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I learned lots of things which is going to help me achieve my goal. They are not much but they are still good enough to kick start my plan. The poison herb which I have collected from doctor Edger is going to be my first attempt to start my revenge.

It's been two days after I got back from my father's place. I have been visiting Alex every day and spending most of my time with him. As he stays with me I also made sure that he eats with me. I don't know how long I can continue this because other concubines are plotting against my Alex. His life is still in danger.

I called for Anna, who is probably the only loyal person around here to me. I can only relay on her at this time. I do have sir Joseph but I still haven't met him here. I'm guessing he's watching over me from a far.

" Your majesty, you have called for me?" Anna timidly replied.

" Yes. Firstly I need to thank you for delivering the letter. If it wasn't for you I have never done it."

" Your majesty you do not need to thank me. I am your humble servant."

" Still, I'm really obliged to you. There's another work that I want you to do."

" I shall do anything for your majesty."

With that I explained my plan to Anna. I don't know which one of the concubine was poisoning Alex but they still have the poison with them. Where else I have told doctor Edger to make a transparent liquid formula of the poison so that I can easily use it by adding it with any food or liquor.

Since it can be mixed with any type of food I decided to use it on Timothy's tea.

Shocked? Yeah you sure did but I am not planning to kill him. I am aware of the amount of using this poison. I just want him to go through the same experience that Alex had gone. On the other hand who ever poisoned Alex will be caught by this chaos. Two birds with one stone. If everything goes according to the plan it will be a huge success.

Anna was confused with my idea but she didn't doubt me for once.

" Your majesty how can I mix this poison?"

" Listen Anna, as far I know the tea is brewed while they sit together and drink it. But there's a way of adding the poison. You just have to put two or three drops of this poison solution in your majesty's cup. Make sure no one sees you doing it and stay with in the crowd."

The idea was solid proof no one will find out it was done by maid. Rather they will blame the person who brews the tea. Days went like this and I stayed most of time with Alex. When the night fell I gave Timothy a visit and chatted for a while. That was the routine for past few days. I noticed that Timothy had began to show tiredness and signs of weakness. Which means poison had started to affect on him. In these days I never ate anything with him to keep myself out off the suspicion.

It's the sixth day since I had told Anna to put poison in his tea. The tea cups are still on the table. I have entered the room and Timothy was laying on his bed. His most loyal councillor had informed me that Timothy is feeling ill and he will be staying in his chamber. Which was why I had to come here and check on him.

Now it's my time to shine. I sat down on the chair near the bed. Timothy looked like he's very sick which I really don't care about. He deserves it. Jerk!

" Your majesty are you all right? You look so pained. How did all this happen?" With a worried expression I asked him.

" I don't know. I just feel so sick." He didn't had any strength left in his body. Of course I made sure to use the poison herb which will make him sick quickly. Alex was given little amount of poison that is why the effects of the poison took its time to show.

" Your majesty please forgive me for not taking good care of you. It is all my fault that you are in terrible pain. I should have taken good care of you." I started my fake crying to show that how much I am actually troubled by his current situation. My crocodile tears had worked on him since he totally believed me.

" Well now that you are aware of your mistake you better take good care of me from now on." Seriously this guy is such a narcissist! Can't he just except the fact that he's not a king oh wait my bad he is actually a king at the moment. Ugh! No wonder he grew up to be a total jerk! I will make sure that Alex won't turn up like him. He's like one of those rich people who owns a billion dollars company.

Damn I hate rich people. I only loved their money.

" Derek tell the guards that no one is allowed to visit me except for queen and my son." Timothy ordered his councillor who is named Derek.

" Yes your majesty. The royal doctor will be here soon." Timothy was certain that there's no way Lucinda will ever harm him. Too bad for him because I am not Lucinda. He will never suspect me at any cost.

The royal doctor came and began to check him properly. It didn't took him much time to get to the root of his disease.

" Your highness you have been taking poison."

" Dear lord! Who could have done such thing!" I exclaimed in surprise although I knew it was me who did it. I had pretend that I am deeply in sorrow because of his health.

Timothy looked shocked too. He never thought that someone will give him poison in his own territory.

" Tell me how was I poisoned. And Derek, go

investigate everyone in the palace. Make sure no one leaves the palace without my permission." Timothy growled with anger. He was in a violent state that he could kill anyone at this moment.

Very much terrifying for me because I never seen him in this state. I hope everything goes according to the plan.

" Your highness it seems that you were given poison with your food. Small amount was given to you every day and now it started to effect in your body." Royal doctor explained the cause of the poison.

Derek ordered all the knights to investigate every single person in the palace. Since it was happening suddenly no one knew what was going on. I was also waiting to see who will become the culprit or the scapegoat. But I was certain that one of those three bitches will have to come out today. These days Eleanor, Martha and Grace had came to Timothy during the tea time. Timothy had also ate dinner with others as well since those girls probably sucked his toes or begged him. Not that I really care about.

" Your majesty what on earth is going on!" A loud pitching voice came inside the room where me and Timothy were sitting. The doctor had not left also since he had to conform the poison. I got up from the chair and saw two knights were trying to hold down Eleanor. Of course it had to be her! she came here in order to stop those people searching her room.

Bingo! She is already in my black list. But I can't tell confidently that she's the one who gave poison to Alex.

" What's the matter? How dare you get inside here without my permission?" Timothy roared like lion asserting his dominance. I did not knew he could act like that.

Eleanor had shut herself hearing his voice. His eyes were burning up with anger.

" Y-your majesty.... I-I didn't mean to barge in like this but the knights are searching my room and the other ladies rooms als-"

" I had told them to do it. So, get back to your room and let them do their work." Timothy didn't let her finish the sentence. Eleanor looked pissed off as she left from there without making any noise.

Good for her.

" Your majesty should we check her highness's room?" A knight came and asked Timothy. I was also there beside him.

" There's no need for that."

" But-" The knight was silenced by Timothy

" I said no. Didn't I? Are you trying to disobey my order?" Once again Timothy roared at the knight standing in front of him. It was evident that he is in his most vicious form.

" Your majesty I think you should let them search. They are your loyal knights I have no issues with them searching my room." I politely replied them with a smile. I had already made sure to hide the poison no one would ever found it even if they tried. So, I also encouraged them to search my room. At the end they will never get anything from there.

" There's no need. I have that much trust in you at least." Timothy replied with a prideful tone. Tsk tsk tsk I'm sorry to break your heart honey but it was me who made you lie in bed like this.

Listening to Timothy made me feel guilty for once. No matter what happened all those years he still has this much faint in Lucinda that she will never try to harm him.

~ to be continued

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