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A few more days passed.

Mo Shulin took a few demon kings to the secret realm.

Bai Yuming did not follow. He knew what Mo Shulin was afraid of. Mo Shulin worried that his sloshing around Duanmu Jinyan would let Tiandao realize the truth that he was not dead, and he was afraid that Tiandao would find a chance to kill him again. Although he can pretend to be other characters and appear next to Mo Shulin, Mo Shulin cannot guarantee his absolute safety.

Mo Shulin did not dare to gamble even if it was one in ten thousand danger.

Now it is no longer that little troublesome, innocuous fairyland, but a dangerous mystery that is dripping with blood and will kill the entire team if one step is wrong.

Not to mention the cultivator who crossed the Tribulation Period, even the immortal could not guarantee that he would definitely be able to walk out of the secret realm of the Demon Realm. Bai Yuming staying in Suoyudian is the safest way.

According to the original text, Duanmu Jinyan was dealt with by Mo Shulin, and the smiling white head had to be killed by Duanmu Jinyan.

Counting it down carefully, he Bai Yuming has nothing to do, and all the plots of his plot have ended at the moment of death. For the rest of the day, the only thing he needs to do is eat and drink, read the script, and wait for Mo Shulin to return.

In a daze, Bai Yuming noticed that line of sight again.

"Who?" Bai Yuming asked tentatively, and that line of sight instantly disappeared.

When Bai Yuming walked to the window, he found no one outside.

Behind this window is a small garden. Because of the different directions, no magician will come here except for the cleaning magic servant.

A small slit opened in the window.

Bai Yuming clearly remembered that this window was locked by him from inside yesterday.

There is no trace on the ground, and it can be seen that the other party is overly cautious.

Duanmu Jinyan can be eliminated first. Shuangwen is the protagonist leapfrogging others, Duanmu Jinyan's cultivation base is definitely lower than Mo Shulin. Duanmu Jinyan relied on the protagonist's halo and props, and wanted to sneak in secretly. But it was absolutely impossible for him to come in again and again just to look at him like this.

The smiling face and the white head have the soul-inducing flags, one of the functions of the soul-inducing flags is to cover up the aura of magic repair. The smiling white head can definitely stand silently by the window. But at this time, the smiling white head should be dealing with Duanmu Jinyan, he wouldn't be so free, and he would come over and see him again and again.

The original text has been in the middle and late stages.

The protagonists goal now is to eradicate Mo Xius smiling face for the Xiuzhe Continent. If the smiling face and white head really come to Suoyu Temple, Duanmu Jinyan will definitely follow him, and Mo Shulin will not be assured that he will stay a rabbit In Suoyudian. Therefore, smiling faces can be completely eliminated.

But besides these few, who else is there?

He will be aware that the cultivation base is higher than Mo Shulin's. There are too few cultivators in this range. Even if you look at the Three Realms, not many cultivators can do it.

Bai Yuming thought for a moment, and simply walked out of the Suoyu Palace.

The green snake was driving a dozen dark green snakes to wipe the floor. Xiao Zi is a flower demon, she flies lightly in the air, using petals to take away the dust of Hei Wali.

Seeing Bai Yuming coming out of the Suoyu Temple, Bi Snake and Xiao Zi were shocked.

They were all seeing Bai Yuming for the first time, knowing that Mo Demon Venerable had married a rabbit monster, but they didn't expect that Bai Yuming would be so good-looking, with a phoenix posture and an independent legacy, like a mortal fairy.

Bai Yuming walked to the two demon servants and asked hopelessly, "Who was in the small garden just now?"

The two magic servants were stunned for a moment before they realized that the small garden Bai Yuming was talking about was Rabbit Ben Garden.

Xiao Zi shook her head, "No. Master Demon said Concubine Rabbit Xijing, and only sent us two demons to sweep."

Bi Snake bowed and replied with a pleasing eyebrow, "Except for the two of us, Rabbit Benyuan does not allow the other demon servants to enter."

Bai Yuming: "..."

What is Princess Rabbit?

What is Tuben Garden?

He suddenly wanted to beat Mo Shulin.

On the Black Cliff of Broken Soul, Mo Shulin was wearing a black python and gold-rimmed robe, and the cloak exuded layers of black inflammation. Behind him are thousands of demon cavalry, each wearing armor, riding a war horse, and holding a magic pattern golden spear.

Duanmu Jinyan disguised as a magic repair, gathered a group of mobs, and waited for the secret realm to open not far away.

Several other demon kings who have not returned to Mo Shulin are also waiting.

They are ready to go, all want to seize the first opportunity to enter the secret realm.

At this moment, Mo Shulin's face was covered with magic patterns and suddenly sneezed very lightly.

Although there was a soft sound, the demon cavalry in the front row heard it, and it was incredible. The Demon Venerable in the Fragmented Void Realm actually sneezed, which can be listed as the Seven Wonders of the Demon Realm.

Mo Shulin rubbed his nose and the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

Bai Yuming must have missed him.

The demon cavalry who saw Mo Shulin's smile shivered suddenly, and the smile of Demon Venerable was terrifying.

Bai Yuming didn't go to Tu Ben Garden in the end, but let Xiao Zi walk around with him. Xiao Zi is a silly talker, and has said a lot about the Demon Venerable Hall along the way. Bai Yuming just added the news in the Demon Domain.

Its just that he didnt understand, "Should the Demon Venerable Demon Venerable Palace stay in? Since Mo Shulin is called the Second Demon Venerable, where does the first Demon Venerable live?"

Xiao Zi scratched his head, "We don't know the First Demon Venerable. He seems to have never appeared before. It's just that a few powerful demon qi leaks before we know that Demon Domain has a stronger demon cultivation than Lord Mo Demon Venerable."

Bai Yuming frowned.

He thought of a possibility, but felt that this possibility was ridiculous and a little bit natural.

"So, there are still many demon kings who refuse to accept Mo Shulin?" Bai Yuming asked.

"It should be..." The truth in Xiao Zi's mouth almost blurted out, but he immediately returned it, and changed it into a sentence, "The slave and maid dare not talk."

Bai Yuming nodded and didn't ask any more.

Mo Shulin's current cultivation is indeed not enough to convince all the demon kings, but Mo Shulin has taken the magic robe and magic weapon of the previous generation of demon lord, and has become a demon with insufficient cultivation level but justified.

Naturally, Mo Shulin's cultivation was for Duanmu Jinyan to have a chance to overcome.

All his subordinates were tamed by Mo Shulin. When he was walking around, Bai Yuming recognized some demons and found that all demons respected him, and there were no demons without eyesight.

In the next few days, Bai Yuming wandered around, except for Tu Ben Garden. The gaze behind the window was there every day, with no joy or sorrow, just watching quietly, and it seemed that he hoped he could go to Tu Ben Garden.

Bai Yuming had a bad feeling in his heart, but after he packed up his things, he went to Tuben Garden.

He wanted to see what his gaze wanted to do.

The Rabbit Ben Garden is very unique. In addition to a road for people to walk, there is also a path specially made for rabbits to run. There are also small stone tables, small rockery, and even hanging chairs for rabbits to lie on.

Seeing the chic hanging chair entwined with flowers, Bai Yuming could no longer sit still. He looked around and made sure that there was no danger around him before he became a fat rabbit.

He became a fat rabbit, and felt that this rabbit Benyuan did a great job. Even if it becomes a rabbit, it doesn't feel depressed, but thinks that Rabbit Benyuan is extremely suitable. It can be seen that Mo Shulin's intentions when doing this rabbit run to the garden.

The fat rabbit lay on the hanging chair, his body was wrapped in soft pillows, and as the hanging chair gently shook, sleepiness gradually came.

Just before closing his eyes, the fat rabbit saw the storage bag in the pile of clothes. There was a little panic in his heart, and he wanted to grab the storage bag into his hand, but he was too sleepy, thinking that this is the rabbit Benyuan, and indulging himself to sleep.

"Master Devil, the front is the Temple of Goddess." A demon repairer reported to Mo Shulin, "It is reported that the demon **** who created the secret realm fell in love with a goddess, but the goddess did not like the demon god. The demon **** could not ask for it, so he created this one. The Goddess Palace, imprisoned the Goddess."

Mo Shulin nodded and motioned to the other party to continue explaining.

"After the demon **** fell, he was unwilling to release the goddess, so he let the goddess dormant here, waiting for the reincarnation of the demon gods to come back here, and continue the frontier with the goddess."

Mo Xiu kept talking about the structure of the Goddess Palace, Mo Shulin fell into thinking. He had been to this goddess temple in his previous life. The name of the Temple of the Goddess seems to be mild. Everyone thinks this is a place where the demons can rest, but in fact, any demonic cultivator who breaks into the Temple of the Goddess will be hated by the devil.

Because this is the residence of the goddess, the demon **** does not allow any outsider to defile the place of the goddess, and is even more worried that the goddess who disdains him will fall in love with one of the outsiders.

In the previous life, it was the Temple of the Goddess, and his magic cavalry suffered heavy losses.

But in this life, knowing that there is danger ahead, he still had to enter.

Mo Shulin was suddenly exhausted. He really missed Bai Yuming.

But there are still hundreds of years, and we have to wait.

The magic cavalry opened the gate of the Goddess Palace in twos and threes, and Mo Shulin led the magic cavalry into the Goddess Palace.

The Temple of the Goddess is very large, and it is covered with veils. A soft environment is most likely to reduce vigilance. Mo Shulin rested after entering the Temple of Goddess, and did not go further. The demon cavalry is a group of five demon, continue to explore.

"Rabbit! Rabbit?" The demon cavalry who saw it rubbed his eyes in disbelief and found that it was indeed what he saw, "Bunny demon?"

Hearing the word rabbit demon, Mo Shulin jumped into the air to the demon cavalry who made the sound.

Follow the sight of the demon cavalry to look at the exquisite cage that should have imprisoned the goddess. There is no goddess in the cage, there is only one fat rabbit demon sleeping on all sides.

Mo Shulin couldn't believe what he saw. How could he not recognize Bai Yuming, but why is Bai Yuming here?

Is it set up? Still caught? Infinite conspiracies popped up in Mo Shulin's mind.

The Fat Rabbit was awakened by the sound of the demon cavalry, and rubbed his eyes with the rabbit hand. It's so sleepy, but still remember to pick up the storage bag. It tried to open its eyes and saw Mo Shulin ahead.

The Fat Rabbit was immediately happy, and it couldn't wait to run into Mo Shulin's arms.

The demon cavalry just watched the fat rabbit run out of the wide fence of the goddess cage, jumped into the arms of their decisive and unsmiling demon lord, and rubbed the rabbit face contentedly.

The rubbing wasn't enough, they heard the fat rabbit demon say: "Remember to help me pick up the clothes and storage bags. The clothes should be folded."

Hearing this, the demon cavalry was in a cold sweat.

Who gave this fat rabbit demon so courage to ask Lord Demon to fold clothes!

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