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Just when the demon cavalry thought that this fat rabbit demon was going to be made into a roasted rabbit by Lord Demon Lord, Mo Shulin carefully took the fat rabbit into his arms and wrapped the fat rabbit with that imposing cloak.

The tenderness that can drown people is hidden in those eyes, who can rival such affection?

Probably only the fat rabbit that was asleep.

Mo Shulin originally wanted to lose half of the demon cavalry in the Hall of Goddess in the same way as in the previous life, but the fat rabbit was inexplicably sent to the Hall of Goddess. Mo Shulin did not dare to gamble until no one knew how to do this.

Mo Shulin recalled the demon cavalry and asked them to evacuate quickly.

However, it was a bit late.

The neat marble floor suddenly cracked, revealing the roiling lava below. Several demon cavalry who caught off guard fell into the magma, and were swallowed up in a moment, leaving only a scream, alerting the rest of the demon cavalry.

"Go!" Mo Shulin knew that the patron saint's lava formation would take effect, and escaped from the goddess hall first.

The demon cavalry only underestimated the enemy at first, but with lessons learned from the past, they resorted to their own means and fled towards the door.

The lava soared from the cracks like a tsunami, and several demon cavalry who could not dodge into the lava wave. The defensive armor glowed with a soft light, trying to resist the billowing lava, but the light quickly dimmed in the next instant. The body of the demon cavalry was also carbonized, torn apart by the waves, and merged with the lava.

The stone gate of the Temple of Goddess closed automatically without wind.

But there are still countless demon cavalry in the hall that have not been taken out.

Mo Shulin gritted his teeth when he saw the fat rabbit in his arms. He bent into a claw shape with one hand, and rushed a devilish energy towards the palace door. The black magic energy turned into two huge black hands, grabbing the two stone gates, trying to prevent the Goddess Palace from closing.

But the Temple of the Goddess is a palace created by the Demon God for the beloved. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is exhausting.

Mo Shulin is just a Demon Cultivator of the Fragmented Void Realm, how can he contend with the Demon God. The black hand made of devilish energy was finally pinched by Shimen, and the devilish energy quickly dissipated in the air.

Those demon cavalry who can't get out will stay in the Goddess Palace forever and become lava helpers, leaving those who dare to break into the Goddess Palace.

Although he left early in this life, the remaining number of demon cavalry is no different from the previous life. This caused a chill on Mo Shulin's back.

Based on the memory of the previous life, Mo Shulin quickly found a slightly safer place to take shelter.

There are ten gates here, which are the junctions to the next place. Except for outsiders like them, there will be no other dangers. The demon cavalry rests here. Mo Shulin tried to wake up Fat Rabbit, but Fat Rabbit was deeply in a coma and couldn't wake up no matter what.

Mo Shulin was a little confused, but more panic.

Recalling the gaze that appeared outside their room, and the strange way of heaven that the Fat Rabbit said in his mouth, Mo Shulin only felt that a force was faintly changing the world, making everything out of his expectations.

It's just that while deviating from expectations, Mo Shulin felt that the truth was about to emerge.

Mo Shulin and all the demon cavalry were on guard tightly with hurried steps from far to near.

I saw Duanmu Jinyan walking out of a passage. He was wounded all over, with one arm hanging weak in the air, as if dislocated. He was still holding a sword in his other hand, and the sword was full of blood. It can be seen that after a bitter struggle just now, he managed to escape.

Duanmu Jinyan was taken aback when he saw a group of demons under pressure. But seeing Mo Shulin holding a white rabbit in the center, he calmed down again.

He has mixed feelings for Mo Shulin.

Duanmu Jinyan's heart was shocked by the words he heard that day. He couldn't even tell the difference between his behavior and evil demon cultivation. Killing people for treasure, using words to induce others to satisfy their own desires, hopes, and turning a blind eye to the innocent in need, one by one, entwining him like a nightmare.

But before he crossed into this world, he was just an ordinary college student. After he came into this world, he watched the tragic death of his tribe, becoming a weak person that everyone could bully. He heard that Yaozi's words became stronger step by step, so that those who bullied him would shut up. Is it all wrong?

But he knew that Mo Shulin in front of him was just like him, who had no choice. But Mo Shulin did everything he couldn't.

Seeing the rabbit monster who was tightly held in his arms, Duanmu Jinyan struggled.

Yuede Immortal Venerable, although he is a monster clan, has made countless contributions to the cultivator continent, but only because of the status of the monster clan, he was stigmatized and abandoned. Before he set foot on the great road, he was made into various magical weapons and became greedy Treasure in the hands of the person.

Thinking of what Mo Shulin said, Duanmu Jinyan's heart hurts.

Do those people really know that Yuede Immortal Venerable is innocent?

But no matter how innocent the demon cultivator is, how can it be compared to the fur that can resist the sky thunder, and the medicine that enhances the defense. It is far more cost-effective to slander a mighty power and let it die than to let this mighty power leave the cultivator continent and step into the immortal world.

The demon cavalry stood ready, trying to kill Duanmu Jinyan.

"Let him pass." Mo Shulin said. He was still holding a fat rabbit in his arms, not wanting to get involved with Duanmu Jinyan.

The demon cavalry did not understand why Mo Shulin wanted to let go of a competitor, but they all obeyed Mo Shulin's orders and took two steps back.

Duanmu Jinyan wanted to say something, but hundreds of vampire bats flew out from the passage Duanmu Jinyan had just walked through, and bite towards Duanmu Jinyan at a violent speed.

Duanmu Jinyan was hurt all over, did not dare to touch him, and quickly stepped into another passage.

That channel is a teleportation array. After Duanmu Jinyan passed through, there was a ripple in the entrance, like a layer of water covering the entrance of the passage.

The smiling white head held the soul-catching flag, and the ghost-faced hundred-legged spider appeared. The vampire bat hovered at the exit of Duanmu Jinyan, indicating that this was the place where Duanmu Jinyan finally disappeared. Smiling Baitou was unhappy because he lost Duanmu Jinyan, but after seeing Mo Shulin, he laughed gloomily.

"Master Demon." With a smiling face and white head holding the soul-inducing flag, he arched his hand towards Mo Shulin.

That hand-hand gesture was like deliberately showing the spirit-inducing banner to Mo Shulin, which was respectful on the surface, but it was indeed provocative.

Mo Shulin snorted coldly, without speaking.

He had seen the appearance of the smiling face and the white head when he used the soul-inspiring banners, and naturally he had seen the souls that were mixed up and could not tell who was who. There may be his parents, relatives, and friends, or they may not be there, and they were consumed in an unknown battle.

But Mo Shulin remembered Bai Yuming's words again. Bai Yuming said that this soul-inducing flag might have joined his brother's soul refining.

He wanted to **** the soul-drawing flag more than once, but finally restrained it.

It is not the time yet.

Smiling and white-headed waited for a long time, and found that Mo Shulin didn't mean to chat with him, let alone angry because of his provocation. At the same age, Mo Shulin was obviously much calmer than Duanmu Jinyan, and his character was extremely firm, making it hard to be shaken by the outside world.

The smiling white head felt that Mo Shulin was a stubborn stubble, and did not speak any more, chasing Duanmu Jinyan.

Mo Shulin breathed a sigh of relief when the smiling face turned away.

In fact, he was still shaken at the time, but he had something more important in his arms. Holding his love tightly, he can no longer care about the hatred on his body.

What's more, the smiling face can't live long. The smiling white head will soon be snatched away by Duanmu Jinyan, and the spirit will become a magic weapon to help Duanmu Jinyan climb higher.

Mo Shulin looked down at the fat rabbit in his arms, and couldn't help wondering: Are you here just to tell me that you want to put down the illusions you can't get?

Fat Rabbit Chi is like sleeping beauty who eats poisoned apples, no matter what Mo Shulin calls, she can't wake up.

Mo Shulin could only move on holding the fat rabbit.

Unlike the fairyland that can leave as long as a candidate is selected, now this magical mystery realm is that only those who reach the end are eligible to leave. If you can't find an exit, you will be trapped here for the rest of your life.

With the memory of his previous life, Mo Shulin walked carefully on the road behind. But the most terrifying part of fate is that no matter how hard he tries to be careful, things still happen again and again like the previous life.

Mo Shulin was also trapped in a death row village. The death row village is full of violence, malice, and evil thoughts. They burned, killed, and robbed them, committed no evil, and arbitrarily hurt anyone outside.

If you want to survive in the death row village, you can only become a new evil.

The fat rabbit in his sleep felt these malice, shivering in his arms, and constantly drilling into his arms.

Mo Shulin could only hold the fat rabbit in his arms, and give the fat rabbit a sense of security as much as possible.

In his previous life, he had successfully passed the death row village once. After passing the test again, he didn't worry too much.

Only in the dead of night, Mo Shulin always rubbed the fat rabbit's belly and pinched the fat rabbit's feet. This is his only warmth in becoming ugly here.

Mo Shulin couldn't wake up Bai Yuming, because Bai Yuming had come to Heaven.

It was still in that chaotic world, surrounded by various buildings, the buildings suddenly became clear and fuzzy. It keeps changing around.

But this time, there is not only Bai Yuming but also Mo Shulin in the chaotic world.

The difference is that Bai Yuming is awake and Mo Shulin closed his eyes.

Bai Yuming tried to wake up Mo Shulin, but no matter how he called, Mo Shulin was still awake and seemed to be deeply caught in a long, long dream.

Mo Shulin was wearing that uncomfortable-looking Demon Venerable costume, lying on the **** bed in the Locked Jade Palace. Bai Yuming changed back to the appearance of the Yuede Immortal Venerable, with loose black hair and red robes on him.

Bai Yuming tried to call out Tian Dao, but no matter how he called, Tian Dao did not respond to him.

There seemed to be only him and Mo Shulin who was awake in this space.

In this way, in this space without day and night, time passed by minute by second. Bai Yuming went from initial panic, to irritability, to fear and silence.

Bai Yuming lay down beside Mo Shulin, trying to get a sense of security from the sleepy Mo Shulin.

Mozun's clothes are really horrible. Bai Yuming hugged him very uncomfortably, but Bai Yuming was even more afraid of this empty world.

The breath of Mo Shulin made him feel very relieved. Bai Yuming thought he would not fall asleep, but he fell asleep.

In a daze, he seemed to have entered a dream that made him uncomfortable.

This dream is majestic and magnificent. The sky is like a latte stirred by a spoon. Black and red are mixed together, distorted and dizzy. The mountains and vegetation were not growing, the soil and stones were mixed, and several places seemed to have been attacked, with burn marks, swords, and potholes after the explosion, which was terrible. There is a river of magma flowing on the ground, winding and bubbling, like a slow beast, as long as a prey falls into the attack range of the magma, it will be instantly crushed.

In this dream, Fat Rabbit saw Duanmu Jinyan covered in blood.

Fat Rabbit rubbed his eyes uncomfortably, wondering if he really saw Duanmu Jinyan. But in the next second, his eyes were forcibly shifted and he was forced to face a big face.

The face was so close that the fat rabbit didn't recognize it for the first second. When Fat Rabbit recognized it and wanted to slap Mo Shulin's handsome face, it was squeezed into Mo Shulin's arms.

Mo Shulin was full of joy after worry, "You finally woke up, you finally woke up."

Mo Shulin was so excited that he couldn't help himself, his eyes couldn't help but flush.

The fat rabbit was hugged by Mo Shulin continuously, but he was very puzzled. It was obviously asleep. Why did Mo Shulin say that he finally woke up?

Is it Zhuang Zhou's Mengdie or Die Meng Zhuangzhou?

Just when the Fat Rabbit wanted to say something, Mo Shulin said: "The smiling face and the white head are about to be taken away."

Losing the magical tool of the soul-inducing flag, the smiling face and the white head will soon die.

Hearing Mo Shulin's words, the Fat Rabbit suddenly calmed down and looked around.

Not far from Duanmu Jinyan, it really saw a happy smile with a white head.

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