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Ye Zhen later realized the problem Xu Jiao wanted to explore.

Her gaze followed Xu Han's scattered consciousness and she saw the translucent and transparent fragments scattered in the air like snowflakes, and suddenly asked in her mind:

"System, will you absorb Xu Hankai's consciousness and put it in other worlds for salvation?"

The system answers truthfully: "No."

"This human being has extremely low moral values, a high level of evil, and a high price to be paid for reform. It is more conducive to protecting the world than letting him reconcile and destroying him directly."

Ye Zhen: "..." Poof.

Somehow, she wanted to laugh a little.

But the smile only flashed across her eyes, and then she said again: "So, when Ye Zhen did good deeds in the first place, after her death, her consciousness may be captured by you, and then cast into other worlds. right?"

The system denied: "I didn't capture this person's consciousness."

Ye Zhen: "Huh?"

The system said seriously: "After a person dies, unless he has strong attachments, his consciousness will dissipate very quickly, leaving only some energy to linger in the world, and the soul and consciousness with attachments will be more conceptually. Close to a'li ghost', a li ghost is different from a living person. You have experienced it and you should understand"

"Ye Zhen didn't have deep obsessions when he died, so his consciousness quickly dissipated, just like the current Xu Han Kai, only some energy and thoughts stayed in the place where he died."

"Xu Jiao later rented the house where you lived before. Her desire for your resurrection was very strong, and she even created one world after another for you."

The system stopped here.

Ye Zhen already understood...

Because Xu Jiaos desire to bring her back to life was too strong, she inadvertently attracted her remaining fragmented consciousness nearby. She was attached to those stories, and the protagonist of those stories belonged to the protagonist because of her consciousness. At this time, the wish of "Xu Jiao wants her to be reborn" and the wish of "the protagonist of the story want to see Xu Jiao" are intertwined. When the system hears it, it makes their worlds intertwined again.

"Then can I still be Ye Zhen?"

She muttered in a low voice.

Xu Jiao's pupils suddenly shrank when she heard what she said.

Although she didn't hear the communication between the system and the person in front of her, with her logical thinking ability, she was able to push the matter out. Now that she heard the girl say this, the guess in her heart gradually took shape.

She didn't expect that the people around her would turn around and become the one she was worried about at first.

It was as if God made a harmless joke with her. When she thought she would lose her life forever tomorrow, she built a lighthouse for her and told her that Guangming had never left her world.

Xu Jiao took a deep breath.


The system answered Ye Zhen: "Is there any difference between yes and no? There are many forms of life existence, and the name is nothing more than a code. The important thing is that Ye Zhen died for Xu Jiao when he was still alive. And you, who retains part of her memory, were born because of Xu Jiao, and even saved her who was muddled in this world like a walking corpse."

Ye Zhen was speechless for a while, and after several seconds, he asked again: "Why did you happen to appear in our world? Is it a coincidence?"

Upon hearing this question, the system was not as clever as it was before. On the contrary, it seemed as if something important was really being asked. After a moment of silence, it reopened:

"It's not a coincidence."

"You will know later that there is a reason for my appearance"

"But at the moment, you can also think of it as a kind of luck. The person who created me hopes that lovers in this world will eventually become family members, and hope that those who do good deeds can get good rewards, so I call it the social-community-righteous harmony system After your story, I will leave to find the next pair of destined people."

For Xu Jiao and Ye Zhen, they have already had too much misfortune in their lives. If there is a **** in the world they are in, perhaps, let the system appear in their world so that they can meet again. Be regarded as a kind of merciful luck.

Hearing the contents of the system, Ye Zhen chewed the words of the system several times in his heart.

In her memory, as a human, although she performed well in her studies and work, she did not have much pursuit in her life. With a good family background, she lived well since she was a child. Later, although she was born with some people in terms of family property Arguing, but she decisively gave up that part of herself and moved into the old house where her grandparents lived, relying on her own ability to make herself live very well.

Her life has been more successful than most people.

And even those gloomy, in fact, can't be regarded as a serious matter of nerves and bones.

Until she saw everything in the neighbor's house.

For the first time, she wanted to do something so urgently, she wanted to help Xu Jiao get out of her stepfather, she wanted this flower of the motherland to have a warm growth environment, and she wanted children to experience the world. The beauty and kindness of the above...

Even if she paid the price of her life for this.

But now looking back, her wish has finally come true.

Ye Zhen suddenly thought, in fact, she seemed to be able to do more than she thought.

So she jokingly said to the system: "If you have a chance in the future, talk to me about your producer. I'm very curious about how you made it"

If given the opportunity, Ye Zhen also hopes to make such an artificial intelligence that can help society.



Xu Jiao's voice drew Ye Zhen's attention from the system.

Seeing the emotion in Xu Jiao's eyes, Ye Zhen smiled, and suddenly felt an unprecedented sense of stability. It was an emotion she had never had since she was with Xu Jiao, probably because she knew that Xu Jiao and herself were not. People in a world always eagerly want to tie the other person to their side, and even when the soul is mingled, there is an urge to want to rub people into their own bones and blood.

Because she is afraid of separation, has no sense of stability in the relationship, and finds that the future is like a dense fog, she always has an anxiety that she has not noticed, which is reflected in her daily words and deeds, and is also vividly expressed in bed matters.

There seemed to be an urge to kill Xu Jiao on her bed.

But now.

When she saw Xu Jiao who was still so young, she suddenly felt that it didnt matter if she waited 20 or 30 years, because she knew how deep the bond between herself and Xu Jiao was, so that she suddenly had confidence, as if no matter what When Xu Jiao went to the ends of the world, she was sure that the two would meet again.

Ye Zhen kissed Xu Jiao's forehead, and his voice was a rare gentleness: "I asked you to scream before, but you refused. Why are you acting like a baby in the public, knowing that I can't do anything about you, right? "

Xu Jiao was speechless.

She just shook her head.

Then stretched out his hand, hugged Ye Hao's neck, buried his head in the opponent's neck, and asked in a low voice, "...Shall we not separate again in the future?"

Ye Zhen rarely sees her relying on herself like this. In the past, Xu Jiao has always been able to perform well regardless of the background and situation of the script. Even if she eventually falls in love with herself, this emotional initiative is more controlled. Xu Jiao's hands--

Until this moment.

Until now.

Ye Zhen can clearly realize that she has the same fear as herself, tastes the same emotions as herself, and even, like herself, has a deep dependence on each other.

She is no longer a dispensable and unexpected lover in Xu Jiao's life, but the only, irreplaceable and equal soul mate.

Vaguely, Ye Zhen realized that this seemed to be the moment when she, as an author, truly stood on an equal position with the author, that is, at this time

A cloud of white light emerged from her body.

Xu Jiao also noticed this. She opened her eyes in a panic, and the strength to hug Ye Hao's neck was extremely strong. For a while, she had an explosive force beyond her age. She thought she was about to lose the other party again, opened her lips, and wanted What she said, but her fear was only leaked from her wide-open eyes.

Ye Zhen realized something. The white light that appeared inside her body engulfed her. The light also fell on Xu Jiao's body. She showed a smile, looked over Xu Jiao's shoulder, and saw Xu coming out of Icu. Jiao's mother, the other party looked over with some uncertainty. When the line of sight fell on them, the whole world was frozen.

Only the light that envelops the two of them is gradually expanding.

She touched the back of Xu Jiao's neck comfortably, and said softly, "Don't be afraid."

Ye Zhen said, "Look, we are together."

Not only now.

It will be the same in the future.

The voice of the system appeared at this moment: "Congratulations to the host Xu Jiao and the wisher Ye Zhen for completing the mission and achieving the ending of the world'unforgettable and reverberating'. Now the two are separated from the parallel space and sent back to Xu Jiao's place. Origin World"

"I wish the two good friends forever, and match the same title."

White light wrapped them in and passed through the false space previously set by the system for Xu Jiao. The room full of otaku atmosphere gradually became materialized. The books on the bookshelves no longer emit golden light, and the computer screen gradually became three-dimensional, and the room was worn out. The keyboard with the keycap, the gaming chair with some traces of use...

Their toes fell to the ground.

The world seemed to be asleep, and the night outside the window enveloped the city, only the light from the opposite building came from the window, covering their faces, and a layer of haziness fell.

The gesture of hugging between the two changed. Xu Jiao's figure continued to lengthen and grow, and she became like her in her twenties before she was withdrawn from consciousness by the system, facing Ye Zhen, the most brilliant age, so she embraced. Become an embrace.

Xu Jiao moved her lips and said unconsciously: "If you can't forget it, there must be an echo-is this my story?"

Ye Zhen touched her forehead with his forehead and smiled: "Yes."

Even if there is not much light in the room, they can clearly see the emotions in each other's eyes and feel the deep love of each other.

The system stripped its own existence from the two of them, and the voice turned to fall from above: "Bless you again, there is no banquet in the world, and my mission has been completed. See you later."

Xu Jiao shouted to it: "Hey!"

The system left a bit: "?"

Xu Jiao looked at the data scrolling screen in mid-air like a holographic projection. She stared at the real body of the system for a while, but she didn't know what to say. After all, the parting came too abruptly. She wanted to be as polite as the system. I found myself really unable to find a topic.

In the end, she just moved her lips and said in a low voice: "You...Would you like to finish reading the testimony?"

The blessing of the system just now is taken from the marriage vow of the Republic of China, but there are only two sentences.

The system was stunned for a moment, and then said unbelievably: "You have just been together, have you learned how to show?"

Ye Zhen blinked his eyes: "It can't be regarded as just being together, after all, every world added together, it can be regarded as an old wife and old wife for hundreds of years. Thinking about it this way, do I still need you to ask for a testimony? More appropriate?"


Believe it or not, read it for them now? !


"Look at today's peach blossoms burning, Yishiyijia; Botanian is rich in melons, Erchang Erchi. I would like to write to Hongkong with a white-headed agreement, so that the alliance of red leaves can be recorded in the mandarin family. This certificate..."

Suddenly the sound of fireworks burst into the night sky.

Colorful fireworks rose into the night sky, and accompanied by the sound of the system when it was running, there happened to be pink fireworks flying into the sky continuously, finally condensing into a big peach blossom.

Xu Jiao held Ye Zhen and said gently: "Tao Zhiyaoyao, its Ye Zhenzhen. The son is home, and it is suitable for his family."

Ye Zhen also raised his hand to wrap around her waist, with lips falling to her ears, accompanied by the hot and humid breath, she whispered: "It's really suitable. Would you like to feel it yourself?"

Xu Jiao: "...?"

She froze for two seconds.

Then, a smile appeared in her eyes, and she voluntarily fell into the chair behind her, pulling the other person and falling down.

With the beautiful scenery of this good day, accompanied by a beautiful woman, you can slowly tell the thousands of styles in the night.

The corners of Xu Jiao's eyes were thin red, dripping with sweat, hugging Ye Zhen's neck, thinking--

Fortunately, it is still possible to describe the story of her and Ye Zhen in a lifetime.

She is very convinced that this will be better than all the stories she has written.

[End of text]

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