Guys Start The Adventure Chapter 992: Your Goal Is Ambitious Chapter 993: Mobile Infantry Chapter 994: No Point Delivery Chapter 995: Let The Mozu Suffer A Big Loss Chapter 996: Poseidon Chapter 997: The Demon Lord Will Definitely Come Chapter 998: Space Defense Chapter 999: Energy Vacuum Chapter 1000: We Still Have The Last Battle Chapter 1001: The Final Battle Chapter 1002: absolute Zerofinal : End Of This Testimonial : New Book Don't Run Muggles