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Sometimes people who are independent and bold, who are arrogant, who are full of their self, who thinks highly of themselves, becomes vulnerable at some point.

They can't always stay consolidated during their whole life time.

Weakness comes from very fragile things. It could your love for some one or your fear of loosing them. There are many things like that which can shake up anyone. Love can make you stronger or it can make you weak. Love can seize away everything from you.

I had a strong feeling of iniquity moving around my head. It was too much for Timothy to digest what happened today. But it was needed for him. He needs to open his eyes and see what is going on. The real world is cruel, filled with scammers, imposters.

" Your majesty, here drink some wine." Timothy was being restless because of his anxiety so, I poured some wine for him. It will help him to soothe his heart. Besides there's still so much time left for dinner and since all this happened Timothy and me didn't ate our lunch.

" I don't want it." He rejects the glass of wine and keeps on look down on the floor. I think his pride was badly shaken as he was unable to protect his son and himself.

The lion is the king of jungle but when he gets old, a new generation takes the place. But that doesn't mean some other animal can take that place. It's only for the lion.

There fore when you are given the responsibility, the authority to look after the nation along with your family, you are heavily burned.

" Now that I look back into the past, I can see that I have done so many bad things to you." So, now you started to realise that your beloved dear wife was being framed by those home wreckers.

Better late than never, at least you are getting a clear view of everything.

" It's fine. Besides I never thought bad of you or misjudged you. It was the situation which made everything complicated." I smartly explained to him with a polite tone. I pulled him beside the large bed and made him sat on the edge of it. It's better to avoid that conversation today he's already looked very upset.

Time for some real piece of work!

I sat right next to him and kept on rubbing my hand all over his shoulder. Our faces are just few inches apart since I had made my face closer to him. I knew he's not going to take any initiative to do the first move so, I pressed my lips on him and passionately started to kiss him. As our lips moved in a sync, my tongue made it's way inside his mouth and began to explore him.

At first he was kinda dumbfounded by my sudden expression. But after a few seconds he started to response to me. Both of our tongues danced in a symphony of l.u.s.t and desire.

Yeah I know my past life work experience is going to help me a lot.

We stopped moving our lips and finally let go of each other's faces. Timothy's bright golden eyes were gazing at me with an intense look. My breathing became faster as I could not take any breath while kissing him.

He was urging for more with those eyes. I can see what a decent man he is. After all he is really turned on by the kiss but still he did not took it further than that or forced his body on me.

Before the concubines made the misunderstandings between Lucinda and Timothy, they would have s.e.x once in a while. But after they had started to become separated, Timothy and Lucinda stopped being intimate. It's been many years since they had even shared a kiss.

Lucinda was a naive girl. In her memories she never became the passive one to take the lead. Being a timid little girl she would just follow him and let him control her body.

Meanwhile my dear husband is sad and sulking like a crybaby. So, I better cheer him up right? Maybe I can gain more of his affection after that?

I had so many customers and various types of guys. All of them never denied the fact that they would get extreme pleasure from blowjobs. It is something that makes their s.e.x.u.a.l desire reach to it's peak.

I can totally bet, this Timothy dude here never experienced it in his whole life. Today I'm going to show him what being lost into pleasure feels.

I got down from the bed, kneeling and squatting in front of him. My head was facing his lower part. His crotch area was poking inside the pants. He got confused thinking about my reaction.

I maintained my innocent look and all of a sudden I trailed my hand around his muscular thighs. Just then his little guy began to rise up more inside his trousers. As soon he noticed it, his face became red with embarrassment.

I put my hand inside his trousers, removing it from his h.i.p.s. The layer of clothes were separated which exposed his p.e.n.i.s and oh god that is huge!

I don't remember if I had any customers who were this big! What the hell does he eats?

My hands warped around his p.e.n.i.s and I started to stroke it gently.

" Mmh" a m.o.a.n escaped from his lips as he was holding onto his groaning. " What are you-"

" Relax. Just let me satisfy you." I stopped him from speaking any further because that's a mood kill. His p.e.n.i.s has turned into a stiff hard rock. This is the time where I use my mouth.

I lowered my mouth, still holding firmly on to his p.e.n.i.s and kissed the tip of the p.e.n.i.s. After some gentle strokes of my hand, I began to suck him off. At first I moved my mouth in a slower motion which made him m.o.a.n in pleasure. My tongue was flicking around his p.e.n.i.s when I kept on pushing his p.e.n.i.s in and out of my mouth. I started to gag and choke while trying to fit his whole p.e.n.i.s inside my mouth. Like I said it was huge for me to begin with. I kinda wonder how I'm going to fit it there.

Jesus Christ!

I started to suck him harder making him m.o.a.n louder. I knew that I had to stop at some point. His m.o.a.ns became more louder.

" Ahhh" He groans in pleasure. At this moment my throat was literally gagged by his his p.e.n.i.s. His rock hard p.e.n.i.s was making me choke harder. I realised that he's going to reach climax soon and just like that he shoot all his s.e.m.e.n on me.

The thick s.e.m.e.n splashed all over me. Thankfully I had lifted my head up so, most of the s.e.m.e.n dropped on my chest and little bit on my face. The pungent smell of the s.e.m.e.n made me feel dizzy for a moment.

" Oh f.u.c.k!"

Timothy cursed and finally he realised what he has done to me. His body was stiff and the deep blue veins were showing off from his fair skin. His face became little red after the sensational sagacity he received from me.

" I'm sorry.... wait I'll get you something..." he tried to look for something which he will use to wipe the s.e.m.e.n off my face. Unlike the twenty first century these people don't have tissues in their bedrooms. He grabbed a silk cloth from the bed and started to wipe my face.

I didn't made a sound instead I kept on gazing at him with an intense look. Guys get tuned on when their partner looks fixedly at them while sucking their p.e.n.i.s.

" Where did you learn this?" Timothy asked me calmly with such curiosity. He was still wiping his love juices from my body.

" Did you not liked it?" I replied him back innocently with another question.

" That's not it."

" I heard the maids were talking about a book which helped them to make their husband happy. I asked Anna to bring me that book also. I learned this from it." Well I already knew that Timothy will ask me this question at some point. So, I had prepared myself for it with reasonable answer.

" I see." He totally believed my story.

" Did you liked it?" Once again I acted like a naive innocent maiden. He looked like he enjoyed it but I wanted to hear it from his mouth.

" Yes. But why would you even read such book? "

Ughhhh! Really dude? Can't you just enjoy a quick f.u.c.k and get over your depression?

Why are you asking me these lame questions all of a sudden? That's totally a mood kill.

" Your majesty it's been so long since we had any intimacy. You enjoyed doing it with other ladies and ignored me. So, I thought I lack something. This is why I took the help of such book to do things that you will like." It was a super lame excuse even I knew that but I prayed to god, hoping that he will except it.

As those words got out from my mouth Timothy holds my face with his two hands, cupping my soft cheeks between them.

" That's not true! I have never touched any other woman beside you." There was no doubt that he was saying the truth I can feel it in his eyes. Those golden eyes, they were fixed on me with a sharp gaze. We kept on looking at each other's eyes and I was lost into that pool of gold.

" I just wanted us to become closer again like we used to be." I was skipping " Your majesty" a lot in my speech. It's too much of a bother for me. Besides I can't keep up saying it when I'm focused on s.e.x.

My sympathetic damsel in distress image was portrait splendidly. He was literally buying my every move.

~ to be continued

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