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Compared with Duanmu Jinyan, who was covered with scars, the smiling face and white head can be said to be full of spring breeze.

The smiling face and the white head stood on the ghost-faced hundred-legged spider, holding the soul-catching flag in his hand, and vampire bats surrounded him. The black magic robe was worn on the body, and the whole body exuded a faint devilish energy, very majestic.

Of course, in the eyes of the Fat Rabbit, the smiling white head is an ugly and sour white-haired old man who still smiles nervously all day long. It is exactly the image of a cannon fodder villain.

But as Duanmu Jinyan who is about to be killed by the smiling white head at any time, the smiling white head is a scary existence that makes him worry.

Duanmu Jinyan was covering the wound, blood flowed down his fingers, but he took care of it flawlessly. Looking around at the corner of his eyes, racking his brains thinking about how to escape from under his smiling white head.

The bare areas all around were all rocks and mud, and there was no place to hide.

Is he really going to die here?

Duanmu Jinyan is not reconciled, he must not die here!

Duanmu Jinyan secretly aroused the aura in his body, trying to escape with the power of Yan Yaozi. However, the next moment, the Ghost Face Hundred Legged Spider spit out a cocoon wrapped in gray-black spider silk.

Seeing that cocoon, Duanmu Jinyan's eyebrows jumped.

The ghost face and hundred-legged spider took apart the cocoon, revealing a face that everyone is very familiar with.

Jiang Zhihan has grown up, and looks like the boy's favorite white and thin boy in the face-slapped essay. After the innocent face was treated in this way, not only did it have no effect, it even added a bit of beauty to the tortured.

"Let go of her!" The moment he saw Jiang Zhihan, Duanmu Jinyan's eyes suddenly turned red, like a lion trapped in a cage, trying to break free.

The fat rabbit trembled slightly when he saw the crazy Duanmu Jinyan.

This dream is so real, it is not clear where I am.

How could the smiling white head let go of Jiang Zhihan. He smiled gloomily, with calculations in his eyes, "It's okay to let her go, how about your self-defeating cultivation?"

It seemed that he had a life left, but Duanmu Jinyan was a mortal who was killed at will after he abolished his cultivation base. How did Duanmu Jinyan protect Jiang Zhihan at that time, and how did he protect his life. Not to mention, this is the mystery of the demon god, how can Duanmu Jinyan, who has lost his cultivation base, get out of the mystery of the devil?

Saying this, it can be seen that the smiling face and the white head did not give Duanmu Jinyan a way to survive.

Duanmu Jinyan also wanted to understand the key, his hand pressed the wound tightly, without answering for a long time.

The smiling face and the white head stopped talking, he just hanged Jiang Zhihan. The Ghost Face Hundred Legged Spider vomited another cocoon, which wrapped another woman, Yuan Yunxi.

Compared with Jiang Zhihan, Yuan Yunxi is another kind of beauty, mature and elegant, with a little charm, obviously a mature big sister type.

Seeing that Yuan Yunxi was also caught by the smiling face and white head, Duanmu Jinyan's eyes were splitting, and she wanted to insert her wings and rush over to **** him back.

"Miss Yuan is innocent." Duanmu Jinyan shouted angrily.

"As long as you have a relationship with you, you are not innocent." The smiling face turned white-headed and laughed madly. "She is even more damned as a demon repairer to help the repairer. As my apprentice, she helps again and again. Your escape is even more unforgivable."

Fattu Ji then remembered who Miss Yuan was in Duanmu Jinyan's mouth.

After all, it is a slap-face, Duanmu Jinyan is bound to arouse the love of all female creatures, and Yuan Yunxi is one of them. Yuan Yunxi, as a magic repairer, is only a hundred years old this year. The appearance of Yujie, cold personality, and decisive in killing and cutting, Piansheng was moved by Duanmu Jinyan, and let Duanmu Jinyan time and time again.

Thinking of it, the Fat Rabbit remembered what plots he followed after this scene.

Before Fat Tuji could say to Mo Shulin behind him, Duanmu Jinyan said loudly, "I agree to abolish my spiritual root. As a condition, you can make them wake up."

"What qualifications do you have to negotiate terms with me?" The smiling face sneered. The coldness in the eyes was extremely contrary to the smile on his face.

Duanmu Jinyan knew that she had no qualifications, she could only use words and smile with her white head to deal with, "They will be in pain when they see my self-defeating spiritual roots when they are awake. Don't you want to appreciate their painful expressions?"

The smiling face and the white head said Duanmu Jinyan's thoughts, "Don't think I don't know, you just want them to find a chance to escape after they wake up."

No matter how powerful Duanmu Jinyan was, he couldn't save two people at the same time. What's more, Duanmu Jinyan couldn't protect herself, and her body was wounded.

Just as Duanmu Jinyan was thinking about how to deal with it, her smile turned her head and her conversation turned, "But what you said is not unreasonable. I will let them see what waste the person they love is."

Laughing Baitou poked the ghost-faced Hundred-legged spider at his feet with the soul-catching flag. The ghost-faced hundred-legged spider wakes up the two female sisters after receiving the command from the master.

The way of waking up was very simple and rude. The Ghost Face Hundred-legged Spider stretched out a barbed spider leg, and the spider leg was inserted into the female sister's body. When the spider's leg was pulled out, it brought out a puff of blood. The female cultivator woke up screaming, the blood flowing on the gray-black cocoon, very terrible.

Duanmu Jinyan Silver Teeth almost shattered, but he still kept as calm as possible. He must be calm and calm to save Jiang Zhihan and Yuan Yunxi.

Fat Rabbit couldn't see such a scene, and pulled La Mo Shulin's clothes, "Wake up quickly. Don't have such terrible dreams again. I don't want to watch it."

Mo Shulin knew that the fat rabbit was scared. His gentle and kind-hearted Bai Yuming is a good rabbit who will be upset for a long time when he sees his hands. I am afraid that Bai Yuming will be scared by such a scene now.

It's just that he didn't understand, Mo Shulin asked suspiciously: "This is what happened in reality, how could it be a dream?"

In his previous life, he watched Duanmu Jinyan's self-defeating cultivation base, and then was thrown into the spirit banner with a smiling face. The smiling white head wanted to turn Duanmu Jinyan into a hundred ghost minions, but he didn't want to be subdued by Duanmu Jinyan.

Duanmu Jinyan also got a blessing in disguise, gained control of the magical mystery realm, and then retaliated against the smiling face.

The smiling white head will keep fleeing in the secret realm organs. The moment he thought he had found a way to survive, he was sealed by Duanmu Jinyan, and then watched his tragic death in a thousand swords.

Yes it is.

The strongest sword repair in the repairer continent is Duanmu Jinyan.

With the strongest phoenix bloodline, Duanmu Jinyan is also the leader of the Phoenix family in the demon world.

And the first Demon Venerable who accidentally picked up the Demon God Core a few hundred years ago was Duanmu Jinyan.

All the best in this world are from Duanmu Jinyan in the end.

But Mo Shulin couldn't get anything.

But it doesn't matter, he still has Bai Yuming, and Bai Yuming, and Bai Yuming that will never leave him in his arms.

Mo Shulin hugged the fat rabbit in his arms tightly to prevent the fat rabbit from being partly separated.

"Shulin, wake up." When Mo Shulin saw his pupils lose focus, the Fat Rabbit hurriedly said, "You are not born again, all this is your dream."

"I saw your body in Heaven. You are already a demon. You haven't gone to any world. What you see now is you repeating everything you have seen."

Mo Shulin left his body in the chaotic space of Heaven's Dao, but imprisoned his soul in pain over and over again.

Only in this way can we explain the unjustified words of Heaven.

The unpredictable figure Bai Yuming saw was not the real way of heaven, but the illusion of heaven that was transformed by Mo Shulin's reason to maintain the order of the dream.

Mo Shulin's reason told himself to continue the dream according to the rules of the previous life. And Mo Shulin's sensibility is trying to break through his shackles, and at the same time protecting Bai Yuming from any harm.

The gourd stall owner once said that God likes him.

But the former Bai Yuming was a rabbit demon who was easily killed by Tiandao. How could Tiandao like him? At that time, Bai Yuming dismissed it and didn't believe it, and now he also doesn't believe that God would like him.

The world is not benevolent, and everything is a dog.

Tian Dao doesn't like anyone, even Duanmu Jinyan, who has the protagonist's aura, has been seriously injured over and over again, and he has been in desperate exchange for wealth.

The only person who likes him is Mo Shulin.

Mo Shulin, who likes him, doesn't want him to be hurt a little bit, so he will protect Bai Yuming as much as possible wherever he may be injured. The heart demon in the fairyland was unscathed in the face of Thunder Tribulation, as well as the lucky draw again and again during the selection of the Demon King. Bai Yuming seemed to have been opened without any harm. The world was so friendly to him.

Even when he was detained, he just kept telling him about Mo Shulin's injury and every move of the outside world. Instead of being forced to confess by words and deeds like the original text, he used the most vicious words to make the poor Bai Yuming choose to die.

The world is too gentle for him.

Bai Yuming didn't believe he would have such good luck. But when he knew that these lucks were given to him by Mo Shulin, he believed it.

But Mo Shulin has only been to the Demon Realm a few times, so the monsters encountered in the Demon Realm are all upside-down, and their personality is unreasonably natural and simple.

With the improvement of Mo Shulin's cultivation level in his dream, his thoughts will be realized as much as possible. Mo Shulin missed him, and he appeared in the Goddess Hall. How many powers in the Three Realms do this nosy? Steal him from Suoyu Temple and put him in Goddess Temple safely?

Only if this world is what Mo Shulin thinks and thinks, then everything is possible.

"I'm all dreaming?" Mo Shulin was even more frightened, feeling mad, and quickly denied, "No, I didn't dream."

But no matter how Mo Shulin denied it, he hugged the fat rabbit in his arms tightly.

"I didn't dream, I didn't, all of this is real. Everything is real." Mo Shulin hugged the fat rabbit in his arms in pain, and finally whispered, "You are also real."

After hearing the last sentence, Fat Rabbit finally understood.

Unexpectedly, it was the real reason why Mo Shulin did not want to wake up.

If all this is a dream, then what is it?

It suddenly became scared.

If it just accidentally entered a ray of soul from Mo Shulin's dream, does Mo Shulin's waking represent the end of its life?

"But you still have to wake up." Fat Rabbit said painfully and realistically.

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