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The atmosphere has become very serious.

The maids, the chefs, the workers, the concubines, every one of them were worried about their outcome. Because even though they might not have done it, there is a possibility that they will end up being framed or all the allegations will fall upon them. All the members of the palace were gathered since who ever poisoned the king they has to be very close to the king.

Such sad consequences for a sin like this.

The royal knights have gathered everyone in the hall. Only the people who lived or worked inside the palace, were being searched by the knights.

Timothy and me went there to see the culprit.

Derek came forward and then he began to talk

" Your highness the knights have found the poison." Everyone started to sweat in panic. Some of them gasped in terror. I was specifically staring at Eleanor and her two minions. They were also looking worried and lost into their own thoughts.

My first suspects were them from the beginning and I hope that after this drama one of them gets served by justice.

" Where did you find it?" Timothy asked in a fierce tone. His jaw was clenched and the rigid deep blue cords in neck was quite visible over his fair skin. He kept on glaring at who ever his eyes fell upon.

" Your highness it was found at Miss Grace's chamber." As soon those words came out from Derek's mouth, Grace's face became pale. She tried to run without having a second thought but when she moved her body the two knights standing next to her, grabbed her both hands.

Derek had anticipated how she would have tried to escape so he had told the knights to stand close to her. Tears started to fall down from her eyes with fear and horror.

She knew that she had f.u.c.k.i.e.d up and no one, not even Eleanor will save her from this. Timothy Who was glaring few moments ago, his eyes are now filled with fire.

" Your majesty please listen to me-" Grace tried to plead for her life but Timothy shut her down.

" Silence!" The roar of Timothy echoed all over the palace, in fact people outside the palace could hear this.

" Did you put poison in my food or not?"

" Y-your m-m-majesty.... it w-wasn't m-me... I didn't p-poisoned you. It w-was Prince A-Alex whom I poisone-" A loud slapping noise rammed through my ear and Grace's stammering was totally stopped. Grace could not finish her speech as Timothy became furious listening to her confession, in fact he lost his shit and slapped her.

Neither less to say I was enjoying it every moment of this.

" How dare you! Not only me but my son! I will kill you this very moment!" Timothy kept on roaring and shouting at her with abounding furiousness.

I noticed that I need use this moment to my fullest so, I began to cry as my poor little son was poisoned.

" My Alex!" I wept and let those crocodile tears fall from my cheeks. Seeing me weeping like this made Timothy more angry.

" Y-your majesty.... I-it wasn't only m-me.....

pl-please.... listen to me. I was told to do this." Of course you can't just think of everything on your own with that dumb ass brain of yours. It was probably Eleanor's idea and she used you like a plastic bag! Jokes on you dear.

Honestly I didn't thought that it will be that easy to reveal the real faces of these ladies. Grace is so scared that she might just confess everything today, in front of every one. If that happens my goal will be accomplished.

Timothy was somehow controlling his anger since he wanted to listen her guilty confession and now that she mentions the new information, Timothy lowered his sword.

Grace was scared with the whole situation she was acting like crazy. Even though Timothy had lowered his sword Grace was trying to free herself from the grips of the knights. She was pulling herself and starching herself like a madman. Her eyeballs were almost coming out and she looked like complete wreck.

" Your majesty please I was framed! I never poisoned you! I was told" Grace yelled loudly and the grip of the knights became loose which made her walk straight at Timothy.

Within a blink of an eye, Grace's body was dropped on the floor with a loud thud. It happened so fast that I couldn't clearly see how everything went.

Her stomach was pierced open with a sword which was bleeding heavily. The blood quickly covered the area where she laid lifeless. It was done by one of Timothy's royal knight even he was surprised with his sudden move. I was shocked to witness such cruelty I mean I do wanted to punish them but I never thought I would feel so horrible after seeing someone being murmured.

It reminded me of how I was stabbed to death. The pain of that moment became fresh once again.

" How dare you killed her? Wasn't she going to tell the names of her other companions?" Timothy asked the knight calmly but the rage was still there.

" Your highness please forgive me for my sudden decision. The way she came at you, I thought she would have tried to harm you. Besides she has lost her senses after being found of her evil deeds. So, I took this step."

The knight replied back smartly. Something was fishy about this knight I mean how can he just kill her? He could hit her hard and then let her tell the other names of her companions. But no, he just slashed his sword on her. This is not normal at all.

I moved my eyes to Eleanor's direction, to see her reaction after this. She seems rather relieved than before. Her eyes were fixed on the knight who was still waiting for Timothy's words. On the other hand Martha, her other minion, she looks stress free as Grace is laying dead. How cruel of them!

" What's done is done. She had mentioned that she poisoned Alex. Bring his nanny here, this instant." Everyone was present there including Anna but Alex was staying with his nanny. Which is why she didn't came to the interrogation.

The knights dragged the nanny where every one of us were standing. She had no idea of what was going to happen but as soon she saw the dead body of Grace, the horror was clearly visible on her face.

" Who told you to poison my son?"

" Your highness.... I was only doing what lady Grace had instructed me." The nanny had literally flattened her head with the ground as she was bowing down with fear.

" Send her to the dungeon." The nanny kept on pleading and crying but it was useless to ask for forgiveness after committing such crime.

Alas! It has no use now. The knights dragged her away from the room. Meanwhile Timothy hold onto my hand tightly and both of us walked out from that room leaving all those people. We were back to his chamber. I was still keeping up with my fake weeping.

Man! I could be an actress with my skills!

He didn't utter a single word or made a sound. I followed him and kept quite too.

Derek came inside after few minutes and stood in front of us, waiting for his next instruction.

" Send a doctor to check Alex and arrange a new nanny for him."

" Yes your highness." Derek left the room and it was only me and Timothy.

Suddenly Timothy punches the hard wall with flaming rage. I was shocked by his movement as his body was still weak, recovering from the effects of poison.

" Damn it!" He shouts out in anger. The veins around his necks are vividly visible. Once again he punched the wall so hard. If he continues this he will literally break his arm.

I ran towards him and grabbed onto his muscular sturdy arm. I couldn't fit his arm in my tiny palm, only the half of it fitted there.

" What are you doing your majesty!" I yelled at him like a mother would scold her child for doing mischief. I turned his hand and the knuckles were badly scr.a.p.ed. Blood was coming out from it.

I didn't think twice before tearing up the lower part of my dress. With the piece of little cloth I warped it around his knuckles to stop it bleeding further. This happened within the moment of rapid growth of emotions which made me think about my own action when I regained my senses.

I never thought that I would behave like this. Something just made me feel so sad and my heart ached as I saw the blood coming out from his badly messed up knuckles.

Why did I acted that way? As far I knew I'm not attached to Timothy or concerned about his state.

Then why the hell my heart felt so sad when I saw him in pain?

" Does it hurt? Should I ask for a doctor?" I asked him but there was no reply. His eyes were facing down the whole time. I moved my body and started to walk to the door. Surprisingly my hand was tightly grabbed by Timothy. His grip was so strong that I don't think I could ever free myself from it.

It was almost like a handcuff made of iron.

" Don't leave. Don't just leave me alone to suffer." The sound of his voice was so heartbroken that it made me feel pity for him.

" Your majesty." I didn't know what to say or ask. He was indeed in a terrible state.

" I'm so disappointed at myself. I just.... I can't even look at myself after all this. All those things happened right under my nose and I didn't had a single clue. Even my son! Even Alex! They were planning to kill him." He chocked on his words as he was trying to hold back his cry. My pity had turned to sorrow at this point.

" No your majesty. You are wrong. It's not your fault. They are the one who did this. Not you." I firmly kept my hand on his shoulder and tried to comfort him.

" What if they poisoned you too? How can I not think of it! You should get checked by the doctor too!" He burst into fear and sadness. The traces of his moroseness began to show up.

" Your majesty please calm down. I'll get myself checked tomorrow. Please don't be so hasty." He was acting like a child. I had to calm him down or he will be loosing his shit.

~ to be continued

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