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The world is running again.

The fictional Duanmu Jinyan was still dealing with the smiling face, but Mo Shulin broke away from the plot and stayed with Bai Yuming intently.

Mo Shulin once asked Bai Yuming if he wanted to erase the rest, but Bai Yuming refused. Although this world is only Mo Shulin's dream, it is also Mo Shulin's personal experience. Bai Yuming wanted to know more about Mo Shulin, and spend good or difficult times with Mo Shulin.

Even if everything is not reality today, that attachment has not changed.

The four seasons rotate, spring goes and autumn comes.

Before they knew it, they spent another hundred years in their dreams.

Mo Shulin took Bai Yuming through many places, and introduced Bai Yuming a little bit about the scenery he had seen and the good and bad things he had done. Bai Yuming occasionally talks about his hometown, and more often he listens to Mo Shulin seriously.

Bai Yuming sometimes wondered, since the gods in this world can tear the void and reach any realm of the Three Realms at will, can Mo Shulin take him back to his planet?

In this way, he can introduce the scenery of his hometown, and talk about his childhood experience.

In the following years, Mo Shulin gave up the position of Demon Lord and returned to Feiyun Valley.

Feiyun Valley has been completely occupied by the green, and only one or two stone blocks that can withstand the devastation of the years can be seen by pulling apart the lush bushes. But the time was too long, Mo Shulin saw at first glance, and he couldn't even tell where the stone was placed.

Bai Yuming sometimes wonders. If this is not a dream, the world can indeed be controlled by Mo Shulin. It can be said that this world is a dream, and Mo Shulin always has a lot of things he doesn't know.

It was probably this power that kept Mo Shulin immersed in dreams, unable to distinguish the real dream.

Based on his memory, Mo Shulin found the place where he had lived with his parents.

The two of them used the most primitive way to clear the surrounding weeds, and then flatten the soil with tools. Mo Shulin knew that Bai Yuming was a little clean, he also brought big rocks from the mountain, and used that iron-cutting Demon Sovereign sword to cut the rocks to a suitable size and spread them on the ground as a floor.

Mo Shulin built a thatched house, which was similar in shape to the one at Yuexuefeng, except that the structure in the interior was different. The main house is simply divided into three sections, the main bedroom, the main room, and the study room. There is also a small kitchen on the west side. The house is surrounded by bamboo fences.

What made Bai Yuming speechless most was that Mo Shulin even hung a plaque on the courtyard gate. Three words are written on the plaque: Guanghan Hall.

Had it not been for Mo Shulin's interruption, he would have forgotten the Guanghan Hall of his Yuede Immortal Venerable.

Really shameful rabbit. At that time, a broken thatched cottage on Yuexue Peak dared to bear such an arrogant name.

Bai Yuming wanted to erase the shameful memory and asked Mo Shulin to change his name.

It's just in the matter of naming the courtyard, Mo Shulin is very begging, and they are all about the Tutu Courtyard, Fat Tugong, Juntu Courtyard, and Demon Tutu Sweet Home. Anyway, there is no name without a rabbit.

Bai Yuming originally thought about a few elegant names of Chunhua Qiuyue, but when he thought about it, he was led by Mo Shulin who kept kissing him.

Bai Yuming, who was so angry, turned into a fat rabbit. After using a spell to increase his body, he pressed two rabbit paw prints on the paper and gave Mo Shulin a bear and rabbit hug with that extra-large size. Mo Shulin almost wanted to drown in the belly of the rabbit, not coming out for a lifetime. Finally, the fat rabbit who was retracted to its original shape kicked it, Mo Shulin reluctantly added a home character behind the two rabbit paw prints, and resigned to hang the plaque.

Mo Shulin finally made a well in the yard and planted many vegetables and flowers. When the green surrounds the yard, it feels really satisfying.

I thought that after the thatched house fell, there would be no chance to realize the wish at that time, but I didn't expect it to be realized in this way.

Destiny really goes round and round, but as long as you don't give up, there will always be a day of realization.

They also keep many rabbits outside the yard. Tutu gives birth to Tutu, but within two years, you can see rabbits almost everywhere in Feiyungu. The rabbit runs all over the mountains and is not afraid of people at all.

Occasionally, Bai Yuming turns into a rabbit shape and mixes with rabbits. But Mo Shulin can always recognize at a glance that the fattest rabbit is the fat rabbit.

Feiyun Valley is almost gone, but the formation on the cliff is still there.

In the evening, the two will slowly walk towards the cliff in the sunset, touching the formation, relive the romance of Mo Shulin's parents when they were alive.

Seeing the setting sun and the sky full of petals, it feels really good. When the love is strong, they will sit on the rocks and kiss. Until night falls, Mo Shulin will take Bai Yuming's hand back to the house to end the day or do something intimate.

Occasionally, Bai Yuming will entangle Mo Shulin and let Mo Shulin teach him how to whip. Mo Shulin teaches very carefully, but the price is very high when he wants to be paid at night.

Occasionally, two people will become animal-shaped and hug each other simply and purely.

Occasionally, I would go to nearby towns to play a slaying ceremony. Without money, Mo Shulin sold wild fruits in Feiyun Valley. Both of them are not expensive, and after eating, they can buy a few books for Bai Yuming.

However, with Mo Shulin's company, Bai Yuming spent much less time reading the script. Although it is an illusory dream, the time with Mo Shulin is obviously more attractive than the ups and downs of the story.

Obviously it is the simplest life, but two people can enjoy themselves and never get bored.

"I really hope that such days will last forever." Mo Shulin's expression remained unchanged, but there was concern in his eyes.

"Yeah." Bai Yuming replied, but did not speak any more.

For some reason, Bai Yuming's cultivation base in the dream is still getting higher and higher. Now he has reached the cultivation base of the Great Perfection during the Tribulation Period. Mo Shulin didn't live in the Demon Realm much, so his cultivation reached the Mahayana stage, which was much lower than Bai Yuming.

Recently, Bai Yuming had a faint hunch that he was about to break through.

Breaking through meant that Mo Shulin, who had reached the realm of the Demon God, could not confine the soul of Bai Yuming, who had the same cultivation level, that is, Bai Yuming was leaving.

Bai Yuming didn't want to give up Mo Shulin, but leaving his dream is like a flower blooming and failing. This is something that cannot be changed.

They have a beginning and naturally an end.

After a few more days, Bai Yuming's cultivation base finally arrived. It may be that in Mo Shulin's dream state, Bai Yuming has no heart demon Thunder Tribulation, and when his cultivation level arrives, he naturally leaves Mo Shulin's dream state.

Before feeling that he was leaving, Bai Yuming left a piece of paper for Mo Shulin.

The whole world is Mo Shulin's fictional dream. The moment Bai Yuming left, Mo Shulin felt Bai Yuming's departure. Mo Shulin's heart throbbed, like a rib that was pulled out of his chest by others.

The world has turned from colorful to darkness. Everything disappeared, leaving only the piece of paper left by Bai Yuming.

Mo Shulin spread his hand, and the paper flew into Mo Shulin's hand.

Mo Shulin knew what Bai Yuming had written for him, but couldn't help but want to see it with his own eyes.

There are only three words on the paper, wake up.

Mo Shulin stared at the piece of paper for a long time, before finally turning into a sigh.

Dreams are dreams after all.

No matter how painful the reality is, it is true, and no matter how beautiful the dream is, it is illusory.

No matter how beautiful the dream is, it will eventually wake up.

Bai Yuming didn't expect that he would almost be swung by Heaven.

When she woke up, Bai Yuming found that she was wearing modern clothes with short hair that only reached the base of her ears. The real feeling made Bai Yuming understand that he is the real him now.

The red-haired black-haired white jade tea that I thought "waking up from dream" was just a dream created by heaven.

And Mo Shulin lying next to him was far more aggressive than the Mo Shulin in his dream. Just leaning against him, Bai Yuming shuddered physiologically. This is the momentum that has been condensed for thousands of years, even if it is asleep, it has a sharp edge and warns the people around him not to approach.

On one side is Mo Shulin's dream, and on the other is the dream of Heaven. Both dreams are false, not real.

Only when Bai Yuming's cultivation base reaches the Great Consummation during the Tribulation Period, and the world that has been detached from Mo Shulin's dream is the real world.

Bai Yuming did wear the book, but it did not wear to the beginning of the story, but to the end of the story, that is, Mo Shulin blew himself to death, placed his body in the chaotic space of Heaven, after repeating the dream.

This world is the same as the original plot of the book. Duanmu Jinyan stepped on the blood of countless people, suffered countless hardships, and became the **** of the Three Realms. And when the second demon lord Mo Shulin was about to break through the tribulation period and stepped into the ranks of the demon gods, he might be the heart demon, or the author, or the heavenly way. A certain force made Mo Shulin unable to reach the demon god. That world.

For some reason, Mo Shulin stayed his body in the chaotic space of Heaven's Path, fell asleep in his dreams, repeating his dreams over and over again.

Mo Shulin, who dreamed repeatedly all the year round, gave birth to two competing forces. One force was resentment and low self-esteem, forcing the dreaming Mo Shulin to follow the fate he had experienced before, telling Mo Shulin that magic cultivation is magic cultivation, no matter what Efforts are useless. The other force is to actively fight, even if you are in a dream, you want to break through the established trajectory of fate. Therefore, Mo Shulin's memory in his dream is rebirth, not a blank ignorance.

Until the arrival of Bai Yuming.

Bai Yuming was summoned by Mo Shulin's self-help thought.

The Bai Yuming summoned by Mo Shulin can only live in Mo Shulin's dream. If Bai Yuming at that time was deceived by Heaven and left before he had the strength to leave Mo Shulin's dream world, he would truly die.

As for why Tiandao wants to do this. Bai Yuming guessed that Mo Shulin wanted to question Tiandao for being too eccentric, so he left his body in the chaos space of Tiandao, deliberately disgusting Tiandao.

Heavenly Dao was also disgusted and stayed in the chaotic space of Heavenly Dao's Mo Shulin, and became another force in Mo Shulin's dream.

Therefore, even in his dream, Mo Shulin still has many things he doesn't know. The sight of Bai Yuming behind the Suoyu Temple is the way of heaven, it is the way of heaven that induces Bai Yuming to dream into the chaotic space of heaven, and Bai Yuming encourages Mo Shulin to leave the dream.

If Mo Shulin wakes up from his dream, the Bai Yuming at that time will disappear. Heaven is inducing Mo Shulin to kill Bai Yuming.

Bai Yuming felt scared just thinking about it.

Fortunately, Mo Shulin's self-help thoughts were right.

It was Mo Shulin's subconscious rejection that gave Bai Yuming a way to survive.

Probably the soul of Bai Yuming exists in Mo Shulin's dream world, so Bai Yuming is not under the jurisdiction of the heavens, and does not need to be tested by the demons of the heavens. After the cultivation base broke through the Tribulation Period Great Perfection, Bai Yuming became a ghost.

Bai Yuming has no flesh or body, it is a ray of soul summoned by Mo Shulin, and naturally he is a ghost. But at this time, his cultivation base reached the realm of ghosts and immortals, broke through the shackles of the three realms, and had reshaped his body.

Bai Yuming waited nervously beside Mo Shulin's body, hoping that Mo Shulin would defeat him and wake up from his dream.

I thought I would have to wait for a long time, but I didn't want Bai Yuming to understand the ins and outs, and Mo Shulin opened his eyes.

There is a big gap between Mo Shulin and the Mo Shulin he saw in his dreams. The Mo Shulin in reality is too powerful. Just by Mo Shulin's glance, Bai Yuming shivered instinctively as if he saw a cat and mouse.

Mo Shulin's eyes ranged from pain to doubt to joy. He hugged Bai Yuming, who was wearing a strange costume with short hair, and said with mixed feelings: "It's okay."

Fortunately, everything is there.

Fortunately, Bai Yuming did not leave.

Mo Shulin hugged Bai Yuming's body for a long time. But he was unwilling to let go of Bai Yuming's hand, still holding it tightly.

Bai Yuming returned to holding Mo Shulin and introduced himself with a smile, "Get to know me again, Mr. Mo. My name is Bai Yuming, and I am the Bai Yuming who loves reading scripts so much."

"My name is Mo Shulin." Knowing that Bai Yuming was comforting him, Mo Shulin also joked, "There is Mo Shulin who likes the most abnormal."

Bai Yuming: "..."

Damn it! ! ! Why did he forget this.

Is he too late to get a divorce now?

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