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Introduction Transmigrating Into The Villains White Rabbit Master

Also known as [How do I bend the Villain Roommate], a master-disciple relationship on the surface.It’s one thing to transmigrate into a book, but what’s that about transmigrating into a rabbit spirit that has cultivated a human form?Although Bai Yuluo was the sect’s highly respected and prestigious Yuede Immortal Master, a celebrated rabbit spirit elder, but the only role he had in the book was that he was turned into a rabbit fur scarf by the protagonist.The little rabbit wasn’t willing to part with his soft and white fur, packing his little bundle, he was ready to escape at any time.However the opportunity never came, and the little rabbit came across the little villain with crippled spiritual roots.Alas, seeing that they would both be slaughtered by the protagonist in the future, he would just let him stay to have a meal.“Master, this is the carrot that I grew.”Refreshing and crunchy, delicious!“Master, I made a new den for you.”Dry and comfortable, good to use!“Master…”How could his cute little disciple be so good, he would definitely save the little villain.But no matter how the little rabbit tried to live as a recluse, the little villain still entered the Demonic path and was chased out from the sect, enduring the whole cultivation world’s rejection.He too walked along the original body’s destiny and was imprisoned.Just as he thought he was going to become a rabbit fur scarf, the boisterous marriage procession appeared at the bottom of the sect’s mountain.“Requesting the Yuede Celestial Master to marry the Demonic Master in the interest of peace for the common people.”“Ji?!” The little rabbit was frightened to the point that the carrot in his mouth was no longer fragrant.The handsome villain slowly walked out, “Master, marrying yourself to me can achieve peace for the three realms, and there are also carrots to eat everyday oh.”Little rabbit master shou Bai Yuluo x Demonic Master reborn villain gong Mo Shulin.- Description from Novelupdates

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