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It happens when you are born and cannot be changed.

Tang Qianheng blinked, thought for a moment, and asked, "What is hand-in-hand?"

Tang Yi blushed and said: "You'll understand this kind of thing when you grow up. In short, you must be attentive to your father now. Don't forget, your mother and I have not gone through the divorce procedures. She was a suspended animation. It came from the law. Say, I and her are still husband and wife."

Tang Qianheng was serious: "I think it's better not to mention the past, dad, or it will only remind mom of your fault. After all, she and Uncle Cang didn't do it on purpose, but you and Auntie did it on purpose."

Tang Yi's face reddened again, and he didn't even catch his mouth.

"And Uncle Cang is very good. If Uncle Cang likes his mother, I think his chances of winning are greater than yours."

"I have investigated. Uncle Cangs private life is very clean. He used to have only one wife. He was married by a family. He was divorced in one year and never remarried afterwards. He was all devoted to his career, as if his mother liked him. Types of."

Tang Yi frowned: "You kid, who is your father on earth?"

Tang Qianheng spread his hands: "I help my relatives or not, my sister taught me, and I listened to my sister."

"Oh." Tang Yi helplessly: "Then, if you don't mention the past, you can help your father drive the man named Cang away from your mother, don't let them meet, and then help your father talk about it in front of your mother. Good words."

"I think about it."

Tang Yi helpless: "You don't want your parents to reconcile?"

"I think, but I want my mother to be happy. I hate you quarreling the most. In this situation, you must be quarreling together.

Tang Yi was speechless.

The conversation between the two gradually became smaller in the ears of the robot, but soon, she heard other voices.

It was laughter.

Not far away, on the lawn covered by the university, Shi Chengan ran with a kite to help Feng Chuchu fly the kite.

In the cold weather, only lovers with sweet emotions can think of flying a kite in the snow.

After running for a while, Shi Chengan finally set off the kite.

Feng Chuchu pulled the line and put it higher and higher, smiling.

"Finally flew up."

Shi Chengan ran over and reached out to help her.

She hid her hand and said softly: "I'll do it myself!"

"I'm afraid your hands are cold."

"No, it's just a little bit." She pretended to be angry and gave him a blank look.

When he was nervous, he gave him a kiss and the two laughed.

Shi Chengan said: "Have everyone in your family discussed it? When is our wedding scheduled?"

Feng Chuchu raised his eyebrows: "I didn't say to marry you."

"Don't, Chu Chu, I've been thinking about this last night and I didn't fall asleep."

Seeing this, Feng Chuchu stopped harassing him, and said solemnly: "Because my second brother and sister-in-laws wedding is at the end of April next year, it will only take more than four months. If we want to do it, we can only do so. Or later."

"Then advance!" Shi Chengan smiled.

Feng Chuchu looked at the kite flying higher and higher in the sky, and said: "But...my fourth brother also said that he and Wei Wu are also going to get married. They went to get the certificate a few days ago, and my aunt read the almanac happily. It seems that the wedding will be held in January."

"I got the certificate so soon? Isn't Feng Can returning to the music scene? He suddenly got married. Will those fans agree?"

Feng Chuchu curled his lips: "I don't care about them, my fourth brother doesn't care about this. Moreover, it's not just them. Lu Wanyu and Zeyue have heard that they will also do it, but they seem to have a trip to get married, not at home."

"Then it won't affect us, so let's ask my parents to come over to discuss with your parents tonight, the best, let's do it in February, how about?"

Feng Chuchu: "What are you doing in such a hurry?"

Shi Chengan hugged her and whispered: "I can't help but be in a hurry. I have been looking forward to this day since I knew I was kissing your baby."

Feng Chuchu blushed.

"If it hadn't been for Lin Wenyu's tricks, we would have been married." He said.

When talking about this person, Feng Chuchu looked upset, and then asked, "I heard that she was not dead?"

"Well, I didn't die, my life was big. I didn't die after hitting three arrows. It seems to be because she is an alien and has a strong physique. Oh, when I think of it, it is because she took the medicine given by Qianmen. That was to make Qianmen. The antidote for recovery is different from the ones that the general public is inoculated. Anyway, because of that medicine, she didn't die.

But its not better. Im paralyzed. I can only sit in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. I dont know what to say. Im living in a hospital. I guess Ill have to hire someone to take care of me for a lifetime. I tried to bite my tongue. It's all white. "

Feng Chuchu resented: "This is good. If she died, it would be cheaper for her. Such a vicious person deserves to have lived so miserably. If she had regretted once before, she wouldn't be what she is today!"

Shi Cheng'an hugged her: "It's alright, let's not mention this unlucky person, let's fly a kite."

Feng Chuchu raised his eyebrows: "Well, there is another one here, you put this one."

The voices of the two went away, and the robot also came to the door of Dongyuan.

With the door open, Samoyed led a few puppies to run in the snow, making Qiao Shiwan and others under the porch laugh.

After seeing her, Qiao Shiwan and others were surprised.

"Hey, isn't Miao Miao upstairs?"

Yun Huan said, "It's a robot made in the appearance of a Miaoer."

A few people understood and nodded.

Feng Ying sighed: "Jingyun's technology is getting better and better. You can't see it unless you look at it carefully."

The robot passed them and walked directly to the next courtyard.

Several people continued to talk about the matter just now.

"According to me, young people now have Western-style weddings. That's good." Yu Hui said, licking melon seeds.

Qiao Shiwan shook his head: "I think that is too simple. Misuo and Axian are both casual people. They don't care about these forms. We have to check it out. In my opinion, we have a traditional and solemn Chinese wedding. The color is big red. The tone is better."

"What do you mean, mother-in-law."

Yun Huan smiled: "The child is happy."

"The children said let us decide, they don't care."

Qiao Shiwan thought for a while, then thought of Feng Can, and said: "The weddings of two pairs should have their own characteristics. I'll call them and ask them."

Call out.

At the same time, the airport VIP channel.

A large group of "volcano fans" held up cards to surround Feng Can, who had just got off the plane, screaming and cheering loudly.

Today is the first activity he ended after returning to the music scene. As soon as it was over, he came back immediately.

The reporters gathered around him and asked various questions.

The phone in his pocket was buzzing, and he was busy dealing with reporters and fans, but he couldn't answer the phone when he took it out.

The agent was around trying to clear the way for him, and the airport security came, but it was useless.

He was still blocked.

"Teacher Feng, come back from country C so soon, are you going to record the variety show of Big Mango? I heard that you are the tutor of this year, right?"

"Rumor." Feng Can smiled faintly.

"Then where do you rush to go in such a hurry?"

Can this question be asked?

However, Feng Can was in a good mood and answered.

"Go and pick up my wife from school."

The scream pierced the eardrum.

Feng Can smiled and escaped into the nanny car, only then did he have time to connect to his mother's phone.

"Mom, what's the matter?"

"Ah, why did it take so long to answer the phone?"

"Just got off the plane."

"That's right, Mom would like to ask you, what kind of wedding Xiaowu likes? Does she have an idea in her heart?"

Feng Can said, "Oh, this matter, don't worry, she said she wanted to wait until the wedding of the second sister-in-law and brother-in-law was over."

"That has to look like that too, eh?"

"Mom, you can figure it out, we can all do it."

The car came to the gate of Beijing.

Wei Wu has been delayed for two years because of his task, so he is now starting his junior year again.

When Feng Can got off the car, he covered his mask, bought a bunch of flowers, and walked quietly to Wei Wu's classroom.

She is still in class.

He smiled, then went in through the back door and sat down beside her.

The flowers were handed to her arms.

Wei Wu was startled, and then smiled on his face.

This surprise is a real surprise.

"How long will get out of class be over?"

"ten minutes."

"That classmate."

The teacher called out suddenly, and everyone looked at Feng Can.

Wei Wu covered his face.

"Are you our professional? Why didn't I see you just now?"

"Teacher, he is not! I'm sure!" the other students said.

"Who are you? Are you here to listen?" the teacher asked.

Wei Wu raised his hand: "Teacher, he is my boyfriend."

"No." Feng Can hugged her and said, "I'm her husband, I got the certificate!"

Everyone laughed and booed.

The screen returns to Fengzhai East Garden, and the garden is full of snowflakes fluttering.

The robot walked to the second floor and looked to the balcony. He saw Qianmiao holding a pair of scissors to build a potted plant on the balcony. The phone next to him was playing video.

"I'm in Jindan Country now, they have received me, but I still can't see Luo Yan, how about you say something to him for me?"

That is Yu Manman's voice.

Qianmiao's expression was light, and his voice was as cold as water: "I never interfere with his feelings."

"But he listens to you the most. He was busy working around Kunlun a while ago."

"These are two different things."

"Oh, Miss Tang, help, help?"

The corners of Qianmiao's lips were slightly raised: "I won't interfere with his feelings, you, come on."

Just as a phone call came in, she ended the video.

The caller is Lu Wanyu.

"Miscellaneous, we have arrived in Australia."

"have a good time."

"Let me tell you, your brother, this wicked pen, just lost his way."

Qian Miao sat down lazily, leaning against the rocking chair.

"That's right, I just arrived at the hotel with him. I slept enough on the plane and wanted to go to the nightclub to have fun. He took me to a bar he was familiar with. He disappeared soon after sitting down. Call He said he was lost."

"Ouch, he's back."

After listening to Qian Mian, he raised his lips and said, "I'm afraid it is, I've seen an old friend, I'm afraid you will misunderstand."

Lu Wanyu: "Huh?"

After three seconds of silence, she reacted.

As a result, her voice reprimanding Cang Zeyue came from the other end.

Cang Ze explained louder: "It's all in the past tense. I just met occasionally. I didn't let you know you because I was afraid of your misunderstanding. Really, Xiaoyu, I didn't know you at that time. They were all in the past tense. , I only see you now! Really!"

"Suffer to death!"

Although noisy, but very happy.

Qian Miao hung up the phone, and was about to put down the phone, but saw the robot approaching him.

Hand her a red string bracelet.

She is not very surprised.

"Master, this mission has been successfully completed, Mr. Bai has something to bring to you."

When the words fell, her eyes immediately projected a blue screen.

Above is the picture of Bai Mucheng at the door.

She received that sentence.

After reading and listening, Qian Mian looked into the distance, his thoughts flying.

After a long time, she slowly rolled her lips, her eyes felt relieved.

"Start the appearance adjustment program."

The robot nodded, and immediately changed its appearance.

Qian Miao let her go down.

On the quiet balcony, she stroked her belly, looked at the pure sky, and hummed an unknown melody.

The rocking chair shook lightly, complacent.

After a while, she turned her head and shouted into the study: "Brother Xian?"



The sound of footsteps came, and the man was wearing a pair of glasses, a dark blue sweater, his sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and sawdust on both hands.

"Huh?" He looked at her, "Do you want something to drink? Or something to eat?"

Qian Miao shook his head, walked to him, stared at the sawdust in his hand, and said, "I haven't done it yet?"

"Almost." He smiled, put his arms around her, and bowed his head to give him a kiss, but was blocked by the baby in her belly.

Both of them laughed.

Feng Xian had to bend over and put a kiss on her lips, which was reluctant.

He took her hand and walked in to show her the finished product.

On the table is an intricately crafted woodcarving, a birthday gift he gave her a few years ago: star cloth.

It is a woodcarving artwork made with her as the object. On the goddess statue, one hand holds a mask and the other hand carries a galaxy-like beautiful gauze.

Many of her names are engraved on the gauze.

Yuan Xin, Bai Mi, He Zhiqing, college entrance examination scores, fire behind the boss, LM boss, hacker hunt, Fu Shen... and the newly added Hua Zijin, Jin's shareholders and so on.

He said that after adding these, it was complete.

He also made figurines of two dolls, and a man.

The man and the child accompany the woman, making the statue that once looked domineering and sacred, and now there is a sweet tenderness.

"Um." Qianmiao looked at the statue and suddenly felt movement in his stomach.

Feng Xian frowned: "Uncomfortable?"

"No, they kicked me."

Feng Xian lowered her head and pressed her belly, majestic: "Goodbye, don't make trouble for mother."

A few days later, the weather cleared, and many people went out for fun.

Today's bookstore is extremely lively.

Just because of the listing of a comic, it attracted a large number of fans to buy it.

A student ran to the door and asked the boss: "Boss, I want Wang Chuan's new comic "True Big Brother", do you have any more?"

"Yes, it just arrived, but it sells very quickly, but many people want it!"

"Okay, give me five books, I'll give it away." The girl smiled.

After a while, the boss took out five brand-new comics.

She was very precious and put it in her schoolbag carefully.

This is a story about a girl named Tang Qianxiang. Once it went on the market, it was sought after by the majority of fans.

It is said that the author originally wanted to paint the story of a woman named Cang Lan, but unexpectedly, he was impressed by Cang Lans opponent, a woman named Tang Qiantang. Finally, he changed the story to hers. .

(End of full text)

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Chapter 399: Pervert sneaked into the room Chapter 400: That girl won't send him a message Chapter 401: Sorry, I am late Chapter 402: Deliberately acting Chapter 403: I abolished him Chapter 404: Two useless "bodyguards" Chapter 405: His smile is healing Chapter 406: Big misunderstanding Chapter 407: Started to like milk Chapter 408: There are "tree spirits" everywhere Chapter 409: Wutong Kee is going to open a third branch Chapter 410: Wronged, the party didn't call him Chapter 411: I have a friend who works there Chapter 412: Present Chapter 413: Hate them Chapter 414: Sinister and cunning, exhausted Chapter 415: LM come on Chapter 416: King's product Chapter 417: Found it! It's F God! Chapter 418: It tastes the same as Wei Wu's Chapter 419: You...received really securely Chapter 420: My brother has always been playing on behalf of Chapter 421: Sweet little tune Chapter 422: Gangster by side Chapter 423: Are you in a relationship? Chapter 424: Spirit Buzzard, failure Chapter 425: Little things, pretty awesome Chapter 426: The person he likes is me Chapter 427: Vest dropped Chapter 428: Cross-border help Chapter 429: Nightmare is coming Chapter 430: People who can't afford to offend Chapter 431: She cats herself behind the wall and looks out Chapter 432: To Samoyed and fell to the ground Chapter 433: Samoyed lost Chapter 434: The more you look, the more pleasing to the eye Chapter 435: I hope I can see you every day I wake up Chapter 436: It's in my house Chapter 437: She won't hear it anymore Chapter 438: I'm afraid Qianmiao will disappoint you Chapter 439: Fengxian squatted down and looked at its wound Chapter 440: For you, make an exception Chapter 441: How can there be such a great ability Chapter 442: Lies are self-defeating Chapter 443: No, take the injury Chapter 444: My brother is trapped by love and is willing to be used Chapter 445: After the first test of Xiangmeng Chapter 446: He... actually also wears this kind of petty stuff Chapter 447: Bai Mucheng Chapter 448: Why are you here? Chapter 449: Secretly observe Chapter 450: Rabies virus anaerobic Chapter 451: Embarrassed for Lin Wenyu Chapter 452: Upside down black and white Chapter 453: Tripped by the suitcase! Chapter 454: See how Tang Qianmiao argues! Chapter 455: Did you make these perfumes yourself Chapter 456: Twenty four solar terms Chapter 457: Would you like to enter the Hong Kong Association Chapter 458: Lin Wenyu has no chance of catching up in five years Chapter 459: Count on him, forget it Chapter 460: I admit it, I did it all Chapter 461: I can't pedal two boats Chapter 462: Cut off cooperation Chapter 463: She is such a tacky girl Chapter 464: Hope you can develop better in the future Chapter 465: Plead with Tang Qianfan Chapter 466: It's not as good as a beast Chapter 467: Zero possibility Chapter 468: Keep useful Chapter 469: Tang family, can't lose this in-laws Chapter 470: A big win Chapter 471: Wanted gift Chapter 472: Employee Benefits Chapter 473: I only look for someone richer than me Chapter 474: Draw Chapter 475: The strongest Bacchus Chapter 476: The fun of unpacking gifts Chapter 477: Brother-in-law Chapter 478: Attack Chapter 479: I've agreed not to release the water Chapter 480: I come! Chapter 481: This is the strongest dark horse tonight! Chapter 482: God! God! Chapter 483: The heart is still soft Chapter 484: Your little boy is here Chapter 485: Sister kissed big brother Chapter 486: Sister show you the light show, don't be angry Chapter 487: best gift Chapter 488: Misty, do you like me Chapter 489: Junior brother is my little follower Chapter 490: The important thing is the next thing Chapter 491: What's wrong with you and brother Chapter 492: Laugh so happy Chapter 493: You didn't send me to the bar room Chapter 494: Opportunity to participate in Icho Chapter 495: You can imitate Su Yanluo's paintings Chapter 496: Su Yanluo's fans Chapter 497: But look at...Feng Can Chapter 498: Someone likes Feng Chan Chapter 499: He wants to become that cat Chapter 500: That series was developed by her Chapter 501: Keep an eye on her property Chapter 502: Like girls who are better than him Chapter 503: Do you know it wrong Chapter 504: I hope I can worship Young Master Bai Mi as my teacher Chapter 505: Why was your father sent to the mountain? Chapter 506: These... should be in your hands now Chapter 507: Both sisters are planted on the same man Chapter 508: That child is not Tang Yi's kind at all Chapter 509: If Madam and Missy didn't quarrel, Chapter 510: Who changed, I was aggrieved by all this Chapter 511: Vent Chapter 512: Just like your two sons, that's it! Chapter 513: Let's take it back to Yun's house Chapter 514: Would you spend money for me Chapter 515: Qianmiao: I am my own backer Chapter 516: Unintentional to be in charge of Yunshi Chapter 517: You don't always teach me to learn badly Chapter 518: I can spend a winter vacation with my goddess Chapter 519: Hero saves beauty Chapter 520: The driver's mouth was loose and he told me something Chapter 521: Jealous of them Chapter 522: I bought it Chapter 523: I want the fate of Fengxian Chapter 524: Her smooth eyebrows puckered Chapter 525: She is worried about him Chapter 526: Tell you secretly, I'm afraid too Chapter 527: When did you spend that voucher for a two-person tour in Australia Chapter 528: Is she in the list of newcomers for 17 years? Chapter 529: His heart hurts Chapter 530: Take pictures of her with other men Chapter 531: Took the phone by mistake Chapter 532: Don't go to the hospital! Chapter 533: She is Tang Qianyan Chapter 534: I want to sign with you! Chapter 535: Compare Chapter 536: Tang Qianfan and Jin Xiaoya are fighting Chapter 537: This hand speed is simply against the sky Chapter 538: I'm here to teach you love Chapter 539: Carried out of the examination room Chapter 540: All that happened was from the High School Affiliated to Beijing University Chapter 541: Weird doctor Chapter 542: I found the doctor who saw Wei Wu just now Chapter 543: I wanna say i miss you Chapter 544: He has gone to be a monk Chapter 545: Three people become a tiger Chapter 546: Tell her, at least win a silver medal! Chapter 547: He already knew her little secret Chapter 548: Fengxian wants to know her secret Chapter 549: Uncle Qian said everything Chapter 550: Compared with her, the benefits are worthless Chapter 551: Not sure which university to take the exam Chapter 552: Is she coming back to live tonight? Chapter 553: Think so, miss him so Chapter 554: Smells good, smells great Chapter 555: Axian, shall we still be brothers? Chapter 556: Sister is not allowed to tease Chapter 557: Two monsters Chapter 558: Teacher like you, it's the first time I see you Chapter 559: I said, you are annoying Chapter 560: Wei Wu who makes people's eyes bright Chapter 561: "So lovely." Chapter 562: The prescription was given by my aunt Chapter 563: Didnt you do well in the exam, and you have no face to come back to see us Chapter 564: No. 1 in the country Chapter 565: BRD-2 is written on the skin of those materials! Chapter 566: You admire him Chapter 567: If the final exam can enter the top ten in the class, this will happen Chapter 568: This kid is so wild! Chapter 569: To teach you how to learn Chapter 570: I am from Xiangmeng Chapter 571: I have no home Chapter 572: I will punish Chapter 573: Decided to Kau Uda Chapter 574: Don't you believe it Chapter 575: Sister, I'm going to play with you Chapter 576: miss Chapter 577: Tang Qianheng disappeared Chapter 578: Nobody answers the phone Chapter 579: Are the things she has been fascinating for a long time Chapter 580: Xiangmeng's position in the perfume world is like a temple Chapter 581: Did you call Heng'er last night? Chapter 582: Lose horse energy! Chapter 583: She is really Bai Mi! Chapter 584: Tang Qianmian is too strict! Chapter 585: She got the easiest one! Chapter 586: Tang Yi was heartbroken, he was so...unreliable! Chapter 587: Recognized the company to which the ship belongs-Fengshi Chapter 588: Qian Mian: "I am your girlfriend of Chief Feng." Chapter 589: Sister is here Chapter 590: Fast, accurate and ruthless! Chapter 591: When I grow up, change me to protect you Chapter 592: Your temper is up to you Chapter 593: accurate Chapter 594: He only recognizes blood Chapter 595: Unqualified Chapter 596: Make your own decision Chapter 597: Fuck, Mr. Feng's girlfriend Chapter 598: People from the Dark Alliance again Chapter 599: Give birth Chapter 600: Reagent Chapter 601: Heartbeat Chapter 602: She has an accident Chapter 603: Don't be afraid Chapter 604: Bai Mi is mine Chapter 605: famous Chapter 606: Want to be red, want to be crazy Chapter 607: The person you are partnering with is Fengcan Chapter 608: Really a monster Chapter 609: Bian Jingyan Chapter 610: I came to you because of your mother Yun Huan Chapter 611: My adoptive father was the first to extract X-one Chapter 612: No relevance Chapter 613: Contract couple Chapter 614: Really, actually in the hands of another person Chapter 615: I will try to find Nan'er Chapter 616: Must do all the responsibilities that boyfriend should do Chapter 617: She also took that medicine Chapter 618: She knows to protect Fengxian! Chapter 619: Gossip Chapter 620: IMHO, who is Bai Mi (smile) Chapter 621: The people I follow did not disappoint me Chapter 622: She doesn't even look down on my brother, she still looks at the words above Chapter 623: Fengxian, let you use it Chapter 624: Bai Mi Guan announced her boyfriend Chapter 625: Terrible pressure of public opinion Chapter 626: Forced to fall off Chapter 627: Frame up Chapter 628: Seeing you holding hands with others, I want to shame people Chapter 629: I'm sad Chapter 630: Her special living habits Chapter 631: He won't rebel anymore Chapter 632: Sister Mi! Chapter 633: Replace Feng Can Chapter 634: Go and apologize to Bai Mi in person Chapter 635: Seeing Wei Wu coming out of Feng's house Chapter 636: Hypnosis Chapter 637: robot Chapter 638: Who can see her Chapter 639: Wei Wu's past Chapter 640: Come on Chapter 641: In fact, we are friends privately Chapter 642: My brother has video with me, but he didn't send it to you Chapter 643: If you go back, it will be difficult to get away Chapter 644: It's her cooking Chapter 645: Please disappear in our world Chapter 646: You are nothing to me Chapter 647: Tell her characteristics Chapter 648: Then she's done Chapter 649: Our group is going to be "officially requisitioned" Chapter 650: I especially hope you can come to participate in the recording Chapter 651: Bai Mi's sister, can you? Chapter 652: The long-lived talent is the final winner Chapter 653: How to let a stranger into the house Chapter 654: Are those people arranged by her? Chapter 655: Got into trouble Chapter 656: I have posted a lot of songs online Chapter 657: Famous wind volcano Chapter 658: Someone in the dark alliance has found your true identity Chapter 659: Otherwise, I am already a tomb... Chapter 660: What to do when it rains, I miss you so much Chapter 661: Wei Wu's medicine Chapter 662: Sudden reversal Chapter 663: Otherwise, I won't record it today! Chapter 664: But now, he is "blackened" Chapter 665: Upgrade Chapter 666: Living in an uninhabited village for three days and two nights Chapter 667: I am not afraid of cold at all, I am more afraid of heat Chapter 668: There is indeed one thing to bother Mr. Tang Chapter 669: I've never been the second best Chapter 670: Bai Mi Participate in the third season recording of Adventure Chapter 671: Is it snow white or snow white (dog head) Chapter 672: Thank you Miss Bai Chapter 673: I dont know what kind of heart the hostess is. Chapter 674: That look is full of murderous look Chapter 675: In a while, you will fall enough! Chapter 676: Falling off a cliff Chapter 677: Wei Wu moved Chapter 678: Did you fight? Chapter 679: Thousands of revenge Chapter 680: Isn't that my plane? Chapter 681: Damn, this man is so handsome Chapter 682: But come, he must not be able to sleep tonight Chapter 683: Smile, show me Chapter 684: Sweet and sour Chapter 685: Her skin is very good and her hair is very fragrant Chapter 686: Fengxian let someone dove for her Chapter 687: This is winter, no waywardness is allowed Chapter 688: Can't help but want to squeeze her face Chapter 689: Here is two thousand yuan, which is my compensation for you Chapter 690: Because I was also a member of the Dark Alliance Chapter 691: I suddenly feel that you don't love me anymore Chapter 692: She was in a hurry Chapter 693: I hope that there will be no more Fengcan in the next issue Chapter 694: You have to be by my side all the time! Chapter 695: I will meet you in ten days Chapter 696: My brother is definitely not the kind of person who is merciful everywhere Chapter 697: New song, childlike innocence Chapter 698: I don't want this song! Chapter 699: He already knew her little secret Chapter 700: It's the cold lizard taking revenge Chapter 701: Got slapped twice Chapter 702: Just fine, go have fun Chapter 703: Cross out a list of amateurs to be invited in the next period Chapter 704: The person who sent someone to search for the Wei's house was Leng Lizard Chapter 705: Steadily ranked first, with a rapid momentum Chapter 706: I want to buy you the copyright of this song Chapter 707: You help your sister's rival Chapter 708: Let them see how good she is Chapter 709: Sister of his family, what kind of operation is this? Chapter 710: Couldn't surpass her Chapter 711: Three times and ten rings, you are the first Chapter 712: Miss Miao who knows how to play Chapter 713: Take someone elses things and rely on others to get hot Chapter 714: Stand up for others Chapter 715: The vest can't cover Chapter 716: I dare not go home in two days Chapter 717: Quickly persuade your dad, he is angry Chapter 718: I have been helping him Chapter 719: Someone followed Feng Can secretly Chapter 720: Past six years ago Chapter 721: She has no one to play, she just learns Chapter 722: Fat uncle who reappeared Chapter 723: First meeting with the black chicken Chapter 724: Enter the Dark Alliance Chapter 725: People are good at being deceived Chapter 726: I'm saying that I've been plagiarized every day Chapter 727: At eight o'clock tomorrow night, I'll see you Chapter 728: Good night-string Chapter 729: Weibo permission, right, sister gave you Chapter 730: Become the laughing stock of the whole network Chapter 731: Xiaowu, you... have a boyfriend Chapter 732: Feng Can's kidnapped past Chapter 733: This daughter can't get on the table Chapter 734: Sorry, she is here, i am Chapter 735: Your daughter has been bullied, so you have nothing to do? Chapter 736: Caught fire Chapter 737: Boss, the situation is urgent Chapter 738: Review Chapter 739: See the sun Chapter 740: After Zhang Xuela has finished playing, my boss doesnt want him to be embarrassed Chapter 741: Ruined Chapter 742: So you are so beautiful Chapter 743: suspended animation Chapter 744: I wanna enter your heart Chapter 745: Brother Xian is sulking Chapter 746: Coax your difficulty Chapter 747: Will you die for me? Chapter 748: I like Feng Can, don't grab it Chapter 749: He is the man i like Chapter 750: She specified that she was unhappy Chapter 751: I added a skirt to Fengxian, which is still super short Chapter 752: Send girlfriend to class Chapter 753: Man's mouth, deceitful ghost Chapter 754: There is no connotation at all, superficial and arrogant Chapter 755: This guy is so terrible Chapter 756: Are all from the investigation team Chapter 757: Too rampant Chapter 758: Our surprise plan has fallen through Chapter 759: Coax my brother Chapter 760: I'll run away after I learnt it Chapter 761: Are you fancy people? Chapter 762: You let go of those two people on purpose just now Chapter 763: what! Chapter 764: Brightly dressed, weird style Chapter 765: Feng Can saw the real Wei Wu Chapter 766: When I was young, I met people in the same situation as you Chapter 767: He was kidnapped to collect the start-up funds for the plan Chapter 768: The enemy is affirmative, I dont know if its the same class Chapter 769: Uncle Qian, your mouth is so tight! Chapter 770: Then I can have your wedding wine next year Chapter 771: Put his hand on his cheek Chapter 772: I advise you not to presume this person on Ah Xian noodles Chapter 773: This Dabai is different from the Dabai she knows Chapter 774: Passing by in a hurry, pretending not to know Chapter 775: Tang Qianfan, can also paint Chapter 776: Unfamiliar Chapter 777: She just wanted to know, and he happened to take the initiative to say Chapter 778: I teach Chapter 779: Have you confessed that thing? Chapter 780: Bai Mucheng's relationship with Qianmiao is also very good Chapter 781: She took these photos at the scene of the accident Chapter 782: Its not a foe, its just a bad luck Chapter 783: Fight Chapter 784: He is my dad Chapter 785: Tang Qianqian, you are like this Chapter 786: More advanced and advanced new drug experiment body Chapter 787: As long as you copy these ten thousand times, you will be granted leave Chapter 788: Can you act like a baby again? Chapter 789: The organizational structure of the dark alliance Chapter 790: Been tricked Chapter 791: Is the only doctor who can save people? Chapter 792: You must achieve 95 points or more Chapter 793: The hardest question Chapter 794: D changed to B Chapter 795: Are we going to carry this pot? Chapter 796: Not enough points means not enough points Chapter 797: shelter Chapter 798: I have evidence Chapter 799: Fearless Chapter 800: Code-named Peacock, enter the dark alliance Chapter 801: At the age of sixteen, she was hung on the big screen Chapter 802: Myth wall Chapter 803: If the database is destroyed, you will be killed! Chapter 804: Is it possible that you are a mother-in-law? Chapter 805: Atractylodes Museum Chapter 806: four years ago Chapter 807: Fu Shen and Black Chicken Chapter 808: I was caught everywhere I was going to be eaten Chapter 809: Three hits and one Chapter 810: Seek revenge Chapter 811: Your sin is greater than his Chapter 812: Isn't he a god? Will there be a day of failure? Chapter 813: Into the black house Chapter 814: This is Apple, how can you guess it right? Chapter 815: Qian Mian was seriously injured Chapter 816: Despair in despair Chapter 817: She didnt get any treatment for her injuries Chapter 818: She... can't speak Chapter 819: Wake up after lying down for three days Chapter 820: It must be hung up, in order to impersonate you Chapter 821: Unmanned Valley Chapter 822: Angry Black Chicken Chapter 823: Pass by Chapter 824: Throw your soot everywhere Chapter 825: What Baishen gave to you is a good girl Chapter 826: Silver ring Chapter 827: Old lady Chapter 828: You said how lonely I would be if you left Chapter 829: What is your relationship with Baizhu? Why did he let you follow him? Chapter 830: Feeding Chapter 831: Did you wipe out my good boy's oil? Chapter 832: S3 master Chapter 833: Dangerous Zone in Jindan Country Chapter 834: Three on one Chapter 835: Parents who hang themselves three times Chapter 836: Newcomers cant use mobile phones, here, here you are Chapter 837: This newcomer is so handy Chapter 838: Forced the cold lizard to retreat step by step Chapter 839: Suddenly lovely old lady Chapter 840: Go to Atractylodes for advice Chapter 841: Hearing recovery Chapter 842: Flagrant planting Chapter 843: What kind of relationship is this newcomer and Baizhu Chapter 844: do my best Chapter 845: Accept the All-Union Challenge Chapter 846: Come here if you are not convinced Chapter 847: Rating Chapter 848: Best group Chapter 849: The most noble purple has appeared! Chapter 850: famous Chapter 851: I want to cheer for my good boy Chapter 852: If you want to secretly support Baiju, you will be miserable Chapter 853: Wave the flag to cheer Chapter 854: Failed in the first battle, frustrated Chapter 855: It's over, it's over, Baishen was tricked Chapter 856: Entrusted with important tasks Chapter 857: This newcomer is so bold! Chapter 858: Cyan Frost Sword Out Chapter 859: This is to die from Baiju! Chapter 860: He took off the mask Chapter 861: reverse Chapter 862: Seize the initiative Chapter 863: Come on Chapter 864: Recognize each other Chapter 865: Chasing stars Chapter 866: Possessive seizures in men Chapter 867: Seal the string: "Huh." Chapter 868: Fool, Atractylodes is me Chapter 869: He finally knew her misery Chapter 870: He seems... crying? Chapter 871: Are you thinking of men? Chapter 872: Revenge begins Chapter 873: The cold lizard ran to find Atractylodes for a heads-up! Chapter 874: Why do I think Baiju is not good at all Chapter 875: He is a fake Chapter 876: Slapped him **** the mouth Chapter 877: The vest is snapped off Chapter 878: Atractylodes likes Fu Shen! Chapter 879: The name Bai Mi is the same as your last name Chapter 880: Finally touched Chapter 881: Even the second child! Chapter 882: Immediately check who is the person who placed the order for Wu Ruo Chapter 883: It has something to do with the group of people who attacked Feng Wei in the past! Chapter 884: People like him are afraid of death Chapter 885: Every pore of his pores exudes bloodthirsty hostility Chapter 886: If you move her, you will pay back a hundred times Chapter 887: In her eyes are the man who worked hard for her Chapter 888: The cold lizard was removed from the position of rudder, and expelled from the dark alliance Chapter 889: Behind the scenes Chapter 890: Men's second appearance Chapter 891: The last thing i need is your gratitude Chapter 892: Rarely Misty will praise people Chapter 893: Number 13 is dead Chapter 894: Feng Can also knows about you Chapter 895: Chuckle Chapter 896: These two men are obviously enemies Chapter 897: Just have fun, she likes it best Chapter 898: Don't make Aunt Huan sad Chapter 899: Hypnosis Chapter 900: They think this box of seeds is the antidote Chapter 901: Those experimental subjects were caught Chapter 902: What is your mind about Fengxian? Chapter 903: OK, go together Chapter 904: Are you members of fire? Chapter 905: That's ridiculous Chapter 906: Boss, boss Chapter 907: Don't move temporarily Chapter 908: set Chapter 909: Said I must find you out Chapter 910: The murderer was the group who took the old Uncle Zhang Chapter 911: More than a game Chapter 912: So fast I can't see her fingers clearly! Chapter 913: That thing is useless Chapter 914: It is forbidden to call Brother Axian Chapter 915: You are husband and wife Chapter 916: my wife Chapter 917: Very affectionate at first sight Chapter 918: Let's kiss you now, kiss now Chapter 919: Girl with great contrast Chapter 920: Why are you so thin now? Chapter 921: Quite vigorous Chapter 922: Reward Fengxian for a big drumstick! Chapter 923: Tiaohulishan Chapter 924: Test each other Chapter 925: Infighting Chapter 926: Before we two cooperated, it was a secret Chapter 927: Please enter the urn Chapter 928: Why do you want to give away people's heads? Chapter 929: procrastination Chapter 930: Anti-design Chapter 931: Seeing the gentle smile in the man's Yingrun eyes Chapter 932: Cuckold me in front of me Chapter 933: Chapter 934: How could the person he likes be an ordinary person Chapter 935: I want you Chapter 936: Da Bai: I have something to tell you formally Chapter 937: Get engaged anytime Chapter 938: She... She is that scary woman! Chapter 939: This matter was taken over by the most suitable person Chapter 940: The hunt signal has appeared! Chapter 941: Speechless Chapter 942: She is the second on the list! Chapter 943: It's not the **** thing I'm annoying right now Chapter 944: Need your signature Chapter 945: Get out if you don't buy it! Chapter 946: My name is Qin Mingyu Chapter 947: Want another money Chapter 948: Let's have a beaten Chapter 949: Learn hunt Chapter 950: Be happy with your mother, but feel wronged by following me? Chapter 951: On the day of my graduation, I asked Ah Xian to propose Chapter 952: No fertility? Chapter 953: A little depressed Chapter 954: Suitors? Chapter 955: Hate because of love Chapter 956: She explained Chapter 957: Wait for nothing Chapter 958: You break up with her, you are not suitable Chapter 959: She is sulking Chapter 960: She said: holding Chapter 961: I lied to him Chapter 962: Home invitation Chapter 963: go to hell Chapter 964: Spoil her so much, envy her Chapter 965: Be the little princess Chapter 966: Her happiness is the most important Chapter 967: Waistcoat Chapter 968: Hunt also participates? Chapter 969: Can't let go of one Chapter 970: The light in his eyes only shines for her Chapter 971: Resurrection zone Chapter 972: Want her hands Chapter 973: Didn't you just say that she is a second-rate? Chapter 974: You sit down Chapter 975: I thought I was number one in the world Chapter 976: Full marks! Full marks! Chapter 977: Someone reported that... Chapter 978: Disqualified, not satisfied Chapter 979: Dont keep picking it up! Chapter 980: Seeing that he is upset, just play Chapter 981: Turned into them looking up to her Chapter 982: Lost, lost Chapter 983: Odd woman Chapter 984: Shattered her three views! Chapter 985: Too little, both hands and feet Chapter 986: Seeing her in the future, I will take a detour Chapter 987: This kid is amazing, so I have to be rewarded Chapter 988: If you are reluctant, I slap it loudly? Chapter 989: My sister was killed by the side effects of this medicine Chapter 990: Pull investment Chapter 991: Find another chance to swallow Tang Chapter 992: It would be uncomfortable to see them close Chapter 993: You are here, not shabby Chapter 994: I now prefer to develop robots Chapter 995: Can't I afford it myself? Why do you want to lose it? Chapter 996: I beat him Chapter 997: X-3 appears Chapter 998: I like spicy Chapter 999: It's not safe outside, don't run around Chapter 1000: She is the boss of fire Chapter 1001: Good life, but not long Chapter 1002: Don't get dirty hands Chapter 1003: Why did you apologize? Chapter 1004: Without you, I would be crazy Chapter 1005: I took the first place Chapter 1006: Hope to succeed Chapter 1007: Sprinkle a little sugar Chapter 1008: The teacher still thinks it is more appropriate for you to go to Beijing University Chapter 1009: What kind of person do you want to be the most? Chapter 1010: May be dead Chapter 1011: persuade Chapter 1012: Bai Mu takes the moon first Chapter 1013: Go back and dream about your husband Chapter 1014: Grab someone Chapter 1015: File was taken away by Uda Chapter 1016: Find direction Chapter 1017: The college entrance examination begins Chapter 1018: Mother and daughter have their own calculations Chapter 1019: Replace some people Chapter 1020: Brother give you a surprise Chapter 1021: Take away the account book Chapter 1022: He is going abroad Chapter 1023: Miao said: "I like him" Chapter 1024: I'm waiting for him to be willing Chapter 1025: I will marry her in the future! Chapter 1026: Signing event Chapter 1027: Buy me a bunch of flowers, I will give it to the author Chapter 1028: He is him Chapter 1029: All his fans Chapter 1030: hold me Chapter 1031: Go go, don't hinder us Chapter 1032: Want me to spoiler? Chapter 1033: Suddenly think money is cute Chapter 1034: Are you really going to hit her? Chapter 1035: Qianmiao strikes back! Chapter 1036: Sonorous and powerful Chapter 1037: Letter from mother to daughter Chapter 1038: Talk about investing in Yunshi Chapter 1039: Vanity is satisfied Chapter 1040: Is the team invited by Ruyi Chapter 1041: reconciliation? Chapter 1042: Don't cry too badly Chapter 1043: I also know why her health is not good Chapter 1044: We don't agree that you two are together Chapter 1045: Her love is paranoid, even sick Chapter 1046: Afraid i ate you Chapter 1047: She just prefers Chapter 1048: Sleeping extremely restlessly Chapter 1049: appointment Chapter 1050: Be Lin Wenyu's assistant? Chapter 1051: Lin Wenyu punishes Qian Mian Chapter 1052: Qianmiao strikes back, Yun's crisis! Chapter 1053: Feel that life has reached the peak Chapter 1054: Arrogant Chapter 1055: problem occurs! Something happened! Chapter 1056: Which man does not steal fishy? Chapter 1057: Crisis is coming Chapter 1058: It's nothing, it's just venting Chapter 1059: Yun's helpless, admit defeat Chapter 1060: Qianmiao became the biggest winner Chapter 1061: Cone Heart Chapter 1062: Sprinkle salt on the wound Chapter 1063: the end Chapter 1064: Bai Mucheng's LM Chapter 1065: Am I your biological daughter? Chapter 1066: Sentimental Love Chapter 1067: East and west fireworks Chapter 1068: Feng Canlan Bai Mucheng Chapter 1069: He stared at Wei Wu Chapter 1070: The gift from Fengxian is very special Chapter 1071: Qian Miao kissed him Chapter 1072: When did you like the smell of smoke? Chapter 1073: Brother, I'm tired of listening Chapter 1074: He knows it's not a dream Chapter 1075: You changed boyfriend, right? Chapter 1076: Robot Bayi Chapter 1077: Meteorite crystal Chapter 1078: Jealous Chapter 1079: You fight directly, bother Chapter 1080: The people who have been chasing you back then are just like you Chapter 1081: Brother Xian Chapter 1082: More things you don't know Chapter 1083: Qi People's Blessing Chapter 1084: Who they cant hold, why are those little furry kids? Chapter 1085: The little demon girl in vest is full Chapter 1086: Don't play with scumbags Chapter 1087: I took him later Chapter 1088: Do you care about me? That, blow Chapter 1089: There is something more important than him that needs me to guard Chapter 1090: Please come by my side Chapter 1091: You are my sweetheart, you can see anything you want Chapter 1092: Draw and take pictures Chapter 1093: This Tang Qianyan is too tugging, right Chapter 1094: Yu Manmans aura is so powerful, Tang Qianfan cant hold her down Chapter 1095: Red and white roses Chapter 1096: All have decent results Chapter 1097: lucky Chapter 1098: My friend Chapter 1099: New club recruitment Chapter 1100: Refuse the Association of Societies Chapter 1101: Confession, relationship problems Chapter 1102: No one signed up Chapter 1103: Classmate Chapter 1104: On the bar Chapter 1105: Winner Chapter 1106: Pretend to sleep Chapter 1107: Its more convenient to lean on your lap Chapter 1108: Do you want to hire someone from the circle? Chapter 1109: Yu Manman visits the old man Chapter 1110: Poisonous tongue string re-upline Chapter 1111: I broke up with him! Chapter 1112: Are you trying to like it? Chapter 1113: That's right, it's because of this Chapter 1114: In my heart, she is already Mrs. Feng Chapter 1115: She hardly has that Chapter 1116: I will keep going hand in hand with you Chapter 1117: Stay in your house, just like Miss Tang Chapter 1118: Give way Chapter 1119: The new teacher is him Chapter 1120: I should take care of you Chapter 1121: The person who can't stop up and down: Tang Qianyan Chapter 1122: The meal she gave? Throw away Chapter 1123: Kiss each other's cheeks Chapter 1124: Your look is really long Chapter 1125: Don't follow, you two continue to quarrel Chapter 1126: Don't fight her, lest she hurt the laboratory Chapter 1127: No award experience, no Chapter 1128: She invited super foreign aid! Chapter 1129: Choose a gift for Fengxian? Chapter 1130: Tang Qianyan reported a song, she sang it alone Chapter 1131: I want to make an appointment for you tomorrow night Chapter 1132: Feng Can was stupid by her kiss Chapter 1133: Are you sure he is here for you? Chapter 1134: Uh... made a mistake Chapter 1135: Hua Zijin's works Chapter 1136: Someone applied to join Chapter 1137: Fengxian is your man? Chapter 1138: You are 26! Actually still playing tricks Chapter 1139: Shocking joy? Chapter 1140: They...are dangerous! Chapter 1141: Tang Qianxiang, big surprise! Chapter 1142: "Read" Chapter 1143: This year's school flower has changed! Chapter 1144: You're not an outsider, I won't thank you Chapter 1145: Excessive force Chapter 1146: Thousands of miraculous forces are full Chapter 1147: Fengxian protected her tightly Chapter 1148: Save our family, you almost died Chapter 1149: It (he) is unique Chapter 1150: I promise you to break up Chapter 1151: He... fainted Chapter 1152: Happen to watch a play Chapter 1153: Deliberately hurt people, with solid evidence, and a bad attitude Chapter 1154: Shi Chengan asks Qian Mian for help Chapter 1155: Make a difference Chapter 1156: When will you call me the rest of the acting? Chapter 1157: Mine will be yours Chapter 1158: Exemption Chapter 1159: Not favored Chapter 1160: Shocked, she could reach this level! Chapter 1161: Become the center of the conversation Chapter 1162: Can hit me, can annoy me Chapter 1163: If you dont untie it, you will really break up. Chapter 1164: Comics club faces a crisis of dissolution Chapter 1165: Because of Tang Qianmian, she has given up all her achievements! Chapter 1166: I can't get away with me Chapter 1167: Far from the goal Chapter 1168: She needs something for practicing now Chapter 1169: Merger of the two companies Chapter 1170: Drunk, everything will happen Chapter 1171: Dig your own pits and jump yourself Chapter 1172: What if I get to you, its still thousands of miles away Chapter 1173: Grandpa Liu Chapter 1174: They want money? approved Chapter 1175: Ask him to leave it to you Chapter 1176: invite Chapter 1177: It's Mr. Bai's number Chapter 1178: Maybe you are better Chapter 1179: Let's not stop Chapter 1180: Why is this kid always against us? Chapter 1181: This...this can't be... it turned out to be her! Chapter 1182: Are you scared and stupid by Tang Qianmian? Chapter 1183: This enlightenment is beyond the reach of ordinary people Chapter 1184: Thousands of people eat melons, and someones attributes are revealed Chapter 1185: Than cooking Chapter 1186: She has a baby kiss Chapter 1187: See every day Chapter 1188: These are not tasty Chapter 1189: Stay here Chapter 1190: Are you satisfied with my arrangement? Chapter 1191: I don't know how to fight Chapter 1192: Play with me for a while Chapter 1193: Jealous Chapter 1194: Very special smell of blood Chapter 1195: Is Yu Manman also an experimental subject? Chapter 1196: It's boyfriend here Chapter 1197: Name the event kiss Chapter 1198: Feng Xian made Yu Manman cry Chapter 1199: I like him like this Chapter 1200: Really trampled Chapter 1201: The whole class can go to the exhibition Chapter 1202: Exhibition Chapter 1203: Not so satisfied Chapter 1204: omnipotent Chapter 1205: S class Chapter 1206: Invited Chapter 1207: The first person of Beijing University Chapter 1208: Just give up like this, you are reconciled Chapter 1209: Panicked and didn't answer her Chapter 1210: Master will vent your anger for you Chapter 1211: News from the crater Chapter 1212: Try again Chapter 1213: Can't have children Chapter 1214: Feng Xian Bai Mucheng "Quarreled" Chapter 1215: There is a tranquilizer in his cigarette Chapter 1216: Qian Miao intervened in the dispute between the three people to destroy her Chapter 1217: Slap! Treacherous reveal Chapter 1218: karma Chapter 1219: Brother is not well Chapter 1220: Don't be afraid, just have me Chapter 1221: Qianmiaos little cute, Xiaoyus new love Chapter 1222: I dont have the habit of being friends with my ex Chapter 1223: Double the ability and set foot on Taishizhou Chapter 1224: This painting is imitated by Su Yanluo Chapter 1225: Jiang Yuan wants to teach Fengxian Chapter 1226: Shonen Lang who lives alone Chapter 1227: He is the person Qianmiao loves most Chapter 1228: Brother Xian is jealous again Chapter 1229: Fiasco Chapter 1230: Qian Miao feels distressed that Fengxian was beaten Chapter 1231: Slap! She is our Lord! Chapter 1232: Qian Miao agreed to paint Chapter 1233: Mr. Feng, Miss Tang doesnt need my help at all Chapter 1234: Chimiao changes paintings Chapter 1235: She is qualified to compare with us? Chapter 1236: Just get Tang Qianyan Chapter 1237: Let her really own him Chapter 1238: He may be the one who has been missing for a long time Chapter 1239: Sarcasm surging Chapter 1240: Come out! Face slap moment! Chapter 1241: Announcing the list of winners Chapter 1242: A blockbuster, won the first! Chapter 1243: The evidence is as strong as she is plagiarism! Chapter 1244: Its not that I copied her, but she copied me Chapter 1245: She didn't lie Chapter 1246: I'm still making a fool of myself Chapter 1247: She hid a secret in the painting (a bit sweet) Chapter 1248: Invite him over Chapter 1249: Qianmiao takes the initiative, like eating a cart of lemons (sweet) Chapter 1250: This time, she came to be soft Chapter 1251: He has lovesickness Chapter 1252: Are you not afraid of the Yu family at all? Chapter 1253: You are playing with me Chapter 1254: Awesome girl Chapter 1255: Hua Zijin said he would not renew his contract Chapter 1256: Use hypnosis to separate the two of them! Chapter 1257: No cure, it's a short-lived Chapter 1258: The young man is finally willing to come out Chapter 1259: With hypnosis Chapter 1260: Fengxian is drunk on my side, come here Chapter 1261: I'm going to smash the door if I don't come out Chapter 1262: I will never marry you again! Chapter 1263: In a blink of an eye, you are going to get married Chapter 1264: Hello my wife Chapter 1265: Sixty trees, one per year Chapter 1266: Misty, that question, I know the answer Chapter 1267: You treat her as a treasure, she may not think you are the only one in her heart Chapter 1268: Luo Yan is injured, Qian Miao is furious Chapter 1269: Don't go out yet, lest you get hurt by her Chapter 1270: She is set off like a grain of sand Chapter 1271: Fighting field, two women fighting each other Chapter 1272: Tang Qianfan finally felt the pain Chapter 1273: Go to the doctor, lest you die here Chapter 1274: She is willing to listen to him Chapter 1275: Ignore Chapter 1276: No one wants her Chapter 1277: Get back this account in the arena! Chapter 1278: Don't make him angry Chapter 1279: She deserves to be my daughter, she should be like this Chapter 1280: Surround me! Chapter 1281: Whoever is against her is against me Chapter 1282: Start to rely on him, wait for you to like me Chapter 1283: Don't hit... Don't hit her... Chapter 1284: Fengxian was taken away, Qian Miao made a new discovery Chapter 1285: I come to use my rights Chapter 1286: I was robbed back then Chapter 1287: Get out of country A! Chapter 1288: Queen please Chapter 1289: Queen please Chapter 1290: House arrest Chapter 1291: Fight back! Miss Tang has made arrangements Chapter 1292: I cant figure out why I fell into the hands of a yellow girl Chapter 1293: Announced the marriage, the trend of public opinion changed Chapter 1294: Do you still consider it true love when you play with you? Chapter 1295: Fengxian: I'm the one who climbs Chapter 1296: Miss Tang Chapter 1297: , If you want to solve the mystery of the year, you can only ask him Chapter 1298: Hug, she regained her original joy Chapter 1299: Qianmiao gets new clues, four "monsters" Chapter 1300: Sleep together, are you shy? Chapter 1301: Meeting her is the happiest and luckiest thing in my life Chapter 1302: He should have love for you, right? Chapter 1303: The night is long and gentle Chapter 1304: I took sleeping pills in the breakfast of Fengxian Chapter 1305: You came? Chapter 1306: Change his mind Chapter 1307: Worthy of being my man Chapter 1308: What did I lie to you for? I am also very confused! Chapter 1309: Her memory was taken away Chapter 1310: I want to protect you Chapter 1311: Empathy Chapter 1312: Disguised as a mysterious person Chapter 1313: That designer is faint Chapter 1314: Fengxian, I am going to make a decision! Chapter 1315: Qianmiao, handsome! Chapter 1316: This girl is too strong, she is not ordinary Chapter 1317: His wife is the real boss Chapter 1318: I'm afraid they will let go of their previous suspicions Chapter 1319: Tang Qianfan, you are my nemesis Chapter 1320: Beg her Chapter 1321: That batch of experimental subjects appeared again! Chapter 1322: This is the best way, I am waiting for them to come to me! Chapter 1323: Solve the mystery of the experimental team Chapter 1324: Those people are related to your big families Chapter 1325: The struggle between the boat and the sea Chapter 1326: The story behind Feng Xian's eye injury Chapter 1327: How did you do it, trust each other so much? Chapter 1328: X-6 appears Chapter 1329: To gain time Chapter 1330: Tentative Chapter 1331: He became brave for her Chapter 1332: The bride is married Chapter 1333: Husband, I seemed to say something wrong just now Chapter 1334: The goods have been signed and will not be returned Chapter 1335: You call me a pig! Chapter 1336: Misty, save Chapter 1337: Get out Chapter 1338: Admiring Chapter 1339: Conscientious little villain Chapter 1340: New injury plus old injury Chapter 1341: I really admire you Chapter 1342: You carry me, i carry you Chapter 1343: Are you shy to ask this kind of question? Chapter 1344: Feng Can cheating Chapter 1345: Good-looking man and beautiful girl, they look very good Chapter 1346: Very sensitive and inferior Chapter 1347: He said he has no girlfriend Chapter 1348: How to love you Chapter 1349: Believe him unconditionally Chapter 1350: What about your courage Chapter 1351: Feng Can was beaten Chapter 1352: Hug each other tightly Chapter 1353: Become a woman Chapter 1354: Seal the string to ask for marriage Chapter 1355: You are so good, let me hug you Chapter 1355: Broken lotus root Chapter 1356: Feng Xian domineering proposal Chapter 1357: Her name is on the partner bar Chapter 1358: Qianmiao is a mother Chapter 1359: Confess to your parents Chapter 1360: official holiday Chapter 1361: Why should I do the inspection alone? Chapter 1362: Dinner Chapter 1363: Self-harm Chapter 1364: Resolve the grievances between Qian Mian and Tang Yi Chapter 1365: "Who the **** is that man!" Chapter 1366: If Mr. Cang knew about this, he would not spare her lightly. Chapter 1367: Hope you don't hate him Chapter 1368: long johns Chapter 1369: The rivalry between two "fathers" Chapter 1370: Those eyes smile like a misty and charming smile Chapter 1371: The old man was beaten in the face Chapter 1372: He adds her friend Chapter 1373: Father-daughter warmth Chapter 1374: Must divorce Chapter 1375: suicide Chapter 1376: As long as the groom is right Chapter 1377: The string in my heart that has been suppressed for many years suddenly moved Chapter 1378: Be invited to join a special operations team Chapter 1379: Wei Wu officially became a glory warrior Chapter 1380: meet Chapter 1381: I think it tastes like mom's made Chapter 1382: Sky casket Chapter 1383: Bai Mucheng kills Yu Manman Chapter 1384: A long-hidden like Chapter 1385: She is his little follower Chapter 1386: Brother, don't let me down Chapter 1387: One is the me you know, the other is the me you never met Chapter 1388: Eleven, your mother is not dead Chapter 1389: Auntie was forced to death Chapter 1390: The old man was persuaded by Feng Xian Chapter 1391: Qian Miao was arrested Chapter 1392: Decided Qianmiao's life and death issues Chapter 1393: Acquitted Chapter 1394: I love you too Chapter 1395: She also desires to own her own home Chapter 1396: In pursuit of excitement? Chapter 1397: Just released from prison, alone? Chapter 1398: She wanted to change him, but she failed miserably Chapter 1399: He is not in the top two Chapter 1400: Like you, i like you so much Chapter 1401: The test drug was successful! Chapter 1402: I thought it was a super power Chapter 1403: Get out of me if you don't want to die! Chapter 1404: Must be caught! I want to study hard! Chapter 1405: coma Chapter 1406: Volume up (end) Chapter 1407: I cant hear the footsteps of Fengxian (beginning of second volume) Chapter 1408: Qian Miao was stolen Chapter 1409: That's Wei Wu's smell! Chapter 1410: Look at the monitoring! Something flashed past! Chapter 1411: Meet Wei Wu! Chapter 1412: Something unexpected happened Chapter 1413: This child is over, and it will be like this for the rest of my life Chapter 1414: Her thoughts are stronger than the wind Chapter 1415: She is a little capable, but all crooked Chapter 1416: Zeyue has no maternal love since childhood Chapter 1417: Every minute and every second I leave you is a torment for me Chapter 1418: So good Chapter 1419: I won't come back, this is not my home! Chapter 1420: I want you to die! Chapter 1421: Poisonous woman Chapter 1422: Are you still thinking about learning from that Tang Qianyan? Chapter 1423: Her comic book Chapter 1424: General meeting of shareholders Chapter 1425: Sorry i'm late Chapter 1426: This is strength Chapter 1427: Unexpected result Chapter 1428: Start of the competition Chapter 1429: Revenge for her infidelity Chapter 1430: I think Qian Mian is shy Chapter 1431: Thank you brother-in-law Chapter 1432: Happy wedding Chapter 1433: Increase the dose, this one is very stubborn Chapter 1434: He has been looking for you all this time, but I am stopping Chapter 1435: Is a Mr. Bai Chapter 1436: fight Chapter 1437: The owner of the fruit company, named Xie Jing Chapter 1438: Miss him Chapter 1439: I beat him Chapter 1440: She ran away Chapter 1441: Affair Chapter 1442: It turns out that he is so long in love Chapter 1443: Come and help me Chapter 1444: How can a man be careful? Chapter 1445: Time to get married Chapter 1446: Unexpectedly obedient Chapter 1447: "Yes." She rubbed her eyes and sat up Chapter 1448: Couple Screensaver Chapter 1449: I can't help you Chapter 1450: Compare two hotels Chapter 1451: Coax the child Chapter 1452: Jealous Chapter 1453: diary Chapter 1454: This is a pit Chapter 1455: Watching her all day Chapter 1456: Not healed Chapter 1457: Do not give up Chapter 1458: kill Chapter 1459: Who else could it be without her Chapter 1460: Her sanity has been eaten away Chapter 1461: Inconsistency Chapter 1462: Pretend Chapter 1463: Yuanjia Road is narrow Chapter 1464: Laughed, how is it? Chapter 1465: A different kind of show affection Chapter 1466: The opportunity for revenge is here! Chapter 1467: buy Chapter 1468: It's better to see her lose than beat her Chapter 1469: Both have problems Chapter 1470: Please boss advise Chapter 1471: Taoyuan, built for you Chapter 1472: There are so many things that the husband considers for the young lady Chapter 1473: If Xiao Mian wants to eat, just make it Chapter 1474: Regret not participating in her growth Chapter 1475: You know what I think Chapter 1476: It's not convenient to bother him with your business Chapter 1477: Look down on her Chapter 1478: Opened, deserted Chapter 1479: Give LM to the black chicken Chapter 1480: The meaning of LM Chapter 1481: She will not give up the market here! Chapter 1482: The investigation has a result Chapter 1483: Time to make a choice Chapter 1484: Laixi Hotel imitates us Chapter 1485: Booked a presidential suite for the next week Chapter 1486: He brought back a little girl Chapter 1487: To seize the hatred of love Chapter 1488: I can smell far away Chapter 1489: Oh no! Oh no! Chapter 1490: Find someone to report Chapter 1491: I can't look down on her at all Chapter 1492: In the form of live broadcast Chapter 1493: Start counterattack Chapter 1494: Really wrong, dare not next time Chapter 1495: Like a faithful puppy guarding its owner Chapter 1496: How did he die! Chapter 1497: My name is Chiyo Chapter 1498: She is in a hurry Chapter 1499: It is missing Chapter 1500: Don't be pretending to be in front of me! Chapter 1501: Return your favor Chapter 1502: I won't love you Chapter 1503: What are you still looking forward to? Chapter 1504: There are rumors that are not conducive to the hotel Chapter 1505: Grows on her aesthetic point Chapter 1506: Hope our relationship can go further Chapter 1507: Watch a joke Chapter 1508: Cang Lan was beaten in the face Chapter 1509: She completely rescued this hotel Chapter 1510: Congratulations on graduation, Mrs. Feng Chapter 1511: Take care of your child's mother Chapter 1512: The bed was cut in half directly Chapter 1513: Bai Mucheng Chapter 1514: Go to see his psychiatrist Chapter 1515: Only love can save him Chapter 1516: Perfectly crushed! Chapter 1517: Chairman Bai, you always know his illness Chapter 1518: I will only apologize to the dead Chapter 1519: I make a wish, and my wife Chien... Chapter 1520: fire, have you heard of it? Chapter 1521: Fake accounts? Chapter 1522: Wife come to slap Chapter 1523: The vest fell off Chapter 1524: The first female president elected by votes Chapter 1525: Its so stupid to use affection like them Chapter 1526: Because of you Chapter 1527: Only back Chapter 1528: Go get Tang Qianmiao's blood Chapter 1529: Down Gu Chapter 1530: End yourself Chapter 1531: That person's abilities are similar to Qianmiao Chapter 1532: Exposed Chapter 1533: The strongest alienation man, Kunlun Chapter 1534: How can you keep up with your little nizi? Chapter 1535: This name is not good, change it Chapter 1536: A contest of two Chapter 1537: celebration Chapter 1538: The concern from three aunts and six poems Chapter 1539: Threat Chapter 1540: Against the world, there will be no good results Chapter 1541: Even if it's difficult, give it a try Chapter 1542: This password is only known by Big Brother Chapter 1543: Only he can beat her Chapter 1544: If you win, you lose Chapter 1545: At that time, will your vaccine be able to sell? Chapter 1546: Congratulations, my wife is so happy! Chapter 1547: Don't name you Chapter 1548: After all, I'm willing to do anything for her Chapter 1549: Vent for him Chapter 1550: She is at least bolder than you Chapter 1551: Know the murderer, but helpless Chapter 1552: Viruses ravaging all over the world Chapter 1553: Develop vaccines and set up rescue teams Chapter 1554: Finally convinced her Chapter 1555: Besides, it's still my first love Chapter 1556: Drunkard doesnt mean wine Chapter 1557: Love yourself Chapter 1558: Brother Xian, can you... avoid it? Chapter 1559: One word awakens the dreamer Chapter 1560: Love each other Chapter 1561: Heartbeat pounding Chapter 1562: Quarrel dating Chapter 1563: Just as my heart beats, I respond again Chapter 1564: Chivalry Chapter 1565: The man who makes people feel chill Chapter 1566: completely annihilated! Chapter 1567: track Chapter 1568: What is the power of your so-called Corps? Chapter 1569: So handsome! Chapter 1570: She is stronger than he thought Chapter 1571: I am sorry Chapter 1572: He asked me to protect you Chapter 1573: Protect yourself before you want to protect others Chapter 1574: Change heir Chapter 1575: Think about the future Chapter 1576: Auntie Huan...Run! Chapter 1577: Your wife is not dead Chapter 1578: Unforgettable birthday Chapter 1579: Form a new alliance Chapter 1580: Make sure Yun Huan is still alive Chapter 1581: Finally dead Chapter 1582: Persuade them to divorce Chapter 1583: irony Chapter 1584: Set the fire to a hundred Chapter 1585: She is willing to be infected Chapter 1586: Lin Wenyu Variation Chapter 1587: Once dismissed, now the blood book calls for help Chapter 1588: Eve of Revenge Chapter 1589: You run quickly! Chapter 1590: I will accompany you wherever you go! Chapter 1591: Still crushed by Tang Qianmiao Chapter 1592: No fertility anymore Chapter 1593: Prejudice disappeared Chapter 1594: I want to make you fat Chapter 1595: Take the initiative to send money to your door Chapter 1596: Become the richest man Chapter 1597: As long as your mom agrees, dad will do everything he can to fulfill your wish Chapter 1598: Woman's sixth sense Chapter 1599: He shouldn't come Chapter 1600: Deep misunderstanding Chapter 1601: He found out he was wrong Chapter 1602: Finally said Chapter 1603: You can stir my desire for family Chapter 1604: I will not return! Chapter 1605: Bitten Chapter 1606: It works! Chapter 1607: Misunderstanding resolved Chapter 1608: What is useful is his blood Chapter 1609: Chaos Chapter 1610: Proactively meet Chapter 1611: Is this flourishing age as I wish? Chapter 1612: Speak out in the name of my god Chapter 1613: Don't help! Chapter 1614: I don't care, you treat me as dead? Chapter 1615: No one can persuade him except your mother Chapter 1616: Resurgence of hatred Chapter 1617: Half day yellow Chapter 1618: This is the meaning of her living in this world Chapter 1619: Something happened Chapter 1620: I just think i'm lucky Chapter 1621: This is really scared Chapter 1622: Down for you Chapter 1623: I know what I'm doing, I don't need to remind you Chapter 1624: Will your anger disappear? Chapter 1625: The President hosted a banquet summoned Chapter 1626: Hit and hit Chapter 1627: Since then, there is no more me in this world Chapter 1628: You said he was Feng Wei, I still believe it a little bit Chapter 1629: Accompanying visit to country C Chapter 1630: Vinegar strings come online Chapter 1631: Tong Yan Wuji Chapter 1632: He will be a good father Chapter 1633: Madam, being acting like a baby, he must not be able to bear it Chapter 1634: This man has never been so angry with her Chapter 1635: She will also "be a demon" Chapter 1636: boss let me watch you eat Chapter 1637: Qianmiao acted like a baby Chapter 1638: Qianmiao wants to hug Chapter 1639: Kill three birds with one stone Chapter 1640: That medicine, but Gu Chapter 1641: Miss Tang, you have changed a lot Chapter 1642: Miss Tang, oh no, Mrs. Feng Chapter 1643: Not optimistic Chapter 1644: They are all alienated Chapter 1645: Sorry i shouldn't yell at you Chapter 1646: When the plane comes, you have to go Chapter 1647: She is a patron saint sent by God Chapter 1648: The woman who appeared suddenly Chapter 1649: Dew Chapter 1650: You are already in the bag Chapter 1651: Too perfect, too calm, unreasonable Chapter 1652: Every time I mention him, he feels unhappy in his heart Chapter 1653: No matter what you do, i will support you Chapter 1654: Mention her and he gets angry Chapter 1655: I just want Yun Huan to die Chapter 1656: Is it Lan Li? Chapter 1657: I suspect that the Bai family has different intentions Chapter 1658: Do this so that people wont be suspicious Chapter 1659: Mutual suspicion Chapter 1660: Today I will teach you some simple imperial Gu techniques Chapter 1661: The person who ordered you to be killed this time is Bai Mucheng himself Chapter 1662: She understands it all, MLX Chapter 1663: The flames of war ignite, **** you away Chapter 1664: Promised to take them away Chapter 1665: Surrounded by Chapter 1666: Hit people directly Chapter 1667: He looks very handsome when he is angry Chapter 1668: Gorilla riding a horse Chapter 1669: Tang Xiaoer is back Chapter 1670: Blood boiled, and in awe Chapter 1671: Lord is faster than you Chapter 1672: Xian'er, it's you Chapter 1673: Surprising but not dangerous Chapter 1674: Yun Huan was replaced Chapter 1675: He is the one who picked up the lady! Chapter 1676: Chuanshan City, Yinshan Town Chapter 1677: Found here, transfer over there Chapter 1678: I will take over all the affairs of the company Chapter 1679: Personal change at a critical moment Chapter 1680: Hey, what I ask you, what you answer Chapter 1681: About the name Chapter 1682: Like to hear you call brother Chapter 1683: Write to inform Chapter 1684: "It's just a day without seeing you, look at how impatient you are Chapter 1685: "Someone broke in." Chapter 1686: Please protect us Chapter 1687: Cang Ting was arrested Chapter 1688: Not made by Kunlun Chapter 1689: Will adopt a new plan Chapter 1690: Got an idea Chapter 1691: Like a... puppet Chapter 1692: Her desperate look penetrated his heart Chapter 1693: Eleven, you can't do anything! Chapter 1694: Who will he choose? Chapter 1695: This is the perfect opportunity to completely trample Fengshi! Chapter 1696: As long as what he did is worthy of Bai's Chapter 1697: Adjust the plan Chapter 1698: Harmony Chapter 1699: Thank you dad Chapter 1700: Successfully developed an antidote! Chapter 1701: I know where Yun Huan is Chapter 1702: You take the antidote, and you dont conflict with Sha Yunhuan. Chapter 1703: Both brothers were taken away Chapter 1704: The two quietly left Feng's house Chapter 1705: I won't hurt you Chapter 1706: I'm doing a task! Chapter 1707: It depends on your sister Tang Qianyan's face Chapter 1708: Aruki Yamanaka Chapter 1709: I want to see Yun Huan Chapter 1710: Too arrogant, this is the end! Chapter 1711: This bow and arrow are poisonous, very poisonous Chapter 1712: Lin Wenyu goes offline Chapter 1713: Two crazy people Chapter 1714: end Chapter 1714: end