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Three times, but not seven times.

Bai Yuming remembered the couplet at the door of Locking Jade Hall, and was so angry that he pinched Mo Shulin's waist directly on the bed.

Mo Shulin didn't feel that his waist was itchy, but Bai Yuming's squeezed it so hard that his throat became tight.

"You'd better explain to me what the couplet outside the door is about." Bai Yuming meant to kick the person out of bed because he couldn't explain it well.

"Boasting, boasting. The demon world regards fat as beauty." Mo Shulin knew that Bai Yuming would be angry, and said quickly: "Change the word fat and beautiful, you listen, the beautiful rabbit is beautiful in the new year, beautiful Beautiful rabbit. Beautiful rabbit."

It sounds like this, although it is not amazing, but there is no problem.

However, Bai Yuming gritted his teeth and said, "But if you hang this couplet in the Demon Realm, the meaning is different."

"I will change it tomorrow." Mo Shulin said cautiously, both hands becoming irregular again.

"Change now." Bai Yuming covered his waist, feeling tired enough, "Mei changed it to the character "Jun" for me."

When I was held by Mo Shulin and saw the newly hung couplet of Juntu, Bai Yuming's anger eased a lot, and Datu said a lot: "Go back and rest."

Mo Shulin held Bai Yuming and walked into the Suoyu Palace again.

The corners of Mo Shulin's mouth raised, and his eyes were filled with joy. He knew that Bai Yuming would care about the name of Locking Jade Temple, so he deliberately used the Fat Rabbit Couplet to attract Bai Yuming's attention, so that Bai Yuming had no time to think about locking the Jade Temple.

After he obediently changed the couplet, Bai Yuming's character was embarrassed to mention the vague and ambiguous Suoyudian, but he could not stop it.

Bai Yuming got the couplet he wanted, and Mo Shulin got the palace name he wanted.

The days in Suoyu Palace were similar to those on Yuexue Peak. They were all reading scripts, eating, and sleeping.

The only difference is that when Bai Yuming does these three things, he has to hold his aching waist.

Although he was a cultivator during the tribulation period, the difference between long-term training and long-term detention was still reflected. Obviously Mo Shulin worked more and had less sleep time, but he was full of energy and refreshed every day. And Bai Yuming is like a waste rabbit who is just picked up by yin and nourishing yang every day, he doesn't want to move.

If there is no seemingly gaze, it is probably the reason why Mo Shulin came back too frequently after opening the meat. Even if he came back, he couldn't find the right time.

Bai Yuming is very tired every day, but mentally relaxes like never before. Because his death catastrophe has passed, Mo Shulin's catastrophe is simpler than him, and the future will come slowly as in the original text. Everything is taken for granted, it seems that there is nothing to worry about.

Perhaps there are also areas to worry about, such as worrying about Mo Shulin's kidneys and letting the kitchen prepare a few more kidney-tonifying dishes.

Bai Yuming felt that for a moment, Tu Sheng seemed to have seen his head at a glance. He is a cultivator who crossed the catastrophe period, and his life is still very long, and he has enough time to splurge.

Mo Shulin noticed that Bai Yuming was doing nothing. After entering the sage time at night, he hugged Bai Yuming, "Is there something on my mind?"

"I think it's a bit boring." Bai Yuming told Mo Shulin of his salty life.

Mo Shulin was taken aback after listening, "have you always been like this?"

He thought that Bai Yuming loved such a simple life, so he tried his best to let Bai Yuming live the days when he was in Yuexue Peak.

Bai Yuming thought for a while and said, "Maybe you have had too much **** recently, so your thoughts are different, right?"

Bai Yuming also felt a little unreasonable. In these five hundred years, apart from working hard with Mo Shulin, there are really not many hard days. When he was framed by the bipolar gate, thinking of Mo Shulin, who was missing, he was completely empty, and even had no idea.

Mo Shulin was blocked by Bai Yuming's words, almost speechless, half ashamed and half earnestly: "If this is called too much, I can make you more boring."

The implication is that now this frequency is still after his restraint.

For some reason, Bai Yuming remembered Mo Shulin's four-different appearance, "It's no wonder that after you drank the potion, you were flattered."

Mo Shulin wanted to ask what he meant, but inexplicably, he remembered the four words, snake nature and lewdness.

The head of a rabbit can probably be understood as thinking of rabbits.

"Bunny head and cold tail" means: I'm full of thoughts of banging with rabbits.

"Yes. You're all right." Mo Shulin agreed with Bai Yuming's words, and put the words "rabbit's head and snake's tail" into place.

Bai Yuming: "..."

This day cannot pass. He and his waist wanted to run away from home.

However, such drunken lives and dreams of death did not last long after all.

The "death" of Yuede Xianzun means that the original text enters the middle and later stages, and the protagonist group such as Duanmu Jinyan came to the demon domain in order to strangle the demon from the source. Duanmu Jinyan came for the common people of the world, so what they had to do was to find the source of the magic energy and seal it. As long as the demon energy is thin, the demon cultivator cannot obtain the demon energy for cultivation, and the demon domain will naturally decline.

Mo Shulin's appearance is to give Duanmu Jinyan a stumbling block again and again to prevent Duanmu Jinyan from sealing the source of devil energy, and then be "wounded" by Duanmu Jinyan again and again.

Not any injury can be avoided, Mo Shulin dare not fool Tiandao as a fool, and some injuries on the surface still have to be suffered.

Every time Bai Yuming saw the **** wounds on Mo Shulin's body, he felt very distressed.

Bai Yuming is the root of the wood spirit and has a high cultivation base. He can heal most of the wounds. Mo Shulin doesn't need new wounds and old wounds like the previous life.

"Oh, when are you tall these days?" Bai Yuming thought that there were hundreds of years to come, and he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable for Mo Shulin.

Fortunately, Duanmu Jinyan has enough opponents, even if Mo Shulin is an important villain, he does not have the opportunity to play every month. Before a duel with a high-quality opponent like Mo Shulin, Duanmu Jinyan always asked the cannon fodder for equipment and experience.

So Mo Shulin was injured, but also

"I am very lucky to meet Master." Mo Shulin held Bai Yuming's hand with his uninjured hand.

"I can meet you, it is my luck." Bai Yuming lowered his head. Without Mo Shulin's help, he wouldn't necessarily be able to pass the death catastrophe.

Mo Shulin did not argue, but kissed Bai Yuming's lips, "Then we will always be each other's luck."

In this way, no one will leave.

Bai Yuming nodded.

Bai Yuming thought that Mo Shulin would tell him everything, but he didn't think that Mo Shulin wanted to secretly go to the secret realm. Had it not been for Bishe and Xiaozi outside the door to say that the Seven Demon Kings were vying for a place in the secret realm, he wouldn't know this.

After Bai Yuming knew this, he immediately asked Mo Shulin to take him with him, but was refused.

"Why?" Bai Yuming asked puzzledly, "It will take three or four months for you to go and talk less. Are you planning to leave me here alone?"

Other things are ignored, but there are dangers in the secret realm, how can he stay in the Palace of Suoyu with peace of mind.

"No." Mo Shulin still shook his head, but didn't say anything.

Of course he knew that the secret realm was far away and difficult. But because of this, he was worried about Bai Yuming's past. He was terribly scared, afraid that Bai Yuming would be discovered by Heaven and taken away by Heaven.

Bai Yuming opened his mouth and wanted a reason, but he saw the determination in Mo Shulin's eyes and understood that there was no room for discussion on this matter.

He nodded, "Okay."

Bai Yuming fell back on the bed.

Looking at the top of the bed, Bai Yuming suddenly understood why he felt that his life was so muddled.

When he was at Yuexuefeng, although he also lived a similar life, he knew what was going on outside, where Duanmu Jinyan had gone, and how he should respond.

At that time, he was confident.

And now he has come to Demon Realm, even if he knows that there is no difficult plot in the future, he is completely isolated from the outside world. The Mozun's palace is too big, there are no friends like Shangguan Zhuqing who can exchange information, and he is truly locked in the Palace of Locked Jade.

Since coming to the Demon Realm, he has not been out of the courtyard wall of the Suoyu Temple and has seen the scenery of the Demon Realm once.

He is like a pet rabbit in a cage. He only needs to eat and drink every day, waiting for the owner's favor.

Mo Shulin saw that Bai Yuming was unhappy, so he lay down beside Bai Yuming and hugged Bai Yuming, "You will still go? Are you?"

Bai Yuming's cultivation base is too high, if Bai Yuming thinks, no magic can hold Bai Yuming.

"No. You can't die anyway." Bai Yuming was very upset and turned into a rabbit.

Seeing the fat rabbit lying on his side, Mo Shulin lost his temper.

After several months of cultivating meticulously, the meat of the fat rabbit was raised again. It was shiny and smooth, and the hair was soft and smooth. Mo Shulin was tempted and couldn't help reaching out and touching it, but was kicked away by the little rabbit's feet.

The rabbit's foot kicked on the palm, it didn't hurt, and it felt strangely strange.

Mo Shulin stretched out his hand to touch the fat rabbit again, and was kicked away again. This time the fat rabbit got stronger, and Mo Shulin felt his palms numb.

"Don't touch it, it's so annoying." The fat rabbit snorted coldly.

"You still want to go, don't you?" It's a pity that Mo Shulin couldn't touch the fat rabbit he was thinking of. But regarding Bai Yuming's life, he didn't want to be half way off.

"If you don't want to go, don't go. You won't let me go. Wouldn't it be very shameless if I go." The fat rabbit was furious. At this time, Mo Shulin is still thinking about whether he will go about this kind of thing.

Is it so hard to coax it?

And there is really a reason to let it go, it is also a rabbit that can listen to reason. Mo Shulin didn't say anything, just let it not go, this is the source of its anger.

After thinking about it, I found that Mo Shulin seemed to have lost his life.

The fat rabbit turned around in confusion, wanting to see if the ink scum man ran away on his own when he was angry, but didn't want a black figure to pounce on him, a tail tightly wrapped around his body.

Two familiar black ears drooped on the white rabbit fur, and Mo Shulin drank the little mermaid's medicine again, and turned into a bunny head and snake body.

The Fat Rabbit laughed angrily, and couldn't help but worry about Mo Shulin, "What if the little mermaid doesn't cook for you, if you can't become a human?"

"If you don't change back, you won't be able to change back. Let other demon be the second demon." Mo Xiaoju hugged the fat rabbit tightly, "I only want my fat rabbit white."

"Skinny snake black." The fat rabbit said fiercely with a rabbit face.

"This name is too strange." Mo Xiaomon said amusedly.

"It's weird than you." The Fat Rabbit grunted.

"Well, my white rabbit is the best to watch. It is white, handsome and beautiful." Mo Xiaomon buried his head in Fat Rabbit's arms.

"Be careful all the way." The Fat Rabbit whispered.

Mo Xiaoshu was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled relaxedly, "Definitely. I will be back."

Fat Rabbit Chi: "..."

After becoming a villain, even the lines have become villains.

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