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When Cui Xiaoli was six years old, he succeeded in having a younger sister.

The younger sister had white skin, big eyes, and long eyelashes. She looked almost like A Niang in a mold. Then, Cui Xiaoli was sad to find that he was no longer everyone's baby.

The little baby has become his stupid sister who can only **** her fingers-although her sister is very cute and cute.

He wrote his sadness in his diary.

"Today, Zai Zai was very sad, and even the milk flower cake didn't taste good for dinner."

The diary was first discovered by Zizai's A-Niang.

Happy Immortal Master Chapter:

"Why are you sad?"

The careless mother-in-law did not find the reason why Cui Xiaoli was sad, and Cui Xiaoli was even more sad.

But Cui Xiaoli got used to it.

Godfathers and wives all said that a mother was stupid for three years after she was pregnant, and A-niang has been stupid for eight years, this is all because of the fault of the cubs.

Cui Xiaoli decided to forgive A-niang generously.

He told A-niang:

"Today, A-niang only watched the cub three times, but saw her sister ten times. Aye kept holding the gongs and drums to tease her sister, holding her sister for three hours, and accompanied A-niang for five hours, but she didn't even look at the cub Zai, don't even hit Zai Zai's ass."

Happy fairy lord:...

Immortal Liwei found out soon after.

Liweixian main chapter:

"1. Cui Xiaoli, you ate two more milk flower cakes for dinner.

2. Pretending to be pitiful does not allow you to escape punishment. "

Cui Xiaoli was beaten as he wished, choked and fell asleep contentedly.


Cui Xiaoli successfully reached a settlement with his sister Cui Xiaowu a month later.

"Today, Zai Zai decided to be a good brother."

He made up his mind in the diary.

Happy Immortal Master Chapter:

"Zizai has finally grown up, gratifying and congratulating."

Liweixian main chapter:

"Why suddenly change your mind?"

Honesty is the advantage Cui Xiaoli never hides:

"Because Zai Zai found out that my sister is a bit...not too smart."

To show his pity, he not only used ellipsis, but also "a bit" and "not so".

He tried his best to express it implicitly. If he could, Cui Xiaoli would actually use a word from the ancestor's religion: "mentally retarded."

The ancestors said that it is everyone's responsibility to care for the mentally retarded.

Liweixian main chapter:

"come here."

Later, Cui Xiaoli painfully realized a fact: Honesty may be a virtue, but it does not necessarily bring beautiful results. For example, a meal of fried pork with bamboo shoots.

"When you were a kid, you often put your toes in your mouth."

Aye told Cui Xiaoli a terrible fact, which made him cry "Wow".

Cui Xiaoli cried especially sad:

Because he discovered that he may also be mentally retarded.

This is really a terrible fact.


Two months later, Cui Xiaoli succeeded in being promoted to his sister slave, and he bragged with all his friends in the lower realm:

"Cui Xiaoli's sister is the world's most adorable."

"Cui Xiaoli's sister, will pull papa."

"Cui Xiaoli's sister, can blow bubbles."

"Cui Xiaoli's sister, will..."

He even wrote rhetoric in his diary:

"Cui Xiaoli will marry Cui Xiaowu as a Taoist couple in the future."

This brazen talk was quickly discovered by Aye Aniang.

Happy Immortal Master Chapter:

"Put wax on Zai Zai's little butt."

Liweixian main chapter:

"remarkably brave."

The courageous Cui Xiaoli, clutching the blooming little butt, cried in the cold wind and became a little fool-force:

The ancestors clearly said that fertilizers do not flow into outsiders' fields.

Is he wrong? !


Under the cudgel education of Immortal Liwei, Cui Xiaoli finally understood one truth: big fists are the last word.

As a result, he spent his nights and sleeps and practiced hard every day, and with the help of eleven innate Taoists, he quickly became a new hegemon of the Nine Heavens in the Immortal Realm.

But soon, he discovered that in his home, this principle does not apply:

The eldest in his family is the sweet and carefree Aniang, then the stupid sister, and the third is Aye. In the end, it was his turn.

A Niang's soft act of acting like a baby can instruct his iron-claved Aye to soften his bones.

When my sister cries, he can make his cold Aye smile softly.

And his small fists can only hit the outsiders who don't have long eyes.


In the diary, Cui Xiaoli sent out a human torture, "Why did my mother glared at me with big eyes, and my sister laughed at me with her little white front teeth, and I, Cui Xiaoli, the first dude in the Nineth Heaven, was so scared as a mouse. Cat?"

Happy Immortal Master Chapter:

"Cui Xiaoli, you have grown up."

Liweixian main chapter:

"Cui Xiaoli, do you still want to beat your mother and sister?"

"See you at the martial arts field."

Cui Xiaoli: "..."

Cui Xiaoli, who was calm and honest, what Aye said, at this moment, suddenly realized something like a soul.

He took out the wolf's hair and waved it:

"Aye, I won't tell A-niang, a few days ago when you went to the third heaven to visit Master Tai, a beautiful sister blocked your way."

Liwei Immortal Lord:...

Happy fairy lord:

"Cui Wang, see you at the martial arts field."

On the martial arts arena, flying sand and rocks, the sky was dim and dark, Cui Xiaoli tiptoed and returned to the house contentedly.

From then on, he was no longer afraid of it.


"The Final Diary of Cui Xiaoli"

I have a happy home.

There are Aye, Aniang, and younger sister at home.

However, Aye and A-niang secretly left my sister and me, and went to play in the lower realms.

Forced to inherit his godfathers family business ahead of time, the first beautiful man in the world, the number one tyrant in nine days, and Cui Xiaoli:

Immortal, birth, no, luck, good fortune.

The author has something to say: The last chapter ~ Another World, considering the length, can only stop~

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