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Mo Shulin did not wake up, so he had to repeat all his experiences over and over again.

The world in this dream is the hurdle that Mo Shulin can't pass, Mo Shulin's sorrow, and the shackles that Mo Shulin blocked him.

It thought of the waterfall river in the secret realm of the immortal that was upright to the sky and flowing backwards. They who are in the water still know to leave before the river reaches the sky, how can they indulge in such a time, letting time push them to the unknown distance little by little.

It worried that the end of the dream would make Mo Shulin plunge into a deeper vortex.

It was its arrival that reminded Mo Shulin of the unreasonable existence in this world. But if the dream restarts next time, even it cant distinguish between reality and dream?

How did it inform Mo Shulin?

It cannot bet.

"No. As long as I don't wake up, Master will never disappear." Mo Shulin had already believed Bai Yuming's words, but he didn't want to wake up.

After Bai Yuming told the truth, the whole world stopped.

The muddy red and black sky made the world sick and gloomy. The earth has no vitality, only dark red sand and gravel soil. Despair covers every inch.

Duanmu Jinyan in the distance was full of hatred, and stopped at the moment before he abolished his spiritual root.

The next second is desperate.

The next second is rebirth.

And Mo Shulin still had a chance, but he acted like a gambler who lost all the games, leaving only the last bottle of wine and dreaming. Knowing that I was going to die in the cold on the roadside, I still didn't want to lose the lies I got in my dream.

Fat Rabbit Ji put the rabbit paws on Mo Shulin's face, hoping that this would transmit power to Mo Shulin.

The rabbit paw gradually became a human hand, and the fat rabbit became a white jade tea. His long, jet-black hair covered the red clothes, making his skin white and flawless.

Bai Yuming realized that he had clothes on his body, and realized that he had a certain degree of freedom in Mo Shulin's dream.

He doesn't have to completely abide by the laws and rules of the original world, he can realize his ideas as he wants.

Bai Yuming looked at Mo Shulin and said seriously: "I won't disappear. I still saw you outside. Maybe I was outside when you woke up?"

"Really?" Mo Shulin whispered. He stared at Bai Yuming closely, for fear of missing the lover in front of him in the blink of an eye.

"..." Bai Yuming was a little nervous, he was also worried that he was not outside and could not promise Mo Shulin.

But after realizing that Mo Shulin had a tendency to fall into madness, Bai Yuming hurriedly said: "Yes. It will definitely be. Trust me."

With Bai Yuming's promise, Mo Shulin gradually relaxed.

Mo Shulin nodded, trying to leave the dream and return to reality.

The world gradually became illusory from the entity, and Bai Yuming also began to blur.

Seeing that he gradually became transparent, Bai Yuming was a little panicked, and there was a sense of fear in his heart. But reason told him that this is an inevitable phenomenon to leave the dream. He should remain calm.

But why should he cry?

Bai Yuming noticed the wetness and lubrication on his face, and a sorrow from the bottom of his heart emerged. He persuaded Mo Shulin to stay away from the dream, but he himself was reluctant to bear the dream.

Bai Yuming kept his calm, but Mo Shulin couldn't keep it. He hugged the translucent Bai Yuming, unwilling to return to reality.

The whole world recovered its essence the moment Mo Shulin hugged Bai Yuming.

"You lied to me. You are gone when I wake up." Mo Shulin shook his head. He didn't believe Bai Yuming's words, and repeated to himself, "You will disappear. You will definitely disappear."

"I..." The fat rabbit was a little at a loss, "but I saw you with my own eyes. I was outside, and you were outside. It's just that I had the same dream as you."

It didn't know how to calm Mo Shulin down. Probably the impact of all this on Mo Shulin was too great, and Mo Shulin could not accept reality for a while.

Mo Shulin still didn't believe it. He shook his head and said in pain, "As long as I don't wake up, Master will exist 100%. I don't want to wake up."

If you wake up, all memories become memories.

He doesn't want this.

Bai Yuming listened uncomfortably, "Is it worth it to give up reality for the sake of illusory dreams?"

Mo Shulin didn't answer, he just hugged Bai Yuming tightly.

He is too greedy.

He wants everything, but he can't bet on anything.

Bai Yuming wrapped his hands around Mo Shulin's waist, and leaned his head on Mo Shulin's shoulders, "I read the script every day, and I get stimulation, romance, joy, and sadness from the script, but none of this is true. Only what you have in reality is what you have. All spiritual pursuits should be built on a material basis. You should pursue spiritual stones, cultivation bases, and see more scenery."

"Master, human beings are a ray of soul in the end, real and illusory, and in the end are memories. Is there a difference?" Mo Shulin held Bai Yuming tightly, "Rather than living in the painful reality, why not live? In illusory happiness?"

Bai Yuming only felt that Mo Shulin was crazy. But the heart is throbbing.

Mo Shulin pulled Bai Yuming out of his arms, stroked Bai Yuming's hair, and kissed Bai Yuming's tears gently, "If Master really wants to leave, why does Master cry?"

Bai Yuming saw himself in Mo Shulin's pupils.

His expression was too sad, like seeing another person.

"Stay." Mo Shulin pleaded, "In this world, there are masters and all kinds of people who love you for me. Isn't that good?"

"No. Mo Shulin, you can't be so selfish." Tears fell from the corner of Bai Yuming's eyes again, and Bai Yuming tightly grabbed Mo Shulin's collar, "You are good to me, and I want to give you the best. what."

Indulging in dreams will end up with nothing. He must not be so selfish and let Mo Shulin fall into sorrow for his entire life due to his momentary joy.

"For me, Master should stay here." Mo Shulin had paranoia in his eyes, and he wanted to do everything possible to keep Bai Yuming behind.

Bai Yuming calmed down and said lightly: "But you can't stop me, I can wake up at any time."

As long as he wants to, he can already go to that heavenly chaotic world at any time.

Hearing Bai Yuming's words, Mo Shulin couldn't put down his hands, his mouth opened and closed, and after a moment he only said one sentence, "So, Master, do you want to abandon me too?"

Bai Yuming's heart suddenly hurt.

Mo Shulin's life is like a collection of tragedies. Feiyun Valley was destroyed, his spiritual roots were damaged, and he couldn't get help when he entered the martial arts. Finally, he found a way out. He wandered through the Demon Realm, but encountered repeated betrayals and setbacks. But even so, Mo Shulin still reached the Dujie cultivation base step by step. However, at the moment of becoming a god, it was written to death by the author.

Or from Mo Shulin's point of view, his experience is proof that Heaven hates him.

Mo Shulin, who was abandoned by the world, finally found a touch of warmth in his dream.

Choose to die in a warm dream, or choose to survive in a cold world. This multiple-choice question is really too simple for Mo Shulin, who has never received warmth since childhood.

But as a bystander, Bai Yuming could hardly agree with Mo Shulin's drunken indulgence.

Mo Shulin chuckled coldly before Bai Yuming's answer. There is no joy in the smile, only coldness, paranoia, and sadness. The smiling Mo Shulin was even more sad than the crying Bai Yuming.

Smiling, Mo Shulin exhaled deeply.

Mo Shulin made a decision, "Since Master doesn't know how to choose, then don't choose anymore."

The world suddenly dimmed, and the mountains and rivers disappeared.

Bai Yuming realized that he had actually returned to the bed in Suoyu Temple, surrounded by furniture in the room, but black. He remembered the dream, and subconsciously twitched his feet. The chain clasped his ankle, and he couldn't go anywhere except stay on the bed.

Mo Shulin walked out of the darkness, wearing that Demon Venerable shirt, with a compelling aura.

Mo Shulin leaned against the bed a little bit, and Bai Yuming stepped back cautiously. But he couldn't retreat. Behind him was the head of the bed and his feet were shackles. He couldn't go anywhere.

However, Mo Shulin did not force him, but sat next to him, facing the darkness in front of him quietly and without focus.

Bai Yuming gradually relaxed.

Such Mo Shulin made him want to cry even more.

Mo Shulin is so good, why should the world let Mo Shulin encounter those injustices?

The warmth covers Bai Yuming's hands. Mo Shulin's hand has a thin cocoon, but it is very warm, like a force that has helped him prop up the entire world, so that he can safely hide under Mo Shulin's protection.

Bai Yuming couldn't help but leaned his head on Mo Shulin's shoulder, and wrapped his hands around Mo Shulin's arms. He clasped his left hand with Mo Shulin's right fingers.

The world is left with them, so quiet that they can even hear their breathing.

But Bai Yuming felt relieved.

At this moment, he felt that being in a dream was also quite good.

But this is all a dream, a dead end with nowhere to escape. They have entered a dead end. Not willing to go to reality and face the pain that reality brings them, but also unwilling to continue to enjoy the illusion and indulge in that illusory world.

In a dilemma, they returned to this bed and shrank like a child who was afraid of thunder.

Bai Yuming closed his eyes, and what appeared in his mind was scene after scene that he had experienced with Mo Shulin.

When I first saw it, the pouring snow covered all of Yue Xuefeng's life, but it could not cover the small and poor child Mo Shulin. At that time, Bai Yuming was thinking about avoiding Duanmu Jinyan, and never thought that he would be entangled with Mo Shulin.

Then, Mo Shulin took him to make money. Although Mo Shulin didn't say anything, the little face was full of complacency. Even if the spirit root is entangled by the devilish energy, Mo Shulin is still a smart child who can realize many dreams he wants to achieve with his hands.

Later, they made a life and death contract. Thinking about it now, Bai Yuming felt that he was really stupid. He couldn't see through such obvious loopholes in the life and death contract.

If it is the real way of heaven, how can they make the contract successful? Of course, it was Mo Shulin's emotions that defeated reason, which caused conflicts in the dream.

Thinking about it, Bai Yuming slowly raised his head.

Mo Shulin, who was so happy, confident, and self-improving, was forced to become a paranoid, inferior, and unable to believe in the world.

Bai Yuming felt even more distressed.

If the role of Heavenly Dao is to bring grief to Mo Shulin, how could he become an accomplice of Heavenly Dao and let the knife go deeper.

Bai Yuming's hand touched Mo Shulin's cheek, "Shulin, don't you say that there is a legend here, as long as you kiss in the aurora, a lover can finally get married? Would you take me there?"

Mo Shulin blinked. Bai Yuming's words were like a drop of water falling into a dead lake, causing waves of ripples.

"There are also meteors, rainbows, three stones, waterfalls, ancient trees... there are so many places we haven't been to."

"I do not go."

"I am here with you."

Since fate allowed him to travel to Mo Shulin's dream, let him be the only reality in this piece of nothingness, making Mo Shulin smile again.

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