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"Have you got it? You can hide the way to cross the sea." Seeing Mo Shulin's return, Bai Yuming was nervous and looked forward to it.

In Bai Yuming's eyes, Mo Shulin has long been a powerful representative. There is no failure if Mo Shulin takes action.

"Got it." Mo Shulin nodded, his expression not very good.

"What is it?" Bai Yuming leaned in front of Mo Shulin and looked at Mo Shulin nervously for a long time. He didn't find anything special, and looked at Mo Shulin's storage bag expectantly.

Mo Shulin did not hide it, and took out a green scale from the storage bag. The scales are wrapped in cloth, and after opening, the light purple is reflected in the light, which is very beautiful.

"Let me see." Bai Yuming reached out and wanted to get it. He has not seen the scales of a mermaid. After all, it was someone else's lower body, and it was always a bit embarrassing.

Mo Shulin looked eagerly and quickly wrapped the scales with cloth, "Can't touch it, it's dirty."

"Ah? It looks very clean." Bai Yuming didn't understand why Mo Shulin said that the scales were dirty. It was clearly cleaned and wrapped in cloth without any dust.

"Dirty." Mo Shulin didn't explain, but repeated.

Bai Yuming frowned, looking at Mo Shulin in doubt.

"Hey, this is really dirty." Mo Shulin emphasized again.

The mermaid has a special scale to prevent prying into the body part. This is the scale that covers the body, which can cover the eyes of the sky. But not all fish scales have such a powerful effect. Only the mermaid prince can block the prying eyes of the sky, and the rest of the mermaid have ordinary blocking effects.

How could he touch Bai Yuming with such a thing.

"Okay." Bai Yuming could only give up, "Then you should always tell me how to use this?"

"I'll use it for you then." Mo Shulin said as he put the scales back into the storage bag.

"God is mysterious." Bai Yuming thought about the dirty scales, but still couldn't figure out where Mo Shulin could panic so much.

Except for the Demon King and the top ten demon who will stay to discuss the future development of the Demon Realm, the rest of the Demon King can return to their territory.

Bai Yuming also decided to leave. But before leaving, he decided to see the business of the little mermaid shop.

With the arrangement of Mo Shulin, a business genius, Bai Yuming believed that the little mermaid's shop would be full of customers, but he was a little worried about the little mermaid's sincere character, and the shop was emptied by those cunning merfolk in two or two.

Covered with air bubbles, Bai Yuming and Mo Shulin went to the little mermaid's shop together.

Along the way, there seems to be a lot less mermaid, on the contrary, there are many strange creatures. The swimming shrimps, puffer fish, and kelp that I saw in the front were all normal, but the white pigeons, suckling pigs, giraffes, and elephants I saw in the back were simply the wonders of the century.

The white dove uses its two wings to paddle the water in a butterfly stroke and moves quickly through the water like a small cannonball.

The suckling pig used the dog-climbing style to beat hard, but the effect was very little, and it did not advance a little for a long time. In the end, it fell on the ground with its body, pedaling on the ground, but because the body is too light, it needs a good kick every time. Will be able to land.

Giraffes and elephants are both larger animals. They can walk steadily in the water, but the resistance is also very large, so they walk very slowly.

On the elephant's tail, there are also a bunch of small animals, which are mice, insects, butterflies and other creatures that cannot easily walk in the water.

But there are also animals that think they can dive out of the bubbles and learn to swim like them.

As soon as a white fox entered the water, he drank a big sip of sea water, and his four hairy claws were thrown around in the water, and they were brought back into the bubbles by the mermaid guard who saw him. The mermaid guard is probably very experienced, pressing the white fox on the fish's tail, and then slaps the back vigorously to force the white fox to spit out the water. After a long toss, the white fox woke up leisurely.

Bai Yuming: "..."

As soon as he reached the alley, Bai Yuming saw all kinds of mermaids surrounding the shop.

Bai Yuming raised his eyebrows with joy, "I didn't expect the business to be so good."

Mo Shulin is really a genius in business, and all the things that cannot be sold are sold to Mo Shulin.

"It's not like it." Mo Shulin saw the angry mermaids, but thought that the little mermaid was in big trouble.

Before Bai Yuming could think carefully, he heard a sharp voice shout out from the crowd.

"Unscrupulous profiteer, what kind of medicinal restaurant are you? My son became a toad." A middle-aged man with short curly hair harpooned, "Look at you and see what my son is like. ."

"Quah." The frog was speechless, so it could only wave its hands and say it was all right.

But the worried mother was still cursing.

There was a guest fish who really came to patronize beside him, and he turned back and said, "Doesn't your son know that this is a restaurant that can be transformed before he came to eat? You said that your son became like this after eating?"

"That's right. You don't see other customers have changed in the same way. After a few days, the effect of the medicine is gone and they will change back." Another guest fish also supported the shop.

"I don't care, I want my son to change back now." The middle-aged mermaid stuck his waist. "My son is like this, how can I go on a blind date?"

The little mermaid quickly appeased the middle-aged mermaid, "Don't worry, I will just cook it once. It will change back after a bit of cooking."

Hearing that he was about to cook his son, the middle-aged mermaid exclaimed, "Oh! You turned my son into a toad. Foo, you want to cook my son. What if my son is cooked by you?"

As a fish, it is most afraid of heat. When the little mermaid is about to cook a mermaid, everyone is afraid to speak again.

The little mermaid only felt that the first two were big, and that Mo Shulin was a very good guest at the time. He believed whatever he said, without any doubt, let alone making such a big noise. It seems that a louder voice makes sense.

At this moment, an abrupt voice sounded, "Hand over the formula! Let other pharmacists see what medicine your unscrupulous merchant uses."

"Yes, hand over the formula. Maybe an unscrupulous traitor bought some banned drugs and couldn't go back!"

"Hand over the recipe!"

More than half of the mermaid began to shout, and the middle-aged mermaid who wanted to defend his rights also yelled blindly after a moment at a loss.

"Why these fish are so bad? They are obviously jealous and suppressed by their peers." Bai Yuming wanted to step forward as he said, but was pulled by Mo Shulin.

"What? I'm going to teach them." Bai Yuming stared at Mo Shulin angrily.

"Don't worry, there are fish to teach you a lesson." Mo Shulin pointed to the group of mermaids who were swimming over. Those merfolk held the trident symbolizing the royal family, and they were all royal mermaid guards.

Seeing the royal mermaid, Bai Yuming felt relieved.

He had forgotten that the little mermaid had a very hard backstage.

Seeing the arrival of the mermaid guards, the clamoring mermaid suddenly became excited and pointed at the little mermaid and shouted: "Quickly, catch this unscrupulous profiteer. He sells fake drugs indiscriminately and prevents others from going back."

"Nothing." The little mermaid saw the elder brother Hai Wei who was following him, and didn't want his brother to misunderstand him, "Just cook it. It can be changed back."

"Listen, my lord, this unscrupulous profiteer actually wants to cook a mermaid. What a terrible thing." The mermaid who came to make trouble even said slanderously, "You clearly used medicated diet as a reason to harm your family."

"I didn't!" No matter how unreliable the little mermaid is, it is impossible to do anything to harm his family.

The mermaid guard ignored the noisy mermaid, but lined up neatly in two rows, letting the last Hai Wei move forward.

Seeing the prince, the sense of surrender from the blood line made them kneel down involuntarily.

The little mermaid on the side did not kneel down. He hung his head and shouted embarrassedly, "Brother."

Hearing this brother, everyone was shocked.

Those mermaids who came to make trouble were trembling even more. What did they do? They went to the little mermaid prince's shop to make trouble and scolded the other profiteer.

Hai Wei is not a generous fish. First, he asked the fish guard to throw the frog into the pot, let the little mermaid cook, and then caught the other mermaid.

"Ten days of water prison." Following Hai Wei's words, there was a wailing all around.

The little mermaid hurriedly said, "Brother, don't, these are all my guest fish, you close them all, there will be no fish in my shop to eat anymore."

Hai Wei frowned and looked at the younger brother who was just a little taller than his waist.

The younger brother is too soft-hearted and sincere. Only two or three days after the business turned around, the mermaid dared to come and make trouble.

If he doesn't rectify it vigorously, he can't say that there will be mermaids who dare to commit another crime next time.

Seeing that the eldest brother was unmoved, the little mermaid hurriedly said: "Big brother, eldest brother, these are the mermaid who just helped me speak, not all of them are bad fish."

"Yes, yes, yes, we all come here to eat medicated food, not to make trouble." The mermaid who was named said quickly.

When the other mermaids saw this scene, their eyes lit up, and they all said: "I also came here admiringly. I didn't say anything bad just now. The prince is aware of it."

"The prince please be sure to distinguish between good fish and bad fish, but don't chill the hearts of the people." The thoughtful mermaid began to oppress Hai Wei with people's hearts.

Bai Yuming didn't expect that Hai Wei, the mermaid prince, would be so uncomfortable, and as expected, he would be restrained as much as his status.

But Hai Wei has been cultivated as an inheritance fish since he was a child. This kind of small scene is just something that can be handled by just raising his hand.

"Say it." Hai Wei ordered a mermaid guard.

The mermaid guard swam forward and pointed to a fish, and said: "Liu Eryu, sending and receiving bribes from the liquid medicine store, maliciously discredited and suppressed his counterparts many times. Lin Changwei, who stole prescriptions for sale, was convicted of theft. Detained for three months. Mao Zhuangzhuang..."

As one mermaid was named one after another, the truth also emerged.

The mermaids who messed up were caught in the dungeon, and the real mermaids entered the shop and ate the dishes they wanted.

And the boiled frog returned to look like a mermaid. The middle-aged mermaid dared not ask for compensation, and walked around with the child who had restored the mermaid form.

Hai Wei arranged two mermaid guards at the entrance of the store. Since then, no mermaid dared to speak.

This is the only medicated food shop officially approved by the mermaid that will not compensate for what it looks like.

Bai Yuming and Mo Shulin returned to the rabbit clan, lived for a while, and chose the new rabbit king. After getting rid of the shackles of the Rabbit King, he and Mo Shulin went to a few monster villages and met many different monsters.

In the blink of an eye, two years passed again.

In the small house of magic implements, Bai Yuming fiddled with the gifts he received recently. As long as it is not for the people and demons who hurt them, most demons will welcome them very warmly, and then they have reason to hold a campfire party to promote fertility.

"Where shall we go next?" Bai Yuming asked happily. He can't wait to know where to go next stop, maybe it's good to go to the tree clan to see the life of the tree.

"Yuming." Mo Shulin looked at Bai Yuming.

Hearing these two words, Bai Yuming had a bad feeling.

"You should go back." Mo Shulin's eyes drooped slightly.

The word you was used in the words, not us. Bai Yuming couldn't believe that the separation would have been so sudden.

correct. It's almost time for Mo Shulin to go to Demon Realm.

"I will go to the Demon Realm with you." Bai Yuming made a fist. Although he was disgusting with the human-eating Demon Realm, he did not want to be separated from Mo Shulin more than the Demon Realm.

"No. It's too dangerous." Mo Shulin refused without thinking.

He sat next to Bai Yuming and held Bai Yuming's hand.

He still remembers that a few years ago, his hands were very small, only as high as Bai Yuming's waist. But after passing through the fairyland, he is already taller than Bai Yuming, he can hold Bai Yuming into his arms and wrap his small hands with his big hands.

These memories are obviously far away, but they are like yesterday.

The life with Bai Yuming seemed to be insufficient no matter how I lived.

"It's dangerous to go together." Bai Yuming blinked, not knowing what expression he should use to face the difference between the two.

"Master, I know you love me. But I still have to go down my way. You can't help me." Mo Shulin calmly said the cruelest words.

Bai Yuming thought desperately, wanting a reason to follow Mo Shulin openly, but he couldn't think of it.

If Mo Shulin wanted revenge, he had to become stronger, to become stronger, he had to grow, and to grow, he had to experience storms and setbacks, and once again make his body stronger. Mo Shulin must practice magic skills and must go to the demon realm full of demon energy.

This is a path that has long been fixed, no matter if you are forced or actively, you will go on.

"Master, you also have your way to go. Right." Mo Shulin was gentle but extremely calm.

Although there is still a long time, but if Bai Yuming does not return, the smiling face and the white head cannot be planted, and new changes will appear in the future. The most feared is not the death already known, but the unknown future.

Mo Shulin couldn't afford to gamble.

He already had a way to hinder the way of heaven, and he had a plan to help Bai Yuming escape. If Bai Yuming followed him, then their previous efforts would be wasted.

Bai Yuming also couldn't afford to gamble.

Although he really wanted to go, his going would also change all Mo Shulin's future experiences. As a result, Mo Shulin's surroundings were disrupted, and he did not know who was the real danger, and he could no longer use his previous experience to avoid risks. Not to mention his cultivation base during the tribulation period, if it is discovered by those who relied on the absorption of other people's techniques and magic, Mo Shulin will definitely become his weakness and a target of public criticism.

Bai Yuming nodded, and held Mo Shulin's big hand back tightly.

"Wait for me. Master." Mo Shulin stroked Bai Yuming's face, his nose pressed against the tip of his nose.

Bai Yuming closed his eyes and tilted his head slightly.

Mo Shulin leaned forward.

This was the last kiss before they parted, and it was filled with crazily suppressed feelings carefully.

"Waiting for you."

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