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Back in the days I was such a naive girl. Everything looked so positive as long I didn't give up hope. I was running in the tunnel to find the end but it never came to me. The road of life became so thorny that my feet started to bleed. I was lost in the tunnel. The darkness became my one and only habitation.

After going though all this I have learned a lot from my past life. So, some bitchy woman can not pull me down from where I stand now. I have seen the worst, I can rise up from the depths of hell.

Eleanor is looking pissed of course. She didn't excepted me to be bold enough to counter attack. Lucinda was always a quiet girl. She would tolerate everything for the sake of her son and Timothy. But I am not her, I will not stay still and hear about her bitching.

" Your majesty it seems like you're keeping his majesty for yourself and showing off your bond with him."

" Oh my! I would not dare to do such thing Lady Eleanor! I was only saying how grateful I am for being saved by His Majesty. You have all the rights to be loved by His Majesty I wouldn't dare to come in between you."

As much all you girls are trying to win over Timothy like a dumbo, I had no intention to join you guys in it. Because I knew Timothy only loves Lucinda.

If he wanted to be with someone else he would have done it long time ago. All the girls tried to seduce him, tried to sleep with him to become the mother of his child. If he can ignore all those he can certainly keep himself only for Lucinda.

Eleanor was lost in her own world thinking about a solid comeback. Well if I let her think too much, she might end up bringing up a whole new topic to look down upon me.

" Are you offended by me Lady Eleanor?" I sincerely asked her to make her speak again.

" Huh?... Oh yes... I mean I am not bothered. I'll be taking my leave for now. Have a great day Your Majesty." Eleanor bowed down and walked out from there.

I think she might have noticed my new behaviour and wondered why I'm acting this way. She is a cunning lady so, I better prepare myself for upcoming storm.

Just like that two days have passed. I was still waiting for my father. In the letter I mentioned that he should not write me back so, I was only waiting for his arrival. I knew that the letter was safely delivered to him and Anna have confirmed it.

Those past two days went like usual. Timothy didn't came to look for me. The other concubines stayed to their palace. Although I was wondering if Eleanor was going to show up again.

My instinct tells me that there's a spy in here. That's the only possible explanation for her not checking up on me. She looked shocked indeed after seeing the new me. Right now I'm only close with Anna. I don't bother calling for other maids. But it seems like I have look into this matter also. It is not a small matter to look over.

I was done getting ready and I told Anna to prepare the breakfast for me and Alex. At that time a knight came and informed us to be at the royal palace where Timothy was. I think father is here.

The knight escorted me and I went there to see my father. As I entered I saw my father face to face. He looked same as he was in the memories of Lucinda. Golden hair and beard with strong build figure. As I gotten closer to him, I was embraced with a warm hug from my father. I quickly looked at my front where Timothy was standing. He looked rather quite and had a bland expression on his face.

" Father I'm so happy to see you. How come you're here? You didn't even informed me."

" Actually I was missing you and my grandson so much that's why I decided to visit you guys." Timothy would be sad after hearing this Lol.

" I missed you too."

" I have a request for Timothy if only he would listen to it."

" You don't have to be worried say what you want."

" If it's not too much can I take my daughter and my grandson for few days. As a king I can't stay somewhere for long so I wanted them to be there."

Timothy turned sour after hearing this. Since past two year Lucinda didn't went to her father's place. He didn't liked it when she was not at the palace.

Deep down I was praying for him to agree with my father. I have to get out from here some how.

" Fine then." It was a small reply but I was satisfied enough to be happy.

We were finally free from his grip. I let my father rest for a day. Since he traveled so long he was tried. Anna was taking very good care of him.

Next day me and Alex went with my father.

After the long journey of carriage I was finally at my home. I looked around to see the surrounding. Alex jumped from the carriage and run into the garden. The garden was decorated with so many varieties of flowers. They were blooming stunning and the butterflies were flying over them.

" Wait Alex! Don't run."

Father chuckled softly as I was pouting at him. I'm only worried for my son okay?! What if he gets hurt?

I also decided to went to the garden. I started to walk into the garden and father halted me.

" You should get some rest and don't worry about Alex. He's a kid, he will be fine."

I was indeed tired after the long journey. Fine then I'll go take some hot bath to relax myself. My shoulders are aching like shit.

It was almost night time. We have finished eating our dinner. Father has prepared all of our favourite dishes. Lucinda's favourite dish was braised pork and caramel pudding which I also like to eat. I enjoyed the meal with them. Even though I was not Lucinda I felt like they were my family.

The maids,the butlers, and the knights all of them were so generous and welcoming towards me. I hope that I can return their generosity back later.

" Mommy! mommy! I wanna sleep with you please." Alex exclaims in excitement. His eyes were gleaming.

Now how can I resist this?

" Okay Alex. Say good night to your grandpa."

" Good night grandpa." Little Alex waved his hand and I picked him up.

" Good night champ."

We came back to my room and I laid down Alex on the bed. I sat on the edge of the bed and started to rub his back so that he will fall asleep. It didn't took long for him to fall asleep.

I got up and went to see my father. He was at his study room reading something. I sat down on the couch near the fire place.

" Now that you are here tell me what happened." My father was eagerly waiting to hear me out. He may stayed patient but he was still waiting for me to speak up.

" So many things happened father. I shouldn't have kept all these away from you. But now it's has gone to a point where my son's life is at stake."

" Alex? But why ?"

" After Timothy made the decision of having concubines my problems started from there. Our relationship has gotten worse in the past years. He even forbid me from seeing my own son. Since Alex is the only son of Timothy he is going to inherit everything that is why they are even planning to kill Alex."

" What! How dare they!" Father stood up from his sit in rage. He was angry after hearing my confession. But I had more to discuss I cannot let him take a rash decision in a hurry. Our nation's future depends on this. I know very well even though Timothy may keep himself away from Lucinda and be rude to her, treat her like a shit, he will never let her go. His arrogance and ego is over the top. He will not redeem his prideful self. To him Lucinda is just a possession.

" Father please! First listen to me carefully I know that you are angry but you have to be calm. I will take revenge for everything I have suffered till now. I have changed myself I will not tolerate anymore. You have to help me in this."

" There's no way I am sending you back to that hell hole ! how can that son of a bitch treat you like this! I will kill him."

" Calm down father. You are forgetting that he's the father of your grandson. How are you going to face him after that?"

My father came back to his senses. He sat down on his sit and I began to explain further my future plan step by step. I talked about the health issues regarding Alex. A doctor was needed to check out his health.

" I'll call the doctor tomorrow then."

" Okay then I'll go back to sleep. Good night father."

" Good night dear."

Next morning father called in the best doctor. I described him everything precisely to have a detailed check up. The doctor did some test to find out if something was wrong with Alex.

" Is there any thing wrong?"

" It looks like your son was slowly being poisoned. "

My heart was in great shocked when I heard it. I know that there was a possibility but never thought it was going to be real. How can they poison a child ? Their dirty mind and tricks have gone way too far. If I had delayed any further Alex would have been badly effected by the poison.

" But don't worry this poison is a herb. The effects depends on the amount of it. Your son well get soon."

Finally I was happy to hear that Alex will be okay. He doesn't deserve any of this. He's a child only. He has lost his mother already and I am filling her gap only. I will do my best to protect you my son.

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