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Over two hundred disciples had entered the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm, and a majority of them belonged to the Heavenly Mystery Sect.

Because of their large numbers, they collected the medicinal herbs very quickly.

As they explored the first level, one of the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples laughed and said, "Look, the grass in front of us has not been touched. We are the first batch of cultivators to enter the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm. We must seize this excellent opportunity to collect the medicinal herbs!"

"Senior Brother is right. We must collect all the medicinal herbs and ensure that the disciples behind us miss out on any gains!"

"Hahaha! The Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm was originally the backyard of our Heavenly Mystery Sect. Naturally, we will not let others take advantage of it!"

"When we return, the Silver Elder will give us a great merit!"

When they heard the conversation between the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples, the cultivators from the other sects frowned.

They had been envious of the Heavenly Mystery Sect disciples from the moment they had entered the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

The Heavenly Mystery Sect had more than a hundred disciples, while their own factions only had twenty to thirty cultivators who had entered the mystic realm.

The enormous difference in numbers reflected the Heavenly Mystery Sects strength!

The other sects could only endure their disadvantage and avoid provoking the powerful sect.

In addition to the Heavenly Mystery Sect having the most disciples in the mystic realm, they were also the most skilled.

However, several small sects had joined forces and formed temporary alliances in the first level of the mystic realm.

The disciples from the various factions gathered nervously, striving to not let go of any valuable items.

They all thought that they were the first batch of cultivators to enter the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

However, the herbs on the ground were just insignificant medicinal treasures that Lin An had failed to collect.

In fact, he had already reached the third level of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

Surprisingly, the third level was very different from the previous two levels.

There really is a layer of scenery on each level. This level is actually a desert!

There was a stretch of yellow sand in front of him, as far as his eyes could see!

It seemed that the third level of the mystic level had no treasures to explore.

However, since its still part of the mystic realm, there must be something strange about it!

As expected, in less than a moment, Lin Ans feet began to sink into the yellow sand.

Is this quicksand?

Quicksand swamps were a common feature in the third level. If a disciple wandered aimlessly, they would sink into the sand and drown.

However, the yellow sand seemed to harbor a strange spiritual energy. Even immortal cultivators were susceptible to its pull.

As the yellow sand slowly sank around him, Lin An felt a sense of danger.

He summoned his strength and floated above the desert.

However, even after he levitated into the air, there was still a downward force pulling him towards the quicksand.

It was as if his feet were being dragged down by an enormous hand.

Could there be another scene under this desert?

In reality, many sects had detailed records about the desert in the third level of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

Although the entrance wasnt established, the quicksand swamps inside the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm had been documented by past cultivators to act as a reference for the disciples who would explore the mystic realm in the future.

Since Lin An was yet to break through the golden core stage, he hadnt taken part in the gathering of the Jiuxiao Sect disciples, so he naturally didnt know much about the history of the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm.

As Lin An struggled against the mysterious force that was pulling him towards the quicksand, he spotted the green medicinal spirit. Suddenly, the medicinal spirit dived into the quicksand. In the blink of an eye, it sank into the desert whirlpool and disappeared.

Lin An frowned.

He immediately stopped struggling against the gravitational pull and dived into the whirlpool.

Lin An was comfortable with the risk he had taken since the success rate system had confirmed that there was no imminent danger.

Moreover, the success rate of obtaining the medicinal spirit had increased to 5%!

This is my chance!

At that moment, Lin An had already sunk into the quicksand swamp.

His entire body was covered in sand, and he suddenly felt the pressure around him growing stronger and stronger. It felt as if his body was being endlessly compressed.

Lin An quickly activated the morality demon sealing technique, and a powerful force wrapped around him and immediately eased the discomfort.

The sand and the morality demon sealing techniques diamond shield rubbed against each other, making a rustling sound. At that moment, Lin An felt as if he was in an hourglass as he slowly sank into the quicksand.

After some time, he abruptly detected a sense of emptiness around him. The force that had been pulling him downwards immediately ceased to have an effect on him, and he felt as if he had broken free from some tough restraints.

As he floated in the air, Lin An was shocked by the scene before his eyes.

There was another world under the desert.

The sand flowed down and formed a pyramid shape. Lin An also noticed that an oasis had sprung up.

He immediately set his feet on the ground and observed his surroundings.

Suddenly, a small green figure flashed past Lin Ans eyes.

The medicinal spirit! Its really here!

However, Lin An didnt have much of a mind to chase after the medicinal spirit

This was because the three huge pyramids that had formed had already occupied all of his attention. Around the three enormous pyramids, several other small pyramids began to form.

It seemed that each pyramid had a number, and it was made up of huge flames.

The size of a pyramid seemed to determine its number. There were ninety-nine pyramids. The largest pyramid was labeled with the number one, while the smallest pyramid had the number of ninety-nine.

The three largest pyramids were arranged from north to south.

They were spread out around the oasis like three golden turtles, and they were as stable as a mountain.

The weird pyramids seemed to be laid out in a strange order.

Sure enough, under Lin Ans gaze, the success rate system exposed the mystery.

[In pyramid number one, your success rate of completed exploration is 0%!]

[In pyramid number two, your success rate of completed exploration is 5%!]

[In pyramid number three, your success rate of completed exploration is 28%!]

[The success rate of completing the exploration of the twenty-first pyramid is 80%, and the probability of obtaining a fragment is 65%!]

[The success rate of completing the exploration of the forty-third pyramid is 87%, and the probability of obtaining a fragment is 88%!]

[The success rate of completing the exploration of the fifty-fifth pyramid is 95%, and the probability of obtaining a fragment is 99%!]

"Haha! I see!"

After he read the success rate systems notifications, Lin An revealed a smile and immediately understood.

"So, these pyramids contain the key fragments to enter the main pyramid. Only by obtaining all the fragments will I have the chance to enter the inner part of the largest pyramid. There has to be a certain sequence within it.

Otherwise, if I go astray, I could fall into an endless reincarnation, and I could be trapped in the Sacred Dragon Mystic Realm!"

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