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Su Tong whispered, then covered his mouth, turned his head, and asked Yang Fei: "What's the matter? Is it possible that we really crossed it, have we returned to ten years ago?"

Yang Fei smiled slightly: "Why don't you get out of the car and have a look?"

"This, how is this possible?" Su Tong got out of the car and looked greedily at the scenery outside, looking back and forth, left and right!

"Yang Fei, didn't the Nanhua Plant be demolished a long time ago?" Su Tong asked, "Are we really going back in time?"

"Yeah, it was demolished a long time ago!" Yang Fei smiled, "But it is also called a person. In the open space next to it, this street was rebuilt according to the place where we lived."

"Why?" Su Tong asked puzzledly, "What's the point of rebuilding an old street?"

Yang Fei said: "Because this place carries the memories of me and you."

Su Tong's eyes widened suddenly.

Yang Fei looked at the retro old street in front of him, and said with emotion: "Sister, do you remember? We watched movies in the video room over there, and we also fought with people here..."

"Yeah!" Su Tong's thoughts were also brought back to 1993. She said with a smile, "That snack bar, we ate there! I just don't know, does his rice noodles still taste like before? ?"

Yang Fei said: "If you go and try, you will know?"

As he said, he stretched out his hand to her: "Let's stroll around this old street together!"

Su Tong smiled shyly and put his hand in his palm.

Yang Fei took her hand and walked towards this street in 1993.

This is the street next to the dormitory area of Nanhua Factory. It is the place where all Nanhua employees go the most. They eat, entertain, and shop here.

Every facade on this street bears the deepest memories of Nanhua employees.

After the overall demolition of the Nanhua Plant, this street also disappeared.

Later, when Yang Fei came here to play in the playground, he suddenly had an idea, so he had this retro street.

Su Tong, of course, also understood that he and Yang Fei did not pass through, nor were they reborn, but he restored this place to its original appearance!

"Yang Fei, does this street have commercial value?" Su Tong asked puzzledly.

Yang Fei said, "Yes. There is no commercial street around the amusement park. People who come here have no place to spend. Now that there is this street, visitors will have a place to spend. Now this street is just right. Opened, there are few tourists, and it will get better in the future."

He took her hand, turned aside, and came to an iron door.

"Oh my God!" Su Tong smiled, "Isn't this our former dormitory building? You actually restored it too!"

Yang Fei said, "Do you remember which dormitory is?"

"Of course I remember!" Su Tong chuckled, "When we first started selling laundry detergent, I lived in your dormitory for many days!"

Yang Fei said: "At that time, you slept on the upper bunk, and I slept on the lower bunk..."

The two have four eyes, and they look affectionately.

Yang Fei took her hand, went upstairs, and entered his dormitory room.

In the room, the furnishings are the same as before!

If it weren't for the cheers from the surrounding playgrounds, Su Tong really doubted that he had gone back in time!

"Sister, we started from here." Yang Fei clasped her fragrant shoulders with both hands and said, looking into her eyes.

Su Tong gave a hum, and turned his head unnaturally.

She walked to the desk, put her hands on the edge of the desk, and looked outside.

Before, from here, it was the gray and ruined factory area of the Nanhua Plant.

What I see now is the Ferris wheel in the amusement park, roller coasters and other rides.


Yang Fei hugged her from behind her.

Su Tong's body was stuck.

Yang Feiwen said: "Lets go back to the past! OK?"

Su Tong did not speak, but tears fell from the corners of his eyes.

Yang Fei said: "I restore here, just to let us regain the feelings of the past. This is the place where I regained a new life, and it is also the place where our feelings sprout. We come back here and everything starts again here!"

Su Tong gently shook his head and muttered: "Yang Fei, we can't go back."

Yang Fei said: "I'm sorry, sister, after going around for a long time, I still feel that you are my favorite!"

"Where is Li Juan?" she asked.

"Li Juan" Yang Fei said, "I will propose to divorce her."

"What?" Su Tong turned around vigorously, facing him, "No! Only she can help you! Only she is worthy of you!"

Yang Fei said: "In a relationship, no one is worthy of another. There is only love or no love."

"Then do you still love her?"

"If I say, there are only two women I have always loved, do you believe it?"

"Which two?"

"One is you."

"Is there another one?"

"It's my mother."


Yang Fei said: "Sister, Li Juan and I have not had any children yet. I filed a divorce with her, so there won't be too many ties."

"Are you really willing?" Su Tong sneered at the corner of his mouth.

Yang Fei said: "I have signed the divorce agreement."

"Huh?" Su Tongyi didn't seem to believe it.

Yang Fei took out a document from his pocket and handed it to her.

Su Tong opened it and saw that it was really a divorce agreement!

"She won't agree." Su Tong shook his head.

Yang Fei said: "Li Juan is a reasonable person. I think, since marriage, she probably also knows that there is no deep relationship between me and her. She will agree."

"Are you willing to share your property? She wants to divide it in half, right? That's hundreds of billions!"

"Even if you give it all to her. I will return to Taohua Village and live with you. Our money is enough to support us for a lifetime."

"Then, where's the island? You are not going either?"

"Don't go! For you, I can give up all."

"Really? I'm not dreaming, am I?"

"Sister, dont think that this is my whim. This is the result of my deliberation. Since I separated from you, I havent had a happy day. I asked myself more than once, in my life, What do you pursue? What do I want?"

"Well, what do you want? What else do you need? You are already the richest man. You need wind to get wind, rain to rain, money, money, and people!"

Yang Fei smiled bitterly: "I thought about it for a long time~wuxiaworld.online~ and I realized that what I want is actually very simple, that is to be with you! Ten years ago, when I was still sleeping in this dormitory , I have thoughts like this, and I regard caring for you and loving you as my life goal. Sister, I now implore you to accept me as a person who is lost and knows how to return!"

"Yang Fei!" Su Tong moved emotionally, and she called out softly.

The two people hugged each other tightly.

That night, Yang Fei and Su Tong spent the night in this dormitory. The two of them seemed to have gone back more than ten years ago, back to the period of youth and young AIDS. They have endless love words and exhausted energy. Xiao Dadan, until the early morning...

The next morning, Yang Fei woke up leisurely and stretched out his hand, but he disappeared from Su Tong next to him.

"Senior Sister!" Yang Fei shouted, but no one answered.

He got up and saw a piece of paper left on the table.

Yang Fei quickly picked it up and took a look, only to see that it said: "You are willing to give up everything for me, I can't bear it! If you want to find me, come to the island! We are there waiting for you!-Su Tong who loves you ."

"Ah!" The paper in Yang Fei's hand fell to the ground...

"The End of the Book"


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Chapter 674: A Big Country Has A Chemical Dream Chapter 675: Showdown Chapter 676: Basf Chapter 677: Keep 1 Hand For Everything Chapter 678: Give A Way To Survive Chapter 679: The Biggest Plot Chapter 680: Harmony Is The Most Important Business In The World Chapter 681: Do You Have This Strength? Chapter 682: Thorn Chapter 683: The Temperature Of The Soul Chapter 684: Scar Chapter 685: Next Stop Chapter 686: You Are Harming Me Chapter 687: You Can Smash It If You Have One Chapter 688: Ability To Control The Rhythm Of Conversation Chapter 689: Inadvertently Chapter 690: Vision Chapter 691: How Many Heads Are Long Enough To Cut Chapter 692: A Major Innovation In The History Of Laundry Chapter 693: Industry Standards Let Me Make Them Chapter 694: No Price Increase For Adding Quantity No Price Increase For Adding Enzyme Chapter 695: Sorry Everyone We Have Already Lost Chapter 696: Counterattack Of Foreign Companies Chapter 697: Seize The Market Heights Chapter 698: I See If Yang Fei Can Keep You Chapter 699: How To Write Dead Words? Chapter 700: The International Market Is The Real Battlefield Chapter 701: Plant The Plane Tree Attract The Phoenix Chapter 702: 8 Yuan Rule Chapter 703: You Are Now The Manager Chapter 704: Disagreement Chapter 705: Conversation Chapter 706: Establish A Heart For The Heaven And Earth And A Life For The People Chapter 707: The First Factory Invested And Built By Chinese Chapter 708: New Leader Chapter 709: High Spirits Chapter 710: Jobs Chapter 711: Piece Chapter 712: Where Do Not Meet Chapter 713: Fight Chapter 714: Braised You Chapter 715: This Is Yang Fei Chapter 716: 2 Save Its 1 Chapter 717: Not Allowed Chapter 718: Today You Are My Son Chapter 719: Safe And Sound Chapter 720: Meet Today Without Wine Money Chapter 721: For Yoshinishi Chapter 722: Visitor Chapter 723: Appealer Chapter 724: Why Don't You Show Up When You Are In Power? Chapter 725: Unpredictable Trump Card Chapter 726: 8 Major Ingredients Chapter 727: Mouse Is Also A Meat Dish Chapter 728: Tears Chapter 729: Don't Pity Incense Chapter 730: In Order To Survive Who Doesn't Work Hard? Chapter 731: Petty Chapter 732: Heavy Rain Chapter 733: I Am The Police Chapter 734: Silly Girl Chapter 735: This Art Is So Fragrant Chapter 736: Leadership Chapter 737: Goal: 1 Billion Chapter 738: It's Not Fast Food Chapter 739: Ad Words Designed By Genius Chapter 740: It's So Amazing Chapter 741: City Of Romance Chapter 742: Donate 0 Million Chapter 743: Who Agrees? Who Opposes? Chapter 744: I Will Not Force You Chapter 745: Extraordinary Means Chapter 746: Before And After The Flowers Chapter 747: Was Targeted Chapter 748: Spy War Chapter 749: Does Bullying Make Sense? Chapter 750: Director: Yang Fei Chapter 751: Su Tong Is Not At Home Chapter 752: I'm Really Yang Fei's Friend Chapter 753: Threat Chapter 754: I Didn't Discuss With You Chapter 755: Hang Section Chapter 756: Eloquent Chapter 757: Shame Chapter 758: Accident Chapter 759: One Night Crash System Building Chapter 760: Golden Autumn Conference Chapter 761: Cardamom Chapter 762: Yang Fei Is A Treasure Of Women Chapter 763: Cheated Again Chapter 764: Create A New Era Chapter 765: Thirsty For Talents Chapter 766: Love Network Chapter 767: The Idol Of Self Employment Chapter 768: The Hammer Is Over Chapter 769: Today Is The Day Of Your Ruin Chapter 770: Ghost Record Chapter 771: Daxia Yang Didn't Call It For Nothing Chapter 772: My Side Is Not Crowded Chapter 773: 1 Money Stumps Heroes Chapter 774: Former Richest Man Chapter 775: Lend Me 500000 And Return You 500 Million Chapter 776: You Want To Bite Me? Chapter 777: I Want To Fight Chapter 778: The 3rd Bidding Site Chapter 779: Ask The Heroes Of The World Chapter 780: Jedi Fight Back Chapter 781: 1 String Of Long 0 Chapter 782: Boss Yang Is Mighty Chapter 783: Summer Insects Can't Speak Ice Chapter 784: Step Out Of The Foundation Period Chapter 785: Inspect The New Factory Chapter 786: Dinosaur Smile Chapter 787: Old Fox Chapter 788: Employing Human Means Chapter 789: There Is Nothing That Cannot Be Overcome Chapter 790: The Immortal Immortal In Pan Taoyuan Chapter 791: Yiyi Chapter 792: Interview Chapter 793: Within 500 Million Directly Win Chapter 794: Arrogant Bid Chapter 795: 1 Blockbuster Chapter 796: Some Beauty Can Only Be Seen Can Not Be Stolen Chapter 797: Party Chapter 798: Chaoyang Police Chapter 799: At The End Of The World I Will Find You Chapter 800: Mr. Su Takes The Land Chapter 801: Concession Chapter 802: Talent Strategy Chapter 803: White Wedding Dress And Phoenix Crown Chapter 804: I Accept These 3 Words Chapter 805: How Can The Wealthy People Of The Past Generations Be Established? Chapter 806: 100 Million No More Chapter 807: Take Advantage Of The Fire Chapter 808: A Dazzling Array Of Fakes Chapter 809: 0 Tolerance Chapter 810: Law Enforcement Chapter 811: Seeing The Fire Through The Eyes Knowing It Well Chapter 812: You Have No Choice Chapter 813: Please Enter The Urn Chapter 814: Raising Eyebrow Sword Out Of Sheath Chapter 815: Who Is The King Of Fraud? Chapter 816: Godman Yang Fei Chapter 817: Storm Chapter 818: Gold Ko Tenjin Chapter 819: Successor Chapter 820: Hidden Worries Chapter 821: Eastern Silicon Valley? Chapter 822: Don't Do It Chapter 824: Kick Chapter 823: Sudden Confession Chapter 825: Guest Matchmaker Chapter 826: Govern The Enterprise Such As Cooking Small Fresh Food Chapter 827: You Just Wait To Go To Jail Chapter 828: I Want To Hold Chapter 829: Mobile Phone Production License Chapter 830: 1 Careless Move Lose All The Game Chapter 831: Merchants' Profit? Chapter 832: Dragging The Mud Forward Chapter 833: War Between Brothers And Sisters Chapter 834: The First Mobile Phone Made In China Chapter 835: Mystery Class Chapter 836: Harvard Actually Nothing Chapter 837: I Understand That I Am Willing Chapter 838: Blackout On The Eve Of Graduation Chapter 839: Thief Chapter 840: The Lost Beauty Chapter 841: Luck Burst Chapter 842: Beauty Group In The News Chapter 843: Save People Chapter 844: How Is Authority Made Chapter 845: Flooded Village Chapter 846: Hope Chapter 847: Search And Rescue Chapter 848: Dawn Chapter 849: Misunderstanding Chapter 850: New 1 Round Shuffle Chapter 851: Yang Fei Talks About Corporate Social Responsibility Chapter 852: Watch The Sea And Listen To The Tao Chapter 853: Calculate Annual Income Chapter 854: Sacrifice Chapter 855: Beautiful Chapter 856: 8884 Chapter 857: Great Future Chapter 858: Manipulate Chapter 859: Joint Vertical And Horizontal Chapter 860: Secretary Development Plan Chapter 861: Face Is Really Important Chapter 862: Production Report Chapter 863: Fiery Eyes Chapter 864: Yang Fei Goes Crazy Chapter 865: You Are My Eyes Chapter 866: 3 Consecutive Upgrades Chapter 867: I'll Make A Rule Chapter 868: Unexpected Visitors Chapter 869: Convergence Economy Chapter 870: How Much Do You Produce How Much Do I Sell Chapter 871: That Weird Thing Is Me Chapter 872: Poor Thinking Rich Thinking Chapter 873: Because You Are Chen Mo Chapter 874: Your Name Can Be Used As A Door God Chapter 875: You Are A Cultural Person Don't Do It Chapter 876: Amazing Richest Man Chapter 877: Betray Chapter 878: White Flowers Bloom All Over America Chapter 879: Set A Small Goal Chapter 880: Special Opening Ceremony Chapter 881: Stop The Hype About Raw Noodles Chapter 882: I Am Good At Judging People By Appearance Chapter 883: Confrontation Chapter 884: Chinese Society Chapter 885: Sales Channels Falling From The Sky Chapter 886: Harvard Classic Lesson Plan Chapter 887: Named Chapter 888: If You Are The Worlds Largest Mining Boss Chapter 889: Meeting Across The Ocean Chapter 890: I Want To See You Right Away Chapter 891: Mahayana Chapter 892: No. 1 In Domestic Mobile Phone Sales Chapter 893: That Person Is My Friend Chapter 894: I Bought This Stock Chapter 895: Rise Rise Rise Chapter 896: 1 Accidentally Made 30 Million Dollars Chapter 897: Yang Fei Autobiography? Chapter 898: Mysterious Xiu'er Xiu'er In Dreams Chapter 899: Midnight Horror Chapter 900: Survive In A Foreign Country Chapter 901: Missing People Mobilization Chapter 902: Beautiful As A Flower Wise And Brave Chapter 903: Go All Out For The Battle Of America Chapter 904: Positioning Failed Loss Of 200 Million Chapter 905: Last Stand Chapter 906: The Highest Trade Secret Chapter 907: Force Principle Chapter 908: Fire Chapter 909: 1 Good Person Chapter 910: I'm Sorry I Can't Appreciate This Beauty Chapter 911: Spend 30 Million To Hype Chapter 912: Interest Exchange Chapter 913: Dug A Wall Foot Chapter 914: Smashed The Cockscomb Cup Chapter 915: 2nd Rate Merchants Sell Products 1st Rate Merchants Sell Brands Chapter 916: Operate Traditional Chinese Painting Earn 400 Million Yuan Chapter 917: President Of North America Chapter 918: I Can Destroy Anyone I Can't Destroy You Chapter 919: The Sky Is Falling Down And I Dont See Any Guests. Chapter 920: I Still Can't Arrange For You? Chapter 921: War Between Mother And Son Chapter 922: Su Tong Came And Saw It Chapter 923: Pungent Chapter 924: Xiaojia Is Going To Study Chapter 925: The Rules Of Jungle Chapter 926: The Goal Chapter 927: Needless To Say Its Hard For Someone To Do It Chapter 928: People Gathered In 1 Session Chapter 929: 1 Little Thing Chapter 930: Persuade People With Reason Chapter 931: Immortality Chapter 932: Richest Village Chapter 933: Yang Fei Is Low Key? Chapter 934: Black Under The Lamp Chapter 935: The Most Difficult To Accept The Grace Of Beauty Chapter 936: Exaggeration Chapter 937: I Want To Hear The Truth Chapter 938: Projects With Hundreds Of Millions Of Funds Chapter 939: Fragrant Flowers Blooming In The Wall Chapter 940: The Poor Play The Car The Rich Play The Watch The Real Rich Play The Art Gallery Chapter 941: Get Rich Chapter 942: I Am Not The Of Wealth Chapter 943: The Big Wave Of National Retreat And The People's Advance Chapter 944: 666 Listing Plan Chapter 945: Wishlist Chapter 946: Cut Leek Chapter 947: Gambling Agreement Chapter 948: A Good Project That Guarantees No Loss Chapter 949: Yang Fei Acted As A Matchmaker Simply Chapter 950: Do You Have A Monthly Salary Of 800? Chapter 951: Good Night Chapter 952: Provoke Misfortune Chapter 953: Line Up Chapter 954: Troubleshoot Chapter 955: After A Lifetime Its Just A Long Farewell Chapter 956: Mouse Interrogator Chapter 957: Tianluodiwang Chapter 958: I Will Give You 200 Million And You Will Return Su Tong To Me Chapter 959: Startled The Snake But The Snake Did Not Come Out Of The Hole Chapter 960: It's Just A Big Bet Chapter 961: Raise Your Hand Chapter 962: Duel Chapter 963: Mastermind Chapter 964: Punishment Chapter 965: 6 Walls Chapter 966: Listen To You Or Me? Chapter 967: Brother Upgraded Again Chapter 968: 3 Magic Weapons For Women Chapter 969: Yang Fei Wants To Be Beautiful Chapter 970: I Want To See Yang Fei Chapter 971: Opportunity Chapter 972: I Don't Think Anyone Can Open Their Eyes Chapter 973: She Cried Chapter 974: Do You Want To Be The Factory Manager? Chapter 975: Yang Fei Xuan Cai Chapter 976: Business Players Chapter 977: Maximum Minutes Chapter 978: Late Chapter 979: Demeanor Chapter 980: Deja Vu That Dance Chapter 981: Gone With The Wind Chapter 982: Female Thief? Chapter 983: Painful Realization Chapter 984: Jiang Hanying's Business Plan Chapter 985: 10 Full 10 Beautiful Chapter 986: Discussion Of Financial Management Chapter 987: Life Chapter 988: Only Fate Feeling 1 Review Chapter 989: Are You The Consortium Behind Me? Chapter 990: Sky High Bill Chapter 991: Ipo Encounters Difficulties Chapter 992: The Barrel Theory And The Matthew Effect Chapter 993: Defensive War Chapter 994: Burn Full Scale War Chapter 995: Don't Leave A Way For The Enemy To Survive Chapter 996: The Speed Of Expansion That Crushes People Chapter 997: Bright Sword Chapter 998: A Bit Sour In My Heart Chapter 999: Boy? Chapter 1000: An Ran Good Fight Chapter 1001: Is It Trivial To Offend Yang Fei? Chapter 1002: Goods Detained Chapter 1003: Want To Be A Boss? Chapter 1004: Circle Chapter 1005: What The Hell? Chapter 1006: Clash Chapter 1007: Annual Sales Of 10 Billion Chapter 1008: Enron's Joy Chapter 1009: Survey Chapter 1010: Comrade Which Unit Is It From? Chapter 1011: Get Out Chapter 1012: Public? Private? Chapter 1013: See Where You Go? Chapter 1014: God Like Reversal Chapter 1015: Hemp Tightly Chapter 1016: I Married A Factory Chapter 1017: 3 Elements For Site Selection Chapter 1018: Uses Of Castor Beans Chapter 1019: The First Person Of The Big Country Daily Chemical Chapter 1020: Blue Ocean Chapter 1021: Talk About Those Specialties In Africa Chapter 1022: Are You In Pain? Chapter 1023: Want To Know How Many Properties Your Family Has Chapter 1024: Welcome Gunshots Chapter 1025: Earn 0 Million After Landing Chapter 1026: Born Capitalist Chapter 1027: Fierce Bidding Chapter 1028: Threat Chapter 1029: A Beautiful Battle Chapter 1030: Ghost Chapter 1031: Equity Dispute Chapter 1032: I Give Out 10 Billion Chapter 1033: Chief Chapter 1034: Shura Field Chapter 1035: Earth King Chapter 1036: Poor Me Rich Me Chapter 1037: The Truth Chapter 1038: Believe It Or Not I Killed You Chapter 1039: Su Tong Chapter 1040: Infatuated Chapter 1041: Fool Why Am I So Nervous? Chapter 1042: Spicy Chicken And Poached Fish Chapter 1043: You Are My Sun Chapter 1044: Prison Chapter 1045: Counterattack Life Learn From The Scumbag Chapter 1046: Put Another 35 Million Dollars Chapter 1047: Terrible Computer Lovely Lady Chapter 1048: By Your Side By Your Side Chapter 1049: I'm Overbearing Chapter 1050: Zoom In Again Chapter 1051: I Think 2nd No One Is 1st Chapter 1052: Path Dependence Chapter 1053: Report Letter Chapter 1054: The Remaining Problems Chapter 1055: 5 Insurance And 1 Gold Chapter 1056: Choose 1 From 2 Whatever You Want Chapter 1057: Make Some Means Let The Dumb Talk Chapter 1058: Resistance To Restructuring Chapter 1059: Never Truce Chapter 1060: Crazy Chen Chun Chapter 1061: You Are My Woman Chapter 1062: A Super Master Only In Gulong's Novels Chapter 1063: Operation Broken Wings Fight Again Chapter 1064: Elimination Plan Chapter 1065: I Will Blast Him With One Punch Chapter 1066: The Most Beautiful Boss Chapter 1067: When The War Becomes Everyday Chapter 1068: I Admire This Person Chapter 1069: See You For The First Time Please Take Care Chapter 1070: Hand Picked Stars Chapter 1071: The Women Of The Group Are Worried About Marrying? Chapter 1072: Mace's Sabre Tower Chapter 1073: You Can Sit Back And Relax Chapter 1074: In Half A Month A Loss Of 15 Million U.s. Dollars Chapter 1075: 3 Wheeler Hits Rolls Royce Chapter 1076: Su Zong Xunchang Chapter 1077: This Gunpowder As You Wish Chapter 1078: This One Fight Bong Accompany To The End Chapter 1079: Successful Password Chapter 1080: Use 100 Million To Dig The Foot Of The Wall Chapter 1081: Cerebral Hemangioma Chapter 1082: Angel In White Chapter 1083: The Best Candidate Chapter 1084: Happily Chapter 1085: 1 Life Only 50000 Chapter 1086: Safety Commitment Chapter 1087: Invite You To Add A Block Chapter 1088: I Am Not Pitying You I Am Chapter 1089: Good Medicine For Depression Chapter 1090: Special Banquet Chapter 1091: Bet On 1 Wish Chapter 1092: Dare To Speak Like This You Are The First Person Chapter 1093: Look At Yang Fei's Card Chapter 1094: 8 Horse Drawn Money Making Machines Chapter 1095: Are You Transparent As A Teacher? Chapter 1096: Time Wrinkled Chapter 1097: Injured Enron Chapter 1098: Fearless Chapter 1099: Universe In The Sleeve Ghost In The Flower Chapter 1100: Major Surgery On The Group Chapter 1101: Secretary My Clone Chapter 1102: The Chemical Principle Of Hangover Soup Chapter 1103: Preference Chapter 1104: Resistance Chapter 1105: Eternal Life Chapter 1106: Intensified Struggle Chapter 1107: Reverse The Situation Chapter 1108: President Jiang Arrives Chapter 1109: The Story Of A Bun And The Story Of Another Bun Chapter 1110: Unbreakable Chapter 1111: I Do Not Nourish The Emperor Chapter 1112: Ready To Move The Knife Chapter 1113: Never Soft Chapter 1114: This Is Not A Mistake It Is A Crime Chapter 1115: Personnel Dilemma Chapter 1116: A Cup Of Wine To Release The Military Power Chapter 1117: Yang Fei Gave Orders Who Would Dare Not Follow? Chapter 1118: Are You Pregnant? Chapter 1119: You Are Happy What Should The Children Do? Chapter 1120: Sudden Waywardness Chapter 1121: I Missed You And Came Chapter 1122: Wellhead Explosion Chapter 1123: Lost Contact Chapter 1124: Enlighten Your Majesty Chapter 1125: I Like Uncle Chapter 1126: Every Day Of My Life I Bet On My Life Chapter 1127: The Cannon Is Roaring The Bullets Are Flying Chapter 1128: One Billion Dollars Dont Have To Be Paid Back Chapter 1129: I'm Just Your Friend Chapter 1130: It's You Who Are Ignorant It's You That Is Hard To Understand It's You For The First Time Chapter 1131: Tiger's Fangs Chapter 1132: Others Will Be Full After 2 Bites And You Can Still Eat 2 Bites When You Are Full Chapter 1133: Mountain Hunting Chapter 1134: Arrow Chapter 1135: Hi Daddy Chapter 1136: The Most Beautiful Village Chapter 1137: Alarmed Chapter 1138: Rich And Not Dazzling Like Walking At Night In Jinyi Chapter 1139: I'm Here To Smash The Place Chapter 1140: Suicide By Cutting Veins Chapter 1141: War Between 3 Women Chapter 1142: I Want Your 1 Hand Chapter 1143: I Am Not Afraid Of Death How Can You Scare Me With Death? Chapter 1144: Broken Arm Chapter 1145: Love Parting Can't Ask Chapter 1146: Black Technology Chapter 1147: It's So Amazing Chapter 1148: Carry On Your Back One Life And One Life Chapter 1149: If You Feel Scared You Run Chapter 1150: Come Out And Die Chapter 1151: Who Is Arrogant Than Who Chapter 1152: Let's Talk About It Chapter 1153: Turning Hands Is A Cloud Covering Hands Is Rain Chapter 1154: Ants Crushed By Elephants Chapter 1155: 10 Outstanding Young People Chapter 1156: Free Gimmick Chapter 1157: Please Draw A Picture Chapter 1158: 18 Scenic Spots Of Yilin Chapter 1159: A Great Man With 3 Phds Chapter 1160: Yang Fei You're Not Gregarious Chapter 1161: My Group Let Me Set The Rules Chapter 1162: Shrewd Iron Cow Chapter 1163: Material Woman Chapter 1164: Plants Also Resist Chapter 1165: Sugar Man In Childhood Chapter 1166: The Secret To Making Money Chapter 1167: Bloody Chapter 1168: Mr. Wei Your Eq Is Too Bad Chapter 1169: Who Is She Chapter 1170: What I Do Is Culture Not Entertainment Chapter 1171: Plucking Chapter 1172: All Over The Country Chapter 1173: I Choose People More Strictly Than Beauty Pageants Chapter 1174: Withdrawal Chapter 1175: One Size Fits All Chapter 1176: Gap Chapter 1177: What Are Your Plans? Chapter 1178: You Are A Treason Chapter 1179: The Man Strives To Be In Time His Ambition Is Insignificant Chapter 1180: Charming Demeanor Chapter 1181: There Is No Need To Shake Hands Between Us Right? Chapter 1182: I Just Sell Laundry Detergent Happy Mid Autumn Festival Chapter 1183: Who Has The Most Face? Chapter 1184: Non Physical Auction Chapter 1185: I Hope That This One Day Will Be Extended Indefinitely Chapter 1186: 1 Arrow Double Eagle Chapter 1187: Rich And Wayward Chapter 1188: Explosion Chapter 1189: I Won't Give Birth To This Child Chapter 1190: Stubborn Break Chapter 1191: If You Don't Want To Do It Get Out Chapter 1192: First Good Chapter 1193: Dont Miss Dont Miss There Is No Past No Me Chapter 1194: Float 1 Big White Chapter 1195: You Are Also Bad Chapter 1196: Someone Asked About Su Tong's Whereabouts Chapter 1197: Hope That All Students Will Become Cpus Chapter 1198: A Gentleman Is Not Worried About Poverty Chapter 1199: Yan Shi's Soft Heart Chapter 1200: Do You Want To Go? Chapter 1201: God Reply Chapter 1202: 1 Cut Is The Best Arrangement Chapter 1203: Bowl Chapter 1204: 18 Billion Funding Gap Chapter 1205: Drawer Protocol Chapter 1206: Get Into Trouble Chapter 1207: Been Arrested For More Than A Month? Chapter 1208: There Is Someone Who Lives In Your Soul Chapter 1209: Sister I Miss You Chapter 1210: I Can't Find The Old Days Again Chapter 1211: Secretarial Work Adjustment Chapter 1212: Chen Mo Seizes Power Chapter 1213: The Process Can Be A Game And The Ending Must Be A Win Win Situation Chapter 1214: Yang Fei Is Not In A Hurry Secretary To Death Chapter 1215: It Is Too Clever Chapter 1216: You Will Regret This Chapter 1217: If You Have No Strength Please Get Out Of This Door Chapter 1218: How Fast Does The Storm Come Chapter 1219: Cut First And Play Later? Doesn't Work Chapter 1220: Lao Yan Offers Advice Two Pronged Approach Chapter 1221: Gather The Wealth Of The World In Yilin Chapter 1222: Rob The Rich And Help The Poor Chapter 1223: You Laugh At Others As Crazy But He Laughs At You And You Cant See Through Chapter 1224: Compare Chapter 1225: Call My Brother In Law I Like It Chapter 1226: The Years Are Like Flying Knives And The Knives Avoid Her Chapter 1227: Turmoil On The Ground Chapter 1228: Business Ecosystem Chapter 1229: First Punish Whiteness Then Destroy Pg Chapter 1230: Su Tong Starts A Business And Starts All Over Again Chapter 1231: Because She Is My Woman Chapter 1232: Competitors Are In Action Chapter 1233: Tit For Tat Chapter 1234: Jump Into The Fire Pit Chapter 1235: If You Are Near You Will Complain If You Are Far Away Chapter 1236: Authorization Of Iduo Phones Chapter 1237: It's Been A Long Time There Will Always Be Restless People Chapter 1238: The World's First Music Phone Chapter 1239: Love Is Crazy Chapter 1240: Sent To The Door Flattered Chapter 1241: What I Invest In Is Not A Skyscraper Chapter 1242: Then Please Let Xian Chapter 1243: Weigh You Down Chapter 1244: This Answer Sheet I Give Full Marks Chapter 1245: Follow Yang Fei To Learn Management Chapter 1246: Beautiful Loyalty Chapter 1247: Wusong Misty Rain Chapter 1248: Be A Magic Surprise You Chapter 1249: I Can't Help Your Fate Chapter 1250: Miss There Will Be A Disaster Of Blood And Light Within 7 Days Chapter 1251: I Will Help You Realize What You Wish Chapter 1252: 5 Lines Lack Of Gold Lack Of Money In Life Chapter 1253: If You Dont Make Money You Will Be Old Chapter 1254: Su Tong Love You More Every Day Chapter 1255: Sister Are You Morning Sickness? Chapter 1256: The New Round Of Struggle Begins Chapter 1257: The Strong Have Nothing To Fear Chapter 1258: Competition Between Chemical Raw Materials And Chemical Equipment Chapter 1259: Distribution And Agency Chapter 1260: Rule Chapter 1261: Make Trouble Chapter 1262: Tear Off The Camouflage Chapter 1263: Hold Chapter 1264: One More Mind Chapter 1265: Even If It Was A Thunder I Took It Chapter 1266: Please Enter The Urn Chapter 1267: Launch A Total Attack Chapter 1268: Wild Girl Chapter 1269: If You Want To Do It Do It Chapter 1270: If You Want To Use Force You Must Beat Him Chapter 1271: Gangster's Gangster Chapter 1272: Make An Appointment Chapter 1273: Blood And Light Disaster Chapter 1274: You Are Always So Domineering And Unreasonable Chapter 1275: Non Conversion Chapter 1276: Funeral Chapter 1277: The Tree Is Alive Chapter 1278: I Am So Poor That There Are Only 1 Million Left? Chapter 1279: Li Zhengyang's Friend Chapter 1280: You Are So Bold Chapter 1281: His Strength Is The Mean Chapter 1282: 8.8 Billion Investment Chapter 1283: Emphasize The Brand Weaken The Manufacturer Chapter 1284: 519 Anniversary Chapter 1285: Why Can't Taishang Laojun Train Monkey King Chapter 1286: Fight A Sniper Battle Chapter 1287: Chase Chapter 1288: You Have More Money Than I Thought Chapter 1289: Dragon Cuts Evil Dragon Water Chapter 1290: To Destroy 1 Brand Only 1 Decision Is Needed Chapter 1291: Surgical Acquisition Chapter 1292: Goal: No. 1 In The World Chapter 1293: Spy War: Prologue Chapter 1294: The Value Of Waste Paper Chapter 1295: Pawn Crossing The River Chapter 1296: Do You Think I Can Forgive You? Chapter 1297: Break Chapter 1298: Desolate Chapter 1299: Please Avenge Me Chapter 1300: The 2 Fires 10 Years Ago Chapter 1301: For You I Am Willing To Turn To Ashes Chapter 1302: 1 Mountain Can Hardly Tolerate 2 Tigers Chapter 1303: Poison Pill Project Chapter 1304: I Declare That You Are No Longer The Chairman Chapter 1305: What Is Added To Me Will Be Doubled Today Chapter 1306: The Gentleman Takes Revenge It Is Not Too Late For 10 Years Chapter 1307: Brother In Law My Sister Has A Stomachache Chapter 1308: The Prestige Of The Domineering President Chapter 1309: I Would Like To Be A Humble Ant A Backboneless Trumpet Creeper Chapter 1310: Someone Told You Chapter 1311: Analyze The Case Chapter 1312: Verify Chapter 1313: Is She Really Your Child? Chapter 1314: I Am A Coward Chapter 1315: I Want To See Chu Xiu Chapter 1316: I Yang Fei Still Afraid Of Offending People? Chapter 1317: Brother You Are Amazing Chapter 1318: More Than 300 Million Just To Hold Hands? Chapter 1319: You Shout 3 Times I Will Cross Over To See You Chapter 1320: Beautiful As A Peach Blossom Out Of The Dust As A Fairy Chapter 1321: Heaven Is Always Changing Success Or Failure Depends On Others Chapter 1322: 1st Round Of Negotiations Chapter 1323: Industrial Business Card Chapter 1324: Please This Is Common Sense Chapter 1325: Play 1 Out Of The Bottom Of The Pot Chapter 1326: Mad Woman Chen Ruoling Chapter 1327: Forced Marriage Chapter 1328: Beauty Group Is In Danger Chapter 1329: The Most Difficult To Accept The Grace Of Beauty Chapter 1330: Even If You Are Broken Into Pieces You Will Have To Pay The Price Chapter 1331: He Is Such A Unique Yang Fei Chapter 1332: In This Life I Can Squander It At Will Chapter 1333: Yang Fei Is Full Of Drama Chapter 1334: The Prodigal Son Of God Chapter 1335: You Are The Sun I Am The Moon Chapter 1336: Image Ambassador Chapter 1337: Just Remember That Life Is Good For You Give Some Sunshine To It.. Chapter 1338: 0 Year Worm Crisis Chapter 1339: Meet And Don't Know Each Other Chapter 1340: You Have Met Her Chapter 1341: Listed Chapter 1342: Hindsight Chapter 1343: Do It Chapter 1344: Let The Stock Price Rise For A While Chapter 1345: Breach Of Contract Chapter 1346: Take Advantage Of The Fire Chapter 1347: Yang Fei Became The Landlord? Chapter 1348: Lower Limit Chapter 1349: Understanding Chapter 1350: Birthmark Chapter 1351: Yang Fei Boeing 757 Chapter 1352: Yang Feifei Goes To The Sky Chapter 1353: Call You Chapter 1354: We Are Not Sending Welfare Chapter 1355: Refuse To Enter Chapter 1356: Fight Back Chapter 1357: Little Yang Fei Dare To Be Defiant Chapter 1358: The Wind Is Rising The Dark Clouds Are Pressing The City And The Rain Is About To Come Chapter 1359: Valentine's Day Present Chapter 1360: Performance Decline Chapter 1361: Development Bottleneck Chapter 1362: Who Moved My Table? Chapter 1363: Established Meijiahua Company Chapter 1364: Don't You Think She Is Very Pitiful? Chapter 1365: Foam Is Also A Vent Chapter 1366: Angel Investment Chapter 1367: Harvard Does Not Teach Murder Chapter 1368: Did You Tell The Secret? Chapter 1369: Did The Little Guy Kick You Again? Chapter 1370: High Fever Chapter 1371: I Will Draw A Tortoise On Your Face Chapter 1372: I Will Give You Another Chance Chapter 1373: Prime Minister Of The Group Chapter 1374: Monopoly Chapter 1375: Cancel The Human Resources Department Chapter 1376: Conversation Chapter 1377: 1st Shot Chapter 1378: Dead End Chapter 1379: At This Moment I Just Want To Kill People Chapter 1380: I Have A Nightmare Chapter 1381: News That Made A Sensation In The Industry Chapter 1382: The Realm Of Employment Chapter 1383: Trap Chapter 1384: Very Close Minded Big Minded Chapter 1385: Guest Chapter 1386: Never Compromise Chapter 1387: Comrade Take Out All The Money In This Card Chapter 1388: Your Life I Bought Chapter 1389: Bury A Thorn Chapter 1390: Boss Is Busy Chapter 1391: Drinking Madly And Singing To Live In The Air Who Is Domineering And Domineering Chapter 1392: Not Being Jealous Is Mediocre Chapter 1393: Send You 11 Daily Limit Chapter 1394: Breaking News: The Chairman Has Gone Chapter 1395: Hold Up To 0 Billion Funds Chapter 1396: Sokyu Chapter 1397: Audit Chapter 1398: No Symptom For Death? Chapter 1399: Grassroots Counterattack Chapter 1400: 666 Company Must Die Chapter 1401: Picker Chapter 1402: I Will Go To Jail For You Chapter 1403: The Opening Ceremony Is A Surprise Right? Chapter 1404: Fight? Don't Say I Bully You Chapter 1405: Hurt His Wife And Children Chapter 1406: Investigate Yang Fei's Capital Flow Chapter 1407: The Truth Is Often Terrible Chapter 1408: The Stock Market Is Not An Atm Chapter 1409: Land Of Decisive Battle Chapter 1410: Who Has The Better Face? Chapter 1411: I Have Time To Glove The White Wolf Strategy Chapter 1412: Is 1 Trillion Enough? Chapter 1413: Professional Blocking Chapter 1414: Should Have Its Own Commercial Satellite Chapter 1415: Bet 52 Million In 2 Months Chapter 1416: Gambling Upgrade Chapter 1417: Desire To Win 1 Time Chapter 1418: Key Evidence Chapter 1419: You Are Making Emotions Chapter 1420: Ask For Dividends From Lean Distribution Chapter 1421: Infinitely Close To The Truth Chapter 1422: Petty Bourgeoisie Chapter 1423: Persons Released After Serving Their Sentences Chapter 1424: Gentleman's Character Chapter 1425: Copy Phone Card Chapter 1426: You Can't Afford My Face Chapter 1427: I Said To Save You Chapter 1428: The Secret Of Success Chapter 1429: Open A Rolls Royce? Despised Chapter 1430: Strange Disappearance Chapter 1431: Plot Chapter 1432: Life Do Not Want To Leave Regrets Chapter 1433: Yang Fei Killed Someone Chapter 1434: Clean Chapter 1435: 200000 Transactions Chapter 1436: There Is As Much Happiness As There Is Suffering Chapter 1437: Handshake Chapter 1438: Donate Your Life Only Chapter 1439: See Or Leave Chapter 1440: You Have Her Scent Chapter 1441: The Largest Merger In History Chapter 1442: Impolite Guy Chapter 1443: Marriage? Chapter 1444: How Can There Be So Much Truth? Chapter 1445: Back To The Village Chapter 1446: You Are Futures Chapter 1447: Mentor Of Life Chapter 1448: Yang Fei Treats Chapter 1449: Propose Chapter 1450: Allergies Can Kill People Chapter 1451: Desperate Enron Chapter 1452: I'm Dead Will You Shed Tears? Chapter 1453: Concubine Chapter 1454: Crying Chapter 1455: Su Tong Gave Birth Chapter 1456: There Was A Red Envelope Rain In Taohua Village Chapter 1457: 2 Bank Accounts Chapter 1458: Let's Watch Him Capture The Dragon And Bind The Tiger Chapter 1459: Yang Fei Hit A Woman Chapter 1460: Pepper Storm Chapter 1461: Crisis Pr Chapter 1462: Group Supervision Department Chapter 1463: I Choose Not To Forgive Chapter 1464: Director An Chapter 1465: Wage Chapter 1466: Don't Go Too Far Chapter 1467: Big Group Model Chapter 1468: Corporate Financial Advisor Chapter 1469: Ruthless Killer Move Chapter 1470: Hypocritical Woman Chapter 1471: Lawyer's Letter Chapter 1472: Joint Law Enforcement Chapter 1473: Shoot Yourself In The Foot Chapter 1474: Too Bad Chapter 1475: Debt Repayment Chapter 1476: Tie Niu Is A Good Boy Chapter 1477: I Want To Ask Him For Tea Chapter 1478: The Glass Is Broken Chapter 1479: Bait Chapter 1480: Yang Fei Sells Chili Chapter 1481: I Am Going To Kill You Chapter 1482: No Talent For Wolong Learn The Ambition Of Confucius Chapter 1483: Each Exhibition Strategy Chapter 1484: I Won't Miss You Chapter 1485: Group Institutional Reform And Reorganization Chapter 1486: This 1 O'clock Then 1 O'clock Chapter 1487: Rich Is Willful Chapter 1488: Seize Every Family's Bathroom Chapter 1489: Just Make Me Crazy For One Night Okay? Chapter 1490: Yes I Don't Deceive Chapter 1491: I Would Like To Be A Tear On Your Lips Chapter 1492: 6 Major Factions Besieged Guangmingding Chapter 1493: Overheard Chapter 1494: He Forced Him To Be Strong He Let Him Go Chapter 1495: This Is An Order Chapter 1496: Lift High Go Round And Round Chapter 1497: Holding Sand Chapter 1498: Negotiation Failed Chapter 1499: Move Your Account Over First? Chapter 1500: Not Enough Memory Chapter 1501: There Are Only Bones In The Bone Soup Chapter 1502: A Big Storm Is Coming Chapter 1503: Breakthrough Chapter 1504: Exile Chapter 1505: Kill The Power Stick Chapter 1506: Should I Know Him? Chapter 1507: Pies In The Sky 3 Levels In A Row Chapter 1508: Have To Get A Marriage Certificate? Chapter 1509: More Than 10 Billion? I Can Consider It Chapter 1510: Your Daughter Is In My Hands Chapter 1511: Marriage Certificate And Marriage Room Chapter 1512: I Also Want To See Fireworks All Over The City Chapter 1513: Helping The Emergency Does Not Save The Poor And Helping The Poor Does Not Help The Lazy Chapter 1514: I'd Love To Chapter 1515: Do Unto Others Do Not Impose On Others Chapter 1516: Cruel Chapter 1517: Teach Them How To Behave Chapter 1518: Pinch When You Meet Chapter 1519: I Yang Fei Beat The Dog And Never Look At The Owner Chapter 1520: You Are My Pure White Chapter 1521: Thief Chapter 1522: Old Routines Can Also Play New Tricks Chapter 1523: Scary Schoolgirl Chapter 1524: Ghost Chapter 1525: I Am A Big Star Chapter 1526: Dare You? Chapter 1527: Hurting Truth Chapter 1528: He Is The Richest Man Yang Fei Chapter 1529: Conditions Of Contract Chapter 1530: I Don't Understand Music But I Understand Hype Chapter 1531: The Old Enemy Has Not Been Eliminated And A New Enemy Is Added Chapter 1532: As Long As You Are Willing You Are The King Chapter 1533: Awesome Institutionalization Chapter 1534: Lao Tzu Is The Law Chapter 1535: The Wicked Sue First Chapter 1536: Severe Punishment Chapter 1537: Stock Market Sniper Chapter 1538: Behind The Scenes Chapter 1539: Was Ordered To Rectify Chapter 1540: The Rumors Are Fierce Chapter 1541: She Killed Someone Chapter 1542: The Pomp Of The Richest Man Chapter 1543: Sunshine Lord Chapter 1544: High Profile Acquisition Chapter 1545: Shigekura Strikes And Fights To The Death Chapter 1546: Closing Chapter 1547: Yang Fei I Will Not Let You Go As A Ghost Chapter 1548: Don't Read Chapter 1549: Hug Of Love Chapter 1550: Capacity Competition Chapter 1551: Is This A Provocation Or A Declaration Of War? Chapter 1552: Who Is Embarrassed Who Is Low Chapter 1553: Rear End Collision Chapter 1554: Fallacies Make Sense Chapter 1555: Will Be Out You Will Not Be Affected By Your Life Chapter 1556: Offer Advice Chapter 1557: Is It Scary? Chapter 1558: Subvert The Traditional Business Model Chapter 1559: Liar Coming Chapter 1560: Are You A Guest? You Are The Master Chapter 1561: Don't Show Off If You Are Rich Expired Chapter 1562: Who Dares To Squeeze The Elevator With Yang Fei? Chapter 1563: My Life Is Worth 100000? Chapter 1564: Someone Sent 4 Words Chapter 1565: Surprise Chapter 1566: Encounter At Sea Chapter 1567: Astrology Chapter 1568: Not A Story Chapter 1569: Simple Historical Common Sense Chapter 1570: The Banner Of Domestic Daily Chemical Brands Chapter 1571: New Product Launch Chapter 1572: Have You Really Used Shampoo? Chapter 1573: Do You Dare To Say It Again? Chapter 1574: Emergencies Chapter 1575: Threat Chapter 1576: Explosion Chapter 1577: Countdown To The Next One Chapter 1578: The Meaning Of The Existence Of Beauty Group Chapter 1579: Change Your Job As Soon As Possible Chapter 1580: Want To Learn Technology For 50000? Chapter 1581: Take Advantage Of Chapter 1582: General Discord Chapter 1583: Menacing Chapter 1584: Are You Waiting For Someone? Chapter 1585: A Whole World Is Missing Chapter 1586: In Order To Survive Do Whatever It Takes Chapter 1587: Yang Fei's Criticism Chapter 1588: National Husband Chapter 1589: I Really Don't Know Where His Superiority Comes From Chapter 1590: Falling Into The Water Chapter 1591: Ragdoll Chapter 1592: Reading Is Already 0 Years Chapter 1593: Blind Date Chapter 1594: Show Him Some Color Chapter 1595: Show Off Your Wealth In Front Of The Richest Man Chapter 1596: Who Sent The Courier? Chapter 1597: Son In Law Of Peach Blossom Village Chapter 1598: You Are A White Eyed Wolf Chapter 1599: Guardian Madman Chapter 1600: Are You Happy? Chapter 1601: National Champion Chapter 1602: Someone Is Really Inflated Chapter 1603: You Make A Price Chapter 1604: Talking About Feelings Too Extravagant Or Money And Trouble Chapter 1605: Moved Chapter 1606: Brother Jiang Came In Time Chapter 1607: What Is A Good Day Today? Chapter 1608: This Is The Rule Chapter 1609: Mass Grave Chapter 1610: Snake Hole Chapter 1611: Thin People Are Worthy Of Fashion Chapter 1612: Why Does She Convince The Public? Chapter 1613: Arrived Chapter 1614: Your Thoughts Are Terrible Chapter 1615: Borrow Money Chapter 1616: I Won't Kill Boren Chapter 1617: Forbearance Of Seeing Peers As New Ghosts Angering The Business Community For Money Chapter 1618: Must Make Joy Chapter 1619: I Will Protect Yang Fei Chapter 1620: Not Cosmeceuticals But Herbs Chapter 1621: Love With A Sword Chapter 1622: Sustained Hands And Blue Mist Luo Yi Flicks Purple Smoke Chapter 1623: 5 Tiger Generals Chapter 1624: Only Success Chapter 1625: Yang Fei's Relations Chapter 1626: In This World There Are People Who Are More Confused Than Me? Chapter 1627: Meet Li Juan For The First Time Chapter 1628: Return Without Success Chapter 1629: I Am An Educated Person Chapter 1630: Don't Be Afraid To Travel All Over The World Chapter 1631: Do You Dare To Be Isolated From The World And Be Alone Chapter 1632: You Are The Most Beautiful Chapter 1633: Put Your Heart On One's Stomach Chapter 1634: This Is Life Chapter 1635: Discount 5 Million Chapter 1636: A Trip To The Deep City Chapter 1637: Talking Skills Chapter 1638: Mechanically Accurate Artificial Temperature Chapter 1639: Never Tolerate Chapter 1640: Who Died At The Age Of 97 But Waited On The Bridge For 3 Years Chapter 1641: Young Man His Tone Is Crazy Chapter 1642: Are You Insulting Me? Chapter 1643: Brand Is The Soul Of An Enterprise Chapter 1644: Routine Chapter 1645: This Is Just The Beginning Chapter 1646: Strategy And Tactics Chapter 1647: Acquisition Chapter 1648: I'm A Bastard Chapter 1649: Do 500 Million Business Eat 5 Yuan Fan Chapter 1650: Looking For A Spokesperson Chapter 1651: I Am Not A White Lotus Chapter 1652: 2 Keep Its 1 Chapter 1653: You Want To Leave Me? Chapter 1654: Remember Yang Fei Was Waiting For You Chapter 1655: Custom Skirt Chapter 1656: Choosing A Handsome Chapter 1657: Hei Ensi News Chapter 1658: She Is A Star Chapter 1659: ?i Choose The Opportunity Chapter 1660: It's Not Like His Style Chapter 1661: Industry Leader Chapter 1662: Live Up To Everyone Who Works Hard For The Company Chapter 1663: With The Help Of The Title Yang Fei Went Wild Chapter 1664: Someone Wants To Make Trouble Chapter 1665: A Bulldog Bites The Moon A Toad On The Table Chapter 1666: A Competent Matchmaker Chapter 1667: Cool Live Yang Fei Chapter 1668: The One Who Knows The Times Is The Junjie Chapter 1669: Found The Treasure Ship? Chapter 1670: Playing With Ancient Times In Flourishing Age Hiding Gold In Troubled Times Chapter 1671: The Iron In The Body Is Enough To Hit A Nail Chapter 1672: Cryptography Chapter 1673: Playing Conspiracy? Haven't Been Afraid Of Anyone Yet Chapter 1674: Richest Man Chapter 1675: Before And After Chapter 1676: Knock On The Mountain And Shake The Tiger Chapter 1677: What The Hell Chapter 1678: You Have No Choice Chapter 1679: Sean Is A Double Undercover Chapter 1680: Across The Ocean To See You Chapter 1681: Whoever Puts On One Chapter 1682: Lying Skills Chapter 1683: Give People The Right To Hurt Themselves Chapter 1684: This Car Can Squeeze 1 Hit Chapter 1685: Langdao Culture Is Not Enough To Be A Corporate Culture Chapter 1686: 1 Dose Of Good Medicine Chapter 1687: Meeting Before The War Chapter 1688: Domineering Worthy Of My Title Of Richest Man Chapter 1689: This Grudge Must Be Avenged And The Time Has Not Come Chapter 1690: Why Are You Fierce Me Chapter 1691: Really Ostentatious Chapter 1692: Despised Chapter 1693: We Cannot Lose This Base Area Chapter 1694: Yang Fei Told A Little Story Chapter 1695: Play A Big Game Chapter 1696: Set Up A Bureau Chapter 1697: Benevolent Person Chapter 1698: Goodbye Media Center Chapter 1699: Dao My Evil One Is My Teacher Chapter 1700: This Year We Will Not Win The Bid Chapter 1701: Bidding Chapter 1702: Two. 6.8 Billion happy New Year Chapter 1703: 10 Points For Beauty 1 Point For Li Juan Happy New Year's Eve.. Chapter 1704: This Wine Is Very Intoxicating happy New Year Chapter 1705: I Want To Know More About You Happy Chinese New Year Chapter 1706: Yang Fei Is Angry Chapter 1707: Gap Chapter 1708: Time Is Not Forgiving Chapter 1709: Honor Kidnapping Chapter 1710: You Said You Would Wait For Me Chapter 1711: Runaway Chapter 1712: I'm Just Using You Fool Chapter 1713: The Horror Movie Of That Year Chapter 1714: The Troubles Of Young Girl Jiang Xiaojia Chapter 1715: Launch A Charge Chapter 1716: Do You Know Why Dianwei Died? Chapter 1717: Play A Beach Landing Battle Chapter 1718: Looking For The Skin With The Tiger Chapter 1719: Did You Monitor Jiang Wen? Chapter 1720: Competitors Can Also Talk About Cooperation Chapter 1721: One Point Through The Heart Chapter 1722: Don't Offend Women Chapter 1723: Tao Zhugong's 18 Laws In Business Chapter 1724: Suspicion Of Employing People So Do Suspects Chapter 1725: Banner Chapter 1726: Vip? How Expensive Is It? Chapter 1727: What You Don't Do I Will Help You Complete It Chapter 1728: This Is The Rule Chapter 1729: Defiant Chapter 1730: What A Big Face Chapter 1731: A Story About First Love Chapter 1732: Qiuying Chapter 1733: Nightmare Chapter 1734: Beauty Controversy Chapter 1735: Face Up Chapter 1736: I Bet My Youth On Tomorrow Chapter 1737: Life Is So Difficult Chapter 1738: Good Things Are Hard To Come By With Twists And Turns Chapter 1739: Jin Dabao's Fallacies Chapter 1740: 7 Year Itch Chapter 1741: 13 Glasses Of Wine Chapter 1742: Suddenly Disappeared Chapter 1743: Am I Only Worth 5 Million? Chapter 1744: Redeem Yourself Chapter 1745: Who Tied Whom? Chapter 1746: Too Extravagant Chapter 1747: Heaven And Earth I Am Waiting For You Chapter 1748: You Are Out After All Chapter 1749: I Want To Live With You Chapter 1750: Sijun Makes You Old Let's Get Married Chapter 1751: Kill With A Knife Chapter 1752: Know The Benefits Chapter 1753: Survey Chapter 1754: How Could It Be Enron? Chapter 1755: Tame Husband Chapter 1756: Goal: Top 0 Enterprises In The World Chapter 1757: Jiang Xiaojia's Murderous Intention Chapter 1758: Don't Be Perfunctory Chapter 1759: Can't Say Goodbye Chapter 1760: I Have A Dream Chapter 1761: All Things Insight Are Knowledge Chapter 1762: Folk Festival Chapter 1763: Look At Each Other 2 Chapter 1764: Top Priority Chapter 1765: Family Storm Chapter 1766: Inexplicable Threat Information Chapter 1767: There Is A Special Bar In The Village Chapter 1768: 3 1 Set Chapter 1769: Su Tong's Secret Chapter 1770: Furious Chapter 1771: Haggard Alone Chapter 1772: Worship Chen 3 Wishes Again Chapter 1773: Reluctant To Think Of It Chapter 1774: If You Want To Kill Me I Have To Hand You A Knife? Chapter 1775: Hold Thigh Chapter 1776: Jiang Wen Steals The Letter Chapter 1777: Deceitful Chapter 1778: Epoch Making New Product Chapter 1779: Laundry Tablets Are Not A Secret Chapter 1780: Cleverly Set The Game Chapter 1781: Make A Crooked Road To Let You Go Chapter 1782: Preparing For The Wedding Chapter 1783: Daughter To Be Married Chapter 1784: Ki Ao Chapter 1785: Son Of Go Chapter 1786: Moshang People Are Like Jade Gentlemen Are Unparalleled Chapter 1787: Stop The Wedding Chapter 1788: Sorrow And Joy 2 Layers Of Sky Chapter 1789: Is It Fun To Kill People? Chapter 1790: The Closest Relatives To The Sparse The Same Fate And The Same Body Chapter 1791: Bosom Friend Chapter 1792: A Critical Year For Global Hegemony Chapter 1793: Overtaken By A Bend Chapter 1794: ? We Are The Giants We Lead The Change Chapter 1795: Please Catch The Thief Chapter 1796: Let Them Get Rich Chapter 1797: Swindle 1 Swindle Chapter 1798: Gift Of Watch Chapter 1799: Qianlong Jade Seal Chapter 1800: Defeated By Yang Fei's Momentum Chapter 1801: 0 Gold Is Hard To Buy Chapter 1802: Even Tripled Chapter 1803: Yang Fei Bid The More Expensive The Better Chapter 1804: Sell 10 Million After Changing Hands? Chapter 1805: White Jade Flawless Chapter 1806: Rice Oozing Chapter 1807: The Secret In The Painting Chapter 1808: Someone Actually Did This Chapter 1809: Who Is Arguing? Chapter 1810: 100 Million Worth Chapter 1811: The Painting Has Been Unmounted Chapter 1812: You Are Ice And Snow Smart You Can Figure It Out Chapter 1813: Picture In Picture Chapter 1814: Homecoming Guide? Chapter 1815: The Payment Was Robbed Chapter 1816: Don't Forget Yang Fei's Background Chapter 1817: Detective Yang Fei Chapter 1818: There Is Always A Way To Conquer Her Chapter 1819: 1 Riddle Poem Chapter 1820: Talented And Beautiful Women Solve Poem Riddles Together Chapter 1821: When Walking To The Poor Water Sitting And Watching The Clouds Rise Chapter 1822: 4 Pinshan Chapter 1823: Alarmed The Village Cadres Chapter 1824: 28 Boxes Of Treasures Chapter 1825: Win The Treasure With A Horizontal Knife Chapter 1826: Xiucai Meets Soldiers Chapter 1827: A Great Show By Yang Fei Chapter 1828: Earn One More House For You Chapter 1829: This Woman Is Not Innocent Chapter 1830: Alcohol Is Not Intoxicating Everyone Is Drunk Chapter 1831: Your Most Discerning 1 Time Chapter 1832: Than Cunning? Ha Ha Chapter 1833: Yang Fei Is Going To Put Someone Down Again Chapter 1834: Dug A Tiankeng Chapter 1835: The Boss Has Something The Secretary Takes Care Of It Chapter 1836: Then Play One More Point Chapter 1837: An Enemy And A Confidant Chapter 1838: You Copy My Back I Cut Your Way Chapter 1839: My Brother In Law Wants An Official Chapter 1840: 1 Good Thing 1 Bad Thing Chapter 1841: Mr. And Mrs. Discord Chapter 1842: You Can Be Soft But Not Defeated Chapter 1843: Toast Wine Chapter 1844: High Mountains And Flowing Water Reward Guests Chapter 1845: China Merchants Association Chapter 1846: Ning Xin Is Going To Make A Skirt Chapter 1847: Han Jian Tang Dao Chapter 1848: Sky High Photos Chapter 1849: I Have To Make 1 Count Chapter 1850: Catching Up Is Not Buying And Selling Chapter 1851: Smell The Smell Of Gunpowder Chapter 1852: The Time Has Come Welcome To Quit Chapter 1853: Secretary Is Ranked By Posture Chapter 1854: Concubine Xiang Is Nothing More Than That Right? Chapter 1855: What Bureau Do You Want To Set Up? Chapter 1856: Resist The Storm Chapter 1857: Existence At The Top Of The Industry Pyramid Chapter 1858: Things Often Go Against Others Things Are Always Human Actions Chapter 1859: Arrogant Chapter 1860: Life Begins To Reach Its Peak Chapter 1861: People Are Ruthless 1 As For Si Chapter 1862: Xian Ning Xin Wen Yan Admonishes Yang Fei Chapter 1863: She Turned Out To Be The Most Powerful Chapter 1864: 1 Accidentally Pick Up And Leak? Chapter 1865: Stay One Line Of Life Chapter 1866: I'm 1 Point Better Than You Chapter 1867: The Legend Of Talented Men And Beautiful Ladies Chapter 1868: The Difference Between Nouveau Riche And Noble Chapter 1869: Rebate Gift Chapter 1870: Conscience Suddenly Feels Better Chapter 1871: Sky High Price Chapter 1872: Why Is It A Failure Again? Chapter 1873: Newcomer Chapter 1874: What Good Thing? Have You Divorced? Chapter 1875: Fine Art Paper And Ink Craftsmanship Chapter 1876: Despised By Others Chapter 1877: First Suppress And Then Raise Then Suppress And Raise Again Chapter 1878: Global Rivalry Chapter 1879: Yang Fei Orders Chapter 1880: You Vote For 200 Million First Chapter 1881: The First Year Of E Commerce Chapter 1882: Makeup Disease Chapter 1883: They Are Finally Working Hard Chapter 1884: Cheer Up Chapter 1885: Are You Afraid I Have No Money To Buy It? Chapter 1886: Someone Started A Trade War Chapter 1887: People Fight For A Breath Chapter 1888: Let The Price Fly For A While Chapter 1889: Rich Chapter 1890: 9.5 Million Dollars Yang Fei Is So Awesome Chapter 1891: To Pick Up Foreigners' Leaks Chapter 1892: Go Around 1 Circle And Go Back Chapter 1893: People Must Help Themselves And Then God Helps Them Chapter 1894: Thief Chapter 1895: Learn To Refuse But Refusal Also Requires Confidence Chapter 1896: Evelika Chapter 1897: Too Much Limelight Chapter 1898: Yang Fei's Capital Chapter 1899: Together? Return To 1? Chapter 1900: The Undercover Failed Chapter 1901: If You Dont Advance In Battle You Die In Battle Chapter 1902: I Need 1 Yellow Cover Chapter 1903: Yang Fei Has A Wonderful Plan Chapter 1904: Patent Lying Earns Chapter 1905: It Depends On Whether You Have The Guts To Do It Chapter 1906: Showdown Chapter 1907: Give Gifts Chapter 1908: To Repay Grievances With Virtue How To Repay Virtue? Chapter 1909: Don't Get Close To That Old Castle Chapter 1910: Explore The Path First Chapter 1911: Li Juan Offers A Plan Chapter 1912: 1st Entry Into The Fort Chapter 1913: Unrighteous Wealth Take It Quickly Chapter 1914: Distinguished Guest Chapter 1915: Conspiracy Is Not As Good As Yangmou Chapter 1916: Asking Prices All Over The Sky Paying Back On The Spot Chapter 1917: Rogue Yang Fei Chapter 1918: It Was Discovered Chapter 1919: Little Princess Chapter 1920: Bizarre Life Experience Chapter 1921: Europe Raiders Chapter 1922: Open 3000 Stores In 1 Year Chapter 1923: Zoom In On The Satellite Again Chapter 1924: Not In Love With His Family For 20000 Gold Just Read Yang Fei's Love Back Then Chapter 1925: Take The Overall Situation And Look At The World Chapter 1926: Why Do You Need To Ask More About Floating Things Only This Floating Life Is A Dream Chapter 1927: Fighter In The Scum Chapter 1928: Add Another Rival Chapter 1929: Not Forgiving Chapter 1930: I Like Your Rebelliousness Chapter 1931: Get Out Chapter 1932: Integrate Into An Industry Giant Chapter 1933: Please Stay With This Classmate Chapter 1934: Am I Here Too? Chapter 1935: Your Appearance Made A Sensation In The Girls' Dormitory Chapter 1936: The Story Of The Boar And The Sow Chapter 1937: Raise The Eyebrow Sword Out Of Its Sheath Chapter 1938: Bullying Chapter 1939: Rumors Hurt Chapter 1940: Whose Child Is It? Chapter 1941: Who Dare To Fire Me? Chapter 1942: Problem Occurs Chapter 1943: I'm In Charge Of This Matter Chapter 1944: Don't Want To Think People's Minds Too Sinister Chapter 1945: Talk Is Broken Chapter 1946: Cut First And Play Later Chapter 1947: Defloration Is Fine Chapter 1948: Can Better Products Win? Chapter 1949: Profitable Learning Products Chapter 1950: I'm Here To Show Off Chapter 1951: They Are So Bold Chapter 1952: Eggs Are Delicious Why Look At The Hen Who Lays The Eggs? Chapter 1953: It's Another 1 Billion Big Project Chapter 1954: Who Would Suspect That I Have No Money? Chapter 1955: The Shameless Are Fearless Chapter 1956: Viper In The Dark Night Chapter 1957: Let You See The Reaction Speed Of The Bodyguard Chapter 1958: In His Own Way He Will Be Treated In The Same Way Chapter 1959: With The Spear Of The Son Attack The Shield Of The Son Chapter 1960: People Have To Succumb To Reality In The End Chapter 1961: Truman Chapter 1962: Don't Worry About The Consequences Chapter 1963: Savior Han Yiyi Chapter 1964: Roll Chapter 1965: Heavyweight Woman Chapter 1966: Don't Make My Mind Chapter 1967: The Cheapest People Are Invincible? Chapter 1968: 101 Blind Dates Chapter 1969: 1 Pinch When You Meet Chapter 1970: Is The Chinese Bad? Isn't It Good For Your Daughter? Chapter 1971: Su Tong Hit The Shop Chapter 1972: He Is The Richest Man Yang Fei Chapter 1973: Class Difference? Nonexistent Chapter 1974: Feiming Dy Chapter 1975: Do You Dare To Bet? Chapter 1976: Yang Fei Who Can Conjure Chapter 1977: Yang Fei Talks About The Business Experience Of Getting Rich Chapter 1978: Calculate Your Mind 1 Stone And 2 Birds Chapter 1979: If There Is A Grudge Revenge A Tooth For A Tooth Chapter 1980: This Pot Is Too Heavy I Won't Carry It Chapter 1981: What Is Yang Fei's Weakness? Chapter 1982: Time Is Difficult To Distinguish People Can Be Expected Chapter 1983: Does The Artist Stay Up Late? Chapter 1984: Being Famous Is A Technical Job Chapter 1985: Not Expensive Chapter 1986: Who Dares To Check This Car Chapter 1987: Do You Agree Or Refuse? Chapter 1988: It's Easy To Reject Other People's Money But It's Hard To Take Out Your Own Money Chapter 1989: The Cinnabar Mole On My Heart Chapter 1990: This Scene Is Endless Chapter 1991: Good Pair Of Hard Brothers And Hard Brothers Chapter 1992: It Can't Be Too Vicious Chapter 1993: Now Is The Time Chapter 1994: Airtight Iron Coffin Chapter 1995: You Didn't Kill Anyone? Why Are You Running Away? Chapter 1996: Murder Scene Chapter 1997: Loss Of 500 Million Chapter 1998: Yang Fei Issued A Hunt Down Order Chapter 1999: The Big Thing Is Not Good Chapter 2000: Soft Rice Not So Delicious Chapter 2001: Please Kill Him Chapter 2002: If You Want To Do Things You Must First Learn To Flatter People Chapter 2003: The Situation Is Not Standing There Is Him Without Me Chapter 2004: Playing The Piano On The Cow Chapter 2005: Without Me He Is Dead Too Chapter 2006: Your Life Is Just A Bubble Chapter 2007: It's Just That Another World Without You Chapter 2008: Want To Live A Life Like This Chapter 2009: Heroes Of The World Only Yang Fei And My Ears Chapter 2010: Change Of Coaches Chapter 2011: Finish Chapter 2012: Renew Or Terminate? Chapter 2013: Snow Hiding Chapter 2014: A Man Of Temperament Chapter 2015: What She Didn't Want She Wanted To Do It Chapter 2016: The Big News That Caught The Eye? Chapter 2017: Going Upstream In The Internet Bubble Chapter 2018: There Must Be Something Good Chapter 2019: Obsessed Chapter 2020: 10 Minutes For You Chapter 2021: Invite A Spoiler Chapter 2022: Honesty Is Also A Means Chapter 2023: Swearing A Poisonous Oath I Must Destroy You Chapter 2024: No Comment Chapter 2025: Make Things Difficult Chapter 2026: The Sky Follows The Wishes Of The People And The Match Tian Wen Supports 3000 Guests Chapter 2027: Almost Forgot The Big Event Chapter 2028: I'm A Big Star Chapter 2029: Life Is Made By Heart Chapter 2030: Great Grandpa Chapter 2031: People Carry People In Sedan Chair Chapter 2032: God Of Wealth Chapter 2033: If There Is A Godly Help Chapter 2034: Bole Chapter 2035: Mr. Yang Inscribe It Chapter 2036: Great And Shocking Chapter 2037: Face The Blood Face The History Chapter 2038: Maybe It's A Good Thing Chapter 2039: I Want To Keep A Low Profile But My Strength Does Not Allow It Chapter 2040: Shuangshu Chapter 2041: Malingering Chapter 2042: Thank The Leader For Giving The Name Chapter 2043: 4 Definitions For Yang Fei Chapter 2044: Goodness Wants People To Know It Is Not True Goodness. People Know That Evil Is.. Chapter 2045: 100 Times Chapter 2046: To Wear A Crown One Must Bear Its Weight Chapter 2047: Laughing At The Hero Of The World I Am Proud Chapter 2048: You Delayed Her Chapter 2049: You Lost Weight Chapter 2050: There Should Be No Problems? Chapter 2051: Go Your Own Way And Let Others Have Nowhere To Go Chapter 2052: 3 Any Chapter 2053: Dig A Hole For Yourself Chapter 2054: In My Own Turf He Took The Enemy's Headquarters Chapter 2055: There Is No Cyberspace That I Can't Enter Chapter 2056: Why Are Rich People Rich? Chapter 2057: Make A Bet Chapter 2058: Can You Put It Down? Chapter 2059: If You Are Bold Enough Come Chapter 2060: Beginner Chapter 2061: Covenant 3 Chapter 2062: Hurry Up And Call A Doctor Chapter 2063: I Want To Give Birth To A Boy Chapter 2064: Mountain Has Fusu Xi Has Hehua Chapter 2065: Why Did He Come Here? Chapter 2066: Provocative Chapter 2067: I See Who Dares To Make Trouble Chapter 2068: This Is A Master Chapter 2069: The Plan To Adjust The Tiger Away From The Mountain Is Not Achieved Chapter 2070: Declare War Chapter 2071: Think About The Problem From The Customer's Point Of View Chapter 2072: I Was Pinched Chapter 2073: I Just Messed Around Today Chapter 2074: There Are So Many Kinds Of Men So Why Do You Need To Climb High Branches? Chapter 2075: Goodbye Chen Ruoling Chapter 2076: Huang Liang Dream Chapter 2077: Anti Customer Oriented Chapter 2078: Just Love To Bite Hard Bones Chapter 2079: It's Stinging Chapter 2080: I Said Yes Then Yes Chapter 2081: When It Comes To Being Shy In The Bag I Am Annoyed To Point Out That The Universe Is Wrong Chapter 2082: Drag Him Into The Water Chapter 2083: Restless Chapter 2084: Fate Is Responsible For Shuffling The Cards But We Are Playing Cards.. Chapter 2085: I Ask You Who Is Yang Hua? Chapter 2086: What A Ghost Idea Chapter 2087: Let's Talk About It After A Fight Chapter 2088: It Is Not A Sin For A Man To Cry Chapter 2089: I Like Your Serious Nonsense Chapter 2090: 0 Rare Business Opportunities Chapter 2091: He Looks More Handsome Chapter 2092: Anything Can Be Fake Chapter 2093: Get Tickets For A Business Visit Group Chapter 2094: I Am Also In The National Team Chapter 2095: Reputation Chapter 2096: Almighty Secretary Chapter 2097: Be The Ruler Chapter 2098: Human Nature Chapter 2099: I Haven't Been Afraid Of Anyone Chapter 2100: Can Afford To Lose Chapter 2101: Win Win Chapter 2102: Appointment Chapter 2103: I Want To Die This Stock Chapter 2104: 10 Ambushes Chapter 2105: Not To Be Famous Chapter 2106: It's Getting More And More Complicated Chapter 2107: Kill The Sheep Chapter 2108: School Girl Come To Plead Chapter 2109: Come To The Rescue Chapter 2110: A Counterattack Without Gunsmoke Chapter 2111: Gather The Enemy's Enemies Together Chapter 2112: The Dealer Is Back Chapter 2113: Is The Thrush Dark And Shallow? Chapter 2114: Say It And Don't Do It Chapter 2115: Plot Chapter 2116: Strong Wind Chapter 2117: The Factory Was Attacked Chapter 2118: Hold An Unprecedented Investment Conference Chapter 2119: You Are A Big Star Chapter 2120: Witty Answer To Reporter's Question Chapter 2121: The Rules Are Made By The Strong Chapter 2122: Entrepreneurship Partner Program Chapter 2123: Knife In The Back Chapter 2124: Femme Woman Chapter 2125: Even Me? Chapter 2126: 1 Billion Sincerity Gold Chapter 2127: Fill In The Pits You Dug Yourself Chapter 2128: Gao Yi Wants To Kill Chapter 2129: Murder Scene Chapter 2130: Women's Lies Chapter 2131: Gao Yi Must Die Chapter 2132: Your Popularity Is Very Bad Chapter 2133: 1 Cut Are All Over? Chapter 2134: If You Call 123 I Will Show Up Chapter 2135: Dispute Chapter 2136: I Want To Meet Her Chapter 2137: Out Of Breath Chapter 2138: The Couple Quarreling Looks Like Ours.. Chapter 2139: Marketing Is More Important Than Ability Chapter 2140: Decisively With The King Since Then Is A Passerby Chapter 2141: Computer Ghost Chapter 2142: With One Hand It Is 100 Million Tens Of Thousands Chapter 2143: Fulfill Other People's Calculations Chapter 2144: Do Bad Things Without Reason Chapter 2145: Hollywood Screenwriters Don't Dare To Write Like This Chapter 2146: Destiny Always Jokes And Doesn't Give You What You Want Chapter 2147: Pretending To Be Crazy To Protect Yourself? Chapter 2148: Break Chapter 2149: 1 See Yang Fei's Lifelong Mistake Chapter 2150: Who Is Looking For Me? Chapter 2151: Below 1 Person Above 10000 Chapter 2152: I Am The Boss Myself Chapter 2153: Hand Over A Note Chapter 2154: Cooking Wine On Heroes Chapter 2155: Someone Gave Flowers Chapter 2156: I Am Here For My Salary Chapter 2157: A Man In A Race Against Time Chapter 2158: Lead To Uproar Chapter 2159: Where Do Rivers And Lakes Not Meet Chapter 2160: Do You Make A Movie? Brother Takes You Into The Industry Chapter 2161: Bihaoheng? I've Never Been Afraid Of Anyone Chapter 2162: I Saw A Monkey Show Right Away Chapter 2163: Don't Look Who Did You Offend? Chapter 2164: Do Not Be Afraid Chapter 2165: Unintelligible Operation Chapter 2166: Let Me Pray For You Chapter 2167: Roger That Chapter 2168: Is He Good? Chapter 2169: Fell Chapter 2170: Finally Saw Yang Fei Chapter 2171: I Am Not Interested In Trampling You Chapter 2172: The Most Precious Thing Chapter 2173: I Have To Take Back What I Lost Chapter 2174: You Surrender Chapter 2175: The Tiger Hurts Chapter 2176: Tune The Tiger Away From The Mountain And Let The Tiger Go Back To The Mountain? Chapter 2177: The Goal Is To Sell Over 0 Billion A Day Chapter 2178: All 1 Is Over Chapter 2179: The Big Reversal? Chapter 2180: Gao Qin Is Dead Chapter 2181: Go Straight To Longtan Chapter 2182: Call The Security Chapter 2183: Can't The Richest Man Be Murderous? Chapter 2184: I Have This Ability Chapter 2185: I Want It To Die Chapter 2186: Survey Chapter 2187: Penniless Is The Richest Man It's Yang Fei Who Doesn't Get His Salary Chapter 2188: Charm Is Intoxicating Chapter 2189: Super Execution Chapter 2190: Pure People Chapter 2191: Contest Chapter 2192: I Want To See Yang Fei Chapter 2193: The Gao Group Is Mine Chapter 2194: Not Greedy Chapter 2195: Murderous Chapter 2196: Fight Hard Chapter 2197: Block The Door Chapter 2198: You Are A Terrible Reporter Chapter 2199: Asshole Stuff Chapter 2200: You Have Never Spared Me And I Will Not Spare You Chapter 2201: Seek Peace Chapter 2202: 500 Years Of Business? Chapter 2203: Take Xiao Huahua Home Chapter 2204: He Is The Best Man In The World Chapter 2205: Su Tong Headed Chapter 2206: The True Meaning Of Life Chapter 2207: Do You Want To Confess? Chapter 2208: Year Zero Chapter 2209: This Is Also An Investment Chapter 2210: You Are Just A Copper Smelly Merchant Chapter 2211: Everyone Who Reaches The Summit Is Worthy Of Our Drumming.. Chapter 2212: This Is Not Cs This Is Actual Combat Chapter 2213: To Deny Is To Emphasize Unreasonableness Chapter 2214: Isn't This A Distribution Yet? It Is Simply Exiled To Ninggu Tower Chapter 2215: If Something Goes Wrong You Are Responsible Chapter 2216: Do You Need A Conspiracy Against Me? Chapter 2217: Next Move Chapter 2218: Femdom Butler Chapter 2219: Kow 3 Heads And I Will Spare Her Chapter 2220: You Know Nothing About His Horror 1 Chapter 2221: Listed In The U.s. Chapter 2222: The Storm Is Coming Chapter 2223: You Are Young Too Chapter 2224: Do It Chapter 2225: Bizarre Lawsuit Chapter 2226: This Time It Will Be Crushed Into The Dust Chapter 2227: I Want To Eat Zhuang Chapter 2228: Everyone Has A Ghost Chapter 2229: So Many Good Things Have Been Done Secretly Chapter 2230: Let's Go Girl Watch A Movie Together Chapter 2231: Eternal Sadness Chapter 2232: Win The Case Chapter 2233: I Sap You And Didn't Discuss It Chapter 2234: Yang Fei Is So Mighty Chapter 2235: I'm Not Afraid Of Yang Fei Beating People I'm Afraid Yang Fei Has Iq Chapter 2236: Violent Aesthetics Chapter 2237: The Big Boss Hired A Chore? Chapter 2238: The First Snow In 2002 Chapter 2239: Trader Chapter 2240: Sniper Chapter 2241: God Like Turning Point Chapter 2242: The End Of The Gao Era Chapter 2243: There Is No Xizhou If There Is No Public And There Will Always Be People In History Chapter 2244: Couplet Of Yang Fei's Family Chapter 2245: Talk About Things In The World Chapter 2246: Pink Princess Room Chapter 2247: Hanging On The Hook Chapter 2248: Jiang Xiaojia's Embarrassment Chapter 2249: Someone Is Going To Dig Chapter 2250: Goddess? Maid Chapter 2251: Wealth Is Overwhelming Chapter 2252: Don't Want To Be Entertained Chapter 2253: Other Guilty Chapter 2254: I Won't Fight Him In The Ring Chapter 2255: On Site Chapter 2256: So Handsome Only The Skin Is Left Chapter 2257: The Wind Passes By The Playground I Pass By You Chapter 2258: It's Too Easy To Destroy 1 Person Chapter 2259: 30 Million Machines Failed Chapter 2260: Watch Yang Fei Dig Someone Chapter 2261: For The Sake Of One Person Buy A Company Chapter 2262: The Workshop Can Also Be Used As A Coffee Shop Chapter 2263: Get What You Want Chapter 2264: This Place Is None Other Than Me Chapter 2265: Heart Of Plants And Trees Chapter 2266: Best At Overtaking Chapter 2267: Occupy Shares Chapter 2268: I Am Short Of Money Chapter 2269: Rolling Benefits Saving More Than 20 Million In Interest Chapter 2270: Yang Fei Said I Am A Child From A Poor Family Chapter 2271: Flying To The Deep City In The Season Of Falling Flowers Chapter 2272: All Dismantled Re Test Chapter 2273: Create A Famous Brand Action Chapter 2274: Too Arrogant Chapter 2275: Ipo Success Chapter 2276: Are You Tired Of Being A Boss? Chapter 2277: Yang Fei Xundian Chapter 2278: Looking For Geeks Chapter 2279: Sure Enough He Is A Lunatic Chapter 2280: A Pot As Big As 1 Mile In Diameter Chapter 2281: Look At The City Chapter 2282: The Waste Rate Cannot Exceed 3 Out Of 0 Chapter 2283: I Dont Raise Foreigners Here Chapter 2284: 6 Easy 3 Stages Chapter 2285: Phs And Lithography Machine Chapter 2286: Optoelectronics Born In 2002 Chapter 2287: Nasdaq Rings The Bell Chapter 2288: 400 Billion Market Value Chapter 2289: 1 Bullet Chapter 2290: Increased By 100 Billion Again? Chapter 2291: You Are A Special Man Chapter 2292: Hawks Chapter 2293: It's A Robbery Chapter 2294: Ruby Necklace Chapter 2295: Can't Refuse Dinner Chapter 2296: Why Are You Here? Chapter 2297: Acquiring Mgm? Chapter 2298: Have A Nice Evening Chapter 2299: Shameless Chapter 2300: You Are All Liars Chapter 2301: You Have Zhang Liangji I Have A Wall Ladder Chapter 2302: I Am The Person Yang Fei Fancy Chapter 2303: Supreme Honor Chapter 2304: Yang Fei Lend Me 1 Million Chapter 2305: The First Meeting Of The New Year Chapter 2306: Technology From Aliens Chapter 2307: This Person Is Guilty And Must Be Expelled Chapter 2308: I'm Used To Trusting The Relationship Chapter 2309: Alarmed The Headquarters? Chapter 2310: Bragging About Taxes Chapter 2311: Fei Shaoying Is A Martial Artist So There Is No Need To Slacken His Beard Chapter 2312: It's Indecent To Come And Not Talk Chapter 2313: Go To The Biggest Mall In The City I Want To Shop Chapter 2314: Brainwashing Chapter 2315: Are You Doing Double Standard? Chapter 2316: Isn't It More Than 10 Million? Paid Chapter 2317: Little Girl's Careful Plan Chapter 2318: The Arrival Of The Richest Man Caused A Sensation Chapter 2319: 28 Divided? Chapter 2320: Test? Chapter 2321: Rich And Self Willed? No This Is Called Wayward Money Chapter 2322: Hard To Defend Chapter 2323: 50000 Yuan Test Chapter 2324: Lead The Snake Out Of The Hole Chapter 2325: Poison Chapter 2326: You Killed My Mother Chapter 2327: Revenge For The Mother Chapter 2328: I Want To Know The Truth Chapter 2329: I Believe You Chapter 2330: Fake Pits People To Death Chapter 2331: I Just Want To Give Him A Chance To Be A Man Chapter 2332: You Dare To Think About It Chapter 2333: Sister Who Ran Down On The Picture Chapter 2334: I Like You Chapter 2335: I Am Not Born I Am Married Chapter 2336: 2 Women Competing For Cars Chapter 2337: London Covenant Chapter 2338: You Have No Idea About Our Power Chapter 2339: There Is No Way Out Chapter 2340: Is Victory Still Important For You? Chapter 2341: The Last Wish Before Death Chapter 2342: I Am Responsible Chapter 2343: Fighting With Westerners Is A Lot Of Fun Chapter 2344: Major Bug Chapter 2345: No One Can Predict The Future Chapter 2346: Eat In Eat In Chapter 2347: A Few Billion Dollars In Funds Chapter 2348: Whoever Dares To Clean Up Yang Fei We Will Clean Up Whoever Chapter 2349: Raise Another 50 Billion Chapter 2350: Waiting For Attack Chapter 2351: Stormy Sea Night Chapter 2352: A Gap Of 100 Billion Chapter 2353: Round 2 Blow Chapter 2354: Mysterious Figure Shot Chapter 2355: You Are Not Qualified Chapter 2356: Too Much Relief Chapter 2357: Dream Of Kunlun Chapter 2358: I Think He Is Very Upset Chapter 2359: Buy 10 Of The Land Chapter 2360: It's A Pity That You Met Yang Fei Chapter 2361: Old Man From Another Country Chapter 2362: I Yang Fei Beat People In Person Chapter 2363: Jealousy Makes People Crazy Chapter 2364: Big Mac Among Tall Handsome And Rich Chapter 2365: Highest Specification Chapter 2366: Set The Game Chapter 2367: Cephalosporins Can Kill People Too Chapter 2368: Someone Wants To Make Trouble Chapter 2369: Murder? Chapter 2370: Reverse Chapter 2371: Quantity And Layout Chapter 2372: The Romance Of The Three Countries Of Semiconductors Chapter 2373: Fight With The Old Fox Chapter 2374: Operate For The Revival Of China Chapter 2375: I Believe In You Because You Are Handsome Chapter 2376: I Just Use Her Chapter 2377: Don't Look At Nokia Chapter 2378: A New Storm Is Brewing Chapter 2379: Sunset Is The End Of The World Chapter 2380: You Divorce Me Chapter 2381: Divorce Chapter 2382: Victim Chapter 2383: Strangeness Chapter 2384: Funeral Chapter 2385: Immunity To Flowers Chapter 2386: Scandal Chapter 2387: South Korean Representative Is Here Chapter 2388: Sword Go Slant Chapter 2389: The Attractiveness Of 10 Million Chapter 2390: It's Time To Shoot Chapter 2391: Harvest And Strangle Chapter 2392: The Ferocious Wall Street Crocodile Chapter 2393: Sorry Yang Fei Chapter 2394: Courage Chapter 2395: Road Closure Chapter 2396: I See Who Dares Chapter 2397: What The Hell Chapter 2398: 1 Word 9 Tripod Chapter 2399: Ways To Apologize Chapter 2400: You Will Definitely Look Down On Me Chapter 2401: Wine Its Not Like That Chapter 2402: Without You What Do I Want This Life To Do? Chapter 2403: Angry News Chapter 2404: Was Hyped Chapter 2405: 1 Sentence: Kill It Chapter 2406: Do Women Not Let The Eyebrows? Chapter 2407: You Say I Am An Evil Force? Chapter 2408: Robber Face Chapter 2409: Robbing Five Billion Dollars Chapter 2410: Li Juan's Notebook Chapter 2411: Love Letter Chapter 2412: The Perfect Blind Date Chapter 2413: I Don't Want To Be Your Shadow Anymore Chapter 2414: Portray A New Picture Chapter 2415: The Museum Is Open Chapter 2416: Home Flowers Do Not Smell Of Wild Flowers Chapter 2417: It Crashed Can You Afford It? Chapter 2418: Shenhao Chapter 2419: It's So Sweet To Live In My Shadow Chapter 2420: Once You Are Unmarried Your Children Suddenly Go Together Chapter 2421: You Are From Mars Chapter 2422: The Magic Of Money Chapter 2423: Chapter 2424: Asshole Stuff Chapter 2425: All This Is Beyond The Calculation Chapter 2426: Have Their Own Minds Chapter 2427: The Best Chance To Become The Richest Lady Chapter 2428: The Mother In Law Of The National Husband Chapter 2429: Do You Know How Much Gift It Takes To Marry A Wife? Chapter 2430: Self Talk Between Mother And Daughter Chapter 2431: Surprised Chapter 2432: Help Chapter 2433: Unlucky Chapter 2434: Break Him 1 Leg Chapter 2435: I Have To Work Hard For You Tonight Chapter 2436: Connector Chapter 2437: Confidant Chapter 2438: Pirate Chapter 2439: Robbery Chapter 2440: Be Tactful Chapter 2441: It's A Big Ticket Chapter 2442: Do You Dare To Kill Me? Chapter 2443: Duel In The Dark Chapter 2444: Money Can't Change Life Chapter 2445: Torture Without Teaching Chapter 2446: Vixen Chapter 2447: I Walk My Own Way It's Hard To Hide The World's Leisurely People Chapter 2448: Don't Want To Be A Scrap Chapter 2449: I'm Not Here Chapter 2450: You Dont Want To Start Chaotically And Finally Abandon It Chapter 2451: Opportunity Here Chapter 2452: Develop Pc Business Chapter 2453: Prejudice Between Countries Chapter 2454: I Don't Lower The Price I Increase The Price Chapter 2455: God Of Business Chapter 2456: 10 Million Dollars? I'm Out Chapter 2457: Bold Ideas Chapter 2458: I Want To Marry You Chapter 2459: Love Does Not Need To Be Tested Chapter 2460: So Predestined? Chapter 2461: She Is Not Simple Chapter 2462: Midnight Fright Chapter 2463: You Are Robbery Chapter 2464: Stubborn Chapter 2465: Emboldened Chapter 2466: One Kind Of Curve Can Be Successful Chapter 2467: 1 Huge Blank Market Chapter 2468: The Boss Is The Scientific Research Compass Chapter 2469: This Woman Is Not Low In Eq Chapter 2470: Only 50000 Per Month? How Can You Live? Chapter 2471: Drunk Jiang Xiaojia Chapter 2472: Enough For A Lifetime Of Honor Chapter 2473: Position Yourself Chapter 2474: Fame Is Loneliness Chapter 2475: Li Yi's Dinner Chapter 2476: Sky High Price Menu Chapter 2477: I Want Rustic Style Chapter 2478: Familiar Taste Chapter 2479: Don't Be Too Prosperous Chapter 2480: Everyone Is Very Grumpy Chapter 2481: You Can't Take Care Of This Chapter 2482: Shouldn't You Give Thanks? Chapter 2483: The Car Was Smashed Chapter 2484: Current World Report Chapter 2485: Night Visit To The Museum Chapter 2486: Nonsense Chapter 2487: Moubao Chapter 2488: Birth In The Coffin Chapter 2489: Death Of The Coffin Opener Chapter 2490: What She Can Do So Can I Chapter 2491: Investing In Vietnam Chapter 2492: Duck Egg And Speeding Party Chapter 2493: Be Targeted Chapter 2494: This Trip Is Worthwhile Chapter 2495: Chu Xiu My Xiu Xiu Chapter 2496: Father's Anger Chapter 2497: The Savior Has A Prize Chapter 2498: Fortunate To Have You In 1st Life Chapter 2499: Looking Back Again Chapter 2500: Lonely And Cold Chapter 2501: Tried Chapter 2502: 1 Family Go To Live On The Island? Chapter 2503: Talk About Things Chapter 2504: Leading The World Chapter 2505: Shantang Chapter 2506: Cancel Reserve Talents Chapter 2507: The Waves Behind The Yangtze River Push The Waves Forward Chapter 2508: Then Hit It Out Chapter 2509: This Is To Cut Yang Fei's Meat Chapter 2510: 8 Beauty? Chapter 2511: Take Care Of Yang Fei's Assets Chapter 2512: Juan Girl Is The Master Chapter 2513: Cut 100000 Employees Chapter 2514: You Are Just Pretending To Sleep Chapter 2515: It Doesn't Work If Anyone Opposes Chapter 2516: 1 Sentence Take Care Double Tears Chapter 2517: Me And Them You Can Only Choose One Chapter 2518: Jiangnan Has Nothing Just Give 1 Snowman Chapter 2519: Drunk Su Tong Chapter 2520: Goodbye Is Also A Tear Chapter 2521: 12 Golden Hairpins One Cannot Be Less Chapter 2522: How Did Li Juan Do This? Chapter 2523: Lu Ding Gong Chapter 2524: The Ultimate Goal Of Life Chapter 2525: Jiang Ziqiang Tells A Joke Chapter 2526: Encirclement And Suppression Of The Cosmetics Market Chapter 2527: 2 Leagues Chapter 2528: It's Not So Easy To Be A Secretary Chapter 2529: Suffering From Gains And Losses Chapter 2530: New Neighbor Chapter 2531: The Current Situation Of Taohua Village Chapter 2532: Girls Who Like To Listen To Songs Chapter 2533: Clearly Arranged Chapter 2534: Ascend 1 Call Jing Cong Gathers Chapter 2535: When Is Your Mother's Birthday? Chapter 2536: Head Dealer Chapter 2537: Who Stalks Whose Wool? Chapter 2538: Not For Profit But For Profit Chapter 2539: Handsome Guy Don't You Recognize Me? Chapter 2540: Yang Fei's Character Chapter 2541: Isn't It Normal For Such A Big Company To Live And Die.. Chapter 2542: Mystery Mission Chapter 2543: Forbes Ranking Chapter 2544: How Much Did You Charge Others? Chapter 2545: Abyss Chapter 2546: Codename Kill Sheep Chapter 2547: Don't Provoke Him Chapter 2548: Someone Outside Chapter 2549: Sunrise In The East And Rain In The West Chapter 2550: Short Chapter 2551: Vigorous Or Plain Chapter 2552: Speeding Chapter 2553: Gamble Chapter 2554: Play As A Pig And Eat A Tiger Chapter 2555: If You Have Money You Like To Make It Chapter 2556: Use Explosives To Fight The Competition Chapter 2557: Since You Want To Fight You Must Have A Pain Chapter 2558: Scam Call Chapter 2559: 1 Disappointed And Lost Money Chapter 2560: Silly Girl Suicide Chapter 2561: Spiritual Mentor Chapter 2562: Generous Enough To Make People Jealous Chapter 2563: I'm Not Threatening You Chapter 2564: Class Precipitation Chapter 2565: Friends Are Cultivated Chapter 2566: Perverse Chapter 2567: Beautiful Sniper War Chapter 2568: Peach Blossom Village Is Going To Be Listed? Chapter 2569: It's Better To Meet By Chance Chapter 2570: Money Is Easy To Get But Favors Are Hard To Repay Chapter 2571: Jealousy And Prejudice Chapter 2572: Reappear Yesterday Chapter 2573: Zoned As A Prison Chapter 2574: Is Nine Hundred And Ninety Six Good Fortune? Chapter 2575: Beginner Chapter 2576: I Don't Know The Blessing In The Blessing Chapter 2577: Encounter 1 Chapter 2578: Young People Don't Talk About Martial Ethics Chapter 2579: Pick Up Person Chapter 2580: Admonish The Mistress Chapter 2581: I Can Make You A Billionaire Sister Chapter 2582: The Secret Of The Dealer Chapter 2583: The Wolf Is Coming Chapter 2584: Pure Gold Business Card Chapter 2585: Su Tong Takes The Scriptures Chapter 2586: Who Will Take The Order? Chapter 2587: Apart From Him Who Else Is So Capable? Chapter 2588: The Richest Man Unhappy Chapter 2589: Track Chapter 2590: Li Juan Cut The Mess Quickly Chapter 2591: The Case Has Twists And Turns Chapter 2592: Just To Show Off Your Wealth Chapter 2593: Haunted Here Chapter 2594: I Will Meet Him Chapter 2595: Who Angers Whom? Chapter 2596: Language Can Also Kill People Chapter 2597: Fight To See Red Chapter 2598: First Wealth Chapter 2599: I Invite You You Can Afford It Chapter 2600: Broken Soul Meal Chapter 2601: Divorce Chapter 2602: Resignation Chapter 2603: Empty The Zhang Group Chapter 2604: Poached 1 And A Half People Chapter 2605: Next Set Chapter 2606: Forced To Liquidate Chapter 2607: Bottoming Out Chapter 2608: Another 3 Billion Bet Chapter 2609: Pull Up Pull Up Chapter 2610: Yang Fei Acquired Blue Sky Technology Chapter 2611: Wendi Zhang Jumped Off The Building Chapter 2612: 1 Game Of Nonsense For No Reason Chapter 2613: Where Does Life Come From? Chapter 2614: If You Can Go Back To The Past Chapter 2615: End