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After two times, Bai Yuming really didn't work, and he strongly requested a rest.

But Mo Shulin was still kissing and holding Bai Yuming tightly, as if he wanted to make up for all the separation in these five hundred years.

Bai Yuming didn't want to get along with this yellow-headed Mo Shulin anymore, so he could only chat about a topic casually, "Just now before you came, someone stared at me outside for a while."

Bai Yuming thought that Mo Shulin would know, but Mo Shulin looked at Bai Yuming nervously, "Which position?"

This look and expression obviously just didn't know what was going on.

Bai Yuming retracted the joke he originally wanted to say about Cai. Hua Thief back into his stomach, pointed at the window, and asked suspiciously, "Don't you feel it?"

The peeping person and Mo Shulin are just a matter of front and back. Theoretically, Mo Shulin's current cultivation base of the broken virtual perfection, and the blessing of various magic weapons, can definitely feel most of the magic cultivation.

Mo Shulin narrowed his eyes, stared at the window, and shook his head.

Bai Yuming's cultivation base during the Tribulation Period is far higher than many demonic cultivations, and it is normal to see someone peeping.

In just five hundred times, Mo Shulin's cultivation was very good to reach the Fragmentation Stage, but it was two levels worse than Bai Yuming. Now his palace is mixed with powerful characters, which makes him have to worry.

"Be careful. The smiling face and the white head are not dead yet." Mo Shulin reminded, holding Bai Yuming's hand.

Bai Yuming was stunned for a moment before he could react.


According to the original plot, he was still jumping with a smile and white head when he died. After all, it's only the middle and late stages of the original text. There is still a long time before the ending.

"Shulin, has my death been calculated?" Bai Yuming asked nervously.

Mo Shulin thought for a while before nodding.

Bai Yuming was a little worried when he saw Mo Shulin's hesitation.

Mo Shulin only started to explain for a while.

After the two were separated, Mo Shulin quickly improved his cultivation level. He expanded his strength as much as possible while repeating his previous injuries when facing Mu Jinyan on the upper end. But compared to his previous life, he is smarter, and he will prepare medicine in advance, or reduce the pain caused by his injury.

Later Mo Shulin discovered that Tiandao didn't care whether he was really injured or not, as long as he was injured and uncomfortable.

Mo Shulin caught the loophole, and later on, he suffered fewer and fewer injuries, and he became more and more good at dealing with the rules of heaven.

But one thing that cannot be changed is that people who should have died continue to live.

Mo Shulin tried to help several demon repairs who should be killed by Duanmu Jinyan, but found that no matter how they helped, these demon repairs ended up dead.

Mo Shulin thought of a possibility. He went to the mermaid clan to get the scales again, trying to use the method of concealing the sky and crossing the sea to kill the devil. It was indeed saved at the time, but on the third day after he thought it was successful, the demon cultivator died in the same way. It seems to be warning Mo Shulin not to be nosy.

This made Mo Shulin realize that he couldn't just let Bai Yuming get through that catastrophe, he had to find a way to find loopholes in the rules.

The loophole is, "The damned person must die?" Bai Yuming murmured and repeated Mo Shulin's words, "You mean, I'm already dead?"

Mo Shulin nodded and shook his head, "The rabbit demon named Bai Yuming is dead."

"Ah? But." Bai Yuming suddenly flashed, "So you didn't come to me for a while later, so you just went to see'Bai Yuming'?"

Yuexuefeng is clearly the entrance to the Demon Realm. When Mo Shulin first went to the Demon Realm, he wrote to him regularly, and took the time to go back to see him. There is no reason why Mo Shulin would have no time after he became the Demon Venerable. Give him one, and let the gossip from the outside spread indiscriminately, making him more sad and heartbroken, thinking that he is no match for the fate.

Mo Shulin nodded, "I dare not see you."

He was afraid.

Bai Yuming approached Mo Shulin's arms, and he understood.

Mo Shulin was unable to save the magic repair, and realized that it was useless to save a one-time life simply, and Mo Shulin created a Bai Yuming with a magic weapon. This Bai Yuming has the same appearance, the same name, and the same living on Yuexue Peak.

Mo Shulin was involved with that Bai Yuming, and he always observed that Bai Yuming and made that Bai Yuming a real Bai Yuming, replacing his existence.

"You are from another world, and I am born again. Since we are all substitutes, we can naturally find a substitute to replace our death." Mo Shulin said lightly.

But only Bai Yuming knew how nervous Mo Shulin was at this time, and his hands trembled slightly, for fear that he was just a dream and would disappear at any time.

"But, what about me? Yue Xuefeng can't be fake." Bai Yuming didn't seem to feel anything wrong in these five hundred years. He lived as usual and lived his own life. In the second half of the time, people around seemed to find him less often.

It is like that Ye Qingling will visit Yuexue Peak once a month, but in fact, Bai Yuming often sees Ye Qingling once every four months. But at that time, Bai Yuming was deeply worried about Mo Shulin, and was no longer in the mood to think about those foreign objects.

"You forgot, Yuexuefeng is the entrance to the Demon Realm." Mo Shulin reminded.

Since it is the entrance to the Demon Realm, it is a place where time and space are prone to turbulence. The smiling white head can appear silently, and Mo Shulin can naturally move around silently, and silently change Bai Yuming into another space.

Bai Yuming was too unguarded against him. It was obviously the cultivation base of the tribulation period, but as long as he was close, he would not be wary.

"So that's it." Bai Yuming understood the meaning of Mo Shulin's words.

Yuexuefeng is a meeting point. Only by replacing the true and the false with the false, Tiandao can't tell who is the real Bai Yuming and who is the fake Bai Yuming. Mo Shulin could not control the action of the smiling face, but he could control his own pace.

He created an environment similar to Yuexuefeng in another space. Bai Yuming lived in a house of artifacts, and he would inevitably return to the house to rest every night. Therefore, it is easy to replace the white jade tea on the fake moon snow peak and release the fake white jade tea out of the real moon snow peak.

In order to avoid failure, Mo Shulin minimized all contact with Zhenbai Yuming as much as possible, and he didn't even dare to post letters again, because he was afraid that Zhenbai Yuming would suddenly be happy and his feelings around him would become acute. He was indeed wiping away Bai Yuming's vitality little by little, but this was a last resort.

When Bai Yuming was unaware, Mo Shulin used the emotional behavior of real Bai Yuming as a template to control the actions of fake Bai Yuming, imitating all the contacts between Mo Shulin and Bai Yuming in the previous life.

Except for the changes in the house, there seems to be no big difference.

Therefore, Tiandao did not feel the difference, and easily let the scenes pass.

In the Dongchuang incident, fake Bai Yuming was detained.

However, at this time, the fake white jade tea failed to pass the customs, because the fake white jade tea was fabricated by Mo Shulin of the Xuxu realm, and the cultivation base naturally only had the Dongxu realm. The white jade tea in the original text is in the Mahayana period, which is a realm difference between the two.

Mo Shulin had no choice but to make Real Bai Yuming also be imprisoned, and let him pass the Tiandao level first.

"It doesn't make sense, why can I live through the catastrophe period, but not at the hole virtual realm?" Bai Yuming heard a little confused.

"Rabbit fur scarf." Mo Shulin nodded Bai Yuming's nose.

Seeing the red marks on Bai Yuming's body, Mo Shulin's eyes darkened, and the breath of Bai Yuming in his nose made him couldn't help smelling it again and again.

Bai Yuming pondered for a moment, but still didn't understand, "What do you mean? Is there any connection between the rabbit fur scarf and the void period?"

Mo Shulin did not speak, but clicked on his cheek and motioned to Bai Yuming to kiss him before he was willing to say.

Bai Yuming glared at Mo Shulin, curling himself up with the quilt, "I don't want to know that even if I don't say it."

This big-sex demon has eaten him twice, and I want to kiss him, so it's not bad to not bite the demon.

Mo Shulin didn't care, he lowered his head and blocked Bai Yuming's mouth, and then let him go out of breath after kissing Bai Yuming. Bai Yuming was so embarrassed that he wanted to beat the demon, but when Mo Shulin started to explain the rabbit fur scarf, he had to stop, planning to listen to the words first before beating someone.

"Naturally, there is a big connection. Although the rabbit fur scarf was given to Jiang Zhihan, it became Duanmu Jinyan's self-defense weapon in the later period. After a level of difference, everything behind will be radically changed." Mo Shulin thought of that paragraph. There is a little bit of fear and worry in the time race.

On the face of it, the Dongxu period and the Mahayana period are just one state away, and both sides are killing.

But in fact, after losing this realm, Duanmu Jinyan would not be able to survive the following catastrophes, and without the protection of a rabbit fur scarf, Jiang Zhihan would also become a drag when Duanmu Jinyan entered the Demon Realm, let alone encountering Mo Shulin, Mo Shulin mocked Duanmu Jinyan and other follow-up events.

"That's it." Bai Yuming nodded. It is no wonder that Tiandao will not accept the goods, and the real and fake Bai Yuming is indeed much worse.

But then, Bai Yuming began to wonder again.

If rabbit fur scarves are so important, then how to find alternatives.

Bai Yuming asked nervously, "Then what then? How did you solve this problem?"

Mo Shulin looked down at Bai Yuming, hoping that Bai Yuming would be more sensible.

The sensible Bai Yuming could only suppress the feeling of wanting to beat the demon, raised his head and kissed Mo Shulin's cheek.

"No." Mo Shulin said that he would not accept this food.

"Li is light and affection is heavy." Bai Yuming poked Mo Shulin.

Mo Shulin said solemnly: "We must follow the path of heaven."

The fake white jade tea that is one level short of the goods will not be accepted, nor will he admit that it is not a kiss.

Bai Yuming almost laughed angrily by Mo Shulin, but he couldn't help but feel moved when he thought of Mo Shulin's efforts to cultivate and improve in the Demon Realm for hundreds of years while helping him solve the death catastrophe.

Bai Yuming hugged Mo Shulin's neck and kissed Mo Shulin's lips earnestly.

After the kiss, the two hugged each other tightly.

"Sorry, I didn't help with anything." Bai Yuming hugged Mo Shulin, feeling very embarrassed. He thought it was very simple, but he didn't expect Mo Shulin to make so much effort.

"No. You are right if you don't know anything." Mo Shulin stroked Bai Yuming's cheek, with peace of mind in his eyes.

He was very thankful that Bai Yuming didn't know about this matter. If the pen and ink described by Bai Yuming is inconsistent with the world, he would be planted by a smiling face while he was completely ignorant. So, without being aware of their plan to cross the sea, all the'Bai Yuming' Mo Shulin saw when he appeared would have no idea that Yue Xuefeng was silent, with more smiles and more white heads. One him.

Of course Bai Yuming can be installed, but Mo Shulin's initial plan was to replace real white jade Ming with fake Bai Yuming, so not telling Bai Yuming from the beginning is the best solution.

Mo Shulin continued: "There are defensive artifacts on the left and right. I thought, if you can replace it with a Mahayana defensive artifact. I didn't expect it to be."

Although it was just a matter of two or two sentences, Mo Shulin was about to turn his head in grief in those few days.

With the replacement of fake Bai Yuming, real Bai Yuming survived smoothly. Mo Shulin gave the fake Bai Yuming the identity of Yuede Xianzun again, and the real Bai Yuming was a ray of remnant soul of Yuede Xianzun. On the grounds of peace in the Three Realms, the head of the bipolar gate agreed to Bai Yuming's marriage.

If it is a complete tribulation period power, the head of the two poles will certainly disagree, but Bai Yumings new identity is just a ray of remnant soul. At that time, Bai Yuming was so embarrassed because of excessive heartache. Deceived to pass.

Later, the two married smoothly.

After listening to Bai Yuming, there were mixed feelings.

In fact, the entire plan for the civet cat to change the prince was so full of errors and omissions that many of them couldn't stand up to the details. But Tiandao doesn't care at all. Tiandao only needs to follow the original text as long as the rabbit fur scarf can help Duanmu Jinyan. Even if Bai Yuming left a ray of remnant soul after "death", as long as he had "dead" this process was to complete the task.

Thinking of all this, Bai Yuming was inexplicably heartbroken and sad, "It turns out that not only people are partial, but the sky is also partial."

"Who said that the sky is partial." Mo Shulin hugged Bai Yuming's face, his eyes met, "Although the sky is pampering Duanmu Jinyan, it gave me to you."

"In the future, I will spoil you."

Bai Yuming couldn't help raising the corners of his mouth.

"Then do you want to spoil me too?" Mo Shulin pointed out, "The third time or something."

Bai Yuming: "..."

This big color. Demon! It's just a few words before you start begging.

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