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The cold wind was blowing, and sleet hit the window.

There are heavy clouds above the head, the weather is gloomy, and the day is like night.

A thin figure was reflected on the paper window. Liu looked around sitting at the window, holding a book in his hand.

The scroll has turned yellow, and some words are even vague.

When she was in Shengrenzhuang, she was not allowed to practice spells, and could only read the ancient sage books over and over again.

But the more I understand, the more I feel that this world is absurd and dirty.

The wind leaked in through the window, the candlelight trembled and went out, and the room was dark.

Liu looked around but was unaffected, still flipping through the book unhurriedly. The scenes of the past flashed past my eyes quickly. The gloomy mother, the father who doesn't frown, the grandfather who always sighs, the disciple of the arrogant and prejudiced saint, and Sui Han.

These people were covered in blood, standing in a dark corner, looking straight at her, expressions of hatred and sarcasm.

Since taking over this power, she has often had hallucinations, and support to this day is the limit.

A little longer, maybe it will get out of control.

Hate and despair accumulate in my heart, and sometimes my eyes go dark, and I feel that the whole world should bury myself.

But when I wake up, my heart is empty, like a wind blowing, nothing is left, only hopelessness and sorrow.

She must die.

The room was dark, and her expression was unclear, "Are you happy?"

Those who were squeezed in the room suddenly smiled happily.

Liu looked around and waved his sleeves, demonic energy rolled over every corner, everything turned into dust, only malice and coldness were still everywhere.

She closed her eyes tiredly. By now, she didn't want to resent anyone, she just felt tired. The avenue is lonely, and walking this road means that there is no way out, whether its **** hands, or the sinful sins, after all, they are the same as Jiyue and the others, they are all martyrs.

Manchi Canhe listened to the rain carefully with her.

Cai Lianju still looked like she had left, Ji Yue used the formation to make everything here as before, so that when she came back, she wouldn't feel unfamiliar.

So when Jiyue stepped into the lotus house, and saw the misty drizzle, the misty clouds, and the younger sisters sitting behind the window of Xiaoxuan, she felt wrongeverything was like yesterday, and Shengrenzhuang was fine, she worked. After returning, the little sister obediently waited for her in the house.

"Junior Sister." Ji Yue held the Feixue Bow in her hand, and the snow-white bow and arrows were splashed with blood.

She gently walked into the lotus-picking house as before, with a squishy smile on her face, as if everything hadnt happened yet. She just returned from hunting the sea monster. The first time she returned to the junior sisters place, she took off her blood and blood. Aeolian.

Liu Huangu put down the scroll, looked at her, and smiled slightly.

It's just a sadness that can't be overcome in his eyes.

"Senior Sister, you are in the land of Buddha, did you go to see that lotus for me?"

Jiyue smiled suddenly, her face was white, "I saw it, but..."

Liu Huan asked softly, "Is it withered?"

Ji Yue hesitated for a moment, curled her mouth again, and told her first lie in her life, "No, it's very nice and beautiful," she stretched out her hand, "Manman, come here, and I will take you to see it."

Liu Huangu smiled and said, "Senior Sister, look at you, you can't even lie."

She thought, Senior Sister is always like this, just like the bright moon in the sky, dark clouds obscure, not the light, there are always defects, and there is no concealment.

If you don't have yourself, Jiyue's life must be very complete, without any regrets. When she thought that she would become the unquenchable regret of the senior sister, and would not be forgotten, she was a little sad for Jiyue, and she couldn't help but give birth to some joy with sadness.

Rather than living cold and lonely, she would rather just die like this and live in the heart of the senior sister forever.

Many people followed Jiyue and poured into this small courtyard.

After waiting for a long time, Liu Huangu didn't hear the voices of "Daughter of the Devil" or "Hurry and die" before he believed Huaibo's words-the fairy gate has really changed. She glanced over everyone's faces one by one, and she couldn't help but lift her lips.

Its great that when you are martyred, all you think, think, and love are in front of you.

The blue chain on his wrist broke suddenly and fell to the ground.

Liu Huangu was stunned for a moment, bends down and picked up the bracelet, holding it in his palm. The moment it touched, the cold air seemed to freeze the fingertips, cold and desperate, like that crazy big demon who was paranoid.

Even though she doesn't like Dongting, she also knows that she and Dongting are the same kind of people.

Same loneliness and hopelessness. I chose a road with no end in sight. I walked on myself and never looked back.

She clenched her palms, dripping blood, soaking the purple sleeves.

"Senior Sister," Liu Huan looked at standing by the window, smiling brightly and rarely, "I'm here."

Jiyue's vision suddenly became bloody, and the purple-clothed girl stood on the window, with countless pairs of **** hands stretched out behind her, as if to pull her back to **** again. Suihan floated in the air, slowly approaching Liu and looking around, the blood dripping from his body, almost dyeing the purple clothes red.

"Long, be careful!"

As if there was some irresistible power in the dark, Ji Yue was bewitched and unconsciously bent her bow to shoot an arrow, moving quickly and doing it all in one go.

Huaibo blocked: "Stop!" Unfortunately, it was a step late after all.

The flying star-like feather arrow turned into a promising sword in the air.

It is exactly what Dongting made on that day.

The long sword pierced through the thin body, and the blood was flowing, Liu Huan gazed at Ji Yue's collapsed face and smiled helplessly. If it wasn't for Jiyue to be able to use the Youwei Sword, she didn't want her senior sister to bear such a deep pain.

The ground shook violently, and the palace built with the power of the demon broke apart from one corner, and then quickly collapsed.

The white jade bricks and golden tiles turned into billowing smoke and dust with a bang.

Liu Huangu's body shook and fell down.

A white shadow passed by, rising up into the sky like an egret, rushing in front of the crowd, surrounding the thin figure of the girl.

Peiyu knelt down on one knee with tears in her eyes: "Sister..."

Liu Huan Gu stared at her deeply, with wet marks on her face, her lips opened, and a mouthful of blood poured out, "Don't cry, sister, please bury me in the east..." At this point, her eyes gradually faded. , With a trance smile, suddenly changed his words: "Buried me in Dongting, I heard that there are many lotus..."

The lotus leaves are infinitely green, and the lotus is red in reflection on the sun.

It must be a beautiful place.


The north wind was strong, and the sea howled.

Huaibo stood on the highest point, Qing Yi flying lightly, she raised her hand, and a flash of light flew out from the sleeves.

The koi made a round and turned into a kingfisher, perching on her hand.

Huaibo said softly, "Go."

The kingfisher spread its wings and flew across the gloomy sky. The devil cloud above his head gradually dispersed, and the drizzle containing the vitality of the heavenly Faey poured onto the world.

The dead branches resurrected, and in the silent spring rain, thousands of trees and peach blossoms bloomed.

Lingyang bowed slightly and bowed to Huaibo with one hand. Countless demons followed behind her, kneeling down on one knee.

Then came the monsters, humans, and immortals, one after another, consciously bent down, surrendered, and bowed to the ground.

Peiyu and Huaibo stand side by side, accepting the admiration and conviction of the four clans together with her.

Looking at the devastated and gradual recovery of the world, Huaibo slowly made a wish: "May this world be full of vitality and be everlasting. May thousands of years, my way will not be alone."

No one knew, at the bottom of the Ten Thousand Demon Cave, the purple-clothed girl sat on the ground.

The demon on the other side smiled and asked: "You are only half a demon, and you are not desperate. Why did you come here? Take this path that cannot be turned back."

The girl thought for a while, and said: "The fairy gate is a lotus pond with a glamorous exterior and a filthy inside. I want to shovel out the muddy sand in the water and leave a place to clear the land. I don't love this world, but there are people I cherish in the world. , So... I hope it can change a bit."

There are hundreds of ways in the world, and different paths lead to the same goal. Isn't it the same?

But the path chosen is different.

The war began tragically, but ended in a silent spring rain.

Lingyang signed a blood contract and would not go to war with the Immortal Clan in this life, and then led the Ten Thousand Demons into the Secret Realm of Tianhai. In the Horn of the Sea, the waves never stop, but the sound is still there.

Ye Yun clenched his sleeves tightly, staring blankly at the head of the demons.

Ling Yang smiled, "Do you still keep the stone you gave you when the contract was concluded?"

Ye Yunxin nodded.

Lingyang said, "Take it, and when you miss me, come over, my wife."

A white-clothed monk stepped on the turbulent waves, one step at a time, and slowly walked to the barrier between the two worlds.

In front of him, the dark mist of the Demon Realm shrouded him, and he couldn't see his future.

He held a long-bright lamp in his hand, and the star-like Buddha light overflowed from it, flying out like fireflies, floating in the fog little by little.

"Master, do you want to enter the Demon Realm?" Ling Yang asked uncertainly.

Tianxin said: "I am willing to transcend all demons in my body."

Holding the lamp, he resigned from the three thousand golden lotus who had become a Buddha, and stepped into the demon realm of the yin wind and anger without looking back.


Yunmengze smoked vastly, and the water vapor was empty. A bamboo raft glided across the mirror-like surface of the water and slipped into the many lotus flowers.

"Shejiang picks hibiscus, Lanze has many fragrant grasses, who will pick it up? Thoughts are in the distance." The fisher girl rowed a bamboo pole and sang the songs of Chu, with a clear and moving singing, several gull birds startled. , Patted the snow-white wings, and jumped to the blue sky.

Pei Yu said: "Just stop here."

The fisher girl put down the Penny and looked at the banal girl curiously. The visitor asked her to row the boat to the most prosperous lotus, neither picking the lotus seeds nor admiring the lotus, nor did she know what to do.

Peiyu sent her hand away, and carefully put down the jade box she had been holding. A ripple appeared, and the jade box quickly sank and disappeared.

"Hey, what is the girl doing?" The fisher girl exclaimed.

Peiyu did not answer, looking at the water, tears fell into the water like dropped threads.

The jade box was filled with Liu Huangu's saber during his lifetime, thinking and far-reaching.

The fisher girl saw her look sad, her fairy-like face became sad, her hands and feet confused, she didn't know how to comfort, she hurriedly took out her veil and handed it over, "Girl, don't cry, what can't you do?" You see there is no war now, everyone's life is getting better and better, and it will definitely get better and better in the future!"

Peiyu suddenly opened her eyes--

The small handkerchief made of coarse cloth has small red flowers embroidered on the four corners. This was once the favorite pattern of Hua Niang.

She naturally remembered that after she buried the flower girl when she was young, the body of the soul sent her away from the mass grave, and she also bandaged her scarred hands with a handkerchief.

She raised her head, and the fisher girl in front of her had thick eyebrows and big eyes, not as experienced as Hua Niang, her eyebrows had the agility and simplicity of a girl.

"Hua Niang." Peiyu murmured with tears.

The fisher girl scratched her head and said puzzled: "Hey, how do you know my nickname?"

Peiyu clenched the handkerchief tightly, choked for a long time, and smiled lightly, relieved.

The dust is gone, all the pain, effort, and tribulations were originally intended to meet again in a better world.


The clouds rolled, the morning bell rang, shaking the branches and dew.

Peiyu raised his head, above the green mountains and green waters, a thousand swords of light rose from the five peaks, and the young man who rushed up to the morning meeting to listen to the morning meeting on the flying sword.

Shouxian Peak is a verdant green, with rustling flowers and leaves, Yingyingyanyan tweeting.

Standing in front of a rock, Huaibo seemed to be observing something. Hearing the sound of footsteps, she turned around, with a gentle smile on her face.

"Master." Peiyu speeded up, hugged Huaibo, buried it on her shoulders, smelling the light fragrance, and then settled down.

Huaibo smiled and said, "Zubzai, look."

Under the flowers and trees at the intersection, the mountains and rocks stand. I don't know when, and a few words are engraved on the rocks-on the left is "Long Xiaotian and wide", and on the right is "Huaibai loves the jade.

Peiyu couldn't help laughing, her sadness drifting away in the wind.

Huaibo tossed the flower branch with the lettering, took her hand, and walked briskly down the mountain, "Brothers are coming back soon, let's pick them up."

The refreshing mountain breeze is blowing, the flowers are rustling, and the grass is swaying.

The clouds gradually dissipated under the shining of the warm sun, the green hills untied the milky white gauze, and on the stone walls, the four characters "Dadao Bengu" carved by Taoist ancestors, through the ages, are still awakening and enlightening the world.

The avenue is lonely. Thousands of people walked and pursued this road.

And how lucky they are to meet, know, love, and support each other among thousands of people.

Never walk alone anymore.

On the winding mountain road, two silhouettes walk away holding hands, fluttering like two sandgulls between the sky and the earth.

"Peiyu, Peiyu, can I sing a song for you? The sun will go down the mountain and it will still climb up tomorrow morning~ the flowers will be the same again next year after thanks~ la la la, my youth bird will come back again~~~~"

"What are you laughing at? What are you laughing at!"

Huaibo took Peiyu's hand and said, "Are you laughing at me!"

Pei Yu forced a smile, "No, Master sang very well."

Huaibo bends the corners of her mouth, and the girl in front of her has black hair and white clothes. She looked at Peiyu, there seemed to be two people in her eyes, smiled and drew close, bit Peiyu's ear, and whispered: "I made a wish that day."

"What wish?"

"May your love last forever."

The author has something to say: ah, it's finished, there are two tentatively scheduled, one brothers come back, and the ending of Manman and Jiyuehe is a complement to the plot.

I want to say a lot, but I dont know what to say. Thank you for your company along the way. Jinjiang commented frequently before, so its not easy to send red envelopes. I will fill in the red envelopes from the previous chapters, and then all red envelopes will be issued in this chapter. The Jinjiang coin in the background decided to shed tears of poverty.

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