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I needed a solid plan. Thankfully my plotting was done in two days. In those two days, I ordered sir Joseph to search the head maid's room, each and every corner. I knew that I can get some clue from there. Just like that time when they searched Lily's room.

Guess what? My assumptions were

absolutely right.

Head maid had received many jewels and money from Eleanor. She had kept them hidden in her personal room. Even though she's in her mid forties, that old hag has a great passion for collecting jewels. Heh! Besides, keeping the money can be problematic unlike the jewels. She won't have to make excuses for the jewelleries. That's because, concubines can gift maids jewelleries if they are pleased with the work.

Sometimes the things you love most, can become the reason of your destruction.

The guards entered where I was waiting with Timothy for the judgement. Martha was attending the meeting instead of Eleanor. Right now, she's taking care of the harem. But I am not even bothered to see her.

Martha is kinda dumb. She can't manipulate others. So, her presence is literally nothing to me. Although I am a bit concerned about Gilbert. I can't find him in here. Let's just hope he doesn't ruin the plan. Gilbert is very cunning. Last time he killed a person without having any second thoughts. I don't want that incident to repeat.

The head maid is sticking closer to Martha as much as she can.

Huh! Like she's gonna save her ass.

" Your Majesty, we found all these jewelleries and some gold coins." The guards laid down all the stuff which they collected from head maid's room. Of course it was way too much to be illegal possession. Normally they couldn't have find all the stuffs. It was sir Joseph who helped them.

" That's the necklace I was looking for!" Making a loud gasp, I ran there and took the necklace in my hand.

" .... Y-your majesty... I d-don't know anything abou-" With her face being paled by the fear, head maid tried to state her words.

Well yes, it wasn't you who stole my necklace. I was the one who put it in your secret rack. Actually it was sir Joseph who did the task. Head maid had came to my room in those days. So I can easily suspect her. I also gave some of my other jewelleries to sir Joseph. Head maid doesn't steal since Eleanor gives her plenty for gathering up informations. I shall show you the same thing that you people did in the past.

After all, you reap what you sow.

" Silence!" Timothy roars in a pitch tone, scowling angrily at the audience. His eyes looks sharp, ready to pierce the heart of cowards. " You dare to speak with such filthy mouth of yours? Your sins have been exposed in front of us. There is no way that I won't believe my own eyes."

Yes babe, believe your eyes since you can't use your brain. This situation occurred because of you. If only you had inspected the matter of previous head maid, who was loyal to you, things won't ended up like this. Your foolish judgment has caused trouble for many people. But this time, I shall pay back the real culprits in double.

" Your majesty, I had no idea that she was doing all this-" Martha tries to make some excuse but failed miserably.

Ha! Bitch. No one's gonna listen to ya.

" Oh really? Then what about those ornaments? I am certain that they belong to the ladies in harem. Isn't that strange? None of you ever notified that your jewelleries or belongings were missing." Oh nice. Timothy is actually using his brain. But I can't take any chances. Who knows? Maybe things can take U turn and my plan will go in vain. So, I stepped forward to show some tears, which are fake of course.

" I had noticed that few of my jewelleries were missing a while ago. But I didn't wanted to make a fuss about it. After that I became more careful. However this necklace is precious to me. It was my mother's. I wouldn't have acted so aggressively if it was just a mere ornament. Forgive me for my rudeness, Your majesty." I kept my eyes fixed on him as those tears were falling down from my cheeks. Man, I have mastered the art of being a cry baby.

" You don't have to apologise. Please, stop crying." With his dusky eyes, Timothy mumbled into my ear.

" I think that the ladies in harem were also betrayed by head maid. It is a shameful crime to steal the belongings of royal family. I hope, Your Majesty can punish her according to your judgement."

" Take this wench away this instant. Cut off her hands and hang her to death." Timothy orders the guards. They grab the head maid roughly. Now the head maid is a criminal. She won't be treated nice.

Hmm. Good for her.

" Your majesty..... your majesty!" Head maid screams frantically. Her eyes were wide open as the tears were running down. Sadly no one will listen to her crying. No one will come forward to help.

Her dolorous pleads were failed to reach her master. Martha stood there, coldly with her chagrined face. Her bilious eyes were showing no signs of remorse. Well, the head maid is just a tool. They can always replace her.

But right now, I am worried about the future.

What will happen now? They have already witnessed my obtrusive behaviour. The unknown side of my nature is exposed. They will not sit still and do nothing. In their eyes, I am no longer a weak person. Can I really survive this hellish game?

It's like playing with fire. I need to find a way to eliminate those who possess any harm to my son. I'm his mother, his safety is my main concern. I better keep it in my mind.

This is the starting of my scorched days.

~ to be continued

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