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"Fantasy Simulator (!

Yadim's current strength, in fact, is no longer weak.

At least compared to other people, he is now a one-piece life knight, and he is the kind that is close to the peak.

Only one step away can break the boundaries and become a second-ring knight.

Such achievements are considered a genius at his age.

But for Yadim today, this kind of strength is not enough.

Need to be improved as much as possible.

In terms of improving strength, he also has many methods.

Standing in place, various thoughts flashed in his mind, then he looked at the outside world and gave several orders.

In his own name, he asked his servant to grab a few people from all around.

Yadim's identity is the successor to the Duke of Alor, and the future Duke.

In his capacity, wanting to catch a few people back is a very simple matter.

There is no need to harm ordinary people, just say hello to others, and naturally someone will send a few imprisoned prisoners over to the son of the noble duke.

They don't know what the sons of the noble duke need these people to do.

However, they just need to follow suit.

Soon, Yadim had all the manpower needed, all of them strong adult men.

According to the situation given by the servant, it seemed that the bandits who had been circulating outside before were only captured and detained later.

Now it is just given to Yadim to be used as experimental material.

"It's not bad..."

Standing in place, Yadim looked at the death row in front of him and couldn't help but nodded.

Afterwards, he walked straight ahead and slowly drew his sword.

His sword is silver, and many unique materials are used in it to make it look very different.

On top of it, there are subtle textures, which are very gorgeous at first glance.

It's very valuable at a glance.

In fact, this is also true.

The seemingly ordinary long sword is actually a magic weapon, with extremely sharp characteristics, and the price is very expensive.

Of course, for Yadim, this is just an ordinary saber.


In an instant, the sound of the sword breaking through the air sounded, followed by several dull noises.

A **** breath emerged, and in a vague way, there seemed to be a sound of dripping, particularly clear.

After a while, Yadim put away the long sword in his hand, wiped the blood from it, and then turned around and looked in front of him.

Under his gaze, everything in front of him is changing.

In front of his eyes, those death row prisoners had become corpses.

In front of their chests, a hole appeared, and the marks on it looked crimson, very bright.

At this moment, under the gaze of Yadim, their bodies were rapidly becoming dry, as if dehydrated in a short period of time, losing all the water.

No, not only that.

Under Yadim's gaze, the change gradually began.

In the end, these corpses shattered and turned into tiny powders, and then disappeared directly, and no human form was seen again.

In the same place, only the clothes they left behind are still there, looking intact, no different from before.

And in Yadim's body, a faint warm current emerged, just like this appeared in his body.

After this warm current emerged, it began to spread to the surroundings, shrouding Yadim's body and strengthening his body.

The feeling is extremely unique, and there is an inexplicable sense of comfort.

After a while, this sigh disappeared completely.

Yadim just stood in place, feeling the power in his body constantly churning, and then slowly opened his eyes.

The power emerging in his body at this moment was nothing but the power of killing.

The killing divinity can plunder the essence of other beings through killing and transform them into their own killing power, thereby strengthening themselves.

Chen Heng rarely used this power in the past.

However, the reason for this is that Chen Heng has the power of faith in the two worlds to supply, and he has enough divine power to assist, so naturally he does not need the power of killing to assist.

But when it came to Yadim, there was no such condition.

He was just a clone. When he was separated from the main body, although he had gained part of his divine nature and power, it was impossible for him to directly strengthen his body to an extremely powerful state.

Therefore, in this situation, his sight could not be shifted, focusing on the killing divinity in his body.

The authority to kill the divine is to kill.

By killing other creatures, you can plunder the power that exists in other creatures, so that you can continuously become stronger.

This unique feature has a very powerful effect no matter when.

For Yadim at this moment, that's the case.

Standing in place, he felt the changes in his body.

Just killing three people, he has a slight enhancement in his body, and he has taken a step closer to the level of the second ring.

If it continues like this, if it continues, I believe it will not be far from the second ring road.

In this regard, Yadim is fairly satisfied.

In the next period of time, if there is nothing special, he is no longer ready to go out, but is ready to stay here so quietly, just stay so quiet, not ready to leave.

Time slowly passed.

Before I knew it, more than half a month passed.

Most of the time, this period of time is not very long.

But during this time, a lot of things happened.

The most interesting thing is what happened to Sir Adim, the successor of the Alu family.

After the banquet of Princess Elus, Sir Adim, who was obsessed with Princess Elus, seemed to have changed.

Not only did he not give the life gems he bought at a high price to Princess Elus as everyone expected, but he also did a lot of things next.

In just half a month, among those belonging to the Yalu family, I dont know how many people were directly driven out.

These people are basically related to Princess Elus.

Originally, because Yadim's predecessor was particularly obsessed with Elus, he would never refuse Elus' request.

Even some people who have a very good relationship with Elus, their request, Yadim's predecessor will also agree.

After a long period of time, a large number of outsiders entered the Yalu family's industry.

Many people, in the name of Elus, blend their hands into the industry of the Alu family, cooperate with the industry of the Alu family, or directly contract.

If these situations happen only normally, then forget it.

However, in many cases, there are a lot of bad phenomena.

Some people contracted the Yalu family's property, but in the end they did not give out the proceeds as agreed.

There are also people who directly and secretly embezzled the Alu family's property.

These are very bad behaviors.

It's just that in the past, Yadim's predecessor, for Elus's sake, turned a blind eye to these things, feeling indifferent.

After all, for the future successors of the Yalu family, this is really nothing.

Only now, after inheriting everything about this body, Yadim is no longer so easy to talk.

He doesn't even estimate Elus's face, just do what he should do.

Therefore, in just over half a month, I don't know how many people were driven in.

There were even many people who were immediately detained, not knowing how long they would be detained.

Within the Kakuen Empire, the Alu Family is a well-deserved Big Mac.

As the heir of the Alu family, Yadim, once serious, not many people can't deal with it.

In response to this, many people in the city of Carnei wanted to see a joke, ready to see the reaction of Princess Elus.

After all, judging from the appearance in front of him, the son of the duke, Yadim, had made it clear that he would not give Elus face.

Faced with this situation, what can Princess Elus do?

In this regard, I don't know how many people are very interested, ready to watch a good show secretly.

And to this, Yadim didn't care about it.

During this half month, he has been staying in his manor and practicing silently.

As for what happened to the outside world, although he knew it, he didn't care.

In his capacity, he just knows some moths, so naturally he won't do it himself.

As long as he gives the order, someone will naturally finish the matter.

In fact, some people wanted to do this in the past.

Only because of Yadim's predecessor, there is no way.

But now, Yadim didn't stop him, and even gave orders. Naturally, these people would not hesitate much, and directly settle the matter.

The whole process can be considered very easy.

It was another morning.

When the sun illuminates the earth, Yadim walked calmly on the spacious training ground, feeling the unique feeling in himself.

"Already close to metamorphosis..."

Standing alone, practicing the breathing method again, Yadim stood there, feeling the changes in his body, and then this thought flashed in his mind.

In the most recent period of time, he has been quietly exercising himself, cutting people by the way.

Using his own power, he can easily get a large number of death row prisoners to provide him with the power to kill.

And these slaughter powers are also baptizing Yadim's body far and wide, helping his power to grow continuously.

By now, it has reached a limit.

The power of this body has already reached a certain extreme, standing at the peak of the first ring, close to the level of the second ring.

During this period of time, Yadim continued to use the power of killing to sharpen himself and increase his strength, which had already reached that limit.

At least for now, in Yadim's feelings, his body has begun to transform.

At this moment, it seems that it is beginning to evolve towards another level.

If he didn't feel wrong, he would be promoted and become a second-ring knight directly after his transformation was completed this time.

And at this level, there is another world.

In the Kakuen Empire, although the number of knights in a ring cannot be said everywhere, it cannot be said that the number is scarce.

But the second ring knight, but it may not be.

At least within the Kakuen Empire, the second-ring knights are also the backbone and the core support of many families.

Even in the Duke family like the Alu family, the status is not weak.

If Yadim can be promoted to the second ring, it will also help him to a great extent in the promotion of his position in the Yalu family.

It's good news.

After finishing today's training, Yadim put down the long sword in his hand, then turned around, ready to leave here and go back to meditate.

At this time, he is not only practicing the life knight's practice, but the practice on the mage is also not letting go.

After all, compared to his achievements on the life knight, his achievements on the wizards were even better.

Therefore, there is no way to give up.

Because of this, every time after training, Yadim will go to his room and continue to meditate to improve his mental power.

It's the same today.

But today, it seems a little bit different.

At the same place, Yadim's footsteps suddenly, at this moment he couldn't help turning around and looking at the outside world, frowning secretly.

In his feelings, a figure came quickly outside.

In it, there was also a rush of footsteps.

He frowned and just stood there, looking at the far direction.

Under his gaze, a woman came quickly from the outside world.

It was a woman in a red robe, with a pretty face and a tall figure, but at the moment she rushed over with some anger on her face.

"Miss Ella, Master Yadim is inside, you can't go in without permission!"

Around, the voice of a maid rang, and there was a vaguely anxious feeling. It seemed that she wanted to stop the woman, but she couldn't do it.

She just walked over in such a hurry, with some anger on her face, she walked over.


From a distance, her voice came over, just like that.

Looking at the woman walking in front of him, Yadim looked calm and just looked at her.

"Good day, Miss Ella."

Standing in place, he calmly looked at the woman in front of him, looked at the servants behind her, and then spoke.

"I don't know what you want to do when you come to me?"

"do what?"

Ella showed a sneer on her face, looked at Yadim in front of her, and said loudly: "Why are you arresting my person?"

"your people?"

Yadim was a little surprised: "Who are you referring to?"

In the most recent period, he has been in his manor and has not gone out.

I really can't remember when I caught the other party's person.

Ella in front of him was also a nobleman, about the same age as Yadim.

Under normal circumstances, there shouldn't be any communication between the two.

However, Ella in front of her seemed to be a good friend of Princess Elus, and was considered a member of her best friend.

It is precisely because of this that Yadim and Ella in front of him will be familiar with each other and have some communication.

"You don't even know?"

Standing in place, listening to Yadim's words, Ella's face became more angry: "Just the day before yesterday, your knight rushed to my friend's chamber of commerce and captured all my friends!"

"Caught it?"

Hearing this, Yadim was a little surprised, but by this time, he almost understood what was going on.

So he smiled, and then continued: "So, what's the reason?"

"Why was your friend taken away?"

"I don't care what the reason is!"

Ella was a little angry, and seemed to be a little bit resentful: "Yadim, please let me go, don't make me ashamed in front of my friends!"

Standing in place, looking at Ella's appearance in front of him, Yadim did not speak, but sighed secretly.

At this time, he really didn't understand.

What did the predecessor think.

Just forget the princess Elus.

Even the Ella in front of me seems to be very presumptuous.

Obviously, they don't have any presumptuous capital, why dare to be so indulgent.

Howling in front of the stronger.

Yadim sighed and didn't have the thought to deal with it. He just forgot to give her a glance, then turned around and was about to leave.

However, looking at Yadim's appearance, Ella seemed to be even more angry.


She stepped forward and walked straight ahead, looking like this, she seemed to want to hold Yadim.

A figure walked over, trying to help stop her and prevent her from approaching Yadim.

"Go away! You untouchable!"

Ella's rough voice sounded.

Then, there was a crisp sound.

Yadim's figure froze, then turned around.

Behind him, the figure of a little girl fell to the ground.

No one else, it was Tina.

On her face, a slap print appeared, which looked very clear.

She fell to the ground in a daze, stroking her face with one hand subconsciously, seeming a little scared.

The smile on Yadim's face gradually disappeared.

"Just now, was it your hand?"

Standing in place, Yadim looked calm, looking at Ella in front of him.

Meeting Yadim's eyes, I don't know why, Ella's body suddenly froze.

An inexplicable feeling surfaced, making her inexplicable scalp numb at this moment, and the expression on her face suddenly froze.

"But... it's just a pariah..."

In response to Yadim's gaze, she finally spoke like this.


A dull sound rang here.

Ella's figure flew out directly.

Just a moment, in her body, I don't know how many bones were broken.


Ahead, Yadim's soft voice came.

Yadim walked to Tina, pulled the little girl up, and hugged it, then looked at Ella in front of her.

"Compared to her, you look more like a pariah to me."

Standing in place, Yadim shook his head, UU reading www.uukanshu.com then looked aside and gave a few casual orders.

On the side, several guards moved forward quickly and unceremoniously grabbed Ella.

If nothing happens, she will be held in a cage until Yadim is satisfied.

Later, Yadim left this place.

By this time, he realized something.

"Looking at this, the impression left by the predecessor is really too weak..."

Walking on the road, recalling the performance of Ella just now, Yadim shook his head secretly, this thought flashed through his mind at this time.

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