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Back at Yuexuefeng, Bai Yuming felt a sense of trance.

But in fact, Yuexuefeng has undergone earth-shaking changes. Xiao Yu has planted a lot of crops, and Yuexuefeng has changed from its original barrenness to its current vitality, and every inch of it has become meaningful.

Even the two little white foxes on Yuexue Peak have tree houses to live in.

But Bai Yuming would still think that if Mo Shulin were there, he would definitely change Yuexuefeng to this, or even better.

Pleurotus eryngii was full of excitement when he saw Bai Yuming's return, but when he saw Bai Yuming's calm and disappointed face, and realized that Mo Shulin had not come back, he understood.

Nothing lasts forever.

Some things are bound to come to this.

Without Mo Shulin, Bai Yuming returned to his previous days, but he couldn't go back to his previous days. He can no longer be completely immersed in the world of script, because reality has more important ties. Bai Yuming went into practice, he began to learn magic, practice whip, and learn from each other with Pleurotus eryngii.

Life is always like this, picking up one thing will put down another thing.

Bai Yuming didn't expect that he would give up the script because of love, but he seemed to take it for granted.

Spring passed and autumn came, another year, Bai Yuming received a special letter, a letter that suddenly appeared in the house without any trace.

It was Mo Shulin's letter, a thick pile, as if to write all the thoughts about Bai Yuming this year on this paper.

The letter did not include Mo Shulin's experience, only the scenery Mo Shulin had seen in the past year. Mo Shulin did not forget to laugh, saying that if Bai Yuming really came to the Demon Realm, he would be scared to go nowhere.

Bai Yuming couldn't find a way to reply to the letter, so he could only gritted his teeth, then read Mo Shulin's letter over and over again, and was mocked by Mo Shulin over and over again.

In the second year, Mo Shulin sent another letter.

This year's letter is still mainly landscape, Mo Shulin drew an aurora. But I also said on the letter paper that it is a pity that my painting can not be painted at one ten thousandth of the time. I really hope that Bai Yuming can be around.

"There is a legend here, as long as you kiss in the aurora, lovers can finally get married."

When she saw these words, Bai Yuming was so excited that she rolled back and forth on the bed, and her heart beat faster when she was stirred by Mo Shulin.

But in the third year, the letter read: "As long as you kiss under a meteor, lovers will be married."

In the fourth year, "As long as you kiss under the rainbow, you can finally get married."

Three lives under the stone, under the waterfall, under the ancient wood... everywhere there is a legend that you can finally get married by kissing. Bai Yuming can only be helpless to complain.

It was not until the tenth year that Mo Shulin said, "Those legends are all false, but I think they are true."

Bai Yuming was angry and funny, but he became even more disappointed afterwards, "I thought so, but I came to kiss him."

"So, I'm here this year." A familiar but unfamiliar voice sounded from behind Bai Yuming.

Bai Yuming looked behind him and saw Mo Shulin in front of him in disbelief.

"You, how could you come here?" Bai Yuming's eyes flushed.

Not seen in ten years, Mo Shulin has changed a lot. In other words, the truth that was originally buried under the disguise was turned out.

Mo Shulin was wearing a black robe, under which there are countless poisons, hidden weapons, formations, and talisman, like a walking hedgehog, full of attack methods. His appearance has also changed a lot, and the days of sleeping and sleeping in the wind finally left marks on Mo Shulin's face. But this kind of Mo Shulin is more mature and stable, and more attractive.

Fearing to be discovered, Bai Yuming hurriedly set up a few formations, then pulled Mo Shulin into the house, for fear that Mo Shulin would be discovered by the great power in the bipolar gate.

"I say one thing, don't be afraid." Mo Shulin Xuxu hugged Bai Yuming, his heart seemed to be filled in an instant, and his tired body had the power to move forward again.

"Yeah." Bai Yuming hugged Mo Shulin's waist. He had never thought that An Xin could be as simple as a hug.

"Yuexue Peak is the natural entrance to the Demon Territory. As long as the method set at the time is used, the entire mountain can enter and exit the Demon Territory at will." Mo Shulin also didn't expect it to be like this.

Mo Shulin thought more than once, why so many elders with ghosts in the bipolar gate did not choose, but chose a white jade tea that is indisputable in the world. Bai Yuming from the previous life was a mahayana cultivator. What is so special about Yuexuefeng that made Smiling Baibai come over again and again at the risk of being noticed.

However, the facts are incredibly simple, because Yuexuefeng is one of the natural entrances to the magical realm.

Natural entrances cannot be sealed, but such entrances are like entrances to the fairyland. Unless you master the method, how to find them is an ordinary place, and no one can see the difference.

Each martial art has one or two entrances to the demon realm. The reason why the martial art is established here is that in addition to having sufficient aura, it is able to resist the invading demons at any time and protect the mainland of repairers.

Demon Xiu is not a fool either. The Xiuzhe Continent is already waiting at the entrance of the Demon Realm. Naturally, Demon Xiu will not be so stupid that moths will rush to the fire and send them to the door.

Moxiu looked for a new passage and abandoned the entrances to the Demon Realm.

Year after year passed, the practitioners changed round after round. Eventually, the entrance to the demon was forgotten by the practitioners, until the smiling face with the soul-inspiring flag appeared, and the yigao people boldly had been forgotten in each. Walk through the entrance of the Demon Realm. The cultivator scratched his ears and scratched his cheeks and couldn't understand how the smiley white heads escaped by surrounding and suppressing again and again.

Bai Yuming didn't expect this to be the reason, and suddenly became a little funny.

The same entrance, with a smiling face and a white head as an escape door, Mo Shulin used it to send love letters.

But this also means that being framed cannot be prevented.

Bai Yuming didn't want to waste time, and dragged Mo Shulin's collar and said, "I have a legend here. Would you like to listen to it."

"What legend?" Mo Shulin guessed what Bai Yuming wanted to say, his voice hoarse, with a little excitement that could not be hidden.

Bai Yuming resisted the redness on his face, and pretended to be calm: "I heard that if you kiss at Yuexuefeng, lovers can finally get married."

"Try it." Mo Shulin hugged Bai Yuming tightly, his lips pressed against his lips.

Bai Yuming was breathless after being kissed. He felt Mo Shulin's depression this year, and also felt Mo Shulin's yearning in peace.

On this day, they kissed and kissed, kissed and kissed on Yuexue Peak, and looked forward to this legend coming true.

In the days to come, it was still monotonous and boring.

Practice the whip technique boringly, practice boringly, count the days boringly, and wait boringly for Mo Shulin's letter.

But the scenery written in Mo Shulin's letter is getting less and less, and the paper is getting thinner. Bai Yuming knew that Mo Shulin's difficult days were coming, and Duanmu Jinyan's protagonist's halo became more dazzling.

But no matter what, Mo Shulin will still find a way to bring news to Bai Yuming, even if it is just two words: Anhao.

With the display of Mo Shulin's amazing talent in the magic repair, the cultivator continent gradually has rumors of Mo Shulin. I found Feiyun Valley and Yuexue Peak. Liangjimen removed Mo Shulin from his name without saying a word, without even notifying Bai Yuming. He became an insignificant person again, even if he had become the Supreme Elder.

Just like in the original text, the little villain finally entered the magic way, was expelled from the sect, and was resisted by the repairer mainland.

And today, five hundred years later, he has also moved towards the destiny set by the original owner and has been taken care of.

Bai Yuming lives on Yuexue Peak, and has not seen any smiles and white heads, nor has he found any traces of demons. But the evidence fell like snowflakes, and Bai Yuming couldn't believe it and even doubted himself.

During this period, Xiao Yu came several times and delivered a lot of news.

Xiao Yulian has become the right-hand man of the head, but his cultivation is not yet at the stage of distraction, and he cannot stand alone on a peak, so he has no right to speak.

Yan Qianqian has become an elder, and she will bring the newly harvested Golden Flame Phoenix Bird over to chat with Bai Yuming. Although she didn't say anything, Bai Yuming knew that the external reviews about him must be very bad.

And Ye Qingling, Shangguan Zhuqing, Shan Wu, Yin Ketian...

Bai Yuming thought he had no popularity, but when he was in the cage, he knew that he was not alone.

Fate has always changed, and even a little change is enough to warm the heart.

Bai Yuming waited day by day, waiting for Mo Shulin to come to rescue him, using the method of hiding from the sky. However, what he was waiting for was the news that Mo Zun Mo Shulin was seriously injured and missing.

Bai Yuming tried to sense Mo Shulin's existence with the life and death contract, but found that he could not perceive it.

There is only one such possibility. Mo Shulin is still alive, but in a space where the impact of the life and death contract can be eliminated. When Mo Shulin was in this space, Bai Yuming's death would not affect Mo Shulin.

Heaven has found a way to make him die.

Xiao Yulian held a sword in his hand, but seemed unable to hold anything, "Master, you can run away."

The head of the bipolar sect has already figured out the way to deal with Bai Yuming. That is to use the material to make the fur of Bai Yuming a defensive scarf that can withstand the catastrophe. The flesh and blood are trained into a panacea that can quickly improve the level of cultivation, and the soul is imprisoned in the magic weapon Among them, immortality is immortal, and immortality is driven by the cultivator. In order to repay Bai Yuming as the Supreme Elder but colluded with the Demon Clan with smiling faces and white heads, he has repeatedly assisted with smiling faces and white heads in refining banners.

"Me." Bai Yuming shook his head and refused. At this moment, he unexpectedly felt weak even to speak.

Perhaps this is fate.

He thought he could escape the control of Heavenly Dao, but he didn't expect Heavenly Dao to use the method of severely hurting Mo Shulin so that Mo Shulin could not rescue him.

"Master." Xiao Yulian was so excited that he grasped the cage where Bai Yuming was imprisoned, but was bombed out, spitting out blood.

"You go." Bai Yuming gave up struggling.

"Why? You escape, Master, you can definitely escape." Xiao Yulian didn't want to watch Bai Yuming's accident.

"You can't escape." Bai Yuming has already seen through, "You can't escape."

No matter where he escapes, the world will advance according to the original plot. Bai Yuming knew that he still had a chance to escape, but he didn't want to harm Mo Shulin. From the moment he heard Mo Shulin's disappearance, his heart hurts.

If his life needs Mo Shulin to save, then he would rather die by himself.

Xiao Yulian wanted to say something, but the Pleurotus eryngii at the door reminded Xiao Yulian that someone had arrived. Xiao Yulian could only wipe off the blood stains and hurried away.

But before leaving, Xiao Yu turned around and said, "Master, wait for me. I will definitely find a way to rescue Master."

The corner of Bai Yuming's mouth lifted up, but his smile failed to appear.

Where is the last person who made him wait?

In the days of imprisonment, there was no sun or moon.

Xiao Yulian thought he didn't know the outside world, but Bai Yuming's cultivation skills were advanced and he could hear many voices. Naturally, many people who scolded him and Mo Shulin could be heard.

Sometimes Bai Yuming would listen to it as a pastime, sometimes he would isolate all voices, memories and Mo Shulin's past.

On this day, Bai Yuming heard the sound of suona and firecrackers.

Bai Yuming thought of funeral.

Suona quickly stopped, Bai Yuming's heart suddenly began to beat, and he felt anxious.

This feeling was so strong that Bai Yuming couldn't control his body and turned back into a rabbit shape.

Rabbit shape, suona?

Seeing his own rabbit claws, Fat Rabbit only felt that he was not far from death.

This must be God telling it that it is about to die, let it become a rabbit fur scarf, right?

The fat rabbit saw the carrot lying aside and hurriedly took a carrot into his arms. If it really is going to die, eat a few more carrots before dying, and be a bunny ghost with plenty of food.

The fat rabbit hugged the carrot and gnawed at it, eating to ease his inner anxiety.

The Shimen was opened, and the heads of the bipolar gates and their elders entered in file.

Seeing these battles, Fat Rabbit Chi became even more nervous. The rabbit paws holding the carrot couldn't help but tighten.

However, the head of the bipolar sect and his elders knelt on one knee and put their hands close to the front, "I would like to ask Yuede Immortal Venerable to marry the Demon Venerable for peace for the common people."

"Chi?!" The fat rabbit was so scared that all the carrots in his mouth fell out.

What and what?

Let it marry the devil? Where's the rabbit fur scarf? What about the trial? What about making good flesh and blood a panacea?

How did it change to marry Mozun? How did this plot become like this?

The clouds dispersed, and the sun became bright and dazzling.

A figure slowly walked into the cave against the light, "Master, marrying me can protect the peace of the Three Realms, and I have carrots to eat every day. Do you have to consider one or two?"

"Please consider it." The head of the two poles and his elders asked again.

"Huh?" The whole rabbit was dumbfounded.

Fuzzy Rabbit's silence was taken as a default. It was taken out of the cage by Lord Demon Lord himself, and carried it back to Yuexue Peak.

Yuexuefeng has changed its appearance, and red silks and red lanterns are hung everywhere, indicating that something festive is about to happen here.

There were a few seats on Yuexue Peak, and all the familiar people came, and some unfamiliar people also came.

Seeing the faces of Xiao Yulian, Shangguan Zhuqing and others with sincere blessings, Fat Rabbit stunned again.

Hutuji was finally put on the bed, but there was only a simple layout here, obviously not a new house.

"Master, hurry up and put on the happy clothes, don't miss the auspicious time." Mo Shulin took out two sets of happy clothes, took off the magic repair clothes on his body, and changed clothes directly in front of the fat rabbit.

The clothes are taken off a little bit, and deep or shallow scars are spread all over the body.

The Fat Rabbit suddenly felt distressed.

During this time, Mo Shulin must have had a bad time.

When Mo Shulin took off to the last piece, the fat rabbit realized it, and hurriedly covered his face, turned over, and slapped, "Why don't you change your clothes elsewhere."

Also face it directly.

"I thought Master would stay silent all day." Mo Shulin kept moving as he spoke.

He changed his suit in twos or twos and picked up the fat rabbit, "Master, it's your turn to change clothes."

"Change, what clothes to change." Fat Tuji couldn't believe it.

"What do you mean?" Mo Shulin kissed the fat rabbit. "Or, Master wants me to change it for you?"

"Help you a big mushroom." The fat rabbit hit Mo Shulin's face with a bunny foot, "Go out. I want to change my clothes."

When Mo Shulin really went out, the rabbit's paw touched the soft happy clothes, and the fat rabbit couldn't believe it.

Is it going to get married?

Moreover, it kicked the Demon Lord.

Thinking of this, the Fat Rabbit couldn't help crying.

This is not its dream, right?

Is it going to get married? Still with Mo Shulin.

Fat Tuji changed back to Bai Yuming, and compared Xifu to his body.

The door was suddenly opened, "Master, want me to help..."

Before Mo Shulin's words were finished, a sword qi was thrown towards Mo Shulin's front. Mo Shulin calmly stopped, "Well, well, I will go out now."

Mo Shulin, who closed the door, looked at the red silk around him, feeling very satisfied.

Once, when he first came to Yuexuefeng, his heart was painful. It was Bai Yuming who used strange laughs to pull him out of his sadness again and again.

Now, Bai Yuming was unbelievable, immersed in a trance, it was his turn to help Bai Yuming get rid of the trouble.

Xifu fits well, and Bai Yuming looks at himself in the mirror, still a little bit unbelievable.

Mo Shulin opened the door after getting permission, and saw the white jade tea with red hair, his eyes were stunning and gentle, "Master, let me comb your hair."

Bai Yuming nodded.

Bai Yuming sat in front of the mirror and looked at Mo Shulin, who had been dressed up in the mirror, still a little warmer inexplicably.

The Demon Lord was married, but there was no help from anyone. Everything was done by the Demon Lord himself.

The comb passed through the hair, and Mo Shulin's voice was slow and soft, "One combed to the end, there is no need to worry about wealth; the second combed to the hair, no disease and no worries; three combed to the head, many children and longevity..."

"Enough of you." Bai Yuming was really going to be laughed at by Mo Shulin.

Mo Shulin, the bridegroom official, was really omnipotent, and he even played the role of a married female mother.

Mo Shulin hugged Bai Yuming from behind, "Not enough, I am the master's possession, and fill up all the master's not."

Bai Yuming leaned in Mo Shulin's arms, "Okay."

I want Mo Shulin to be everything, Mo Shulin is willing to appear in every scene in his life, and I am more willing to be indispensable in Mo Shulin's life.

Everything about him will be filled by him.

After a long time, the two finally got out of the room.

Bai Yuming thought that he was not a married woman and would not feel uncomfortable getting married, but when he toasted to the people at the table, he looked at familiar faces with mixed feelings.

I dont know when I will meet again, just like a married daughter, I dont know when I can return to her natal family.

Bai Yuming didn't cry, but Yan Qianqian started crying, holding her golden flame phoenix bird, and shouting that if Mo Shulin treats him badly, come back to her and she will definitely help.

"You have to remember. My Yan family doesn't have anything, but I can always find a few people to support the scene."

Shangguan Zhuqing had the same mixed feelings, but there was a kind of relief in his eyes, as if he finally saw a scene he had been waiting for, and as if Bai Yuming had fulfilled his long-cherished wish for someone.

"Brother Ming, happy wedding."

Ye Qingling drank a lot of wine, and his eyes were hard to hide. He likes Bai Yuming, which has already reached love, but his love is different from others. As light as clear water, it is difficult to detect. The gap between him and Bai Yuming is too big, he is not as courageous as Mo Shulin, he dares to do what he has always wanted to do but dare not do.

Seeing Bai Yuming's marriage, Ye Qingling was really sad, but because it was Mo Shulin who stood beside Bai Yuming, he was convinced of the defeat.

"Elder Bai Yu, Mo Demon Venerable, I, Ye Qingling, hereby wish the two of you forever together."

Xiao Yulian has already independent Fengtou and has the position of elder. Probably he had already thought that there would be such a day, so he was very relaxed.

Xiao Yulian picked up the wine glass and toasted Bai Yuming and Mo Shulin, "Master, teacher, goodbye."


They are only temporarily separated, and there are still many possibilities to meet, so don't talk too much, so that you can save these words when you meet next time.

Bai Yuming and Mo Shulin stood on Yuexue Peak, under the heavenly way, and worshipped in the witness of friends and disciples.

After visiting the hall, he will get in the wedding car with Mo Shulin and head to the Demon Realm.

They will live there in the future.

When he saw the wedding car, Bai Yuming knew that Mo Shulin was going to be a demon.

This wedding car is very big, pulled by twenty spirit beasts, and the key is an open top. Two people sit up, and no one knows that they are getting married.

Bai Yuming had a bad feeling, but under everyone's gaze, Bai Yuming didn't speak, and sat silently.

Mo Shulin sat next to him, not riding a horse alone like he would normally do in marriage.

When Mo Shulin's hand stopped his shoulder, Bai Yuming's bad premonition became stronger.

The firecrackers sounded, the suona sounded, and the wedding team composed of hundreds of demons set off again. When the spirit beast ran, red clouds appeared from under the horse's hooves, leaving a long trail in the air. The flower demon repaired the red petals that were continuously thrown, and the sky was showered with petals.

I thought the wedding cars were so noisy, but when Bai Yuming found out that he was walking around the land of Xiuzhe, he couldn't help it, "Where are we going?" Isn't it going back to the Demon Realm?

"Back." Mo Shulin smiled brightly, not as half the Demon Lord should have, "but let's swim the Cultivator Continent first, then go to the Demon Realm, first have a banquet for the mermaid and rabbit tribe, and then take a stroll. Circle the Demon Realm. Go back to the Demon Realm and stroll around, and finally return to the palace."

Cultivator Continent, Demon Realm, Demon Realm, every place must be visited once, let the three realms know that his Demon Lord Mo Shulin is out of order.

Bai Yuming: "..."

Is he too late to get off the wedding car now?

The author has something to say: the end and the flower. Believe that everyone understands, will take a long side.

Welcome to see tomorrow, Tuji's married life.


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