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I don't know if I should be thankful or worried about my situation. I'm glad that I am not dead yet although I'm stuck in sixteen century.

Apparently, My current motive is to be with Alex. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time. I would if he will like me or not. I finished getting ready and went to see my son. There was a knight standing at the entrance of Alex's room.

After what happened before it's was the obvious thing to do. Thanks to those bitches.

I entered the room and immediately got embraced by warm hug. That little guy ran at me with his tiny legs.

" Mother you okay?" His tone sounded worried which made me realise that he knows about the incident.

Needless to say, maids and other workers likes to gossip alot I mean who doesn't ? But the fact is even a six year old boy like Alex some how heard of it. I picked him up. He was not that heavy, in fact I felt like carrying a big teddy bear. I rested his tiny head on my shoulder.

" It's fine son, I'm perfectly okay thanks to your father. "

Alex was the kid version of Timothy, almost like the exact copy. The only thing he received from his mother Lucinda, was her deep blue eyes. He is such an adorable child. I bet when he will grow up, he will become a very handsome guy. Girls will line up for him.

Little Alex lifted his head from my shoulder

" Father saved you?" He was not aware of the fact that Mr. prick-head saved me from drowning.

" Yes, he did." Alex moved his head and fixed it at me, looking me directly into my eyes.

" Don't worry mother. When I grow up I will protect you." Aww no one ever said these things to me. I was overwhelmed after hearing him say it.

" Okay my knight in shining armour." I kissed him softly on his cheeks. He started to giggle and hug me tightly. This is my first time encountering with a kid.

As I was living far away from home and doing a reckless job like prostitution, I kept myself away from socialising. I was a loner from the beginning. I do love kids when I saw them on road or other places. But I never really talked or spend time with them.

Alex looked healthy to me at this moment. I am not sure if those concubines had already started their plot or not. There is only one person who can help me right now and that is Lucinda's father King Arthur.

It's been two years since Lucinda had visited her father. Even at that time she didn't told anything to her father. She pretended to be happy but it was all a lie. I know that I can't go to see my father just like that. The prick head can stop me from going there. So, I need to think of a solid plan that will work.

I was happy to spend time with my new son. When he calls me 'Mother' my heart fills up with joy. It was something that I never expected to be happen. I was laying on the bed with Alex. He was sleeping soundly while holding me with his tiny arms.

Without thinking about anything else I closed my eyes and went to sleep, hoping that tomorrow will be a new day with new challenges.

As I opened my eyes, Alex was still sleeping. I got out from the bed and went to my room. When I walked out from the door, a large male figure appeared in front of me. I looked up and saw it was Timothy.

Excellent! now that I saw his face, my day is so fuc*ing ruined.

" Good morning your majesty." I bowed down my head and greeted him politely.

" So, you spend the night here." His voice was rigid and harsh. What the hell man?! I was sleeping with my cute little son. You are acting like I spend the night with some other dude. Jeez!

" Yes my lord. I was putting him to sleep and somehow I also fell asleep at that time." Hearing my reply he didn't made any sound, just left from there.

I let out a deep sigh of relief. Uff! Finally he's gone.

I entered my room and Anna was there.

After getting ready I asked Anna to bring the breakfast and check if Alex was woken up.

" If he's awake bring him here to have breakfast with me." Royal children are usually brought up by the nanny and other workers. They usually don't spend much time with their parents. The father and mother both are busy looking after the nation.

But since they have kept me away from all the work, I might use this time for my son. Lucinda used to work on maintaining the budget of household and other stuffs as well. But it was taken away from her by the new coming concubines. They first started as by helping her later they told Timothy that Lucinda can not manage the household budgets so, the position was taken away.

Alex came with Anna and his other nanny. At the first glance I can feel a nasty vibe from his nanny. So, I need to find out if my hunch is right or wrong.

" Mother!" Alex came and hugged me. Nothing feels better than starting your day with a cute warm hug like this.

I had instructed Anna to make the dishes that Alex likes. So, Anna served the food and filled up my tea cup. In my head I can see the memories of Lucinda where she used to have breakfast with Alex and Timothy.

Later it was only her and Alex but after some time she had to stop being with Alex.

It was something plotted by the concubine especially those three. There was fifteen concubine in total but only three among them were the mastermind behind every thing.

One day Lucinda made some dishes for Alex but when he ate those, Alex was suddenly ill. When the doctor came he told that Alex was allergic to some food that was used in those dishes.

Lucinda was well informed about what can be allergic to Alex. She was certain that she did not used any thing or ingredient like that. Still it happened.

Timothy was angry after seeing his only son suffering. He was angry and heated up with the whole incident. So, he stopped Lucinda from staying with Alex.

This decision was made in chaos and it was so cruel and inhuman like to separate a child from his mother.

That moment Lucinda did not thought about who was the real culprit. She was only worried about her child. But I can clearly tell it was those three girls. I need to find out everything about them. So, that I can punish them all.

Those three girls are Eleanor Stanford the mastermind, Martha Linden her underling number one and Grace Blackwood her second loyal underling. The other concubines only follow them to keep their place in harem.

So, if I take them down I won't have to worry about others. But one thing is sure I will punish all of them.

In the memories of Lucinda I can see everyone. I still haven't meet with them. It had been two days since I was drowned. None of them came to see me.

It was not special in fact no one ever came to see Lucinda when she was alive. They only came when there was some work. All of them ignored her. Sometimes she got fever but only Anna was here for her. In fact they never told Timothy about it. Because if he knew he would definitely come.

I may have been here for just two days but i am not naive like Lucinda. I can observe people and tell how they are. When he came to see me in the morning I knew that he actually wanted to see how am I feeling.

He may not ask me about my health or condition but deep down in his heart that was his real motive. Timothy became detached from Lucinda for so long. If I can bring back the lost love of his, I can definitely gain him back.

I mean I don't want to love him or never will but I have to pretend that I love him. That way it will be easier to manage him.

There's another thing that gives me extra confidence. Thing is, both of them got separated long time ago. Thus they were disconnected. In this time no one from the harem got pregnant with his child.

There were times when other concubine spent night with him. There were also some incidents where Lucinda saw him being close with other girls.

But if he really got physical with any of the ladies, one of them had to pregnant by now. Because in this time condoms and brith control pills didn't existed. There were some herbs and medicine that can prevent pregnancy but they were risky. So in this area women preferred having ten kids rather than trying some weird herb.

Sounds definitely bad to me!

I have been using brith control pills and condoms from a long time since I didn't had surgery. Yeah it was hard to maintain it but after a while I got used to it.

So, with this theory I can be seventy percent certain that Timothy only love Lucinda and he hasn't really been with other girls. Still there are possibilities that I can be wrong. But for now I do have a chance to win his heart.

~ to be continued

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