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It's been one week since that head maid incident. Martha was suspended from using her power. Timothy gave me the authority to pick up the new head maid. I wanted to bring back the previous one but she is already dead. So, I asked my friend Kathryn for help. She sent me few ladies who were good candidates.

I decided to appoint Violet Wilson as the new head maid. She is forty-six years old, has lots of experience and most importantly she's very modest which is why I liked her most. The rest of the ladies were also appointed as new maids. It's better to have more people around me. Since Kathryn chose them I don't need to worry about it. However, I won't let my guard down. Right now I only trust Anna.

Eleanor is rotting in the cold palace, hoping that Gilbert will come to save her. Sadly her miserable days were extended. Gilbert is appointed at the border patrol. I bet he doesn't even send letters to his beloved Eleanor.

On the other hand, Martha has lost her regimen. She is no longer controlling the maids. They are now following my order. Even the concubines are minding their own business. They can't effort to make any small mistake because it will be notified to me.

But I didn't stop there. My objective was to annihilate all of them.

Sir Joseph did an excellent work which was very tricky. Honestly, his skills are praiseworthy. We were able to get some evidence which proved that some concubines were secretly working with their families to manipulate the aristocratic society. They were guilty of treason. Those families have been stripped away from their titles and sent to prison. However, the concubines were executed. Timothy was infamous for being a tyrant. He was a madman on the battlefield who showed no mercy to his enemies.

But of course, this infamous tyrant is a dumbass who is easily manipulated by his peers.

Good job bro! So much for being a madman in the war. If you can't use your brain, your strength won't work.

Anyway, Timothy continues to punish those culprits. This became a big talk around the empire. Up until now, illegal things were happening like slavery, prostitution, smuggling, and many more under the empire's nose.

Of course, higher-ups are linked to this. They became more cautious since Timothy ordered the knights to investigate every single person associated with the illegal trading.

"Ugh! These letters won't stop coming! How many are left, Anna?" I gushed with my tired fingers.

"Her highness, since you keep on rejecting them, they are sending more." Giving me a light chuckle Anna replied.

"Yes, that seems to be the case in here."

This feels like I have become a celebrity.

Surprisingly people were also gossiping about me. Thanks to Kathryn I was able to get that information. She helps me to deal with the Nobel ladies. I started to receive many invitations as I was currently the hot topic. But I decided to reject them. They want to make connections with me to gain more power or be on my good side. Since Eleanor isn't doing any more favors, they changed their target.

Sorry guys I won't fulfill your wishes.

Eleanor and Martha were still my biggest concern. I can worry about the Nobel families later on. If those two bitches stay alive Alex will be in danger. They may have no power right now however it can change. I can't trust them.

Few days have gone by. I feel like visiting Kathryn today. My son Alex will be overjoyed if he hears this. I've already sent a letter to Kathryn that I am going to visit her today. She must have gotten the letter by now. I went to fetch Alex. He was having his lesson with the teacher.

"Greetings to Her highness." The teacher bows down his head.

"Mother!" Raising his jewel eyes, Alex whispers. He seems to be puzzled, seeing me at this hour.

"I have come to get my son. Is he done with the studies?"

"He has yet to finish his lessons and I suggest that he must continue them. His Majesty has entrusted me with the prince's education." It was perceptible that the teacher wanted me to stop bothering him. His stern face made it more clear.

"I understand. I shall take my leave." Honestly, I felt annoyed that I cannot interfere with Alex's education. I want him to be smart. He has many enemies to deal with so I can't distract him with my needless actions.

The carriage started followed by the imperial knights who were guarding me. I usually keep a close watch on my son Alex. So I told sir Joseph to stay at the palace. Since I have so many knights escorting me I have nothing to worry about. My eyes were wandering around the beautiful scenery. The weather seems nice. I feel so delighted whenever I go out of that hideous place.

The royal palace is a political war zone. Wolves, vultures, hyenas are very where, waiting for a chance to devour you into their cynical voracity.

Suddenly the carriage halted. A knight came to my window.

"Her highness, the bridge is broken so we will take another route." The knight left as I nodded my head.

"Great! Now my butt gonna hurt like hell." I muttered to myself angrily. The journey continues and soon we entered into a forest. I have never seen this road. The trees are surrounding us like a maze. It feels like there's nothing but green in front of me. Whatever! Let's just take a quick nap. I pulled the curtains and closed my eyes.

The carriage stopped for the second time, making me wake up from the slumber. I can hear the noises of the knights and the rampage of the horses, bustling in the chaos.

A momentary variation of the frequency made me baffled.

I was left utterly speechless.

"Protect the empress! This is an ambush!"


"Stay near the carriage!"

Loud noises of the sword clashing were echoing all over the forest. My heart was beating fast. I had no idea that I will be targeted by my enemies at this moment. My windows are covered with curtains however I am so scared to look outside.

I gotta stay in the carriage. My knights will protect me. Yeah... they are strong.

"Bloody hell!" I gathered up some courage and took a peck outside.

The sight was terrifying, at least to me. I have never seen so many injured people at once, bleeding like freshly butchered animals.

What a horrendous day!

My hands were shaking. Many of my knights are already defeated. At this rate, they might succeed in killing me. I can not sit idly in here. I have to do something. My life is in danger!!

A cat in gloves catches no mice and I instantly thought that I need to get out of the carriage. If I keep on running into the forest I might find someone who can help me. The chances are almost zero but in this dire situation, I must use my last resort.

I took a long deep breath and held the doorknob.

'You can do it, Lizzy.'

I have already died once so this time I will try my best. May the god be with me today.

~ to be continued

Yes, I'm back after such long hiatus.

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