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However, Zhang Shiyang said that after four days of rest, he was going to continue his cultivation, because this time the refining device had bought a lot of spiritual essence that could be used for cultivation, and he sat cross-legged and took out some spiritual essence and put it beside him. Pick out a three-thousand-year-old ginseng, put it in your mouth, close your eyes, and run the exercises. The talisman in your body will flow, and the mysterious yellow gas will continue to be produced and absorbed by the primordial spirit. As time goes by, the spiritual essence will grow one by one. After being digested and absorbed, the primordial spirit in the body is constantly changing into a mysterious yellow. Whenever all the spirits were used up, Zhang Shiyang started to refine the equipment again, and then asked Liu Yang and Wang Tao to exchange the spirits and the materials for the refinement.

After nine years, Zhang Shiyang was nineteen years old, and after nine years of training, he opened his eyes and took out a spiritual essence. After several years of cultivation, Zhang Shiyang feels that he will be able to achieve Consummation and return to the Void. Refining the gods and returning to the emptiness is equivalent to the mysterious period of this world, and has initially realized the profound meaning, can mobilize the power of the heaven and the earth, cultivate the realm to refine the qi (transcendence), refine the qi to transform the gods (supernatural powers), refine the gods to return to the emptiness (xuanao), Practicing virtual harmony (heaven and human). After that, there are Taoist Sanxian, Earthxian, and Tianxian corresponding to the Taoist stage of this world, corresponding to the first, middle and back third levels of Taoist, Jinxian corresponding to Taoist, and Da Luo corresponding to Taoist ancestor.

Of course, what excites Zhang Shiyang most is that the primordial spirit can be immortal, he can have a certain amount of capital in this world, and some Taoist magical powers can be initially cultivated. Just do what you say, put that pillar spirit into your mouth, and run the "Dayan Zhoutian" art. Numerous seals in your body will revolve, the sound of the avenue will sound, and countless mysterious principles will flash. The Yuanshen kept absorbing the power of the Xuanhuang Xuanhuang, and the countless seals in the body unexpectedly escaped from the body and entered the Yuanshen, continuously moving along the path of the mysterious. In vain, the power of Xuanhuang accelerated the absorption, and the vitality in the body continued to penetrate into the primordial spirit, the flesh continued to wither, and finally the flesh turned into fly ash and disappeared. The moment the body turned into one billionth of the fly ash, the primordial spirit was completely transformed into a black yellow, the talisman in the body was hidden, the sound of the great road, the heaven and the earth disappeared, and the primordial spirit was floating in the void out of thin air.

It took three full days for Zhang Shiyang to accept the supreme truth that came from the Great Dao at the moment when the primordial spirit was formed, and fully understood and mastered the essence of the Xuanhuang indestructible primordial spirit. I saw the yellow light of the Yuanshen flashing, and a physical body was born out of thin air. It turns out that as long as you cultivate into the immortal soul, then the physical body is not so important. After all, in the future, you will realize the way of heaven. The soul is immortal and immortal. As long as the soul is immortal, you can shape the physical body out of thin air, and you are about to use the opportunity to break through and return to the void. So I was once again immersed in the Dayan Zhou Tian. Three hours later, I saw a mysterious wave coming from Zhang Shiyang. The whole person seemed to be integrated with the heaven and the earth. It was the practice of refining the gods to return to the emptiness, uniting the heavens and the earth, and practicing the law of holiness and integration. , This is the mystery that breaks through to the stage of practice. Zhang Shiyang sat down cross-legged, carefully comprehending the mystery of the heavens and the earth, and only felt that he was integrated with the heavens and the earth, and he could mobilize the vitality of the heavens and the earth, and his mana was vast. Perhaps because of the relationship between the soul, the vitality is integrated with himself at all times, and the soul is not afraid of consuming too much mana, because the mana is used at any time and refilled at any time.

Sitting in the cave, Zhang Shiyang recalled the practice of this road. He only felt that nine years had passed in a rush of time. He couldn't help but sighed: "Years are never counted in the mountains. After all, when I walked out of the cave, I saw Liu Yang and Wang Tao chatting. Seeing Zhang Shiyang coming out, he stepped forward to salute and said: "Last month, the uncle master said that he would break through the realm. I didn't expect to break through so soon. I really deserve to be the father and son of the Taoist master. Zhang Shiyang saw the two slapping their beards and slapped their horses and scolded: "Okay, dont slap your beards and horses anymore. I may have very few refining tools in the future. In this period, you two have also made a lot of money. Its my father who personally pushed it. Its cheaper for both of you."

. After all, throwing a piece of ancient jade to the two of them, this tactic was deduced by the Taoist master, but because it was a bit tasteless, it was thrown into the corner by Zhang Qing a long time ago. Later, Zhang Shiyang accidentally saw it. After writing it down, I'm not afraid of being reprimanded by my father when the time comes. After all, Dao Master is so powerful, how can he care about a tactic he has abandoned, but this tactic improves his physique and cultivates into a pseudo-dao body.

At first, the two heard that Zhang Shiyang did not refine the tools and they had a jump. After all, the two took advantage of the opportunity to make a lot of benefits, and Zhang Shiyang's magic tools were rather strange and very popular. But after seeing Fa Jue, the two of them lost their melancholy and thanked them for their kindness. There are very few methods for improving physical fitness in this world, and some people simply don't have access to it. I don't know how many years they have been stuck in the mysterious stage. If they improve their physique, they are likely to break through to the realm of heaven and human. Waved and told the two to retreat, Zhang Shiyang came to the main hall of Bixiufeng alone, which is the place where visitors usually receive. By coincidence, Xu Shijie walked out of the main hall and saw Zhang Shiyang stepping forward and saying: "Junior Brother, you are out of the customs, you must have broken through to the mysterious stage, let's go and celebrate with Brother Brother." When he said that, he pulled Zhang Shiyang into his cave, and after asking Zhang Shiyang to sit down, Xu Shijie hit a few magic tricks underground, and the light flashed.

A hole appeared, a strong aroma of wine came, and a pot of fragrant wine was taken out as soon as the mana was shot. Seeing Zhang Shiyang's surprised expression, Xu Shijie said triumphantly: "This is a good wine I have treasured for seven thousand years. I remember that it was when I broke through to the realm of supernatural power and buried it that year. Unexpectedly, for thousands of years, this is close to ten thousand years. Good wine, come, brother, taste it." Zhang Shiyang took the wine jar, picked up two jade wine glasses from the table, poured them into them, and the aroma of the wine became more intense. After the two brothers and sisters had a drink, they started chattering about some homemade things. Xu Shijie began to tell Zhang Shiyang about the interesting things about his previous travels, and some secrets of this world. Before he knew it, several jars of wine were poured down, and the two tongues began to grow. Finally, I didnt know who drank it first. On the ground. This is a spirit wine that is close to ten thousand years. The stamina is not so big, and the two of them didn't use their magic power to get rid of alcohol, otherwise, what's the meaning of drinking.

It's been half a month since Zhang Shiyang woke up again, only feeling refreshed. After all, Xu Shijie's cultivation base was much higher than Zhang Shiyang, and he woke up the next day. Seeing Zhang Shiyang who was asleep, and then looking at the good wine in his collection, he couldn't help showing a crying expression. This is a good wine that I have treasured for nearly ten thousand years. I was drunk several altars like this, helped Zhang Shiyang up and sent it to his practice room, and then began to meditate and wait for Zhang Shiyang to sober up. The last thing a practitioner lacks is time. Seeing Zhang Shiyang wake up, Xu Shijie said hello: "Junior Brother is awake, he has slept for fifteen days." Zhang Shiyang shook his head to make himself sober, and looked at Xu Shijie and said, "Brother's wine is really the best wine, and the stamina is so great." Xu Shijie couldn't help but leaked a smug expression, and said: "That is, this is a good wine that has been treasured for nearly ten thousand years. This time it's cheaper for you."

After speaking, Zhang Shiyang showed an expression of heartache involuntarily. As a modern young man, Zhang Shiyangs face is not so thick. He squatted and leaned forward and said: "Drinking brothers wine in the future will be like drinking white water and drinking again It doesn't make much sense." After speaking, he glanced at Xu Shijie's green face, pretending not to see it, and then said: "Why don't you, brother, are you giving me a hundred altars". But Xu Shijie couldn't hold back his face and refused, so he had to say: "At most fifty altars, if there are more, there will be no more." At this time, Xu Shijie wanted to slap himself very much. After living with the younger brother in the small world for ten years, he already knew his spleen surname. This time he actually told him to know his wine. Isn't this looking for something for himself, hurry up Give him fifty altars and send this vampire away. Zhang Shiyang looked at Xu Shijie's already purple face, and knew that the brother had been slaughtered to the limit, so he put it away when he saw it, picked up the storage instrument and filled the fifty jars of fine wine, and ran away quickly, for fear that his brother would regret it. Seeing Zhang Shiyang gone, Xu Shijie used his mana to move the wine to another place and hide it. Knowing the name of the junior brother, he was afraid that his wine would disappear that day. After hiding it, he couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief.

However, Zhang Shiyang went back to his cave house proudly with a good wine. After sitting down, he couldn't help but think of the outside world that Xu Shijie had said to him, and a feeling of yearning grew spontaneously. I am now in the rebirth period, and I have the power to protect myself. Its just that the body protection magical powers have not had time to cultivate, so if you are excited, you can practice a few body protection magical powers and go to the world to accumulate good works and accumulate merits Contribute to spiritual practice. Thinking of this, I calmed down, my consciousness sank into the book of knowledge of the sea, and knowledge of the sea, but the mysterious and mysterious space within the primordial spirit, magic tools, and other things can be put into it. After seeing that simple book, God Consciousness plunged in. lt;/agt;lt;agt;lt;/agt;;

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