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People connect their bodies to connect their souls. The inner souls of us are always wandering around, looking for the correct person. And when they do, when they finally find that person, with whom they wanna connect, a string of fate is attached. A string of fate, keeps them bound with each other and makes sure that they will not be separated no matter where they would go. No matter how far they are, how far they will go, the string will keep them attached.

My string of fate has never found that person or I think it ever will. This thing doesn't bother me at all since I had given up on it long time ago. I mean who would ever love a person like me?

Someonewho was used by many men, someonewho doesn't have anything left except for their existence, someonewho is no longer pure.

I have nothing left to offer. My life is empty and all I have is my misery. The solitude, which I was given by the god. He did a cruel thing with my life. He took my mom from me, gave me the worst father and what else? Left no choice left to keep on living which led me to become a whore.

I am blessed with a curse.

Yet, this man here, he claims that he loves me to his heart's content. He has never loved another woman in his life except for me. I had enchanted him from the moment he laid his eyes on me. So funny that I could laugh on it all day.

Strange right? But it's not true. Because I'm not Lucinda. I'm a different person with different soul. How can he not see that? Why can't he see his string of fate is not attached to me? It is supposed to be connected with the soul then how come he sees no difference?

'Don't you even feel that I'm somebody else?' I had said those things so many times in my head, countless times. I wonder how come in these day, he failed to notice that his love of life, Lucinda was gone. She's dead and I'm only a substitute. I f.u.c.k.i.n.g dummy doll, who is pretending to Lucinda.

Timothy was still staring at me which made me so nervous. His intense gaze was efficient enough to make me feel shiver. I don't know why I'm shivering or feeling nervous. It's not the first time I'm going to have s.e.x with someone. But no matter how hard I try, I was feeling dizzy by the way he was looking at me. I can't not escape those eyes or turn over my face.

He lifted his hand and put them both side of my head. My heart raced as he opened my bun, making my long golden hair fall over my back. When his hard cheat became closer to my face, the temperature of my body rises up as I blushed. It made me looked like a tomato I bet. God this is so embarrassing.

Okay. I think I should start or this guy will not stop making me feel uneasy. I cupped his face with my palms then pressed my lips on him. Our kiss began to form into a more deeper passionate kiss. I pushed his sturdy body on the bed and finally it was the time we get connected.

Timothy made my body shift beneath him as he got up by turning my body. I was already leaking my body fluids after the whole oral session we had just a minute ago.

He slammed my rock hard p.e.n.i.s inside of me making me gulp in pain. I already knew it was going to be hard.

Because first of all, it's been a long time since Lucinda had any s.e.x with Timothy. No need say that her lady parts were untouched, this whole time. The second reason is well of course, the huge size of his male organ.

My breathing became faster and body became hot. Timothy has been thrusting inside me like a wild beast. Even after that blowjob he seems so energetic. Where did he got those energy from? No, seriously! What the heck this guy eats or drinks? He's literally drilling me!

Oh dear lord! My nails dig into his body, making them bleed probably. I knew I was using so my pressure on my nails but I just couldn't control them as I was driven by pain filled pleasure. My mind became more dizzy as we continued to move.

" Ahhhh! Tim!"

Oops did I just called him Tim now? Oh no I did a mistake. I'm not even supposed to call him by his name and now that I did, I made it so short. F.u.c.k.i.n.g great!

My heart skipped a beat. I hope that he didn't heard me. But how could he not? I literally screamed it out. I'm in trouble.

" Say that again. Call me by my name."

Huh? Is he serious? Is this a reward for giving him a nice f.u.c.k? Uh I guess?

" T-Timothy?" With a nervous tone I called out his name.

" No the other one." He looked into my eyes then I said those words softly.

" Tim?"

" Yes. From now on, when we are alone, I want you to call me by this name Lucy." My stomach turned into a knot as he spoke my name from his mouth. It made my heart beat faster than before.

Okay. What the hell is wrong with me? Why I'm feeling like this? It's like I'm a teenager again.

Timothy fell asleep after ravishing my body. I kept my eyes closed in front of him, pretending to be asleep. Finally when he was no longer awake, I got up from the bed. I picked my dress up from the floor and put my hand in the pocket.

Yes, it is unusual for a dress to have a pocket but it is custom made. When I went back to my father's home, I personally designed these dresses to have little pockets. Aren't they cute? But they are also useful in case of hiding small things.

I had hid the potion which will prevent me from getting pregnant. Every time I come to visit Timothy, I bring this little bottle of potion with me.I had keep it with me in case I get intimate with him. I took three drops of it as it was instructed to me. It tasted so bad that I had to drink some water afterwards. Laying in the bed, I went back to sleep with him. For few minutes I gazed upon his bare chest. He was indeed one handsome guy. His figure was so god like. I can't believe I am sleeping here with him now. Those few moments where Timothy made me feel nervous popped up in my head. I began to chuckle as I was recalling them.

Next day I told Anna to take me into the garden. I also brought Alex with me. After pleasing my dear husband, I got the permission to spend more time with my son Alex. It is a safe idea to keep Alex with me. That way I can watch over him without any stress.

Sir Joseph was there as well. I had told Anna to ask sir Joseph to meet me. Little Alex was busy playing in the garden and in the mean time there were no guard or people at our sight.

Sir Joseph was standing far from me but it was close enough to hear my word.

" Have you seen yesterday's drama?" My gaze, my body were in a different angle. I was pretending to talk with Anna only.

" Yes your highness." Joseph replied in a low voice.

" I think you already noticed that something was fishy. The way Grace died or rather she was killed, it was kinda abnormal to me."

" I also felt it too and not to be surprised, the nanny was found dead in the royal prison today. Someone is trying to hide their act by killing these people." Yes the nanny who was looking after my son Alex was found dead today. She was taken to the royal prison for further investigation but when the guards went to the cell today, she was laying dead there.

" Indeed. I have already guessed who is that. Sir Joseph, I want you to follow every steps of Eleanor. She is plotting something big and nasty."

" I shall do my best your highness."

" Anna, you and Sir Joseph, both of you stay cautious. Any wrong move and you're dead. Do not trust anybody. Your only objective is to protect Alex. I don't care about my life anyway." I let out a sigh thinking my chances of surviving is still low.

" Your highness please don't say it like that." Anna cried out in panic. That's so natural of her. She really cares for me and loved me. Tears were falling down from her eyes.

" I'm playing with fire. Either I win or get burned by it." I have to become bold. I know my life is blanching on a rope. It is clear that after having so many people, wanting me dead, I can not think of a peaceful life.

" There's another strange thing which I noticed that day. That knight, who killed Grace- what was his name again? Gilbert! Yes, I felt that he has some connections to Eleanor. "

" Your highness please don't worry. I shall look into each single detail. And your highness I may be your humble servant but your father has entrusted me with your life so, please don't speak of death so casually. As long I'm breathing I will protect you from any harm. It's my oath to you." Sir Joseph sounded so confident as he said those words to me. I trusted that his ability but I don't have any faith in my luck.

" Yes your highness! Me too. I shall serve you till my last day." Anna spoke in excitement along with sir Joseph. I'm so glad that at least I have them with me.

" It's funny, how you two are so devoted to me but then there's my husband the King. The great emperor of nation who can't even protect his own son from being poisoned. He doesn't even trust his wife when people throw accusations at her. Tsk,tsk, tsk, I no long have any feelings for him. All that left is pity and despise."

Anna began to look at me with sympathy. Honey please don't worry for me, I don't have any connection to that guy. He is just a stranger and my pawn for now. All I want is his favour. I will devour him completely at the end. I will make sure that I can punish those evil witches as long I am going to breath here.

~ to be continued

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