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"So you want to get the background of all your powers?"

"Yes, I know that King Jubilee will be the one to train me but, you could at least give me the details on all that Solomon's Wisdom possesses right?"

"Hmm well that is true. Okay let me try and make things as simple as possible."

Sol was given a separate room in order to rest. With his bold announcement in the cafeteria, there was a high chance that Ethan and Jake might just kill him on the spot. Aside from this, he wanted to try the effects of the circlet which, he had just placed on. Sleeping right away in order to gain access to Pandora's realm.

Solomon had a pretty decent plan up on his head at that time. Alice needed to be determined to kill him; to do whatever it takes for her to survive. Solomon needed to put her in such a situation that, she would be desperately holding on to life. However, Sol was not a pack of lightning wolves nor was he a direwolf. He was human and, at that moment, he could not access all the powers of Solomon's Wisdom, nor was he allowed to.

In a duel against Alice, he was sure to lose. That's why, whatever small advantage his ability could give him must be used methodically and properly. All for the sake of awakening Alice.

"Right so here is the list kid. Oh and S.W. stands for Solomon's Wisdom." Pandora said, snapping her fingers and creating a displayed window in front of Sol.

[Skill Name: Cold Blooded]

[Skill Type: Passive]

[Information: The ability is unlocked when the wielder of S.W. experiences ruthlessly and mercilessly killing a person. Any sign of regret, remorse, or hesitation will not unlock the skill.]

[Skill Name: Reverse Analysis]

[Skill Type: Continuous]

[Information: The ability to break down the spells that are still being chanted. All spells require incantations and a certain rune structure in order to be activated. The wielder of S.W. will be able to see this to a certain extent and, could disable the spell entirely.]

"Wait, the thing about the spells having rune structures."

"Oh that? Since Voids cannot absorb mana to begin with, you actually see the world differently from the other nine domains. They can see the runes wrapped around the point of creation and, the mana on their bodies naturally flow there. It's a bit inferior compared to us Seraphims in that way.


"Yup. Although Seraphims do have tremendous mana reserves within our bodies, we also access the mana circulating around the world. Meaning, we have a bottomless supply."

"I see. That actually makes you awesome."

"Ha! You bet it does! I'm glad the second wielder of S.W. is not as rude as Jubilee."

[Skill Name: Spatial Awareness]

[Skill Type: Continuous]

[Information: The field can be seen in a three-dimensional form. The owner of S.W. can also see within a 360% angle, permitting more combinations in attacking and more options in defending.]

[Skill Name: Analyze]

[Skill Type: Active]

[Information: All the details of the intended target will be shown in a window type log just like this. Indicators such as attribute points and levels will also be generated in order to make it more accurate. If the level of the one being analyzed is at least 50 levels higher, accurate computations cannot be made and all information except the name and the level will be left with the [???] icon.]

[Skill Name: Space and Gravity Magic]

[Skill Type: Active]

[Information: The ultimate skill within the disposal of the owner of S.W. It does not have a definite shape nor form and, only through continuous training will a person be able to harness its powers properly.]

"So the skills are just like any other person's within the other domains." Sol commented as soon as he finished reading through all of the skills.

"Ohh so you know about that huh? Indeed it is. Every person within the nine domains have a single passive skill, three normal skills that can be casted and, a single ultimate skill. That limitation is also due to being mortal. However, all the skills can be upgraded through constant effort."

"So where can I find the cooldowns on each skill?"

"That's actually the beauty of it. You don't have any of those things."


"Reverse Analysis and Spatial Awareness are continuous skills. As long as you turn them on they will continually drain your mana. But while active, the cooldown timer will begin counting down meaning, if you deactivate it, you are guaranteed to be able to activate the skill again."

"That's actually a bit unfair."

"Not really, you'd still consume tons of mana." Sol thought about this and, how the only mana he could use was the one provided by the weaved shadows of Pandora within his body.

"Anyway, that's all I have for you kid. Now do you have any more questions?"

Sol thought about this long and hard. He thought how he still didn't have any actual method to bring out any of the five miracles in Alice. And that is where he focused his next question.

"Pandora, how does my power work exactly? What makes a person capable of receiving this?"

"That's actually too broad kid. Can we limit the question?"

"Okay. I want to know why it is only the Voids who can receive these powers. I want to know the possible variables affecting the method of claiming it."

"Hmmmm. Let's start with the first thing you mentioned." Pandora said, closing her fist and raising a single finger.

"You see, there was something special within you Voids and everyone else failed to see it. The other domains, they have already been bestowed with gifts and blessings. The amount that comes to everyone may be different but, they are nevertheless loved by the mana that we poured."

"That's a given, seeing how we can't access any power."

"Well yes but that is only because your bodies are a bit different. In fact, it is so different that you are the only ones who could possibly reach the level of the Seraphims." Sol was about to make a comment, thinking how it sounded illogical. But then he remembered King Jubilee's words and how he was told to go beyond the limits of what he already knew.

"You are the only ones who have the Seed of Miracle lying dormant within you."


"Yes. While all others have awakened, you have stayed dormant. Make no mistake, the Seraphims have altered your genes just like every other human. It's just that you guys are kinda like late bloomers."

"So that means all of the Voids can gain power?"

"Correction. It's not all of you who can gain power. Of course you all have the Seed and, like I said, it's just lying dormant within you. But those who can awaken it are very limited."

"And I fit in that criteria?"

"Right you are! You know I thought Jubilee was so hopeless that he saw talent in you but hey, his intuition was right. You really did have potential."

"Excuse me Miss Pandora."

"Drop the miss and, don't call me by my full name. Just refer to me as Pan."

"Okay Pan. How about my second question then? How can a Void citizen awaken his or her Seed?"

"To be honest the only cases of success were with you and King Jubilee. With that being said, you need to have either of the two options that I'll mention."

"The first is that, just like you, a person needs to be a true genius. The other is that, a person must dedicate an impossible amount of effort into gaining the skill. Although I did say that there are two options, the first one is a better bet in creating results."

"Why is that?"

"Well because a genius does not come ever so often. Children like you are one in a million and, even with that statistical number, the genius might be born from the other nine domains. That basically means you will probably be the first and last genius to awaken your seed."

"Wait doesn't king jubilee count?"

"No. Jubilee awoke because he forced his own destiny to change. He's the later type, devoting all his time to gaining wisdom and, although his awakening came a bit late, he was nevertheless able to master the abilities."

"I see."

Sol remembered Alice's story at that point. How the thieves thought she was gifted with both her quick hands and feet. Her nimble movements and quick decision making also compliment her overall skill set.

"I think I'm not gonna have a hard time awakening Alice after all."

"Oh yeah I remember that girl. She's also a good warrior." Pandora mentioned.

"She is, in fact, she may break that statistical probability of yours."

"Really now? Why is that kid?"

"Pan, what if a person wasn't much of a genius but close to it? And what if they then dedicate an extraordinary amount of effort in order to awaken their seed?" Pandora understood what Sol meant. It was so simple that she and Jubilee completely disregarded it. That, they probably didn't need to find geniuses at Sol's level after all.

"A hybrid huh." Pandora's lips curved to a smile as Solomon nodded to him.

"Alice is going to unlock David's Seed."

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