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Wood Spirit Protoss, in an exquisite room.

Li Jian looked at the awakened Ancient Profound Dao, and an excited look appeared in his eyes: "Brother Gu, you finally woke up."


Ancient Profound Dao has unparalleled talents, he is a peerless **** son of the Ancient Spirits Sect, and he is also an inner disciple of the Ancient Spirits Sect.


He was conspired to make a big mistake in the ancient spirit **** sect. If it hadn't been for the help of Ancient Profound Dao at the critical moment, he might have been executed by the Ancient Spirit God Sect.

It can be said.

Without the Ancient Profound Dao, there would be no Li Jian today.

It's just that Li Jian didn't expect it.

Soon after he left the ancient spirit **** sect, the ancient spirit **** sect changed drastically, and news of the fall of the ancient profound way came out.

Although Li Jian knew that the fall of the Ancient Profound Dao was extraordinary, his strength was low and he was unable to compete with the Ancient Spirit Divine Sect, so he could only hide in the wasteland of the hundred races and cultivate with great concentration.

This practice took tens of thousands of years.

He has also grown from a hairy boy in the Heavenly God Realm to a strong man in the Heavenly Sovereign Realm all the way.


After breaking through the Heavenly Sovereign Realm, Li Jian planned to leave the wasteland of the Hundred Races to secretly investigate what happened to the Ancient Spirit God Sect that year.

But just when he was about to leave, the aura of the ancient profound way appeared in the ancient city of Hundred Desolations inexplicably, and was also chased down by two experts of the Heavenly Sovereign Realm of the Ancient Spirit God Sect.

Without any hesitation, Li Jian directly rescued the Ancient Profound Dao.

It's a pity that when he rescued the Ancient Profound Dao, the Ancient Profound Dao was not only seriously injured, but also caught in the palm of life and destruction, and Li Jian was unable to do anything about it.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen appeared at a critical moment and came to the Wood Spirit Protoss to obtain the spirit fruit of life. Now he is finally recovering the Ancient Profound Dao.

"Junior Brother Li, I didn't expect you to save me in the end."

Gu Xuan Dao looked at Li Jian in front of him, and a complicated look appeared in his eyes.

When Li Jian was framed back then, as the **** son of the Ancient Spirit God Sect, he saved Li Jian's life.

It is also thanks to him that he saved Li Jian at the beginning, otherwise he would have died in the hands of people from the Ancient Spirit God Sect last time.

"Brother Gu, you were severely injured by the Devouring and Shattered Palm that day, I don't have the ability to rescue you."

Li Jian shook his head, and immediately smiled and said: "Brother, you can recover so smoothly, thanks to you having a good apprentice."


Gu Profound Dao was taken aback for a moment, and then he looked surprised and said: "Junior Brother Li, you have met Jiang Chen, where is he now?"

At the beginning of the Ancient Spirits Sect, he was only the **** son of the Ancient Spirits Sect, so naturally he would not have any apprentices.

Later, he suffered great changes in the ancient spirit gods sect, and escaped his life. He wandered all the way to the great wilderness, and then stayed in the cold moon palace in the great wilderness.

There, Gu Xuan Dao only accepted a few disciples.


Among his disciples, only Jiang Chen knew everything about him, and had the ability to come to God's Domain Continent to find him.


Gu Xuan Dao doesn't need to think about it, almost all the people in Li Jiankou are Jiang Chen.

"Master, you are awake."

Just as Li Jian was about to speak, a ghostly figure appeared out of thin air directly in front of the Ancient Profound Dao.

"Little guy, you finally came to God's Domain Continent."

Gu Xuan Dao looked at the familiar figure in front of him, and a satisfied smile appeared on his face: "Yes, it seems that your cultivation level has not fallen at all in these years, and you have already broken through the realm of the gods, Venerable Few Stars. ?"

Gu Xuan Dao clearly remembered that when he was separated from Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen was already a god-level **** who mastered the power of the eight realms.

Even if it didn't attack the Saint-Rank Celestial God, it was at least a two-star Venerable, right?

"Thanks to the blessing of Master, I had the luck to break through the realm of the gods not long ago."

Jiang Chen didn't conceal anything from Ancient Profound Dao, and he smiled and said, "If I have to count the stars, I should be a four-star Venerable now."

When Jiang Chen spoke, he also felt the aura of Ancient Profound Dao.

Back in the Great Wilderness Realm, Jiang Chen's strength was not too strong. Although he vaguely felt that the Ancient Profound Dao was stronger than the realm gods in the Great Wilderness Realm, he didn't know the specific strength of the Ancient Profound Dao at all.

Now that Jiang Chen breaks through the realm of the gods with the power of the ten daos, he can naturally clearly sense that the aura of the ancient profound dao is a bit stronger than that of the Heavenly Swallowing Flood Dragon Clan's Thunder Dragon.

If he guessed right, Master is now at least a two-star heavenly sovereign!

"At the beginning, Master was in the Great Wilderness Realm, it was really not a normal low-key."

Jiang Chen couldn't help muttering to himself.

Back in the Great Wilderness Realm, even if the Master had not yet become a Two-Star Celestial Venerable, I am afraid at least he had the cultivation base of a Two-Star Earth Venerable.

With this level of strength, no one in the Great Wilderness Realm is an opponent except the Great Wilderness God King.

But the master has been living in seclusion in the Cold Moon Palace, and his reputation is not obvious.

I am afraid that no one in the entire Great Desolate Realm knows that Venerable Profound Dao is the first realm **** under the Great Desolate Realm God King.

"Four...Four-Star Venerable?"

Gu Xuan Dao was also taken aback by Jiang Chen's words, then rolled his eyes and said: "Little guy, are you kidding me?"

Even the sacred deity who masters the power of the Nine Paths is only a three-star Venerable after the breakthrough. Where is the four-star Venerable in this world?

"Brother Gu, Jiang Chen may really be called a four-star Venerable that has never been seen before. He has mastered the power of the Ten Dao in the Heavenly God Realm."

At this moment, Li Jian on the side couldn't help smiling bitterly.


Gu Xuan Dao suddenly stood up on the spot.

After a while, he looked at Jiang Chen incredulously: "Little guy, do you really master the power of the ten ways?"

Jiang Chen smiled faintly: "Master, I do have the luck to master the power of the Ten Dao."


Rao is the ancient goddess of ancient Profound Dao, and he couldn't help taking a breath at this moment.

In the realm of the gods, nine is the number of extremes. This immutable iron law of the gods' realm practice system has hardly been able to break since ancient times.

Although since accepting Jiang Chen as a disciple, Gu Xuan Dao has witnessed Jiang Chen's terrifying talent and potential, even if it is compared to the top genius of God's Domain Continent, it will not be inferior in the slightest.

But he still didn't expect it.

Jiang Chen was able to break the ancient iron law against the sky, and master the power of the Ten Dao in the Heavenly God Realm!

"Master, let's not talk about this for now, let's talk about you and the ancient spirit **** sect."

Jiang Chen shook his head slightly, and immediately changed the subject directly: "What happened to the Ancient Spirit God Sect, why did you appear in the Great Wilderness?"

When Li Jian heard Jiang Chen's words, he also looked at the Ancient Profound Dao.


He also wanted to know what happened to the Ancient Spirit God Sect back then?

"What else can happen? Back then, I was too arrogant and didn't check it for a while, but was conspired by the despicable guy from the Ancient Spirit Sect."

Speaking of this, Gu Xuan Dao suddenly flashed an icy glow in his eyes!

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Sword Intent Vs. Double Gun Intent Chapter 441: The First Person In The Ages Chapter 442: Enter The Inner Gate Taixu Tower Chapter 443: One Word Get Out Of Me Chapter 444: I Have Never Put You In My Eyes Chapter 445: If You Want To Be Beaten I Will Fulfill You Chapter 446: Absolute Power Rolling Chapter 447: Conditions For Entering The Ninth Floor Chapter 448: Your Face Is Not Worth Mentioning In My Eyes Chapter 449: Five Level Alchemist I Don't Know How Much I Offended Chapter 450: He Doesn't Even Deserve To Lift My Shoes Chapter 451: Let Him Disappear From Me Chapter 452: Shen Linfeng Who Was Beaten In The Face Chapter 453: Breakthrough One After Another Kaiyuan Quad Chapter 454: Not A Simple Sect Mission Chapter 455: Cloud Nation Great Desolate Martial Mansion Chapter 456: Capture The Blood Chapter 457: Jiang Chen Who Mysteriously Disappeared Chapter 458: Venerable Blood Cloud Chapter 459: Jiang Chen Shot Chapter 460: The Back Hand Of Venerable Blood Cloud God Refining The Clone Chapter 461: The Ungrateful Villain Chapter 462: Heaven's Sins Are Forgiven But You Cannot Live Your Own Sins Chapter 463: You Won't Have That Chance Chapter 464: You Are Dead I Will Avenge You Chapter 465: Take Your Head Back And Receive The Reward Chapter 466: Everything Here Will Be Controlled By Me Chapter 467: Back To The Sect The Disciple Is In Trouble Chapter 468: Because I Am Better Than Them Chapter 469: Brother Guangchuan Please Move Chapter 470: What Xuanbing Bloodline Rubbish Chapter 471: It's Just A Trick Chapter 472: Let You See The Real Taixu War Shadow Chapter 473: Battle For The Top List Chapter 474: Sorry I Am Not Interested Chapter 475: Five Minutes Is Enough To Beat You Chapter 476: The Evildoer Is Beyond Description Chapter 477: Convince You Of Losing Chapter 478: Contest Questions Refine Tianyuan Concentration Pill Chapter 479: How Can The Pill Furnace Make Up For Our Gap Chapter 480: Intrepid Alchemy Operation Chapter 481: No Tears Without The Coffin Chapter 482: This Time You Lose Well Chapter 483: Retreat And Practice Crazy Upgrade Chapter 484: Inner Door Exchange Meeting Chapter 485: I'm A Little Bit Interested In This Rule Chapter 486: You Can Roll Up And Die Chapter 487: Can Kill You In Seconds Without Doing It Chapter 488: Honestly Pit You Chapter 489: Sixth Rank Fire Lin Beast Inner Pill Chapter 490: The Lonely Genius Is Cold Chapter 491: Phagocytosis Chapter 492: No One Can Take My Things Chapter 493: Trade Your Life For It Chapter 494: The Deal Is Concluded The Inner Alchemy Is In Hand Chapter 495: Fire Monster Awaken Chapter 496: Repaying Debts Is Justified Chapter 497: Dont Be Nosy If You Dont Want To Die Chapter 498: Yes I Just Want To Challenge You Chapter 499: Solve You As A Trainer Chapter 500: The Fire Beast Is Majestic Chapter 501: Peerless Treasure Shenhai Lingye Chapter 502: Ding You Break Through Kaiyuan Jiuzhong Chapter 503: The Third Inner Door Dongfang Hao Master Fire Chapter 504: My Person Is Not Something You Can Move If You Want Chapter 505: The Third Son Of The Inner Door But That's All Chapter 506: Do You Dare To Hurt His Hair And Die Chapter 507: Leng Tianhan's Terrifying Strength Chapter 508: The Third Floor Of Tianwu Temple Chapter 509: You Are Not Qualified To Let Me Get Out Chapter 510: Let You Be Removed From The True Disciple Chapter 511: Ding You Comprehend The Celestial Martial Arts Taixu Combat Body Chapter 512: Hit If You Want What Are You Talking About Chapter 513: An Incredible Punch Chapter 514: The Battle For The Top Rankings Is On Chapter 515: The Bold Jiang Chen Chapter 516: I Stand Here No One Can Let Me Go Down Chapter 517: Duel True Disciple Chapter 518: Do You Have Any Means Just Use It Chapter 519: Taixu Combat Body Shocked The Audience Chapter 520: A Punch Shakes The Mountains And Rivers Chapter 521: Dan Tang Hall Master Xiao Duli Chapter 522: Xiao Duli Accepts Disciples Chapter 523: Comparable To The Four Fold Divine Refining Clone Of Ning Dan Chapter 524: Jianyi Double Perfection Chapter 525: The True Meaning Of Martial Arts Is Greatly Advanced Chapter 526: I Will Be There On Time For The Three Congresses Chapter 527: Great Xia Kingdom Changed Chapter 528: Taixuzong Disciple Jiang Chen Chapter 529: Go Into The Imperial City To Save People Chapter 530: Who Dares To Stop Me I Will Kill Him Chapter 531: The Crisis Of The Moonscar Chamber Of Commerce Chapter 532: Hugh Want To Deceive Me In Daxia Country Chapter 533: Fight Against The Four Powers Of Ning Dan Chapter 534: Jiang Chen's Terrifying Combat Power Chapter 535: Ants Can Also Send You On The Road Chapter 536: Destroy The Four Powers Of Condensation Pill Chapter 537: I Am Too Dirty To Kill You Chapter 538: Desperate Xia Lin Chapter 539: Maple Leaf City Red House Chapter 540: Within Ten Breaths Get Out Of Cangshan City Chapter 541: I Don't Follow The Rules So What Can You Do Chapter 542: No One Can Stop Me From Destroying You Chapter 543: I Am Waiting For Him To Come And Die Chapter 544: The Menacing Sikongguang Chapter 545: Shocking Reversal Chapter 546: Go To Longxi Mountain Chapter 547: Fourth Rank Peak Monster Purple Patterned Armored Bear Chapter 548: Kill With A Punch Chapter 549: The Road Is Heading Towards The Sky Go To Each Side Chapter 550: Robbery And Anti Robbery Chapter 551: Black Dragon Ridge Black Dragon City Chapter 552: It Is You Who Should Go Chapter 553: God Sword Sect Genius But So Chapter 554: Black Dragon City Auction Chapter 555: Who Do You Think You Are Chapter 556: Never Seen You So Weak Chapter 557: I Want A Supreme Vip Order Chapter 558: This Product Is Really Bullish Chapter 559: Incomplete Heaven Grade Martial Arts: Slashing The Sky With A Sword Chapter 560: I Want To Auction A Condensed Sword Pill Chapter 561: Only Half An Hour Is Enough Chapter 562: The Auction Begins Chapter 563: Shoot Yourself In The Foot Chapter 564: Pitted Again And Again Chapter 565: All Parties Fight For The Martial Arts Of The Highest Rank Chapter 566: One Man Crushes The Four Forces Chapter 567: Why Is This Kid Again Chapter 568: He Will Deliver The Spar To The Door Chapter 569: Ding You Comprehend The Heavenly Grade Sword Skill Slashing The Sky Chapter 570: Don't Get Into An Inch In Front Of Me Chapter 571: I'm Looking For My Maid What To Do With You Chapter 572: She Is My Maid Not An Outsider Chapter 573: Jiang Chen Get Out And Die Quickly Chapter 574: Only I Can Make Her Better Chapter 575: Sanzong Huiwu Officially Begins Chapter 576: Three Geniuses Who Have Attracted Much Attention Chapter 577: Within A Stick Of Incense Let You Obediently Admit Defeat Chapter 578: I Am Waiting For You To Hit Me Chapter 579: You Can't Even Break My Defense Chapter 580: Nightmare Level Opponents Chapter 581: Battle The First True Biography Of Tianyuezong Chapter 582: You Are A Bit Worse Than Me Chapter 583: Suppress Xu Tianming Chapter 584: Tianpin Defensive Martial Arts One Punch Chapter 585: Battle For The Pinnacle The Real Dragon Final Chapter 586: The Best Contestant In History Chapter 587: You Are Too Weak I Am Too Lazy To Do It Chapter 588: Looks Rather Ugly Chapter 589: Jian Chen's Horror Sword Chapter 590: The Final Battle Against Jian Chen Chapter 591: I Will Defeat You With A Sword Chapter 592: Slash The Sky With One Sword Defeat Jian Chen Chapter 593: The Powerhouse Of The Blood Demon Palace That Suddenly Came Chapter 594: Venerable Blood Shadow Blood Without Shadow Chapter 595: He Must Die Today Chapter 596: Who Dares To Hurt My Disciple Kill Chapter 597: Xiao Duli's Terrifying Strength Chapter 598: The Legendary God Wolong Pond Chapter 599: Bloodline Evolution Dragon Flame Domineering Body Chapter 600: Invitation Of The Black Dragon Chamber Of Commerce Chapter 601: I Dont Need You To Be The Master Chapter 602: Chairman Of The Black Dragon Chamber Of Commerce Long Li Chapter 603: Long Li's Request Chapter 604: No One Can Defeat You Even If You Win Chapter 605: Jiang Chen's Commitment Chapter 606: The Stunned Mingyuexin Chapter 607: Set Off Head To The Mainland Of Zhongzhou Chapter 608: Strange World Chapter 609: Cangdao Qingluan Leads Chapter 610: Join The Liu Family Chapter 611: Dare To Kill My Miss Liu Family Be Punishable Chapter 612: Ghost League Killer Chapter 613: He Is A King Level Genius Chapter 614: The Division Of Power In The Central China Mainland Chapter 615: Liu Jiate Is Waiting For Ke Qing Disciple You Are Not Worthy Chapter 616: Regarding Animal Taming I Am Better Than Him Chapter 617: Then I Will Give Pointers To You Chapter 618: From Now On I Will Be Its Owner Chapter 619: You Can Take It Away I Promise Not To Stop You Chapter 620: I Can Only Blame You For Being Too Rubbish Chapter 621: The Arrogant Sixth Grade Alchemist Chapter 622: You Are Not Qualified To Order Me Chapter 623: I Can Also Practice The Three Pattern Jing Yuan Dan Chapter 624: It Was A Success Once And It Was The Best Chapter 625: Condensed Pill Realm Breakthrough Chapter 626: The Ding Family Is Coming Chapter 627: Qing Luan Leads The First Genius Ding Hong Chapter 628: One Pick Three Just A Piece Of Cake Chapter 629: The Genius Of Your Ding Family Is Really Weak Chapter 630: In My Eyes You Are All One Move Chapter 631: Defeated Ding Hong Chapter 632: Canglan League Assessment Chapter 633: Ding You Comprehend The Spirit Soul Heaven Pill Chapter 634: I Don't Know Each Other What Can You Do Chapter 635: You Are The Fu Family Twin Insects Chapter 636: Fanhai Saint Snowfish I Want It Too Chapter 637: Distinguished Guest Of Yunhai Tower Chapter 638: Terrible Stunning Woman Chapter 639: Boom Them Out For Me Chapter 640: Get Out You Are Not Welcome Here Chapter 641: Taixu Combat Body Is Small Chapter 642: The Legendary Destiny Chapter 643: The Geniuses Gather The Assessment Begins Chapter 644: I'm Not Familiar With You Let's Go Chapter 645: Star Test Chapter 646: Ninety Four Stars Is It Amazing Chapter 647: Ninety Nine Stars That Shocked The Audience Chapter 648: I Want The Last Star Too Chapter 649: Baixing King Born Chapter 650: Canglan League Golden Disciple Chapter 651: Enter The Two Star Force Canglan Alliance Chapter 652: You Yunmeng Island Is Nothing More Than That Chapter 653: I Am The King Of Baixing Are You Not Convinced Chapter 654: You Are Not Qualified For Me To Admit Defeat Chapter 655: Not As Good As Counterfeit Goods Chapter 656: Give Up Or Die Choose One Of The Two Chapter 657: Even Though I Am A King Level Genius What Fear Do I Have Chapter 658: King's Secret Method: Great Clouds Chapter 659: Who Are You I Am Not Interested In Knowing Chapter 660: One Thousand You Send A Beggar Chapter 661: Give You A Chance To Shoot First Chapter 662: You Lose Get Ten Thousand Canglan Coins Chapter 663: Sorry I Will Do The Secret Method Too Chapter 664: Liu Lingzhu's Message Chapter 665: What Is The Waning Moon Chapter 666: You Should Get Out Of Here Chapter 667: The Powerful Strength Of The Waning Moon Society Chapter 668: If He Dares To Come I Will Personally Resolve It Chapter 669: Cultivation In The Spirit Gathering Hall Chapter 670: Breakthrough One After Another Condensing Pill Triple Chapter 671: Go Away Without Evidence Chapter 672: I Am The President Of The Canghai Association Jiang Chen Chapter 673: Today I Want To Remove The Waning Moon Society Completely Chapter 674: Let You Grow Up And Lead To Death Chapter 675: If You Want Me To Surrender You Are Not Worthy Chapter 676: There Is A Price To Be Paid For Being Late Chapter 677: Beat Until You Obediently Agree Chapter 678: I Want To Compromise Now But It's Too Late Chapter 679: Both Lose And Lose That May Not Be True Chapter 680: The Waning Moon Will Surrender Chapter 681: Dare To Run Wild In My Turf And Die Chapter 682: Let Him Know What Regret Is Chapter 683: Shangguanlei's Anger Chapter 684: No One Can Get Involved With My Stuff Chapter 685: What Kind Of Pill Will Be Chapter 686: In Ten Minutes Let Shangguan Lei Get Out Chapter 687: Go In With The Sword In Your Hand Chapter 688: Who Dares To Stop Me Don't Blame Me For Being Ruthless Under The Sword Chapter 689: Genius Is Used To Step Under Your Feet Chapter 690: Alchemy Showdown Chapter 691: The Name Of Jiang Chen Made A Sensation In Canglan League Chapter 692: You Are Wrong I Came To Defeat Him Chapter 693: Why Not Let You Make A Furnace First Chapter 694: Crazy Method Of Alchemy Chapter 695: Purple Pill Splitting Technique Chapter 696: A Furnace Of Three Pills A Complete Spike Chapter 697: The First Alchemy Genius Of Canglan League Jiang Chen Chapter 698: Let Him Disappear From Canglan League Chapter 699: Emperor Palace The Domain Of The Emperor Chapter 700: Two Kings And Six Great Talents Eight Geniuses Gathered Together Chapter 701: Roll Yourself Down From The Sky Chapter 702: The Contest Of Two King Level Geniuses Chapter 703: Huangji Palace Open Chapter 704: The True Meaning Of The Wind Road Is Rapidly Improving Chapter 705: The True Meaning Of Double Perfection Chapter 706: A Newcomer Comparable To The Eight Top Geniuses Chapter 707: Refresh The Record Crazy Chapter 708: Huangji List First In The Rookie List Chapter 709: Half Step Battle For The Elders Of The Divine Soul Realm Chapter 710: I Can't Worship You As A Teacher Chapter 711: My Master He Is From Yandi City Chapter 712: Kukai Unexplored Area Chapter 713: Cangya's Plan Murder With A Knife Chapter 714: Ding You Break Through The Five Levels Of Condensed Pills Chapter 715: Battle For Places Chapter 716: Dare To Come Forward And Fight With Me Chapter 717: I Have No Qualifications To Do It Chapter 718: Cruel Battle Of Hundred Talents Chapter 719: Meteorite Lake Chapter 720: Who Is In The End Chapter 721: Enter The Air And Sea Secret Realm Chapter 722: Since It Is Here Stay Forever Chapter 723: Your Hole Cards Are Too Weak Chapter 724: Earth Dragon And Lion Lair Chapter 725: Guiyuan Lingguo Chapter 726: Sorry I Want Them All Chapter 727: If He Provokes Me I Will Kill Them All Chapter 728: Zhuo Yunfan Who Is Furious Chapter 729: Under The Realm Of Shenhai There Is No Match Chapter 730: I'm Here To Help You Kill Jiang Chen Chapter 731: Zhao Yulong's Cry For Help Chapter 732: Want To Kill Me Do You Have That Qualification Chapter 733: Fight Against The King Level Genius Zhuo Yunfan Chapter 734: King Level Genius Nothing More Than That Chapter 735: Half Step The Power Of The Divine Sea Realm Chapter 736: You Can Beat You Without Any Power Chapter 737: A Terrifying Existence Comparable To Huangji Genius Chapter 738: Three Eagles With One Stone Sinister Cliffs Chapter 739: The Horrified Cangya Chapter 740: Triple Sword Intent Breakthrough Chapter 741: The Temple Of Meteorite Is Here Chapter 742: Domineering Shuilong Gang Disciple Chapter 743: Stop Me Kill Chapter 744: I Want To Kill You With Just One Sword Chapter 745: Fallen Sky Temple Open Chapter 746: The First Level Of The Trial The Road To The Dead Chapter 747: Running Fast It Will Not End Well Chapter 748: The Miserable Water Dragon Gang Disciple Chapter 749: The Second Level The Endless Maze Chapter 750: I Think This Door Is More Pleasing To The Eye Chapter 751: Confident Zhuo Yunfan Chapter 752: Zhuo Yunfan Was Completely Confused Chapter 753: Don't Follow Me This Time Chapter 754: The Desperate Zhuo Yunfan Chapter 755: If You Dont Listen To Good People You Will Suffer Chapter 756: The Third Level Without An Opponent Chapter 757: I Am The Sword Emperor Of Falling Sky Chapter 758: The Supreme Martial Arts Time And Space Sword Domain Chapter 759: Ding You Understand Part Of The Space Time Sword Domain Chapter 760: Cangya Is Coming Chapter 761: Killing You Is As Easy As Butchering A Dog Chapter 762: Another Divine Sea Realm Was Born Chapter 763: Since They Are All Here Kill Them Together Chapter 764: Time And Space Sword Domain Give Me Condensed Chapter 765: Kill The Divine Sea Realm With One Sword Chapter 766: The Secret Is Closed Chapter 767: Sorry They Will Never Get Out Chapter 768: Furious Water Dragon Gang Leader Chapter 769: Set Off Go To Xuanjing City Chapter 770: Traces Of The Black Dragon Chamber Of Commerce Chapter 771: I Will Save The Lives Of These Two People Chapter 772: Within Ten Breaths You Will Die If You Don't Roll Chapter 773: The Shock Of The Long Family Brothers And Sisters Chapter 774: Get Out Of The Black Dragon Chamber Of Commerce Immediately Chapter 775: If You Don't Want To Die Just Go Away Chapter 776: Clean Up The Portal For The Black Dragon Chamber Of Commerce Chapter 777: Shenhai Is A Realm I Can Kill Two With One Sword Chapter 778: Triple Sword Intent One Move To Kill Chapter 779: The Tragic Long Kun Chapter 780: Condensing Pill Ninefold Breakthrough Chapter 781: If You Want Revenge Just Come At Me Chapter 782: Six Elders Of The Black Dragon Chamber Of Commerce Chapter 783: Shenhai Quadruple Nothing More Than That Chapter 784: Let You Live To Be A Hundred Years Old Soon Chapter 785: Kill The Four Powers Of Shenhai With One Sword Chapter 786: Long Yuanshan's Plan Chapter 787: Shenhai Kunou I Can Also Turn Away Chapter 788: Arrange The Sixth Rank Ancient Formation Chapter 789: A Powerful Enemy Is Coming Chapter 790: Nine Turn Heaven Sword Formation Come Chapter 791: The War Broke Out Chapter 792: Let You See The Power Of The Ancient Formations Chapter 793: Cut The Sky With One Sword Chapter 794: One Man Should Be The Gate But Never Open Chapter 795: Your Death Date Is Here Chapter 796: The Horror Method Of The King Of Soul Land Chapter 797: I Came From The Northern Wilderness Chapter 798: The Road To The Northern Wilderness Chapter 799: Burning Heart Sword Emperor Xiao Duli Chapter 800: Elder Tianxuan Chapter 801: Climb Xuanyang Mountain Chapter 802: Vientiane Weekly Array Chapter 803: New Record Chapter 804: Refining The True Meaning Of Martial Arts Chapter 805: The True Meaning Of Martial Arts Crazy Promotion Chapter 806: Embarrassing Xu Qianyun Chapter 807: Don't Come Out Ashamed Chapter 808: Peerless Genius Who Understands Many True Meanings Chapter 809: Shocking Ninety Nine Points Chapter 810: There Is No Need For Speculation Chapter 811: If You Want To Fight Then Fight Chapter 812: You Can Make Me Take A Step Back Even If I Lose Chapter 813: Xu Donglei You Are Too Weak Chapter 814: Shocked The Chief Elder Of The Cloud Gate Yun Broshan Chapter 815: Triple Sword Intent Cut Chapter 816: The Horrible Existence On The List Of Tianjiao Chapter 817: Since You Must Die I Will Fulfill You Chapter 818: Things Happen Chapter 819: Come With Me To Jingyunmen Chapter 820: The Clash Of The Souls Of The King Chapter 821: Xu Qianyun's Blocking Chapter 822: Terrible Monster Chapter 823: Hunted By Samsung Forces Chapter 824: No One Can Touch His Hair Chapter 825: Swarming Chapter 826: Shocking The Cloud Mountains Encircle Jiang Chen Chapter 827: There Is Nothing You Are Looking For Here Chapter 828: You Hurt It Another Hair Death Chapter 829: This Kid Is Jiang Chen Chapter 830: Desperate Xu Qianhe Chapter 831: Xu Qianyun's Discovery Chapter 832: If Jiang Chen Is Not Dead The Xu Family Will Be Destroyed Chapter 833: Ding You Break Through Shenhai Yizhong Chapter 834: Jiang Chen's Decision Chapter 835: Whereabouts Exposed Chapter 836: You Are The One Looking For Death Chapter 837: Overwhelm The Seven Powers Of Shenhai Chapter 838: Xu Qianyun Is Angry Chapter 839: Only Chance Chapter 840: Condor Tracking Chapter 841: Encountered A Disciple Of The Cloud Gate Chapter 842: See Through The Identity Chapter 843: Leave Me Forever Chapter 844: Square Sword Formation Chapter 845: The King Of Soul Realm Is Here Chapter 846: In Desperation Chapter 847: Elder Tianxuan Appeared Chapter 848: The Powerful Tianxuan Old Man Chapter 849: Deduct The Whereabouts Of Jiang Chen Chapter 850: Found It Chapter 851: The Purpose Of Shocking The Cloud Gate Chapter 852: Arrange The Teleportation Array Chapter 853: Clouds Cover The Sky Chapter 854: The War Broke Out Chapter 855: Who Dared To Move Me To The Cloud Shaking The Sky Chapter 856: Return Of The Emperor Chapter 857: Yandi City I Am Jiang Chen Chapter 858: North Underworld Chapter 859: Attacked Chapter 860: With Me No One Can Hurt You Chapter 861: The Power Of A Drink Chapter 862: Within Three Breaths You Will Die If You Don't Roll Chapter 863: A Double Kill Shocked The Audience Chapter 864: The Two Star Family Of Beiming City The Dong Family Chapter 865: Where Do You Come From? Where Do You Go Chapter 866: You Interrupted My Practice Chapter 867: Shock The Seven Powers Of Shenhai Chapter 868: Elder Dong Family Chapter 869: I Can Continue Your Life For Three Years Chapter 870: Find The Whereabouts Of Xiao Duli Chapter 871: Genius Hunting Club Chapter 872: Order Of The Elders Too Chapter 873: No Matter Who Comes I Won't Let It To You Chapter 874: Dong's First Genius But So Chapter 875: The Mysterious Jade Pendant That Was Sealed Chapter 876: Shenlong Blood Sacred Body Of Canglong Chapter 877: Spirit Turtle Breaking Life Pill Chapter 878: Competition For Places Chapter 879: You Can Defeat Him Without Yuan Li Chapter 880: Frighten A King Level Genius Chapter 881: He Is Not Qualified To Command Me Chapter 882: Who Can Take Me Three Moves Even If I Lose Chapter 883: The Fifth Level Of Invincible Refining Chapter 884: Ring Battle Three Tricks Chapter 885: Heaven Grade Defensive Martial Arts Blow Through With One Punch Chapter 886: One Punch Blasting Dong's Genius Chapter 887: The Confident Dong Yuntian Chapter 888: Dong De's Successor King Yubi Chapter 889: With A Punch The World Is Silent Chapter 890: Direct Access To Yandi City Chapter 891: Nether Mountain Range Ten Thousand Beast Ridge Chapter 892: The Three Big Forces Gather Chapter 893: The Collision Of Triple Sword Intent Chapter 894: Young Master Tyrant Sword Xiao Bufan Chapter 895: The Genius Hunt Will Begin Chapter 896: Give You A Good Luck To The Dong Family Chapter 897: In My Eyes Nothing Is Impossible Chapter 898: Waiting For The Monster To Come Chapter 899: Crazy Hunting Way Chapter 900: Attract The Beast Pill The Beasts Are Coming Chapter 901: One Man Should Be The Gate But Never Open Chapter 902: Xiao Bufan's Resistance Chapter 903: Each Has Its Own Way Chapter 904: You Have The Ability Just Come And Get It Chapter 905: The Ultimate Duel Between The Royal Geniuses Chapter 906: The Blood Of The Emperor And The Sacred Body Of The Dragon Chapter 907: The Legendary Ancient Body Chapter 908: Sword Intent Showdown Chapter 909: Both Lose And Lose You Are Not Qualified Chapter 910: If You Cant Go Heads Up Then Fight Chapter 911: Sixth Stage Ancient Beast Yin Yang Tiger Is Coming Chapter 912: Sixth Rank Ancient Beast I Can't Kill It Chapter 913: Change Your Demon Pill Chapter 914: One Sword Sixth Rank Ancient Beast Beg For Mercy Chapter 915: Heir To The Great Chapter 916: Kill The Sixth Rank Ancient Beast And Be The First Chapter 917: Lock First In Advance Chapter 918: Available Chapter 919: Four Star Holy Land Yandi City Chapter 920: News Of Xiao Duli Chapter 921: Enter Yandi City Chapter 922: This Battle Let Jiang Chen Come Chapter 923: To Defeat You My Weakest Is Enough Chapter 924: Sixth Rank Great Bloodline Chapter 925: Give Me Defeat Chapter 926: The Emperor Of The Divine Embryo Is Here Chapter 927: Who Dares To Touch My Disciple Of Xiao Duli Chapter 928: Meet The Master And Apprentice Chapter 929: Remains Of Zhun Emperor Chapter 930: A Once In A Century Event Chapter 931: Ascend To The Sky In One Step The Sword Emperor's Successor Chapter 932: The Quota Is Confirmed Chapter 933: Autumn As The Moon Chapter 934: The Place Of Yandi City Inheritance Shenwu Pavilion Chapter 935: The Guards Of Shenwu Pavilion Make Things Difficult Chapter 936: Imperial Disciple Yue Kunyun Chapter 937: Yan Wu Gave An Order And Shocked The Audience Chapter 938: Sorry I Will Not Change Chapter 939: Dare To Gamble With Me Chapter 940: I Took Your Bet Chapter 941: Shenwu Pavilion The World Of Stars Chapter 942: No Inheritance Of Yandi City Chapter 943: The Imperial Martial Arts Inheritance Test Is Triggered Chapter 944: Slap Your Face Instantly Chapter 945: Undefeated Shocked The Audience Chapter 946: Budo Real Promotion Chapter 947: The Imperial Martial Arts Came Out Chapter 948: Shenwu Pavilion Vision Sensational Yandi City Chapter 949: All Thoughts Chapter 950: You Lose This Bet Chapter 951: Get Back What Belongs To Me Chapter 952: Hit Until You Like Chapter 953: Absolutely Suppress Chapter 954: Royal Level Genius Can't Beat It Chapter 955: Yue Kunyun's Clothes Are Soft Chapter 956: Jiang Chen Get Out Of Here Chapter 957: The First Person To Challenge Chapter 958: You Don't Even Have A Chance To Shoot Chapter 959: Whether You Deserve It Or Not You'll Know Soon Chapter 960: Defeated The Enemy With One Sword And Shocked The Audience Chapter 961: Take You To Kill The Chicken And The Monkey Chapter 962: Burning The Fire Chapter 963: Even More Terrifying Than An Emperor Level Genius Chapter 964: He Must Die Chapter 965: Sudden Task Chapter 966: Go To Aria Chapter 967: Conspiracy Chapter 968: Strange Situation Chapter 969: Sect Master Xiaoyue In Question Chapter 970: I Will Give You A Pill Chapter 971: Blood Demon Blast Soul Pill Chapter 972: Let's Make A Deal Chapter 973: Wash The Soul Tian Dan Dissolve Blood Marks Chapter 974: Blood Emperor Blood River Chapter 975: Give Them A Big Gift Chapter 976: Blood Demon Ridge Kill The Blood River Chapter 977: Zhang Hao's Calculations Chapter 978: Lock The Soul Congeal Chapter 979: With Me You Can't Kill Anyone Chapter 980: Either Surrender Or Die Chapter 981: Take A Blood Emperor As A Servant Chapter 982: Will Count Please Enter The Urn Chapter 983: Even If I Yin You What Can You Do Chapter 984: You Are Too Naive Chapter 985: I Only Need One Move To Kill You Chapter 986: Now Beg For Mercy It's A Pity It's Too Late Chapter 987: The Blew Of The Soul King Chapter 988: Solve Return To Yandi City Chapter 989: The Elders Of The Law Enforcement Hall Attacked Chapter 990: That's Their Own Death Chapter 991: If There Is No Evidence Just Get Away Chapter 992: A Gift From Xiao Duli Chapter 993: Up To Four Levels In A Row Shenhai Sixth Level Chapter 994: Xiao Jingyun The Strongest Emperor Of Yandi City Chapter 995: Half Step King Chapter 996: Xiao Baiyi Chapter 997: You Are Not My Opponent Either Chapter 998: How Arrogant And Arrogant Chapter 999: Absolutely Suppress Shock The Audience Chapter 1000: The Sixth Emperor Genius Chapter 1001: Go To The Ruins Of Emperor Zhun Chapter 1002: Xuanming Holy Peak Chapter 1003: The First Of The Five Holy Cities Shenfeng City Chapter 1004: The Five Holy Cities The Gathering Of Geniuses Chapter 1005: The Relics Of Emperor Zhun Are Open Chapter 1006: The Ancient Medicine Garden Tens Of Thousands Of Years Ago Chapter 1007: Domineering Disciple Of Kamikaze City Chapter 1008: Don't Force Me To Do It Chapter 1009: The People Who Threatened Me Are Dead Chapter 1010: Green Lake Chapter 1011: I'm Not Here To Explore Lushuiling Lake Chapter 1012: Show Your Strength Chapter 1013: Sixth Stage Ancient Beast Ancient Ghost Crocodile Chapter 1014: People Are More Angry Than People Chapter 1015: Crazy Control Of Beasts The Sixth Rank Ancient Beast Army Chapter 1016: Liulitian Heart Root Chapter 1017: Emperor Tianwu City Genius Wu Zhanyang Chapter 1018: Let Me Give You Face You Are Not Worthy Chapter 1019: Body Repair Showdown Chapter 1020: You Also Get A Punch Chapter 1021: The First One Is A Genius But So Chapter 1022: Enter The Ancient Medicine Garden Alone Chapter 1023: Wu Zhanyang's Killing Intent Chapter 1024: Quasi Ninth Rank Formation The Universe Kills The Formation Chapter 1025: Someone Got On Board First Chapter 1026: Xuanling Holy Spring Chapter 1027: Emperor Level Genius Of Lingxi City Lingchuan Chapter 1028: Get Out Of Here Chapter 1029: You Are Not Convinced Just Do It Chapter 1030: The First Person Under The Half Step King Chapter 1031: Taichi Soul Mark Chapter 1032: Sorry I Am Not Interested In Cooperating Chapter 1033: The Blood Of The Soul Emperor The Eye Of Silence Chapter 1034: Your Bloodline Pupil Technique Is Useless To Me Chapter 1035: You Should Die Chapter 1036: Blood Soul Secret Art Chapter 1037: No One Can Stop Me From Killing You Chapter 1038: Terrible Quasi Emperor Will Chapter 1039: Drink Water To Increase Your Strength Chapter 1040: Get Treasure Chapter 1041: Half Step King Chapter 1042: The Xuanming Pagoda Is Open Chapter 1043: Send It To Your Door To Find Death Chapter 1044: Xiao Baiyi Was Injured Chapter 1045: Kneel Me Down Chapter 1046: There Is No One In This World That I Dare Not Kill Chapter 1047: Confront Xiao Jingyun Chapter 1048: Enter The Xuanming Pagoda Chapter 1049: One Of The Four Treasures The Mine Chapter 1050: Yuan Ling Amethyst Beast Chapter 1051: I Can Kill It Without Using Yuanli Chapter 1052: Surrender Me And Spare You Not To Die Chapter 1053: Yuanling Mine Mother Chapter 1054: Feng Qingyi Is Here Chapter 1055: If You Don't Want To Fall Here Get Out Chapter 1056: Then I Will Play With You Chapter 1057: Not Qualified To Show Off In Front Of Me Chapter 1058: Why Should I Cooperate With You Chapter 1059: Earthshaker King Kong Ape Chapter 1060: Beat Until You Are Convinced Chapter 1061: I Said It Will Mix With Me In The Future Chapter 1062: I Have Won This Bet Chapter 1063: Would You Like To Bet Please Chapter 1064: Feng Qingyi's Plan Chapter 1065: Mutated Fire Spirit Poisonous Spider Chapter 1066: The Terrifying Increase Of Yuan Lingshi Chapter 1067: Exist As A Monster Chapter 1068: King Of Soul Realm Breakthrough Chapter 1069: The Trial Of Zhun Emperor Inheritance Chapter 1070: They Never Want To Escape From My Palm Chapter 1071: Great Reward Chapter 1072: Slap You To Death Chapter 1073: Eightfold Genius Of Shenhai Turn Over And Suppress Chapter 1074: The Second Floor Of Xuan Ming Pagoda Chapter 1075: Break Two Levels In A Row Perfect Score Chapter 1076: On The Fourth Floor Tianjiao Gather Chapter 1077: Fight For The Blood Of The Quasi Emperor Chapter 1078: Feng Qingyi Appeared Chapter 1079: One Person Suppressed The Audience Chapter 1080: Heaven Ghost Body Chapter 1081: Regarding The Blood Of The Emperor Jiang Chen Is About To Make An Appointment Chapter 1082: I'm Just Defeated So I'm So Afraid Chapter 1083: Divine Soul Realm I Accidentally Broke Through Chapter 1084: Play Sword With Me You Are A Little Tender Chapter 1085: Conquer The Top Five Holy Cities Chapter 1086: Feng Qingyi's Trump Card Chapter 1087: Secret Method I Can Crush You As Well Chapter 1088: Qinglian God Emperor Feng Qingya Chapter 1089: It Only Takes One Sword To Kill You Chapter 1090: Sword Slayer King Clone Chapter 1091: Ten Breaths Do Not Roll Kill Without Mercy Chapter 1092: Xiao Jingyun You Can Roll Too Chapter 1093: Swallow The Blood Of The Emperor Chapter 1094: Ding You Successfully Promoted To The Real Dragon Body Chapter 1095: Xuanming Pagoda Spirit Xuan Ye Chapter 1096: Take Control Of The Xuanming Pagoda Chapter 1097: The Relics Of Zhun Emperor Are Closed Chapter 1098: The Emperor Of Kamikaze City Is In Trouble Chapter 1099: The Clash Of Two Imperial Powers Chapter 1100: The Might Of Xiao Duli Defeat The Emperor With One Move Chapter 1101: Xiao Jingyun's Conspiracy Chapter 1102: I Brought Out The Xuanming Pagoda Chapter 1103: Return To The Northern Wilderness Chapter 1104: The Taixuzong Disciple Who Was Hunted Down Chapter 1105: Don't Deceive Me Too Xu Zong No One Chapter 1106: Kill Shenhai With One Finger Chapter 1107: The Danger Of Taixuzong Chapter 1108: Venerable Blood Shadow Reappears Chapter 1109: At The Critical Moment A Strong Return Chapter 1110: I Am Enough To Kill You Chapter 1111: Jiang Chen's Terrifying Power Chapter 1112: Since It's Here Stay Chapter 1113: Killing Shenhai Is Like Killing A Dog Chapter 1114: The Power Of The King Shocked The Audience Chapter 1115: Changes In The Great Xia Kingdom Chapter 1116: Take Me To See Xia Xuan Chapter 1117: Jiang Chen God Of War Protector Chapter 1118: Slap To Death Chapter 1119: Turn Upside Down Chapter 1120: The Minions Of The Blood Demon Palace The Meng Family Chapter 1121: Dare To Run Wild In Daxia Country And Die Chapter 1122: After Today There Will Be No Meng Family In Daxia Chapter 1123: Kill One With One Finger Chapter 1124: I See God's Sea Like Ants Chapter 1125: Three Highnesses Of The Blood Demon Palace Chapter 1126: Killed Two Accidentally 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Chapter 1254: Divine Embryo Realm I Haven't Killed It Chapter 1255: Three Punches Xiao Yuanlie Chapter 1256: In Addition To Shock Shock Chapter 1257: Shake The Xiao Family Ancestors Hard Chapter 1258: Push The Invincible Horizontally One Person Crushes The Holy City Chapter 1259: A Place Of Death Chapter 1260: Cangyue Holy Land Yuesiyun Chapter 1261: If You Dont Listen To Good People You Will Suffer Chapter 1262: Seventh Rank Monster Beast I Can Conquer It With My Finger Chapter 1263: Conspiracy Chapter 1264: No Matter Who You Are Don't Touch Me Chapter 1265: Go Straight To The Black Evil Club Chapter 1266: Qiu Heisha Come See Me Quickly Chapter 1267: Black Evil Will Surrender Chapter 1268: The Whereabouts Of Xiao Duli Chapter 1269: Come From Nirvana City Chapter 1270: Not Even As Good As My Servant Chapter 1271: Death Order Chapter 1272: Silence City Lord Ye Chengjun Chapter 1273: Ye Chengjun See Your Highness Chapter 1274: Mutated Ancient Imperial Mausoleum Chapter 1275: Go To The Ancient Imperial Mausoleum Chapter 1276: Amazing Energy Body Chapter 1277: I Am Here Waiting For You To Beg Me Chapter 1278: Don't Want To Die Just Kneel Down And Beg Me Chapter 1279: All Slapped To Pieces Chapter 1280: Conscious Energy Body Chapter 1281: Ding You Break Through The Divine Fetus Double Chapter 1282: You Can't Stop Me Chapter 1283: I Am Someone You Can't Afford Chapter 1284: Haotian Holy Land Xia Yuanfeng Chapter 1285: In This World There Is No One I Dare Not Kill Chapter 1286: The Emperors Bloodline Supernatural Power Haotian Pupil Chapter 1287: The Strongest Genius In Shenwu Continent Xia Yuanhao Chapter 1288: One Print Obliterated Chapter 1289: You Are Not Qualified To Negotiate Terms With Me Chapter 1290: The Secret Of The Ancient Imperial Mausoleum Chapter 1291: I'm Not Looking For Death Only Someone Chapter 1292: Kill One Person In One Step With One Enemy Four Chapter 1293: The Mysterious Blood Shadow From The Blood Demon Palace Chapter 1294: Meet The Master And 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Three Great Arrogances Chapter 1335: Haotian Son Xia Yuanhao Chapter 1336: Haotian Combat Body Immortal Golden Body Chapter 1337: Physical Training Can Crush You As Can Martial Arts Chapter 1338: Absolutely Suppress Defeat The Son Of Haotian Chapter 1339: Starry Sky And Ancient Road Open Chapter 1340: The Great Divine Wine Haotian Brewed Chapter 1341: Go Crazy Chapter 1342: The Skyrocketing Field Power Chapter 1343: Strongly Crushed Chapter 1344: Enter The Mysterious Blood Repair Of The Ancient Starry Sky Chapter 1345: They Are Not Qualified So Let Me Change Chapter 1346: The Blood Drinking Knife Has No Return Chapter 1347: The Nine Fold Emperor Of The Womb Kill With Three Swords Chapter 1348: The Ninth Stage Of The Ancient Starry Sky Chapter 1349: The Last Gatekeeper Chapter 1350: Star City Baidi Cemetery Chapter 1351: Tomb Of The Fallen Sword Emperor Chapter 1352: Accept The Heritage Chapter 1353: Get The Xuanyin Divine Stone And Leave Star City Chapter 1354: The Great Change In Zhongzhou The Blood Demon Palace Comes Out Chapter 1355: Heaven Swallowing Blood Emperor Blood Chapter 1356: Dare To Run Wild In My Place And Die Chapter 1357: Fighting Blood Youtian Chapter 1358: Invincible Domain Power Chapter 1359: I Will Suppress The Chaos In This Life Chapter 1360: The Beginning Of The Killing Chapter 1361: One Person One Sword Kill The Blood Demon Branch Hall Chapter 1362: Megatron Central State Chapter 1363: Kill The Blood Emperor Destroy Another Palace Chapter 1364: He Has Surpassed Everything Alone Chapter 1365: The Three Blood Emperors Gather Chapter 1366: The Emperor Is Invincible Chapter 1367: Flatten The Blood Demon Hall Chapter 1368: News From The Land Of Destruction Chapter 1369: Either Surrender Or Die Chapter 1370: If You Don't Accept It Then Hit You Chapter 1371: Under The World There Is No One I Dare Not Kill Chapter 1372: The War Broke Out Chapter 1373: Kill The Nine Emperors Of The Divine Baby Chapter 1374: Hunting All The Way A Good Harvest Chapter 1375: Yuanling Reincarnation Formation Chapter 1376: Show Me The Way Spare You Not To Die Chapter 1377: Re Enter The Ancient Imperial Mausoleum Chapter 1378: Ancient Kunxuzong Site Chapter 1379: Kunxu Palace Chapter 1380: Conquer The Dragon Corpse Of The Emperor Realm Chapter 1381: With The Coffin The Five Elements Reincarnation Coffin Chapter 1382: The Emperor Bone Relic In The Five Elements Reincarnation Coffin Chapter 1383: The Corpse Of The Emperor Broke Out Of The Coffin Chapter 1384: The Ancient Kunxu Sect Is Destroyed Chapter 1385: The Ninth Peak Of The Womb Chapter 1386: Take Control Of The Emperor's Body Chapter 1387: Thor Ancient World Chapter 1388: Go To The Ancient World Of Thor Chapter 1389: Raytheon Stream The Supreme Emperors Gather Chapter 1390: Emperor Yunguo Chapter 1391: Time To Get The Emperor Yunguo Chapter 1392: Enlightenment Under The Emperor Yun Shen Tree Chapter 1393: Kill One With One Sword Chapter 1394: Those Who Cross This Line Die Chapter 1395: Ten Emperors In Yiyu Town Chapter 1396: The Person Closest To The Emperor Zhun A Thousand Years Ago Chapter 1397: Fight Against Ghost Taoists Chapter 1398: The Quasi Emperor Is Here Chapter 1399: Hard To Shake The Rules Of The Emperor Chapter 1400: As The Lord Of Nirvana City Every Day Is Silent Chapter 1401: The Law Of Kendo Break Through The Quasi Emperor Chapter 1402: The Rule Of The Imperial Realm Of Crazy Growth Chapter 1403: Shenpin Zongmen Inherits The Most Treasure Transforms The Gods Chapter 1404: Eight Quasi Emperors Chapter 1405: Break The Seal We Are Enough Chapter 1406: Real Dragon Magic Medicine Transforming The Gods Into The Pot Chapter 1407: Give You Two Choices Chapter 1408: With One Sword Zhundi Falls Chapter 1409: Cut The Three Quasi Emperors Even Chapter 1410: The Mantis Catches The Cicada The Oriole Is Behind Chapter 1411: Who Has An Opinion? Chapter 1412: Collect Hua Shen Ding Chapter 1413: The Origin Reappears The Catastrophe Is Coming Chapter 1414: The Quasi Emperor Of The Blood Demon Palace Sky Chapter 1415: I Am Here To Kill You Chapter 1416: The Emperor Is Like An Ant To Me Chapter 1417: Retreat And Practice And Enter The Magic Pot Chapter 1418: The Formation Dissipated And The Nine You King Was Born Chapter 1419: The Blood Spirit Clan Powerhouse Is Here Chapter 1420: The Terrifying Power Of The Strong Emperor Chapter 1421: Jiang Chen Is Out Chapter 1422: Fight Li Jiuyou Chapter 1423: Emperor Body Battle Chapter 1424: I Have A Seal I Can Punish God Chapter 1425: Kill Li Jiuyou Chapter 1426: Go To Xuanling Continent Chapter 1427: The True Meaning Of Life The Realm Of Life Chapter 1428: Scarlet Wasteland Chapter 1429: God's Domain Is The Strongest Body Tianfeng Body Chapter 1430: Let Your Chiefs Come And See Me Chapter 1431: He Is A Human Spy Chapter 1432: I'm The One You Can't Afford Chapter 1433: Eight Star Blood General Ants Chapter 1434: Slap To Death Chapter 1435: The Scarlet Wasteland Is Shaking Chapter 1436: Cangyun Tribe Comes Chapter 1437: Kill Him Like A Dog Chapter 1438: From Today I Am Honored In The Scarlet Wasteland Chapter 1439: The Two Tribal Alliances Are Here Chapter 1440: Those Who Refuse To Accept Kill Without Mercy Chapter 1441: The Quasi Emperor Is Strong With One Foot Chapter 1442: The Scarlet Wasteland Bows Its Head And Then Erects The Imperial Palace Chapter 1443: Attack The Scarlet Blood Pass Chapter 1444: Nine Star Blood General Kill In One Seal Chapter 1445: The Rules Of The Six Emperors Chapter 1446: Today I Am Here To Destroy The Blood River Region Chapter 1447: In The Imperial Battle One Enemy Three Chapter 1448: Kill The Three Emperors Chapter 1449: The Sealed Ghost Clone Chapter 1450: Extinguish The Virtual World Clone Chapter 1451: The Blood River Region Is Destroyed And The Two Clans Are Shaken Chapter 1452: Ye Chengjun Is Here Chapter 1453: Go To The Imperial City Chapter 1454: This Will Prove My Identity Chapter 1455: Domineering Mother Ji Wushuang Chapter 1456: Heir Assessment Of The Emperor Chapter 1457: You Can Pick Me Up Even If I Lose Chapter 1458: Yiyin Shakes The Audience Chapter 1459: Who Else Is Not Convinced Despite The Fight Chapter 1460: Ye Wuji The First Genius Of The Ye Clan Chapter 1461: To Deal With You There Is No Need To Display The Human Seal Chapter 1462: Ye Wuji Surrender Chapter 1463: The Emperor Trial Is On Chapter 1464: A Genius From God's Domain Chapter 1465: Dragon Qi Robbery Plan Chapter 1466: God's Domain Genius But So Chapter 1467: Crazy Growth Of Dragon Pattern Chapter 1468: Nothing Just A Robbery Chapter 1469: Three Angry Heirs To The Emperor Chapter 1470: Each Has Its Own Way Chapter 1471: The Sacred Genius Comes Chapter 1472: For You I Am Enough Chapter 1473: Fight Against Bai Qiuhan Chapter 1474: The Praying Mantis Thumps The Cicada The Oriole Is Behind Chapter 1475: Sorry You Have No Chance Chapter 1476: The Baptism Of The Emperor Seal Return To The Middle Of The Market Chapter 1477: When Jiang Chen Returned The Audience Was Shocked Chapter 1478: I Am The Emperor Chapter 1479: Blood Spirit Race Change Chapter 1480: Take The Initiative To Attack The Wasteland Chapter 1481: Sword The Two Emperors Chapter 1482: In The Later Period Of Guixu No More Ants Chapter 1483: The Old Monster In The Wasteland Chapter 1484: No One Can Stop Destroy Another Domain Chapter 1485: The Unrestrained Rage Chapter 1486: The Law Condenses Military Skills Chapter 1487: The Great Emperor Of The Peak Realm Chapter 1488: The Great Fall Chapter 1489: The Shock Of The Blood Emperor Chapter 1490: The Cold King Who Can't Shrink Chapter 1491: How Can The Mere Formation Of The Inferior Products Stop Me Chapter 1492: Bloody Cold King's Trump Card The Power Of The Imaginary God Chapter 1493: Essence And Blood Divine Power Is Born Chapter 1494: The Blood Spirit Tribe Shakes Chapter 1495: The Decisive Battle Begins Chapter 1496: The Terran Defeat Nanbu Prefecture Is In Danger Chapter 1497: One Seal Three Kills Chapter 1498: The Battle Between The Two Races Is Coming To An End Chapter 1499: Emperor Tu Is Like Slaughtering Chickens And Dogs Chapter 1500: The Law Condenses Soldiers Superb Sword Chapter 1501: The True God Projection Is Here Chapter 1502: Mortals Are Ants To Me Chapter 1503: I Will Come To You To Settle This Account Chapter 1504: Return To Hualongcheng And Enter The Realm Of God Chapter 1505: The Ancient Dragon World The Ancient Dragon Chapter 1506: Xue Qianrou Chapter 1507: The Evil Character Recommended By The Elders Chapter 1508: Enter The Manor Two Rules For Promotion Chapter 1509: Choose Exercises Chapter 1510: Fragment Of Taixu Sacred Dragon Picture Chapter 1511: Within One Year The Exercises Will Come By Themselves Chapter 1512: Central Area Magic Dragon Palace Chapter 1513: Yuanjia Road Is Narrow Chapter 1514: Magic Dragon Palace Break Through Chapter 1515: Gatekeeper Of The Seventh Pass Chapter 1516: Go Straight To Seven Levels And Break The Record Chapter 1517: Beverage Shop In Earth Dragon City Chapter 1518: A Cup Of Drink Can Be An Epiphany Chapter 1519: The Eight Pass Genius Of The Magic Dragon Palace Gu Ling Chapter 1520: You Are Not Worthy To Want Her To Be Your Servant Chapter 1521: True God Realm Breakthrough Chapter 1522: God King Level Exercises Taixu Holy Dragon Pictured Chapter 1523: Magic Dragon Palace Tenth Level Chapter 1524: The Terrifying Middle Aged Tsing Yi Chapter 1525: Trial Of The Dragon Is On Chapter 1526: Pang Qingyuan's Shock Chapter 1527: Lagging Ranking Chapter 1528: Infinite Kendo Chapter 1529: Turned Out The Coercive Quartet Chapter 1530: A True Dragon Genius Defeated By One Sword Chapter 1531: The Ranking Skyrocketed Chapter 1532: Sword King Baili Sword Chapter 1533: Destroy The World And Kill The Sword Chapter 1534: Defeated The King Of Swords And Made It To The Top Of The Dragon List Chapter 1535: Fire King Yan Yu Is Coming Chapter 1536: When You're Done Hand In Your Score Chapter 1537: Horrified Fire King Chapter 1538: One Sword Cannot Defeat You Then Two Swords Chapter 1539: King Killer Jiang Chen Chapter 1540: In The Last Three Days Start The Time For Points Chapter 1541: Bailijian We Are Really Destined Chapter 1542: Fire King Yanyu Who Vomits Blood Chapter 1543: The Trial Is Over And Win The First Place Chapter 1544: Promoted To Sky Dragon City Chapter 1545: Tianlong Temple Test Chapter 1546: The Weakest Dragon Ranking First In History Chapter 1547: Late True God Chapter 1548: I Just Want To Change A Place To Live Chapter 1549: Enter The Tianlong Palace Again Chapter 1550: Thirty Breaths The Tenth True Dragon Arrogant Chapter 1551: First Class Disciple Bai Liting Chapter 1552: God's Gift Tenth Hanging Peak Chapter 1553: One Year Later No One Refused Chapter 1554: Six Rules Of Triple Heaven Chapter 1555: Let's Go Together Chapter 1556: Take My Sword Even If I Lose Chapter 1557: Four Great Disciples Kill With One Sword Chapter 1558: Accept Advanced Tasks Chapter 1559: Black Dragon Empire Chapter 1560: Traces Of The Strong In The Blood Moon World Chapter 1561: Prince Long Xuanyin Chapter 1562: From Now On Here I Have The Final Say Chapter 1563: Invincible Power Chapter 1564: Battle Of The Blood Moon Realm Powerhouse Chapter 1565: Unexpected Discovery Chapter 1566: Xuan Yuzong Chapter 1567: Let Your Lord Come Out To See Me Chapter 1568: I Come For One Person Chapter 1569: Those Who Block Me Will Kill Me Without Mercy Chapter 1570: The Old Monster Of Xuanyu Sect Chapter 1571: I Have A Sword That Can Kill The Gods Chapter 1572: The Third True Dragon Tianjiao Long Ji Chapter 1573: You Blocked My Way Chapter 1574: The Magical Effect Of Gulong's Blood Chapter 1575: Ancient Sacred Dragon Ruins Chapter 1576: Venerable Jianxin Dragon Jianxin Chapter 1577: Dragon Silence Chapter 1578: Before Me What A Genius Are You Chapter 1579: The Battle Of The True Dragon Arrogance Chapter 1580: Overpower The Third True Dragon Tianjiao Chapter 1581: Defeat The Dragon Silence And Deter Tianlongcheng Chapter 1582: Thirty Five Breaths Get To The Top Chapter 1583: Two And A Half Years The Middle True Late Stage Chapter 1584: The Ancient Sacred Dragon Remains Open Chapter 1585: Seven Dragon Guards Chapter 1586: The Woman In Red With Bad Intentions Chapter 1587: World God Class Zongmen Site Chapter 1588: Godless Fruit Chapter 1589: Fight For The Unsullied Fruit Chapter 1590: Jiang Chen Shot Chapter 1591: Now I Am Qualified Chapter 1592: The Origin Of The Ancient Sacred Dragon Chapter 1593: The Origin Of Kendo Half Step God Chapter 1594: I Just Passed By Chapter 1595: Soul Road Half A Step Into The Heavenly God Realm Chapter 1596: God King Level Exercises Show Their Power Chapter 1597: Kill The Two Half Step Heavenly God Realm And See Chapter 1598: Wusheng Valley Chapter 1599: Wannian Blood Date Chapter 1600: You Bothered Me To Collect Dates Chapter 1601: No One Wants To Grab My Things Chapter 1602: Cave House Of The Ancient Strong Chapter 1603: Venerable Wusheng Chapter 1604: The Legendary World Mind Crystal Chapter 1605: Half A Step Into The Heavenly God Realm I Only Killed Two Chapter 1606: The Sudden Red Figure Chapter 1607: God Forbidden Trigger Chapter 1608: Zhuang Shengyang's Despair Chapter 1609: No One I Dare Not Kill Chapter 1610: Defend God's Forbidden Guardian Of World Heart Chapter 1611: One Of The Three Sacred Trees Of God's Domain The Tree Of Life Chapter 1612: Holy Dragon Temple Chapter 1613: Ding You Break Through The Superior True God Chapter 1614: Holy Dragon Monument Chapter 1615: The First Shenlongwei Long Chixiao Chapter 1616: One Trick Is Enough To Defeat You Chapter 1617: Induction Of Taixu Sacred Dragon Chapter 1618: The Holy Dragon Temple Is Here Chapter 1619: God Is King Chapter 1620: Public Enemies Of The Four Realms Chapter 1621: Kill One With One Sword Chapter 1622: Ten Half Step Heavenly Gods Wiped Out Chapter 1623: Enter The Holy Dragon Temple Chapter 1624: The Only Descendant Of Shenglong Temple Chapter 1625: Swallow The World Mind Crystal Chapter 1626: The Top Talents Gather Chapter 1627: A Rise Of Horror Chapter 1628: I'm Here What Can You Do Chapter 1629: Fight For A Half Step At The Peak Of The Heavenly God Realm Chapter 1630: One Enemy Four Chapter 1631: The Genius Who Swept The Four Realms Chapter 1632: Four Shocked Venerables Chapter 1633: Let The Holy Dragon Temple Disappear Completely Chapter 1634: Zhuang Shengyang Who Came Back From The Dead Chapter 1635: Back To Tianlongcheng Chapter 1636: Enter The Tianlong Palace Again The First Person In History Chapter 1637: The Highest True Peak The Body Vision Is Great Chapter 1638: Territory War Broke Out Chapter 1639: Support Tianpeng Kingdom Chapter 1640: Kill The Quartet Chapter 1641: Invincible All The Way Chapter 1642: The Nine Young Masters Of Blood Moon Palace Chapter 1643: Even If The Gods Come I Can Kill Them Chapter 1644: You Tiankui The Wrath Chapter 1645: Tianpeng Shenhuang's Guess Chapter 1646: Heavenly God Realm Powerhouse Is Coming Chapter 1647: Overwhelm The Gods Chapter 1648: Cut A To See Chapter 1649: Give Them A Big Gift Chapter 1650: Suddenly A Peerless Sword Chapter 1651: Cut The Heavens Again Chapter 1652: The Army Of The Blood Moon Realm Chapter 1653: Kill All Chapter 1654: Shocking Gulong People Chapter 1655: Ancient Thunder Tree The Origin Of Thunder Road Is Complete Chapter 1656: The Cause Of The War Chapter 1657: The War Is Back Chapter 1658: The Sixth Son Of The Blood Moon Palace Tu Yuan Chapter 1659: Above The Heavens Chapter 1660: Heavenly God Tier 2 Is Unstoppable Chapter 1661: World God Hair Chapter 1662: Unbelievable Blood Moon Venerable Chapter 1663: The Name Of Jiang Chen The Two Big Realms Of Megatron Chapter 1664: Kill Jiang Chen At All Costs Chapter 1665: Each Has Its Own Way Chapter 1666: Old Master Of Blood Moon Palace Blood Yin Chapter 1667: Shen Yuanhai Arrives Chapter 1668: Overwhelm The Third Order Of The God Chapter 1669: Betray Chapter 1670: World God's Decree Chapter 1671: Blood Moon You Lost Again In This Round Chapter 1672: The War Is Over Back To Tianlongcheng Chapter 1673: Clear The Tianlong Temple Chapter 1674: Elder Jinling Of The Ancient Dragon Chapter 1675: Dandian Chapter 1676: Shocked The Audience Chapter 1677: Natural Pill Chapter 1678: Insanely Elevated Alchemy Chapter 1679: Ding You Become A God Ranked Alchemist Chapter 1680: Dandian Genius Sikonghang Chapter 1681: Each Has Its Own Ability Chapter 1682: Convince You Of Losing Chapter 1683: Divide Pill Magic Once Again Kill Chapter 1684: God Rank Fourth Rank Celestial Rank Alchemist Chapter 1685: Ancient Remnants Chapter 1686: The Declining Pill Palace Chapter 1687: Now I Am Qualified Chapter 1688: Elder Jin Ling Shocked The Audience Chapter 1689: Comprehend The Seventh Order Remnant Formula Chapter 1690: Terrifying Natural Pill Chapter 1691: The Law Of Fire Is Complete Chapter 1692: The Northern Territory Has Changed Chapter 1693: The Danger Of The Snow Family Chapter 1694: The Snow Palace Is Coming Chapter 1695: One Finger Volley Chapter 1696: Heavenly God Tier Two Kill With One Sword Chapter 1697: Kill The Snow God Palace Chapter 1698: For You I Am Enough Chapter 1699: Those Who Betray The Ancient Dragon World Kill Chapter 1700: If You Don't Want To Die Just Get Out Of Here Chapter 1701: Enter The Third Order Of The Gods Chapter 1702: The Decree Of The World God I Have It Too Chapter 1703: One Person In The Northern Region Chapter 1704: All Parties Are Moving Chapter 1705: The Blood Moon World Is Back Chapter 1706: The War Broke Out Chapter 1707: One Move To Kill The Blood Chapter 1708: Hard To Shake The Sixth Order Of The Gods Chapter 1709: The Sacred Tree Of Life Is Invincible Chapter 1710: The Blood Poisoned Boss Who Became Angry Chapter 1711: Overpower The Sixth Order Of The Gods Chapter 1712: The Vision Of Heaven The World Is Born Chapter 1713: Counterattack Defeat The Blood Moon World Chapter 1714: Meet The Blood Again Chapter 1715: The Blood Moon World Is Destroyed Chapter 1716: Set Off To The Great Wilderness Chapter 1717: Eternal Void Chapter 1718: Dead End Chapter 1719: Capture The Void Boat Chapter 1720: Heavenly God Tier 4 No More Ants Chapter 1721: Eternal Void Situation Chapter 1722: Reach The Zilin World Chapter 1723: Was Found Chapter 1724: Wanted From The Zixiao Kingdom Chapter 1725: Zixiao Thrills Thunder River Chapter 1726: Who Dares To Form Me Kill Without Mercy Chapter 1727: Ive Never Killed The People At Ziyun Gate Chapter 1728: Destroy The Fourth Order Of The Gods Chapter 1729: Give You A Great Gift Chapter 1730: Celestial Fifth Order Space Creature Chapter 1731: Void Whale With A Master Chapter 1732: The Eternal Temple Chapter 1733: The Terrifying Power Of The Eternal Temple Chapter 1734: Not A Place For Ordinary People To Stay Chapter 1735: Upgrade The Void Boat Chapter 1736: Temple Arena Chapter 1737: Challenge Ten Consecutive Victories Chapter 1738: Ten Million I Bought Myself Ten Consecutive Victories Chapter 1739: All In One Move Chapter 1740: A Genius From The Great Wilderness Chapter 1741: You Can't Come On With A Stronger One Chapter 1742: The Vision Of Dual Exercises Chapter 1743: Golden Eternal Order Chapter 1744: Sorry I Refuse Chapter 1745: Jiang Chen's Decision Chapter 1746: Come And Kill Me If You Have The Ability Chapter 1747: Great Wasteland South Lizhou Chapter 1748: The Terrifying Ghost Of The Mountain Chapter 1749: I'm Cheating You Chapter 1750: Destroy The Sixth Order Of The Gods Chapter 1751: Tianji Building Chapter 1752: Crisis Of Gulong Chamber Of Commerce Chapter 1753: Legacy Of The Venerable Chapter 1754: Hong Qinghuo's Shock Chapter 1755: I Also Like Being Unreasonable Chapter 1756: Ancient Dragon Realm Jiang Chen Chapter 1757: The Song Family's Shock Chapter 1758: Let The Song Family Be Removed From Nanli Shencheng Chapter 1759: If That's The Case Let's Die Forever Chapter 1760: Pushing Invincible 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Chapter 2076: Consummation Of The Power Of The Soul World Chapter 2077: Destroy The Soul Eater Protoss Chapter 2078: Ten Dao In One Breakthrough God Of Realm Chapter 2079: Guxuandao Wakes Up Chapter 2080: Old Things Chapter 2081: Go To The Door Chapter 2082: Tianling City A Holy Place For Spiritual Practice Chapter 2083: Tianji Shenlou Chapter 2084: Shenzong Grand Ceremony Chapter 2085: Reveal Identity Chapter 2086: Elders Dont Come Without Problems Chapter 2087: Let Gu Tianlin Get Out Chapter 2088: Gu Tianlin Debut Chapter 2089: Two Star Tianzun Slap Flying Chapter 2090: Defeated With One Sword Chapter 2091: Void Demon Chapter 2092: Fighting Heavenly Void Demon Lord Chapter 2093: I'm Acting Jiang Chen Why Do I Need To Explain To You Chapter 2094: Hard To Shake The King Realm Power Chapter 2095: Overpowering The Ancient Cang God King Chapter 2096: Slash Through The King's Way With One Sword Chapter 2097: It's enough to have them Chapter 2098: The purpose of the Clear Sky Sword Sect Chapter 2099: Forbidden Land Chapter 2100: The five powers of the Eastern Region Chapter 2101: If you want to fight, I will be with you Chapter 2102: Master of the Wraith Temple, but so Chapter 2103: Haotian Sword Sect Holy Land Chapter 2104: Comprehend the rhyme of the three heavenly gods Chapter 2105: Reinforce the seal Chapter 2106: War broke out Chapter 2107: Array destroyed Chapter 2108: Break through the four-star earth Chapter 2109: Into the Town Demon Forbidden Land Chapter 2110: Killing you is just a breeze Chapter 2111: Void Nest Chapter 2112: Surrender or die Chapter 2113: Tier 1 Demon God Shentu Chapter 2114: Mysterious Ancient Sword Chapter 2115: Guilty mind Chapter 2116: Identity exposure Chapter 2117: If he doesnt come out, then force him out Chapter 2118: The Danger of the Ancient Spirit Sect Chapter 2119: I'm here, what can you do Chapter 2120: Great War Lishun God King Chapter 2121: Hard Shake God King Triple Heaven Chapter 2122: Sword and Elephant in One Chapter 2123: Go to Ji Chapter 2124: The situation of the Ji nationality Chapter 2125: Come from Zhongyu Chapter 2126: Inheritance of Tianyuan Temple Chapter 2127: You are too weak Chapter 2128: Test of horror Chapter 2129: Ji Tianyuan Chapter 2130: The arrogant genius of the Ji clan in the Central Region Chapter 2131: Ji Qianbai is full of confidence Chapter 2132: You bothered me to practice Chapter 2133: Let's go together, I'm in a hurry Chapter 2134: Take me a sword, even if I lose Chapter 2135: Shock of the Ji Clan in the Middle Region Chapter 2136: News from all sides Chapter 2137: Long Jiuhan's Plan Chapter 2138: Come to the door Chapter 2139: Unstoppable Long Jiuhan Chapter 2140: The ancestor of the Ji Clan in the Eastern Region, Ji Tianyou Chapter 2141: Jiang Chen shot Chapter 2142: Long Jiuhan Chapter 2143: A fierce battle Chapter 2144: The Trump Card of the Ji Clan of the Eastern Region Chapter 2145: Cangming, invincible in the world Chapter 2146: Ji Qianye's interception Chapter 2147: Next time, I will pay back ten times Chapter 2148: Re-enter the eternal void Chapter 2149: Tier 2 Demon God, kill with one sword