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Song Zhan raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard this, he looked at Wen Yihui with a trace of joking in his eyes.

After watching a drama, how much psychological shadow did the little girl leave on Wen Yihui?

Thinking of this, Song Zhan turned to look at Qin Nuan.

The little girl has her own way of forcing the suitor to retreat. She is indeed the junior sister who used the love letter as a draft paper back then.

But she didn't know it yet.

He was able to chase her because of his own charm.

After Wen Yihui said, he imagined that Song Zhan and Qin Nuan would take notes for her in the future. He glanced at Song Zhan sympathetically, then sighed silently, bowed his head and walked away.

After Wen Yihui left, Qin Nuan and Song Zhan said, "I will have no role in the next two days. I have to go home and go to Mingyue's house to propose marriage with my brother and parents, and set a wedding date."

It was already about to discuss the date of marriage with Chu Mingyue, and Qin Shi's progress was also quicker.

All rushed ahead of him and Nuannuan.

Song Zhan asked casually: "Why is your brother so anxious to be engaged to Miss Chu?"

Qin Nuan originally thought that with Qin Shis straight male personality, the day lilies that Chu Mingyue would expect to be able to wait for him to cultivate Zhengguo would be cold. Unexpectedly, after falling in love with Chu Mingyue, he tasted the sweetness of having a girlfriend. His whole person is as if he is hanging up, he has changed himself.

He also said that if he is going to get married sooner or later, why not marry his wife home sooner?

Marrying back early can give you peace of mind, cut off other people's thoughts of digging a wall, and enjoy the right to be a husband early.

Thinking of this, Qin Nuan smiled and retelled to Song Zhan what Qin Shi had said to himself, "He said he wanted to help his son with math problems earlier."

Song Zhan's eyes lit up when he heard this, "Nuan Nuan, I have passed the exam for the teacher qualification certificate."

Arent we talking about Qin Shi and Chu Mingyues marriage, why did you mention this suddenly?

Qin Nuan didn't understand, she thought for a while and smiled: "Then congratulations!"

Song Zhan leaned slightly, leaning close to Qin Nuan's ear, who was sitting in the chair, with a smile in his voice, and asked: "Sister Nuan, when can I help our children with homework?"

Qin Nuan: "!!!"


Is this... a marriage proposal?

When confessing, I said "Sister Nuan, can I sleep with you? I promise not to press your hair." When I want to get married now, I say "Sister Nuan, when can I help our children with homework?" .

It's really her brother Zhan, who doesn't blush or beat any words, and takes it for granted.


Qin Nuan coughed vigorously twice, and her face was slightly red. She calmed down and said with a serious face, "It depends on your performance."

Song Zhan propped Qin Nuan's chair back with one hand, leaned over her ear, and his voice was clean and deep, pleasant and sultry.

"You want Sanjin actor to be a boyfriend, I did it."

"You want your child's dad to have a teacher qualification certificate, and I did it too."

"So, now, Sister Nuan, what do you want from your future husband?"

Song Zhans voice was very sultry. Qin Nuan almost broke her defense. She coughed slightly, and said with her small face, "As for what I want from my future husband, I have not yet decided.

In short, I will not let my future husband marry me so easily. I have to temper him well, and only after he is qualified can he take up the post with a certificate, fulfill his obligations, and enjoy his rights. "

Song Zhan listened carefully to Qin Nuan's words, raised his hand and squeezed her soft cheeks, and smiled: "Okay, I will listen to you."

The interaction between Song Zhan and Qin Nuan fell in the eyes of Director Zhao. He closed his eyes tightly, really seeing nothing!

No matter how hard you bear it, it will be finished in one month!

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There must also be marriage and divorce. Chapter 205: What is proud of being chewed by a dog? Chapter 206: Only embarrassment filled the room. Chapter 207: Weiwei, let's break up. Chapter 208: I blocked your circle of friends. Chapter 209: Sister Nuan won't sell you again! Chapter 210: You will be my father from now on. Chapter 211: Need the original marriage certificate? Chapter 212: Let the Qin Group give us the funeral of marriage! Chapter 213: Am I on the hot search again? Chapter 214: Now I can protect my sister. Chapter 215: Brother Lingcheng, I'm afraid you will be sad. Chapter 216: ## Chapter 217: marital status: Single. Chapter 218: Unmarried and light. Chapter 219: All this was originally arranged by him. Chapter 220: Song Zhan is no one else. Chapter 221: Gu Zhengxi, have you seen green? Chapter 222: Looking west at Chang'an, I see the river flow below. Chapter 223: Sister Nuan who combines beauty and talent. Chapter 224: There was no way to force Qin Nuan to stay with him. Chapter 225: I'm pregnant, it's you and my baby. Chapter 226: Pity the parents of the world. Chapter 227: I feel insulted to the dog. Chapter 228: As long as there is a problem with the funding chain. Chapter 229: As little as your IQ. Chapter 230: The technique is really good, the play is very symmetrical! Chapter 231: Can the fall be so symmetrical? Chapter 232: Mrs. Song? Are you not standing on the stage? Chapter 233: A match made in heaven! A match made in heaven! Chapter 234: Brother Lingcheng and I are true love. Chapter 235: Get rid of the child yourself. Chapter 236: Qin Nuan, I am pregnant. Chapter 237: Rewrite the fate of being dug out. Chapter 238: The mountains are high and the roads are far away, goodbye to the rivers and lakes! Chapter 239: Whoops! ow! Chapter 240: I failed to keep our children! Chapter 241: Is this man Er Frozen? Chapter 242: No need to be so grand, right? Chapter 243: One hundred and eight blind date Chapter 244: When has she been so casual? Chapter 245: This color...this pattern... Chapter 246: Boys cannot ride on the merry-go-round! Chapter 247: Use your own spear to attack your own shield. Chapter 248: This time the C position is changed to He Xin! Chapter 249: She must not lose to Qin Nuan in dancing! Chapter 250: She wants to slap Tan Xue in the face well. Chapter 251: Don't show it to those stinky men. Chapter 252: Is the Song family short of your money to buy fabrics? Chapter 253: Nuannuan, what kind of sacks do you like? Chapter 254: Not a compromise with Bai Weiwei. Chapter 255: Brother, I was bullied! Chapter 256: No trouble, I have a car ride. Chapter 257: Then you must be faithful. Chapter 258: No. 258: Bai Weiwei: She doesn't like group fans. Chapter 259: Are you right? Nosy. Chapter 260: Why are you kicking me out of T-SIX? Chapter 261: The general manager bent towards Song Zhan, "Mr. Song!" Chapter 262: I have never regarded you as an opponent. Chapter 263: Work hard to make money for the company. Chapter 264: Qin Xiaonuan promised to complete this mission. Chapter 265: How can he not compare to Song Zhan? Chapter 266: White lotus combination. Chapter 267: Isnt it a bit cute again? Chapter 268: They have to give them a buffer time. Chapter 269: Xiao Mingyue, do you want a boyfriend? Chapter 270: I remembered wrong, I didn't have first love. Chapter 271: Not a bit of face. Chapter 272: Sima tank smashed the tank and ruined my white moonlight! Chapter 273: Although my husband is not good, my sister-in-law is good! Chapter 274: Can you solve that math problem? Chapter 275: I taught her math problems all night. Chapter 276: Xiao Nuan, you drink. Your brother is not worthy! Chapter 277: Song Zhan: I am here. I'm here. I'm here. Chapter 278: Shall you sew it up? Chapter 279: Isn't this what strength is? Chapter 280: Give me back my fabric money! Chapter 281: Let Qin Nuan never dance again. Chapter 282: A low birth means that you can't get over the waves. Chapter 283: Two more. Chapter 284: Three shifts Chapter 285: This is a metaphysics. Chapter 286: One more. Chapter 287: Two more. Chapter 288: Three shifts. Chapter 289: Four more. Chapter 290: I hope you can donate a kidney to Weiwei. Chapter 291: Unfortunately, Bai Weiwei is not a human being. Chapter 292: Brother Lingcheng feels sorry for her? Chapter 293: Is the hooves unable to hold the steering wheel? Chapter 294: Qin Nuan, you will have today too. Chapter 295: Miss Qin was taken away. Chapter 296: Li Lingcheng, stamp your foot. Chapter 297: It's all a dead end. Chapter 298: Weiwei, don't be afraid. Chapter 299: Simple, weak, timid, and kind. Chapter 300: Raise your hands and accept the investigation! Chapter 301: Had Weiwei been lying to him all the time? Chapter 302: When he died? Chapter 303: I really want to advance on-demand! Chapter 304: You don't need to be so smart in the future. Chapter 305: Who do you think you are? Also stand in my way. Chapter 306: What about the prince of Z Group? Chapter 307: It's okay to pretend to be crazy. Chapter 308: Could you let me talk to this Miss Bai? Chapter 309: That is our warm and smart. Chapter 310: The 310th is a pity that we are all single dogs. Chapter 311: My younger sister, my brother has also come to Jiangcheng. Chapter 312: My future brother-in-law. Chapter 313: It was a nightmare that tortured her for more than ten years. Chapter 314: Die off! right now! Immediately! immediately! Chapter 315: Qin Nuan, today is the first snow. Chapter 316: Miss Qin, double negation equals affirmation. Chapter 317: Qin Shimingyue is now, and CP fan's heart is broken. Chapter 318: You will definitely not only take 25 points in the mathematics entrance examination. Chapter 319: Senior Qin Shi, I have caught up with you. Chapter 320: Learn the new by reviewing the past. Chapter 321: Fortunately, it is a long-term picture. Chapter 322: I suggest you take a look at your brain first. Chapter 323: Not to play a eunuch! Chapter 324: Definitely the most supervised eunuch! Chapter 325: I can only say one thing I miss my mother. Chapter 326: The world owes him too many girls. Chapter 327: Sister Nuan and Babies are true love. Chapter 328: What is it like to come out of the prison? Chapter 329: Did Li Lingcheng shoot me? Chapter 330: Suspected that the death of the old man had something to do with Miss Bai. Chapter 331: Prepare a car and go to Xijiao Prison. Chapter 332: I'm so blind! Chapter 333: Did my grandfather be killed for me? Chapter 334: Everyones original fate was rewritten. Chapter 335: The money-giver is here again! Chapter 336: It is the duty of doing green leaves! Chapter 337: This is what Mo Yihan owes Ye Qingge. Chapter 338: The money is worth it. Chapter 339: Can we delete the country nursery? Chapter 340: She guessed that it should be Song Zhan. Chapter 341: It turns out that Song Emperor is a mentor? Chapter 342: It's just that strength doesn't allow it. Chapter 343: Make up (1) Chapter 344: Make up (two) Chapter 345: A sense of pride comes from the heart. Chapter 346: Confession to the female star who was rejected by Zhan. Chapter 347: Take a closer look at your sister Nuan's head! Chapter 348: I have been in treatment and never gave up. Chapter 349: The director has an antagonism with Cong. Chapter 350: Continue to participate in the third season, is it love? Chapter 351: Can I defect now? Chapter 352: It's amazing to be thin! what! what! Chapter 353: The loser has to go with Gu Zhengxi. Chapter 354: Changan, what do you mean? Chapter 355: It turns out that the new guest this season is you. Chapter 356: Brother Lin, it turned out to be you! Chapter 357: Why don't we go find Qin Xiaonuan? Chapter 358: I am still a boy. Chapter 359: I have a bold idea. Chapter 360: He ran towards us! Chapter 361: Therefore, you are all air now. Chapter 362: Find the directors psychological shadow area. Chapter 363: It's a little brother I found. Chapter 364: How can you be Mumu? Chapter 365: The book actually describes his life. Chapter 366: Qin Nuan, don't treat me as a brother. Chapter 367: The long wait of thirteen years. Chapter 368: In the end you say you like green. Chapter 369: The dog is better than you, and the show team dare to grab it. Chapter 370: You should look for it! Chapter 371: "Retract your head for me!" Chapter 372: I am willing to happen with you. Chapter 373: The small composition is very good. Chapter 374: Did the actor Song ask for leave alone for you? Chapter 375: Men are most attractive when they work. Chapter 376: By no means lost to Qin Nuan. Chapter 377: Why is Song Zhan? Chapter 378: Because he is a mentor sitting on the judges' bench. Chapter 379: It's time to set a deadline for this relationship. Chapter 380: What I bought was not potato chips, but nitrogen. Chapter 381: I am indeed inferior to you. Chapter 382: Hundreds of plays have not praised you. Chapter 383: Is there something wrong with me? Chapter 384: It seems to have a close relationship with Song Zhan. Chapter 385: The purpose is to make her unable to pick up the words! Chapter 386: She was suppressed by Qin Nuan. Chapter 387: Jia Qiao started to lose the chain again. Chapter 388: Sister Qiao, haven't you found the feeling yet? Chapter 389: Can you break the meeting and let me compliment you? Chapter 390: This is subdued by the charm of the male god. Chapter 391: What should be respected is the fairness of the game. Chapter 392: I don't mind following the situation. Chapter 393: Tell the show team that you want to retire. Chapter 394: What people are most afraid of is being interrupted. Chapter 395: Jiang Rui has four votes and Qiao Jiaren has two votes. Chapter 396: It feels like they are going to be searched. Chapter 397: A lot of people think that you two need an official announcement. Chapter 398: Why do you feel that your face is even redder? Chapter 399: I started this company because of you. Chapter 400: Do you like our sister Nuan? Chapter 401: Do you understand what I mean? Chapter 402: Slap in the face too fast like a tornado. Chapter 403: Tears will also offer this wonderful flower. Chapter 404: Brother Zhan's mother is also in country Y. Chapter 405: They are simply fans to the treasure trove! Chapter 406: Just don't treat him as a human being. Chapter 407: Don't mess up your seniority. Chapter 408: Look at your eyes with green light. Chapter 409: Nuannuan, I like you. Chapter 410: Ride horses and share the prosperity of the world! Chapter 411: Because of you, Nuwa went to patch up the sky. Chapter 412: Xiaoye is nowhere younger than her! Chapter 413: Gu Zhengxi was more careful than she thought. Chapter 414: I really want to double-click 666 for you! Chapter 415: There is always a day when mathematics is finished. Chapter 416: Is watching a movie so happy? Chapter 417: Can you help our children with math problems? Chapter 418: There are math books hidden in the quilt. Chapter 419: How about giving it to a mall! Chapter 420: Life with a girlfriend is so good! Chapter 421: Today's window paper is too thick. Chapter 422: Why is Miss Qin here? Chapter 423: You say you don't like your woman. Chapter 424: She meets one of three conditions. Chapter 425: Why do you scold Chang'an? Chapter 426: The reason for always rejecting Lin Yunzhe. Chapter 427: Inuzi is willing to give you some guidance. Chapter 428: The power of love is great! Chapter 429: Changan! Be careful! Chapter 430: What kind of fan? Chapter 431: This time its garlic water, what about next time? Chapter 432: Do not worry! I'm not a bad person! Chapter 433: Mingyue, can you pass me my clothes? Chapter 434: But in fact, she didn't want him anymore. Chapter 435: The great mission of revitalizing single dog families! Chapter 436: As far as I know, Song Zhan is still single. Chapter 437: Miss Shen, from today on, fair competition! Chapter 438: Song Zhan's face was darker than carbon. Chapter 439: If you don't watch it, you get angry. Chapter 440: He would let Qin Nuan dance in front of him. Chapter 441: There are so many scenes without people catching up. Chapter 442: She is really a good group of licking dogs! Chapter 443: She is really a licking dog! Chapter 444: I bet your CP is absolutely real! Chapter 445: Because I am also an insider! Chapter 446: We are all the way. Chapter 447: The appearance of Qin Nuan gave her a great sense of crisis. Chapter 448: There is a way to prevent her from acting well in this scene. Chapter 449: I would like to partner with you to play Song Huaiyu. Chapter 450: Then I must be Qin Nuan. Chapter 451: Song Lang was choked in his throat. Chapter 452: I think you are not demon enough. Chapter 453: The championship, I am bound to win! Chapter 454: Shopping with women is a waste of time. Chapter 455: Qin Nuan, do you hate me? Chapter 456: I will try my best to win the championship! Chapter 457: Congratulations to my little girl for winning the championship in one fell swoop! Chapter 458: Worthy of being my little ancestor! Chapter 459: It was not intentional to come to Song Zhan. Chapter 460: Song Zhan and I did not fall in love. Chapter 461: Spread the rumor in one sentence, and ran away from the rumor. Chapter 462: It will only affect the speed of my sword! Chapter 463: She won't utter her mouth in advance. Chapter 464: What are you fighting for? Fight him? Chapter 465: It is his excellence that makes me work hard. Chapter 466: Which one is this little girl? Chapter 467: This is the so-called food addiction is still big? Chapter 468: Little girl, you are done! Chapter 469: Sister Nuan, can I sleep with you? Chapter 470: I promise I won't press your hair. Chapter 471: So... I threw the sword away! Chapter 472: Like is a match for opponents, but love is willing to win. Chapter 473: My name is Qin Shi, Chu Mingyue's fiance. Chapter 474: Nuan Nuan, good, open the door first. Chapter 475: Sister Nuan, I am sleeping alone, afraid. Chapter 476: Vitamin B2 has been eaten too much and it has become 2B! Chapter 477: Because Yu Huayan is a face dog. Chapter 478: There must be a dog in a seven-person walk. Chapter 479: No matter what life is like, romance will last until death! Chapter 480: The last one is also the first. Chapter 481: Brother, do you miss your fiancee? Chapter 482: Well, my brother-in-law is really nice. Chapter 483: Is it too late for me to be a CP fan? Chapter 484: He didn't want to live a single day. Chapter 485: You kiss me and I believe it. Chapter 486: Sister Nuan is brave to fly, and Brother Zhan is with you forever! Chapter 487: Qin Nuan didn't even look at him! Chapter 488: I'm jealous! Chapter 489: This is the kindness of your Mr. Song. Chapter 490: Why do I think Brother Zhan doesn't like me too much? Chapter 491: Come grab me! Rob me! Chapter 492: But Nuannuan likes me like this. Chapter 493: You... how did you get in? Chapter 494: Unexpectedly, you really came to see Brother Lin's concert! Chapter 495: Can't compare to the one who is in love. Chapter 496: I want to protect your lost love and fill the rest of your life. Chapter 497: Sister, if you don't come, I will be hugged by someone else. Chapter 498: The whole world is working hard for you. Chapter 499: Coast Hotel, 5002, this is the room card. Chapter 500: The most serious online violence. Chapter 501: I don't want Lin Yunzhe to be stigmatized. (1) Chapter 502: Are you jealous of me and Miss Sophia? (2) Chapter 503: You are not allowed to marry another man! (3) Chapter 504: Sister, you like me too, don't you? (4) Chapter 505: Still have meat to eat with Brother Zhan. (5) Chapter 506: It's useless to call brother. (6) Chapter 507: Sister, stay with me! (7) Chapter 508: Propaganda Lin Ge did not raise first. (8) Chapter 509: You like to hear me call your sister! (9) Chapter 510: Why not come at him? (10) Chapter 511: Lin Yunzhe replied: "My love affair." (11) Chapter 512: The girl who gave him courage is called Tan Xue. (12) Chapter 513: Now, he wanted to catch this beam of light. (13) Chapter 514: Get up, I change seats with you. (14) Chapter 515: A gentleman loves money and makes a good way. (15) Chapter 516: Those who truly love you will take the initiative to run towards you! Chapter 517: Because Miss Qin is the master of my master. Chapter 518: Don't worry, I will warm you up first. Chapter 519: Sister Tan, you are on a hot search! Chapter 520: Lin Yunzhe is also in Jiangcheng? Chapter 521: There is no one else in the eye, you are everywhere. Chapter 522: Sister, okay to be my girlfriend? Chapter 523: Sister Nuan, your physical strength is really bad! Chapter 524: Then remember to cheer for your brother! Chapter 525: May I ask you a few faces? Chapter 526: Come up, the steps are not high enough! Chapter 527: Brother Zhan, let's go! Chapter 528: Love like a novel. Chapter 529: Could it be... Lack of love since childhood? Chapter 530: Your boyfriend made my husband angry! Chapter 531: How did it become a class? Chapter 532: Jiang Feng is her son who suffers from depression! Chapter 533: Am I a good batch? Chapter 534: Do you think it looks like your heart? Chapter 535: Oh, this is it? learned. Chapter 536: As for? Coped like this. Chapter 537: The kick the little girl just kicked. Chapter 538: She actually saw herself. Chapter 539: Nuan Nuan, not once. Chapter 540: I tried it later and it didn't work. Chapter 541: My brother wants to help his child with math problems earlier. Chapter 542: The brain of an hour is too big. Chapter 543: Goodbye, I will propose marriage for our pig.