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A high-level ultimate mage had descended upon the imperial city and even injured the guardian mage, Bossa. This was no small matter.

If this unfamiliar ultimate mage were to act recklessly in the imperial city, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Thus, Ailo and Wei hurriedly left the Small World.

Other than their seniors, only the two of them had the ability to deal with a high-level ultimate mage.

At the same time, a secret place in the deepest part of the Small World was already shrouded in fog. Even ultimate mages could not break in. Only Ailo and Wei could enter.

Lei Luo was in closed-door cultivation here.

This closed-door cultivation lasted for thirty years, yet Lei Luo did not feel bored at all.

Only by being able to endure loneliness and the loneliness that ordinary people could not endure, could he become an existence that surpassed ordinary people.

He had just broken through to the ninth rank mage god not long ago. At the current cultivation speed, if he wanted to reach the pinnacle mage god and make an ultimate breakthrough, he would need at least two more years.

This speed was already very, very fast.

It must be known that he had cultivated magic, and it took him more than seventy years to finally reach the pinnacle mage god.

Unknowingly, he had already meditated for over a hundred years.

On Earth, that was more than a century.

Eh, there are advanced ultimate mages?

Lei Luo could faintly sense the aura of the advanced ultimate mages who were arrogant in the sky above the imperial city.

Then, his powerful will swept over and discovered something.

There are a total of eight foreign ultimate mages, and two of them have almost reached the mage god realm.

After Lei Luo sensed everything, he frowned slightly. The people of the New World had finally arrived.

Lei Luo was not worried at all about Ailo and Wei going out to fight. With him around, a mere peak-level ultimate mage was nothing. Even if an ordinary archmage came, he would not care.

Only a top-level archmage would pose a danger to him.

With the situation in the New World, the Human Mage Alliance might not be able to eliminate a top-tier mage god.

Therefore, he was very calm now.

At this moment, Wei and Ailo had already left the Small World and walked out of the library.

"Ailo, are you going to go or should I?" Wei said.

"Mom, you should rest. Let me handle such a small matter," Ailo said obediently.

"Alright, Ill give this opportunity to you," Wei said with a smile.

Ailo laughed foolishly. Then, his body moved and he used a flying spell to instantly fly into the sky. A high-level ultimate mages aura suddenly spread out.


The high-level ultimate mage of the Golden Cloud Temple, who was in the sky above the imperial city, suddenly trembled. He felt that his ultimate mages will had been attacked by a powerful force.

"High-level ultimate mage? Theres actually a high-level ultimate mage in the imperial city?"

The expression of the ultimate mage of the Golden Cloud Temple did not change, but his eyes became sharp.

"Sir, why are you provoking the Faroe Kingdom?"

Ailos figure appeared in the void, emitting a powerful magic aura that enveloped the imperial city, protecting the people of the Faroe Kingdom from the influence of the ultimate mages aura.

"Provocation? Hahaha, something even more outrageous hasnt happened yet!"

Duran was expressionless, but his tone was extremely arrogant.

In the next second, he suddenly took out a magic staff from his sleeve. Terrifying Magic Energy quickly gathered, forming a huge elemental vortex at the tip of the magic staff, and then suddenly attacking Ailo.


The world shook, and terrifying magic crushed toward the imperial city. Once hit, the entire imperial city would probably be destroyed, and who knew how many people would die.

"Youre courting death!"

Ailo was furious.

Although he was sometimes very dumb, it didnt mean that he was easy to bully.

When Ailo was angry, he also let out a shocking attack. He didnt expect that the other party would actually disregard the lives of millions of people in the imperial city and directly use magic attacks. It was simply looking down on life!

A transparent crystal wand appeared in his hand.

With a slight shake of his wand, it immediately emitted a bright blue light and shot out. It was so fast that it was hard to believe. In an instant, it tore apart the terrifying magic elements that were charging at him.

Immediately after, the sharp blue light shot toward Duran like a storm.

Durans face was solemn. He stomped his feet in the air, and a huge Black Fire Lotus appeared under his feet, covering his entire body. Immediately, countless blue spells shot onto it.


Suddenly, the Black Fire Lotus exploded.

A strange ray of light picked up Durans body that had been shot.

Durans body was instantly sent flying backward, blood splattering in the air.

"What kind of spell is this?"

In the city, the few ultimate mages of the Bright Moon had astonished expressions on their faces.

"Interesting. This Faroe Kingdom really isnt simple."

A smile appeared on Franks face.

Just this high-level ultimate mage was already so powerful, not to mention the even more powerful ultimate mage of the Faroe Kingdom behind him.

Fortunately, he was not as reckless as that idiot, Fettney.

At this moment, the expressions of the people in the Golden Cloud Temple changed drastically.

Durans strength was already very strong, but he had been injured because he had underestimated the other party.

"Very good, this small Faroe Kingdom dares to oppose my Golden Cloud Temple. Today, I will let them see what true fear is!"

Fettneys gaze was cold.

This was simply a humiliation!

Especially when White Moon Palaces Frank was present.

Although he wasnt the one to make a move, Duran was a member of his Golden Cloud Temple.

"Kill this high-level ultimate mage and destroy the imperial city!"

Fettney gave the order without hesitation.

In this Old World, the power he had was enough to make him fearless.

Unless Langer intervened But that would be for the best.

He just so happened to want to use this opportunity to have a good fight with Langer, to see who was the number one magic genius.

Instantly, after receiving the order, the few ultimate mages behind him released their ultimate mage auras and soared into the sky, charging towards Ailo who was in the sky above the imperial city.

"This idiot, could it be that he wants to destroy the entire imperial city and learn from millions of humans? Is this guy crazy?"

When Frank saw the actions of the few ultimate mages from the Golden Cloud Temple, he immediately understood what Fettney wanted to do.

According to the historical records of the Human Mage Alliance in the New World, the humans in the new world had moved there from the Old World.

In a sense, regardless of whether it was the New World or the Old World, they were essentially one family.

However, he deliberated for a moment and ultimately did not intervene because he also wanted to force out the ultimate mage of the Faroe Kingdom.

Now, Fettneys crazy actions were the best way to lure out the ultimate mage.

This also saved him the trouble of wasting his efforts in searching. If the ultimate mage still did not come out in the end, it would not be too late to save the humans in the capital.

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