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The owner of the body is Lucinda, the present queen married to the king. Her life was not so tragic from the beginning. Her mother died when she was born. Even after that her father never hated or mistreated her.

She was the apple of his eyes. After the loss of her dear mother, Lucinda's father raised her on his own. He was the king of the nation still kept himself away from second marriage.

It is hard for the royals to have only one child as their successor.

The chances of them being killed by other nations or in war is high. In his case, it was a girl which is even more worse. Women can not inherit their father's status. It will be given to their husbands.

Still, the king never remarried again or had any illegitimate children. Lucinda grew up to be a fine lady. She had many talents and every thing she did, turned out to be graceful and elegant.

Everything was going well but then the war broke out. It was when Lucinda turned sixteen. The east nation attacked them which was one of the strongest empire that time. It was even more terrifying because the crown prince was leading the army.

The war was creating problems for both nations. Innocent people were dying in the war. Families were being affected greatly. The cost can not be paid with money.

So Lucinda's father, King Arthur the third, asked for a treaty. When the crown prince, Timothy came to the palace, he saw Lucinda and immediately fell captivated by her charms.

He told the king to let him marry her daughter as a treaty. The king was worried but there was no other option. He asked Lucinda for her approval. Lucinda loves her father very much so, she agreed to the marriage to avoid more deaths of people.

After being married to the crown prince Lucinda and Timothy became close. Things were going good. They started to love each other. Soon after some time Lucinda got pregnant with Timothy's child.

Within that time, the crown prince's father the emperor died. After the death of the emperor, Timothy became the new emperor. He was given so many responsibilities at this time.

Responsibility of being a father, responsibility of being the nation's king.

He was in so much pressure but still he managed everything with righteous will.

At the time he was happy with his wife and new born son. A happy family yet to be torn apart.

Since the emperor was dead, other nations were trying to start war. To prevent this, the counsellors suggested that he should make the princesses of other nations as his concubine. That way he can form alliances with all those nations.

The emperor disagreed to this. He never wanted to have other women except Lucinda. But as a queen of the nation, it was Lucinda's job to do the best. She pleaded him and finally Timothy agreed.

Fifteen princess from various nations came to become the concubine. The queen wanted to welcome them free heartedly sadly things started to get bad from that day.

All the girls saw that king only loves Lucinda and he never bothered to look at other women. It made them jealous so, they decided to break them apart. Some tried to seduce the king so, that they will get pregnant with his child.

Soon after Timothy and Lucinda began to have misunderstandings between them. Lucinda tried her best to ignore every negativity to keep her relationship. It became only worse. Within one year Timothy stopped talking with Lucinda. They started to live separately.

At this point Lucinda was happy with her son, Alexander. Little Alex was the only thing that helped them to stay together. The love between them was not dead. The concubines noticed it and that made them furious.

Now they wanted to separate Alex from his mother. After doing many planning and plotting they succeeded. Lucinda was not allowed to visit her one and only son without the king's permission. It broke her heart and crushed her will of fire.

Being all in this horrible condition she never told her father or informed him about this situation. She tolerated everything silently because she knew that if her father got a word about her condition he will be furious.

The princesses were successful of what they originally wanted. Now they tried to get into the bed with the king and have his child. Although that was nearly impossible. Like this five years were past. The little boy was now six years old. He will be the next king if this goes on.

The concubines made a decision that they will kill Alex. When they ladies were discussing about it Lucinda was near by. She heard all their conversation and she knew that her child is in danger. She decided that she will leave immediately with Alex and go to his father.

But destiny had something else planned for her. She was running like a wild animal that she sprained her ankle and fell into the lake. It was deep and she never learned how to swim. On the top of that she was wearing a heavy gown. As she was screaming for help the concubines came to the spot. They looked at her and laughed as they have got victory.

It was an outrageous scene to witness. A life that wants to live for someone else. Such traumatic moment can make anyone pitiful if they have any heart unlike these bitches.

The last fragments of her soul flashed upon my mind and she told me one thing

" Please protect my son."

It was all clear to me. I knew about my actions that I will be taking. Lucinda's soul was replaced with mine as we were both going to die. I came back into the time to change her life and my only objective is to take care of Alex.

I promised to myself and to the dead soul of Lucinda that I will protect Alexander with all my strength.

Thankfully I regained all the memories of Lucinda. I know everything from head to toe. So it will not become a problem for me to act as her.

My maid Anna, is still looking confused and worried as I am acting like this. Anna is very loyal to Lucinda. She always been here for her and helped her.

Now that I have a clear view of everything, I needed to know who saved me from water.

" Anna who picked me up from the lake?"

" It was your highness. He was passing by and heard your screaming."

Oh? Looks like my not-so-dear husband saved me. Any way I have no interest in this prick. My job is to look after Alex. So I will pretend to love him to get back my position. I was with many guys and with my experience it will not be hard to gain his attention.

I heard someone's footsteps approaching at us. The person coming inside my room was my husband. It's kinda awkward how I'm suddenly married and have a six year old son. But I have to focus on my performance. I bowed down my head to greeted the prick. Anna was also bowing down since it's a common thing for everyone when they show their respect to the king. Even the wife is to be bowed down.

Being a women in old time is way harder I tell you.

" How are you feeling now?" His tone sounded not so rude, not so worrisome. It was more like an annoyed expression. I lifted my head to answer his question.

Oh nothing much, just fell into the lake almost got drowned, my lungs are filled with stinky water which is totally okay.

If only I could say that to him.

" I'm fine your majesty. It was my fault for being clumsy. I will be careful from the next time."

I wandered my eyes all around the prick standing opposite of me. At first glance, he is a very handsome guy with a sturdy figure. Light brown hair and gold like eyes. In fact he would put models in shame. I quickly diverted my graze from him since it will be rude to stare at a guy and drool over him.

Wait a minute that's my husband right there so technically I can drool over him. I have rights to drool over him.

There was a long pause between us. He was probably wanting to avoid talking with me. Looks like the situation is worser than I expected. I quickly remembered that I need to meet Alex. His life is in danger but I can not tell him about the intentions of those s.l.u.ts.

He will not believe me besides I have no evidence or witness to support my statement. So, I should use my condition as a medium to keep Alex with me.

" Your highness, can you please let me see my son. After almost getting devoured by the water I thought that I will never see anyone. I am so thankful that you saved my life. My life now belongs to you if someday comes where I have to sacrifice myself for you, I shall do it with honour." Holy cow! I can't believe what I just said. I hope it is not too clich for him. Like, I mean I wanted to kiss his boots but I think I ended up licking it.

The expression on his face changed swiftly, it looked less rigid.

" Fine. You may see Alex." With that he left the room. If you weren't such a d.i.c.khead I would have probably kissed you and not your boots.

Finally I can act normal again. I got dressed up and went to see my son. I never thought that I can be a mother someday. When I started working as a p.r.o.s.t.i.t.u.t.e, I was still unsure.

Most of the girls there had operations so, they will never get pregnant. I was young that time, only seventeen. I wanted to have kids but who will except me? After being used by so many men.

It was hard but I decided not to do the operation. I was thinking about quitting the job after I turn twenty five. I would have asked some good looking customer to become my child's father.

Still even after all this I can never get the love which I wanted. I had saved up my love but looks like I will give it to my child. That's what I had planned. All those men had my body but not my heart.

~ to be continued

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