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Every time I have a chat with my friend Kathryn, I forget to mind my words. She thinks that I'm funny. Although I was not trying to be an idiot hobo. My way of speaking is rustic. Gosh! I never imagined that it will be so hard to maintain the proper etiquettes.

Time flew by. Kathryn is ready to leave which makes me glum. Can't she stay at my palace? Hah! If only we were neighbours, my life wouldn't be that boring. She's my sole friend after all. Anna brought back the kids from the garden.

" Oh my! That's such an adorable hair pin." Seeing the new ornament on Rosalinda's hair, Kathryn compliments her lovely daughter with a gentle smile.

" Alex gave it to me." Little Rosalinda giggles, fluttering her jewel like golden eyes. Awwww! Those words sounds so cute. Her cheeks looks flushed. Is she feeling bashful ?

Meanwhile the person who gave her the giftAlex is grinning proudly. It's true that the hair pin was chosen by him. No wonder he's bloating cheekily since he made Rosalinda happy.

Ah! Young love. I truly envy them.

When Kathryn informed me that she will be visiting me soon, Alex asked me for a favour. He came to my room at a time when no one was present. Not even Anna.

" Mommy, I want to give a present." My baby boy mumbled softly.

" Okay. For whom?" I already knew the answer yet I asked him with a grin.

" ... Rose." He replied meekly, blushing like a tomato.

Alex wants to give something to his friend Rosalinda. Although he has no idea what will be a suitable gift for her. Of course he wants to impress her. So, I suggested him to get something simple and cute. Rosalinda has beautiful brown hair. The stone decorated hair pin will compliment her excellently. She's most likely to be my future daughter-in-law. It's okay to pamper her since she's a cute little doll.

" Have you thanked him for this?" Kathryn asked her daughter.

" Yes mother."

" Good girl. Next time you should give him something in return."

" Kathryn, let these kids enjoy their childhood. No need for them to wind up with the a.d.u.l.t manoeuver." It's natural for two friends to exchange gifts. But I don't want it to happen in formal way. They are kids. They can decide this on their own. Gifts are supposed to be chosen with lots of thoughts. I might have gave the idea of hair pin to Alex, but it was him who chose the particular one.

" But she should give him a return gift."

" Pfft!" Oh god! Kathryn seems to worrying too much about the issue which eventually made me laugh. I got closer to her ear and whispered the truth, " Don't you understand? My little boy wants to impress your girl."

" Then I better not steel his limelight." The corner of her lips stretched out into a smug face.

We stopped the conversation right there. It's up to Rosalinda if she wants to give something to Alex. She doesn't need Kathryn's help to impress my son. If Rosalinda truly wants to impress my son, she doesn't need to do anything at all. Because my son Alex is already enchanted by her angelic looks.

The mother daughter duo have went inside the carriage. I'm standing here with Alex to send her off. Anna is also accompanying me. It wasn't needed but still, I will be missing her. Seriously man!Life without phone is really agitating. There's no way to talk with her amicably.

" I'll be waiting for your letter." I sighed with a forceful smile, telling her to write me soon. It makes me sad to see her off. The horse carriage commenced, leaving me with the destitute of empty heart.

" Goodbye Lucy." Her obscure voice somehow reached to my ears.

Later on Anna told me about the rest of the story. How the innocent head maid was framed for stealing Eleanor's jewellery and thrown out from the royal palace mercilessly. I took two days to prepare my plan. Eleanor is rotting in the cold palace which makes my work easier. Right now Martha is in charge of the harem. Unlike that bitch Eleanor, she is not that smart.

" Anna, please bring some snacks for me." I asked her to bring me something that was not needed at all. I just want to send her into the kitchen.

Today I'm going to escalate my plan. As soon Anna left I begun to follow her into the kitchen. I was keeping my distance since I don't want her to see me. I stood near the door where I can hear the conversation that was happening inside the kitchen. The head maid was also present there. She was mocking Anna even slandering her brutally.

" You probably had fun right? Seeing us work ?" It was the voice of head maid. Actually after that day, I ordered the head maid to tidy up my room. Not only that, I kept on giving her unnecessary tasks to torment her. But that was not my true motive.

" What? Cat got your tongue?" The head growls at Anna.

" I don't have anything to say." Being cornered by the maids, Anna was left alone, among those pack of hyenas.

" I know very well that you were the one who complained about me to Her highness. Just because Lady Eleanor is in the cold palace doesn't mean that I am in a tough situation. You may wag your tail in front of Her highness but here, I am your superior. Soon, you will pay the price for your impudence." Wow what a bitch! She didn't even bother to control her tone neither the words while talking about me. I guess they have no respect for me.

Okay. I better enter now and join the show.

" So, my loyal maid is compared to a dog. But if she's a dog then aren't you the same? After all you wag your tail around Lady Eleanor." Keeping my head high, I spoke up with a unshaken voice. The fake smile remained still even though I was grinding my teeth inside.

" ... H-Her highness, please forgive me for my insolence. That was poor choice of words." Oh ? Now you're afraid of me? How cute. The head maid looks shocked. Her face became pale.

" Hmm, I think it's quite suitable for you, the tittle of dog. Anyway, I came here for an inquiry. My precious necklace is missing. If any of you have taken it then I'll ask you to return it. Or else things will get hectic."

" Her highness, how can we steal from you. You must have kept it somewhere else and forgot about it." Head maid changed her expression like a chameleon. Sadly her acting is very, very dull. Not good enough to fool me.

" Yes Her highness." Other maids spoken up as well, one by one.

" We didn't take it."

" We are innocent." Jeez! You guys are getting on my nerves.

" I tried being nice. Guess it won't work on you people." This time, I dropped the fake smile of my face and roared like a lioness in rage. The scowl on my face surprised the audience.

See! That's how you should act, dumbass maid.

" Guards!" I called in the guards who were present in the hall.

" Yes Her highness."

" Go to maids quarters. Search every single corner of their rooms."

" Her highness..." The head maid gasped in horror. Not only her, other people are panting in fear.

" Don't leave any room unchecked. Not even Anna's. I'm giving you orders."

The guards left in search of the necklace. All the maid have been terrified. They didn't imagine that I will take such action out of the blue. At this point, I'm not afraid to show my cruel side. Enough with the goody goody act. The horror in their face is clearly visible. Haha! Who will save your ass now? Hmm, the head maid isn't that worried unlike the rest of the maids.

The maids are worried because they think that someone will accuse them of false stealing. It's normal in here I guess. Higher ups using lowly maids and workers as their pawns. The head maid has a supporter. Martha is backing up the head maid. Maybe that's why she is little confident.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. She had no idea what was about to happen to her.

Because, I have already executed the plan of her destruction. You can't run away from the karma.

~ to be continued

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