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I can literally spend all my time with this cute little angel. His small frame and adorable features are so good that I can't believe it's a human. Alex sat next to me on the table.

When he saw all the dishes that he loves, arranged for him, his face was brighten up. His nanny is still in the room and some how I don't like her being here. Her presence was pinching me hard.

Kinda like she was spying on us.

" Mother! Mother! Can I start eating?" It kinda sounded weird to me. Why would he ask for my permission.

" Yes of course. Go ahead or do you want me to feed you?"

" Yesssss!" He shoutout in excitement and nodded his head back and forth.

I started to feed Alex. Anna was there and she seemed to enjoy the view. On the other hand, the nanny was still rigid and formal. She was staring at me and observing it. In the mean time someone entered the room. To my surprise it was Timothy.

I had to instantly got up and bow down my head. " Your majesty"

I lifted up my head to see the prick. Didn't we just met few times ago? Why is he here?

Wait! Don't tell me that he is going to take away Alex from me.

" Why are you here Your majesty?" I couldn't stay silent for long so I took the liberty of asking him first.

" I heard you are having breakfast so, I came."

If he can minimise this any longer, he would definitely have said it. I mean I understand you are a d.i.c.k but at least you gotta explain what's really on your mind.

He took the empty seat near Alex and sat there. I kinda got panicked since his presence is intimidating.

" Brew some tea for me." Great. I have never brewed tea in my whole life. I have always drunk coffee and cappuccino. I tried to look into the memories of Lucinda and find the way of doing it. Thankfully after searching though her old memories I found the way to prepare the tea for Timothy. In the old times, Lucinda had usually brewed tea for him. In fact when Timothy first met her Lucinda had served him tea which he loved most.

Taking the leafs and putting them into the warm water of the kettle, I grabbed the spoon to stir it up. After filling the tea cup, I put it on the table. I was hoping that he will like it. As he began to take sip from his tea cup I kept on staring at him. His expression was blank, not too rigid, not too enthusiastic.

Seriously? Dude, you could actually give a compliment for my hard work.

" Mother why aren't you eating?" Alex grabbed my dress and give it a light pulI. Hearing his voice Timothy moved his head at my direction.

" I am serving your father. I'll eat later so, you don't have to worry dear." I kept my eyes on Alex since I wanna avoid meeting my gaze with Timothy. Some how his looks makes me nervous as if he dislikes me or something.

" I won't be needing anything else. You should eat also." Once again there was no sincerity in his heart. It came out like an order to me. I was also hungry but thanks to you my dear husband, I had to stand up here seeing you eat. Ugh!

I took the seat and sat beside Alex. He was sitting in the middle of us, creating a small barrier which I'm very thankful for. The distance wasn't that much but still good enough for me.

" Father, did you save mother from drowning?" In the past Alex used to get scolded for asking or saying something that is related to Lucinda. It happened after their separation. So, I kinda got agitated thinking about how Timothy was going to react. I got worried knowing that he might scold him.

" Of course he did. Your father is a great man that's why he knew I was in trouble. He cares a lot about us." I quickly gave a reply to Alex and made it sound a bit cliche. I hope that he won't overreact about it.

" I knew father can't be mad at you for long."

This was unexpected from both of us. Timothy and me looked at each other and our eyes were fixed. I noticed that there's a hidden agony in his eyes. They were so pitiful, hungry for love. I don't know what to say or how to react. Few moments ago, he was a man made of stone. There were no emotions in those gold pair of eye. He was cold as ice.

" I was never angry with your mother to begin with son." For the first time, his words were filled with tremendous velocity.

He left from there without saying anything else. I was little disappointed. I wanted to hear more from him. I want to know what type of a person he is.

" Mother, do you think I said something to father that I shouldn't have?"

" No Alex. Your father has many works to do that is why he left. I'm sure he wanted to spend more time with us."

" You sure?"

" Absolutely."

Comforting a child may seem easy. They either believe it or sometimes they even make a fuss about it. At any rate, children should not be burdened with the problems of a.d.u.l.ts.

I know that my first priority is to keep Alex safe which is why I need to contact my father soon.

So, I decided to write a letter and secretly send it to him by someone. I took a paper and started off

Dear father

You have to listen carefully what I'm about to say in here. I can't explain you everything in this letter but you need to come here and take me and your grandson back home. When you meet Timothy tell him that you had a dream where you saw me getting hurt. That's why you came to visit us. Don't let anyone know about this letter. Burn it after reading. I'll be waiting for you father.

Yours truly,


I kept it as short as possible because I don't want to worry him now. I took my personal seal and stamped it on the letter. Taking an envelope I put the letter inside it.

It was night time and every one probably resting in their rooms. Alex is also sleeping. Timothy hasn't visited me after the breakfast so I hope he won't be coming here again.

I called for Anna and she came quickly to me. I handed her letter.

" What's this your highness?" She was confused after getting the letter.

" Listen Anna, there's only you I trust most in here. You have to deliver this letter to my father without any one else knowing. I can only ask you for help. Please Anna." I grabbed her hand as I began to plead her.

" W-what are you doing your highness!? You don't have to request me like this. I will do anything for you as long I am alive. I am your humble servant."

" You're more than a servant Anna. Only you have been supporting me for all those years and now I'm asking you for one last time."

" I will serve you as long I have soul in my body. I couldn't do much after seeing you suffering. It made me feel guilty and selfish for such a long time. I hope you can overcome this Your majesty." Hearing her made my mouth shaped in a warm smile. I was happy that she is willing to take risk for me.

" Well then, take this letter any make sure it reaches my father."

" You don't have to worry I will make sure that no one knows about this letter. It will be delivered to your father as soon as possible." With that Anna left my room. It was the right time for delivering the letter. Anna was out on her mission. I hope she can make it back.

Next morning Anna came and told me that she had arranged some one to deliver the letter. Now all that is left for me to do is waiting.

I went to see Alex after getting up. I wanted to have breakfast with him like yesterday. As I was going inside his room a black cat was about to cross my road. Oh my bad I mean miss Eleanor the one only praise worthy s.l.u.t. It is the first time I'm seeing her face to face and boy! She is one hell of a home wrecker.

Her appearance isn't that overwhelming or stunning, just some average busty lady with a mixed orange and red shades of hair colour. She's one of those girls who looks and acts innocent. But in real they are the nastiest of all. They are usually good actors I mean they can get oscar if they start making movies. I have no idea why the hell she is here. Her evil grin on her face is making me roll my eyes so bad.

" Your majesty how come you are here?" To meet my son duh!

" Isn't that obvious? I'm here to see my son. But why are you asking me this?" Well if you are gonna be a bitch then I will be too.

" Pardon me but I heard your health is really bad beside you should not come out from room." Oh? Giving me fake ass advice about my own health? Hmm. Interesting.

" I'm well aware of my health so it won't be an issue. If it wasn't for His majesty I would be dead by now. But thank god he was there at the moment." Woah there how do you like that. I can smell something is burning and that's the lady in front of me.

Haha, jealous? Are we?

Don't worry sweetie. You will be plucking all of your hair at the end of this conversation. Her expression were tuned sour and bitter. She was thinking of some counter attack to shut my mouth up. Yeah yeah take your time.

I'm not going anywhere.

~ to be continued

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