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All the cleared universes are resurrected, even including the six universes that were wiped out by the king a long time ago. What kind of vicious powers are hidden in these six universes? What will Frieza do after his resurrection?

Dragon Ball Super is over, and this book can also be over.

Of course, Sun Wuben's story is not over.

Sun Wu could have shuttled between time and space. Since there is GT time and space and theater version time and space, there must be Dragon Ball Super Dimensional Chaos, Dragon Ball AF, Dragon Ball EX, Dragon Ball New Era, Dragon Ball Zero World, Dragon Ball World War , Dragon Ball Final Battle... The space-time existence of these Dragon Ball fan comics, which are very popular among Dragon Ball fans.

These fantimes all have very powerful BOSS.

Moreover, the time and space administrator, the time and space prison, the prison star administrator F, the evil Saiyans, the primitive Saiyans, and even the gods from angels and great priests, plus the devil, the higher dimensional universe, the holy land... All can be written.

In addition, the relationship between Sun Wuben and Bideli, Aijia sisters, Lan Qi, the two No.18s, and the future time and space Kiki, Da Buma, and Bideli have no endings. Shouldn't this be very important?

In any case, because everyone understands the reasons, this book is barely over. The original plan was 2 million words, but nearly 3 million words were written, many of which are still not clear.

Maybe in the future I will write some extras, to explain things that are not covered in the book, or not to write.

Next, I will try my best to prepare a new book.


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Chapter 1: Ma Bu's National Martial Arts Practice Chapter 2: Lan Qi Is Here Chapter 3: Difficult To Recite Chapter 4: The Future Of Martial Arts Chapter 5: Tianjin Rice And Dumplings Chapter 6: Fudge Dumplings And Tianjin Rice Chapter 7: Sun Wuben's Strength Chapter 8: Inheritance Of Budo Chapter 9: The Level Of Wu Taidou Chapter 10: People With 0 Combat Power Chapter 11: Fly Like Growth Chapter 12: As Silent As The Sky Chapter 13: Martial Heart Chapter 14: The Door To The Limit Of The Human Body Chapter 15: Have Reached The Limit Chapter 16: You Have No Boundaries Chapter 17: First Meeting Chapter 18: Tsundere Miss Chapter 19: Song God Sun Wuben Chapter 20: Your Level Is Different Chapter 21: Ma Xuan's Ambition Chapter 22: Powerful In The Martial Arts Conference Chapter 23: Sister's Arrival Chapter 24: The Efficacy Of The Recuperation Cabin Chapter 25: Body Without Leakage Chapter 26: Break Open The Door Chapter 27: Monkey King Is Here To Kill Chapter 28: The Shock Of That Scene Chapter 29: The Anger Of The Black Marshal Chapter 30: Disappeared Chapter 31: Passionate Goku Chapter 32: Turn The Mortal Into An Immortal With The Control Of Qi Chapter 33: Wukong's Phone Chapter 34: Fighting Skill Dojo No. 18 Chapter 35: What's Missing Chapter 36: Borrow Coins For 1 Use Chapter 37: Yamei's Analysis Chapter 38: Not Satan Chapter 39: See Monkey King Chapter 40: Can Split A Few Tiles Chapter 41: I Think About It Is It A Dream? 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Chapter 237: Sharu Appears Chapter 238: Evolution Of Sharu Chapter 239: Full Body Sharu Chapter 240: Hope Gohan Chapter 241: Vegeta's Last Flash Cannon Chapter 242: The Strength Of Gohan And Monkey King Chapter 243: Gohan Vs Saru Chapter 244: Sharu Guixi Chapter 245: Devote Yourself To Practice Chapter 246: Back To The Original Time And Space Chapter 247: Sudden Visitor Chapter 248: Waking Up Chapter 249: Sun Wu Was Here Chapter 250: Frieza's Gaffe Chapter 251: Fear Of The King Of The Universe Chapter 252: King Of The North Chapter 253: Please Help Chapter 254: Ami Chapter 255: Bright Silver Star Chapter 256: Stop Pretending Chapter 257: The Kevlar Mecha Team Arrives Chapter 258: Ralph's Last Words Chapter 259: Spike Chapter 260: Wen Dou Chapter 261: Legend Of Longevity Chapter 262: The Secret Behind Chapter 263: Coming To The Northern Territory King Star Again Chapter 264: No Trace Chapter 265: The End Of Namek Chapter 266: Send People Back To Earth Chapter 267: Blooming Fireworks Chapter 268: I'm Here To Eliminate Rubbish Chapter 269: Kevlar's Death Chapter 270: The Missing Monkey King Chapter 271: New Home Chapter 273: Yellow Robe Plus Body Chapter 273: Strong Of Adrat Chapter 274: Shenwu Mountain Blue Flame Lake Chapter 275: 3 Cents Gather Together Chapter 276: Fight Chapter 277: Your Level Is Not Enough Chapter 278: High Human Condition Chapter 279: The Clone Operation Succeeded Chapter 280: Exposed Identity Chapter 281: Peaceful World Chapter 282: Sit On Your Hips Chapter 283: Trunks From Time And Space Chapter 284: Vengeful Father And Son Chapter 285: 1 Statue Chapter 286: Fascinating Art Chapter 287: Gather Together Chapter 288: Don't Worry Chapter 289: Sun Wuben Shot Chapter 290: Frieza's Death Chapter 291: Future Time And Space Chapter 292: Go To Your World Chapter 293: Pressure From Cyborgs Chapter 294: Soul Fit Chapter 295: Difficult Choice Chapter 296: New Home Chapter 297: Potential Of The 3rd Lineage Chapter 298: Get Stronger Quickly Chapter 299: Gao Yanan Chapter 300: Accept Disciples Chapter 301: Relying On Others Is Worse Than Relying On Yourself Chapter 302: Popular Chapter 303: In The Name Of Wu Sheng Chapter 304: Night In Papaya Island Chapter 305: That's It Chapter 306: Road To Cultivation Chapter 307: Goodbye Trunks Chapter 308: 15 Days Chapter 309: Go Away Chapter 310: I'll Be Crazy With You Chapter 311: The Style Of That 1 Rely On Chapter 312: New Changes In Close To Shoulder Chapter 313: Divine Chapter 314: Spring Earth Chapter 315: You Have The Possibility Of Detachment Chapter 316: World 1st Martial Arts Tournament Chapter 317: Martial Arts Master Chapter 318: Wu Taidou's Doubts Chapter 319: The Strength Of The Gods Chapter 320: They Are Coming Chapter 321: The Decision At That Moment Chapter 322: Furious? 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Chapter 472: Slaughtered Chapter 473: The Breath Of The Gods Chapter 474: Arrangement Of Sky Orchid Chapter 475: Parent's Wish Chapter 476: Confess Your Identity Chapter 477: Kraft Candy Chapter 478: You Have To Discuss With Chen Mengluo Chapter 479: Doubts Of Tianlanhua Chapter 480: Please Help Tianjin Rice Chapter 481: Escort Chapter 482: New Entrant Chapter 483: Pitifully Weak Chapter 484: 1 Letter Chapter 485: I Will Protect You Chapter 486: Diamond Killer Chapter 487: Stone Vs. 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Chapter 585: Restore The Body Chapter 586: Terrible Klin Chapter 587: Kling's Power Chapter 588: Come Back Home Chapter 589: Final Decision Chapter 590: 4 Years Chapter 591: Stay Leave? Chapter 592: Darius's Arrival Chapter 593: Darius Have You Forgotten The Lesson Of The Year Chapter 594: Break 1 Arm First Chapter 595: Grab The Spirit Fruit Chapter 596: Spectacular Sight Chapter 597: Can't Destroy Chapter 598: Call The King Of The North Chapter 599: Perverted Spirit Tree Chapter 600: Grab The Vitality Of The Spirit Tree Chapter 601: Klin's Vitality Bomb Chapter 602: Destroy Chapter 603: The Disappearing Spirit Fruit Chapter 604: Terrible Effect Chapter 605: He Is A Hero Chapter 606: The Arrival Of The War 5 Scum Chapter 607: You Are Saiyan Chapter 608: Scary Kakarot Chapter 609: The Breath Of Wukong And Klin Chapter 610: The Most Valuable Thing Chapter 611: Underworld King Yan Demon Chapter 612: Assessment Of The King Of The North Chapter 613: Practice On Jiewangxing Chapter 614: Jie Wangquan Chapter 615: New World King Boxing Chapter 616: Powerful Effect Chapter 617: Naba Vegeta Chapter 618: The Arrival Of Monkey King And Klin Chapter 619: Ravaged Napa Chapter 620: The Return Of The Hero Chapter 621: Rock Paper Scissors Chapter 622: Napa Killed Chapter 623: Vegeta Goes Crazy Chapter 624: One Hundred And Eighty Thousand The Great Ape Transformed Chapter 625: Terrible Battle Chapter 626: Wukong's Waywardness Chapter 627: Get Together Chapter 628: Crisis In Victory Chapter 629: Undercurrent Chapter 630: Clever Tongue Chapter 631: The King's Advice Chapter 632: Panic World Chapter 633: Master Kling's Performance Chapter 634: Tortoise Style Qigong Traveling Through Light Years Chapter 635: Admonition From The King Of The North Chapter 636: The King Of The Universe The Chicken Wakul Chapter 637: The Timid Nation? Chapter 638: Slug Appears Chapter 639: Vegeta Arrives Chapter 640: Slug's Despair Chapter 641: Departure Namek Star Chapter 642: Frieza Arrives Chapter 643: Slaughter Chapter 644: Persuade Chapter 645: The Will Of The Great Elder Chapter 646: Fudge Vegeta Chapter 647: Namek's Savior? Chapter 648: Precious Guest Chapter 649: Death Of The Grand Elder Chapter 650: Frieza Watching The Play Chapter 651: Unyielding Will Chapter 652: Small Universe Burst Chapter 653: Flicker Frieza Chapter 654: Terrible Growth Chapter 655: Arrogant Vegeta Chapter 656: The Tragedy Of Ginou Chapter 657: Melee On Chapter 658: New Fit Fighter Chapter 659: The More Dangerous The Stronger Chapter 660: Frieza Transformation Chapter 661: Dandy Arrives Chapter 662: Cenas Fiasco Chapter 663: 12.6 Million Chapter 664: Frieza's Ultimate Transformation Chapter 665: Despair Of Super Namek Warrior Chapter 666: Combat Power Chapter 667: They Must Win Chapter 668: 100 Release Chapter 669: It's Over Chapter 670: Good Frieza Chapter 671: I Will Pull Sideways Chapter 672: Request Chapter 673: New Dragon Chapter 674: Polunga Come Out Chapter 675: Resurrection Chapter 676: Resurrection Part 2 Chapter 677: Turns Out I Can Move Instantaneously Chapter 678: Omniscient Chapter 679: Benefit Chapter 680: Self Study Chapter 681: Teleport Recovery Chapter 682: Point Goku Chapter 683: The Future Will Be Better Chapter 684: Enlightenment Of The Spirit Tree Chapter 685: Wukong's New Practice Chapter 686: Rundown World Chapter 687: Coming Breath Chapter 688: Blonde Saiyan Chapter 689: Meet Mr. Monkey King Chapter 690: Trunks Crazy Chapter 691: Distressed Chapter 692: Poke Through Chapter 693: Bid Farewell Chapter 694: Big Bouma Chapter 695: The Location Of The Cyborg Chapter 696: Got Hit Chapter 697: I'm Klin Chapter 698: Mia's Story Chapter 699: Still Have To Fight Chapter 700: The Way Of Sincerity Chapter 701: Don't Want To Go Chapter 702: Can't Get It Chapter 703: See The King Of The North Chapter 704: Namek Has Disappeared Chapter 705: Jacques And Tays Chapter 706: Do A Little Favor Chapter 707: Gak's Surprise Chapter 708: Take Me Away Chapter 709: The Future Of The Universe Chapter 710: Back To Earth Chapter 711: Come To Namek Star Chapter 712: No Dragon Ball Chapter 713: The Secret Of The Gods Chapter 714: Coercion Chapter 715: Great Elder Chapter 716: Good Man Chapter 717: Shenlong Appeared Chapter 718: This Wish Cannot Be Fulfilled Chapter 719: Challenger Chapter 720: Pointing Chapter 721: Shenlong Exploded Chapter 722: Oliver Chapter 723: Borrow Tree Chapter 724: The Birth Of Shenlong Chapter 725: Lead Potential Chapter 726: Super Dragon Ball Chapter 727: Resurrection Chapter 728: Lonely Master Chapter 729: Crazy Fight Chapter 730: Agreement Chapter 731: Underground World Chapter 732: Kiki's Anger Chapter 733: Green Bug Chapter 734: Identity Exposure Chapter 735: The Fate Of The Seventeenth Chapter 736: I Am Also A Cyborg Chapter 737: Messed Up Chapter 738: Sun Wuben Is Back Chapter 739: Boomer Chapter 740: Aggressive Method Chapter 741: Rescue Number 18 Chapter 742: Punch And Blow Chapter 743: Easy To Kill Chapter 744: Put On The Eighteenth Chapter 745: Go To Namek Chapter 746: Friends From Earth Chapter 747: Summon Polunga Chapter 748: This Wish.. Chapter 749: The Terrible Monkey King Chapter 750: I Was You 20 Years Ago Chapter 751: The Challenge Of Tianjin Fan Chapter 752: Tough Decisions Chapter 753: Rebuilding The Celestial Realm Chapter 754: Vs. Klin Chapter 755: The Right One Is The Best Chapter 756: Desire Chapter 757: Clone Chapter 758: Klin's Clone Chapter 759: Too Bold Chapter 760: Road Body Chapter 761: Walk In The Void Chapter 762: Invite Chapter 763: Battle On The King Of The Great World Chapter 764: Terrible Battle Chapter 765: Win Or Lose Chapter 766: The Dust Settles Chapter 767: The Practice Of Avatar Chapter 768: Taoism Chapter 769: Time Flies Chapter 770: Taoism Chapter 771: Above Heaven Chapter 772: Reunion Chapter 773: Tears Of Dabouma Chapter 774: Too Courageous Chapter 775: Let's Talk About Buying And Selling Chapter 776: Monkey King's Reasoning Chapter 777: 1 Sharp Chapter 778: Make A Deal Chapter 779: Terrible Future Chapter 780: Looking For Kevlar Chapter 781: Trust Me Chapter 782: Kevlar's Hate Chapter 783: Bixida Star Arrives Chapter 784: Attack Of The Metal Legion Chapter 785: Progress On The 17th And 18th Chapter 786: Metal Kevlar Chapter 787: Terrible Kevila Chapter 788: 0 Million Kevlar Army Chapter 789: Ran Away? Chapter 790: Relying On Others Is Worse Than Relying On Yourself Chapter 791: Change The Core Chapter 792: Horrified Head Chapter 793: Unplugged Chapter 794: Strong Buy And Sell Chapter 795: I Want To Cultivate Chapter 796: Dao Pattern Chapter 797: Okunami Chapter 798: Dead Skinny Face Chapter 799: I Attended Chapter 800: Empress General Chapter 801: Sign Up Chapter 802: Power Value Chapter 803: Before And After Chapter 804: I Want Your Position Chapter 805: Discover Broly Chapter 806: Vegeta Arrives Chapter 807: Wait Chapter 808: Standoff Chapter 809: Do Me A Favor Chapter 610: Cyborg Arrives Chapter 811: Battlefield Power Chapter 812: Transform Transform Transform Chapter 813: The Request Of The Empress Chapter 814: Broly Vs Cyborg Chapter 815: See You Forever Chapter 816: Sun Wuben's Command Chapter 817: The Legendary Super Saiyan Appeared Chapter 818: Vegeta's Despair Chapter 819: Sun Wuben Shot Chapter 820: Surprise Chapter 821: Kakarot Vs Broly Chapter 822: A Super Phenomenal Protracted Battle Chapter 823: Broly's Death Chapter 824: The End Of The Song Chapter 825: Upgraded Again? Chapter 826: Hidden Eyes Chapter 827: Save The 18th Chapter 828: Shock Cut Chapter 829: I Invite You To Dinner Chapter 830: Wake Up Chapter 831: Fast Moving Fighters Chapter 832: Vidili Detective Class Chapter 833: The Arrival Of The World King God Chapter 834: Historical Trend Chapter 835: Fire Fighting Chapter 836: Gathering In The Martial Arts Conference Chapter 837: Monkey King And Alans Chapter 838: Don't Push Too Hard Chapter 839: Vidili Was Scared Chapter 840: Goodbye World King God Chapter 841: Gift Chapter 842: Real Identity Chapter 843: Dimensional Difference Is Too Big Chapter 844: Brutal Beating Chapter 845: Unprecedented Brutality Chapter 846: Horrible Undead Chapter 847: Immediate Guidance Chapter 848: Incredible Change Chapter 849: Gohan Transformation Chapter 850: Gradually Becoming Clearer Chapter 851: Memories Of Babidi Chapter 852: Sun Wuben's Approach Chapter 853: Happy Vidili Chapter 854: Babidi And Dapla Show Up Chapter 855: Jebite Is Dead Chapter 856: Dapura's Saliva Chapter 857: Lean Towards Tiger Mountain Chapter 858: Into The Spaceship Chapter 859: Puyi's Anger Chapter 860: Spinning Top Chapter 861: The Death Of Funny Chapter 862: Warcraft Yege Chapter 863: Stone Scissors Cloth Chapter 864: Dark Planet Chapter 865: Invisible Battle Chapter 866: Slap On The Face Chapter 867: His Royal Highness Is Grabbing Power Again Chapter 868: Vegeta's Guess Chapter 869: Blackmail Babidi Chapter 870: Dapla Exit Chapter 871: Run Alone Chapter 872: Read Memory Chapter 873: Recall Dapla Chapter 874: Spike Dapura Chapter 875: Hand In Hand Vidili Chapter 876: Ingenious Words Chapter 877: Request Chapter 878: God Control Chapter 879: Desperate Situation Chapter 880: Pointing Chapter 881: Control Buu Chapter 882: Babidi's Pride Chapter 883: 1 News Chapter 884: Wonderful Live Broadcast Chapter 885: Give Up Control Chapter 886: Fat Buu Chapter 887: Billion Level Chapter 888: Satan Comes Out Chapter 889: Realm King God Realm Chapter 890: I Treat You As My Own Chapter 891: The King Of The Old World Appears Chapter 892: Willing To Bet Chapter 893: Situation Development Chapter 894: The Original Buu Was Born Chapter 895: Invite Buu Chapter 896: Crazy Qigong Bomb Chapter 897: A Sensational Battle In The Universe Chapter 898: The Last Fireworks Chapter 899: This Is Not A Dream Chapter 900: Mana Chapter 901: Doshin Gong Chapter 902: Birthday Party Chapter 903: Battle On The King Of The North Chapter 904: Vegeta Was Captured Chapter 905: Joyous Party Chapter 906: I Am A With A Big Heart Chapter 907: Birus' Weaknesses Chapter 908: Prince Saiyan's Fury Chapter 909: Please Do It Chapter 910: Effort Chapter 911: Super Saiyan God Chapter 912: The Shock Wave That Destroys The World Chapter 913: Take Li Wukong Chapter 914: Training Chapter 915: Destroy Chapter 916: Pirus' Sneak Attack Chapter 917: Fierce Battle Chapter 918: Weakness Of Destroyer Chapter 919: Angry Chapter 920: Fell Asleep Chapter 921: Hole In The Chest Chapter 922: Grow Faster Chapter 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