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Chapter ss-30: Side Story 30

Whining, whining, whining-!

At dawn, the sound of sirens reverberated loudly in the silent hall. After staying up all night, I was so tired that I suddenly opened my eyes.

' again?'

I sighed and got out of bed scurrying.

Despite my irritation, my hands were busy opening drawers and packing up some scrolls for offense and defense.

It was the moment when I hurriedly left the door with my jacket on top of my pajamas. "Hee-ee-ee"

In the distance the monster's cry resounded. "Boo-ooh-ooh"

A black shadow flashed over my head.

When I looked up, I saw a horse bee the size of a car hovering rapidly over the village. " crazy."

The sight of a large, sharp bee sting, which was enough to be a spear, gave me goose bumps. It was as soon as I was about to shout the starter of the scroll that I brought with me.

It was then. "Freeze hands!"

Someone rushed to shout the spell.

The huge wasp mana flying in the sky fell to the ground frozen. and shattered into dozens of pieces. Fortunately, there was no damage because the crash site was a ball without a building. "Professor!"

The main character who shot down the monster called me and ran. "Jean."

I welcomed him familiarly. The wizard Callisto put on the escort was a stranger who had gone with him the other day to find a vacant lot.

At a young age, Jean was quite an accomplished Magistrate. Enough to see why Callisto choose him as my escort.

"It's a low-grade demon, so don't worry. There's a lot of them coming through the valley." "Really?"

Jean palely polished with a pale face.

His defensive bonds throughout the village were solid.

However, the scope was so wide that when Jean had to pay attention to various things like this one, he couldn't help but make a small gap.

'Well, bees swarm in packs.'

Looking at the five or six wasps still flying in the sky, I thought it was a yakgwa.

The other day, when a swarm of grasshoppers was driven, I really wanted to quit my research and run away.

"While we were reinforcing the decision, the magistrate had already caught most of them. What's the matter, Nini, go in and sleep more. You went to bed late last night..."

It must have been quite hard work, Jean suggested to me, wiping the cold sweat on his face with his sleeves.

He was shocked every day when he first came to this village, but now he seems to be getting used to this boring situation.

I felt a little sorry to see him like that.

'How could I have known how many years he would come to escort and be smack of the monsters?...' With pitiful eyes, I could easily lift the best scrolls that I had been holding while staring at him.

"I'm already wide awake. If there's anything I can do to help, I'll help." "No! If His Majesty finds out, I'll be in trouble!"

"Fire Pisson!"

Ignoring his words, I tore a scroll. Fluttering!

Just in time, a giant wasp flew overhead and burst into flames. "Hee-ee-ee"

"Hurry up and get him to the vacant lot."

Jean gave a deep sigh and reluctantly shouted the spell of "Don't move things" as he winked at the rapidly falling demon with a terrible smell.

He said it was a low-ranking devil, thus soon after, the situation was put under control. The bodies of a total of six giant wasps filled the vacant lot.

It was when he was carrying a mana meter and examining the relatively fine bodies. "Professor! I need you to come over here for a moment."

One of the town's security forces called me in a hurry. I hurried along with him.


And I was astonished at the sight unfolded.

Behind the village, dozens of dead animals were piled up like mountains in front of the forest border where the settlement began.

"Oh, my God. This is !"

The following Qin held his forehead and lamented. "Did anyone see what happened?"

I turned my head and asked the security forces.

But they, too, shook their heads with a look of ignorance.

"It was like this from the start. We found it while we were checking to see if there's any more mana left."

"Is there a turf war?"

Jean, who was still listening to the security forces, came up with a plausible hypothesis. But it wasn't.

Most of the bodies piled up were well-necked and the cutting surface was very clean. Occasionally, the boat was sliced, but even the cross section was clean as if it were cut by a ruler. "Oh, only the head is cut off "

Jean glanced at me a step later, knowing the features of the body. "Shall I ask the Imperial Palace for assistance?"


Instead of answering, with a stiff face I stared at the forest leading to the mountain, beyond the body of the monsters.

It was then.

"Have you experienced it once or twice, Jean? If I ask for support, will they send the wizards?" "I'm glad you sent an army to remove the Maltban from the map."

A lively voice divided the serious atmosphere. "Marienne!"

"Good morning, Princess!"

Marianne was on her way to work and was holding her swollen boat.

Four years ago, it was about half a year since the emperor's permission to form an expedition and leave.

She had a bomb remark saying she was in love with Cedric, and she married a short time soon after a premarital pregnancy. (Callisto learned this from Cedric LOL)

To me and Callisto, they haven't had that kind of atmosphere at all before.

Marienne had replied with a big smile to me, who was shocked to see when the snow hit her.

-Hohoho! When did I meet your aide? When you were with the princess!

Their first glorious child was born at the reception to commemorate our engagement after Callisto's coronation.

Callisto was sulky for a while, not to speak to Cedric, not to mention that he had deceived his master, but to ask if he dared marry before the emperor.

Now, she commutes every day from the capital city to the town of Mall Trban because of three children in her belly.

"You must be heavy. What are you doing here? Just rest until you're done."

"Now, the excavation is over and how is it? I'm just looking forward to seeing what's under the ground, Princess."

"That's true, but "

When I saw Marienne, who had brought her to the end of her life, and her eyes were glistening, I could not stop her.

5 years ago.

After the fierce battle of Leila, traces of ancient wizards that disappeared as if they had never existed before.

We soon discovered a strange phenomenon, which we began to explore with the aim of finding their traces.

Despite the fact that there are no longer any members of the Leila New Hingdom, which used to create mana through experiments, mana still appears throughout the Empire.

As the exploration progressed, the number of encounters with mana increased rapidly.

We could quickly discern the reason.

Where there were ancient ruins, there were also mana.

And most of them were shaped like animals, plants, or insects, rather than the grotesque images that the Leila brothers forced to create.

The direction of exploration changed after finding out that the remaining mana in the ruins affects the surrounding environment.

It's not about chasing ancient ruins, it's about exploring the area where mana appears.

I liked it, I wrote a thesis, and after several exams, I became an honorary professor at the Academy. "By the way, your angel went to work hard today."

Standing next to me, standing side by side, Marienne suddenly smiled mischievously as she stared across the forest.

I frowned at her words, and instead of answering, I put something else in my mouth. "When I finish this expedition, I'm going to quit, Marienne."

Marienne's eyes were simply wide open at the sudden declaration. "Hyuk, really?"


"Oh, my God! I can't believe she's saying she's quitting. Where's the princess who's always been running away from the Emperor?"

I burst out laughing at Marienne's fuss. In fact, I had no regrets anymore.

With Callisto's full support, the long years of exploration is now nearing its end.

Unlike other areas where just one or two mana were raging, Maltban simply saw a constant stream of mana.

It is a place where young people leave early and only the elderly who are not able to move are lucky enough to survive.

A place where young people go all the way down the mountain village early on, and only the elderly who are able to move are lucky enough to survive.

I was convinced that the reason I left until I finally managed to convince Callisto to persuade the villagers to build a peace zone and come back right away, is that he was sympathetic.

This is the end of everything I've been chasing for five years.

However, the mountain where the Maltban is located was so huge that it was hard to find its source, and every day was a hectic day as the mana hit the village.

No matter how much I liked it, I honestly thought I couldn't do it anymore.

"I've been away from the capital for too long. I've been feeling a little under the weather lately." I feel uneasy whenever I leave Callisto, who whines not to go every time.

"Because I have been running without taking a rest for several years..." Marienne nodded as if she understood me.

"You're not quitting completely, are you?" "Well, I haven't thought about it in detail yet."

"No, Princess. Our department, it's now established as one of the major Cabinet ministries. Please don't leave me."

"You're not sorry for me, but for someone who's willing to work for you so that you can get off work


"Did it show a little? Haha."

With three children, Marienne still smiled as soft as a girl.

I thought I was a little envious of her because she looked so happy and I didn't know why. "Oh, Princess, it's been two days since you didn't call your Majesty?"

Suddenly, Marienne turned pale and asked. "Well... did he do that?"

I was so busy these days that I couldn't really tell if Callisto had contacted me or not. I had to go to the palace once a week, and he threatened to keep in touch.

In my fifth year, I also had the guts to get angry with the opposition, saying, "Where can a person who works outside get out of it so easily?"

But It was the people around us who were dying because of course. "It may be like that "

"Oh, my God, my God! Give it to me now! No wonder, Cedric looks like he's been dying every day these days!"

"You haven't given it to him yet, professor?!"

It was then. Suddenly Jean broke in between us and cried.

"On the day your Majesty visits again! For me, I might have a tail! I've told you so many times! What are you doing!"

He shouted almost as if he were crying.

Since the first meeting, he has been hitting the tail all the time, but I have not yet known the exact truth of the word.

Honestly, I didn't really want to know, but...….

"Oh, okay. We can go in now and do it." "Hurry up and do it before the inquiry, okay?" "You have to do it right now!"

With their wipes, shouting in unison, I quickly returned to the quarter, covering my ears.

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