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Doctor Edger was still examining Alex to find out if anything else was wrong with his body, which won't be good for Alex.

" Doctor you done checking?"

" Yes my lady." He replied politely.

" Alex. Listen honey, you go to your grandpa I'll join you later."

" Okay mommy." Alex kissed my left cheek and walked away from the room. I made sure that no one was around us. Because this whole thing needs to be between me and my father. I can't let others find out about my plan.

" So, is there anything else wrong with Alex? "

" No. Apart from the poison herb he was taking, Young master is perfectly fine."

" That's great doctor. If it's not too much of a bother, can you collect the poison herb which was used on my son?" Doctor Edger looked at me with confusion and frowned his eyes.

" Yes I can my lady. But why would you need that?"

" Don't worry. I just want to return the favour that's all." I smirked with a evil grin.

" Pardon me my lady but I didn't understand what you were trying to say."

" You don't have to be concerned about that. Just tell me about the usage and how much I need to use, that it won't kill the person."

" Very well. I shall fill you up with the details."

" There's another thing for you to do. I also need medicine for preventing my pregnancy."

" My lady, you know that's quite risky because the herbs may have side effects. Are you sure about it? It can even take your life!" The doctor was scared after hearing my proposal. It's not something people used to do that time.

" Yes. I am willing to take the risk. I can't tell you the details but it's very important for me. I can not have a child at this moment."

I knew that to get close with Timothy I need to get into his bed. But I can not take the risk of having another child. Because I knew that everyone is targeting me and being a pregnant woman, I will be weaker.

My conversation with doctor Edger ended and as far as I have heard from the doctor he can collect the herbs easily. Besides that he's a very well know physician around the nation so I can trust him.

It was dinner time already. I was having dinner with father and Alex. After we were done eating I went to put Alex in bed. Alex had spent his time playing around all day long. Back there at the palace he was kept into his room. He was not allowed to roam around freely because of his bad health.

But now I know the reason why. He may have started to take the poison herb for few days but he was not properly fed by his nanny. Which is why he didn't had much energy or stamina. It may be a hunch but I had a bad feeling about the nanny. She looked absolutely terrifying with a witty personality.

I need to check on it also. In fact I think Eleanor has something to do with this. Just wait a little longer then I'll show you what it like to be the one who's suffering.

Father has told me to come to his room after Alex was asleep. I pull over the blanket around Alex and tucked him carefully. As I entered the room father was sitting on his couch.

" Father."

" Oh! Lucy. Come,come I've been waiting for you."

" What did you wanted to talk about?"

" I heard what you discussed with Edger. Are you sure about all this? Why don't you just come back here and stay with me. I don't even know if you will survive there!"

My father became emotional while speaking. His eyes were filled with tears and he looked like he will cry in any moment.

Honestly in my previous life I never received the father's love but right now I am feeling guilty for pretending to be Lucinda. Lucinda's father was a great man who raised his daughter with such care and love. Where else my father abused me, hurt me even tried to **** me.

He deserves to know that his beloved daughter is dead. She is no longer with him but I can not just break his heart.

As much I am happy to be loved by Lucinda's father I still want to take the revenge and I need to hide the truth from Alex and father both. They are the only person who truly loves Lucinda so I will be living this life only for them.

" Father I know that you are afraid to let me return to that place but trust me I can do this. It's my war I need to face it. All those things belongs to Alex and me. I will take back everything which is mine. "

" You have changed a lot Lucy. I don't know how much pain you had to bare to become the person you are now but I have always loved you. So, even now I'll trust you because you're my daughter and you're not weak."

" Thank you father. I knew you will agree with this."

" There's another thing I wanted to say. I have arranged a special knight who will be there so, when ever you need help just ask him."

" Special knight?"

" Yes. Joseph come in." As father called for the guy named Joseph, a man in his thirties entered. He looked like twenty seven or eight, golden blonde hair with gem stone like green eyes. He had a study figure tall and handsome. Never knew knights could be this hot.

I moved my head to stop staring at him. I mean I was only looking at him and I don't want him to think I was checking him out shamelessly. Jeez!

Joseph bowed down his head and greeted me.

" This is Joseph. I knew that if I send a knight with you Timothy won't like it. So, I told Joseph to enter into the royal army which he successfully did. He will be staying there as a guard. "

" I'll be in your care sir Joseph."

" Fear not my lady. I shall serve you with my life. I won't let any harm come to you."

Sir Joseph left us and walked out from there. I chatted with my father for a little then went back to sleep.

It's been four days already since we came here. Doctor Edger had done his job and gave me the herbs which I asked for. Alex had recovered also from his previous state. The effects of the poison is completely gone. The time for returning to the palace came. After spending all these days without any worries I was pumped up. Sir Joseph had already went to the palace as he was working there undercover.

When I entered into carriage father looked upset and so was Alex. It's been a long time since Alex had so much fun. He wanted to stay here but we had to go back home. The carriage began to move. Alex waved his hand from the window when we left.

After the long journey of the bumpy road we finally arrived to our palace. Surprisingly Timothy was waiting outside to receive us. I did not except to see this anyway.

Alex came out from the carriage and hugged Timothy " Father I'm back."

Timothy picked up Alex with his muscular hands and hugged him again.

" I missed you son."

" Me too." The reunion of father and son was so wholesome. I just sat in the carriage and stared at them. Timothy put down Alex and came towards me. He reached out his hand at me to hold it. As much I was surprised at his behaviour I grabbed his hand and walked out from the carriage.

It was kinda sweet and I felt like he was being nice for a once. Maybe he really did missed us that he changed a little bit.

" Thank you your majesty." As a person from twenty first century it's really a bother to bow down for people. For the f.u.c.ks sake! I have to bow down my head for my husband!

F.u.c.k this system and it's people.

Timothy was still acting like a prick. He did told his son that he missed him but he didn't even bother to tell me. Well anyway I have to lower my ego and self esteem to achieve my goal.

" Your majesty I have missed you also." With a seductive tone I whispered into his ear. His reaction immediately changed. He looked little shy even though he was trying hard to hold his prideful self. The corner of his ears became little red as a outcome of his embarrassment.

I can't believe it was that easy to make this boy blush.

" M-me too." He shuttered while replying me.

I know that it's very important to gain Timothy's affection. At the end of the day he's the one who holds all the power and authority. We started to walk into palace and I grabbed Timothy's hand with mine. He didn't shook off my hand instead he hold onto it. I moved my eyes to see his ears and they were still red.

This is probably the first time in a while when Timothy interacted with Lucinda. Deep down he was happy, enjoying the moment as he walked with his son and wife. From now on I will try get his attention more. It was easy enough to make him go red by just holding hands. If I can do more he will definitely forget all the things that happened in the past.

~ to be continued

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