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Awakens, martial soul is a coin, innate soul power is level three.

12 years old this year, a 19th-level spirit master, the only son of a wealthy businessman in the Heaven Dou Empire.

Coin Martial Soul is also a Martial Soul inherited by the Su Family. Although it is not strong in combat ability, it is a Martial Soul that can make people rich.

The Su family became a wealthy businessman in the Heaven Dou Empire by relying on coin martial arts and a certain amount of business acumen.

Awakening has another identity, that is, the traveler.

Awakening from a previous life, but why a high school tyrant crossed to the Douluo Continent did not know how to wake up.

But after so many years, he has already accepted the fact of crossing.

The only thing that makes Awakening somewhat unacceptable is his martial spirit and innate spirit power level.

Innate third-level spirit power, according to the rules of Douluo Continent, it is almost impossible for the awakened aptitude to cultivate to the level of Titled Douluo, let alone become a god.

When he was 6 years old, after knowing that he had awakened such a weak spirit, he went to Notting College to find a master and asked how to cultivate to reach the level of Titled Douluo.

After inquiring about Wake's identity and Martial Spirit, Master directly asserted that Wake up is impossible to cultivate to Title Douluo, even the Soul Sage is a luxury.

Wake up and disappointed, and hope to be able to worship the master like Tang San, hoping to establish a good relationship with Tang San, and see if he can get some benefits from Tang San in the future.

Who knew the request to wake up, but it was directly rejected by the master.

At that moment, I realized that the master's apprenticeship also depends on his aptitude. Although the master's own aptitude is not good, he also holds the theory invincible, and is unwilling to teach the general awakening of his aptitude.

Waking up is also arrogant, feeling that the master...No, after feeling Yu Xiaogang's dislike, waking up also lost the thought of apprenticeship.

By the way, Awaken also gave up the idea of befriending Tang San.

can be regarded as hate the house and the black!

Of course, it is not just hating Wuwu and Wu, but awakening in Tang San and Xiao Wu, and they also feel a sense of alienation and perfunctory.

Wake up to feel the alienation under the polite and friendly Xiaosan.

As for Xiao Wu, it is even more perfunctory.

It's good to call her eldest sister. If you want to get closer, Xiao Wu won't pay any attention to you.

Only when he regained consciousness did he realize that when your talents are not good enough, and your strength is not good enough, the pride of heaven like Tang San Xiaowu and the others will not pay too much attention to you at all.

Maybe at the price of time, you can slowly get into a relationship with Tang San Xiaowu and the others.

But waking up from his previous life, as a school tyrant, he also has his own arrogance and dignity.

Who do you look down on?

It is better to beg for yourself, even if Yu Xiaogang is very upset, but wake up knows that if he practices in the same way as a normal soul master, the result will not be too far from Yu Xiaogang's assertion.

So I wake up and decide to rely on myself.

And now, 6 years have passed in a flash.

In a laboratory dedicated to awakening, awakening holds a record sheet in his hand.

All the records above are the summary of the experimental records made by Awakening in the past few years.

are some experimental records and results about soul masters, soul power and soul rings.

There are also some theories of Yu Xiaogang above. For example, if the spirit master level reaches the bottleneck and does not absorb the spirit ring breakthrough, the spirit power can still be continuously increased by continuing to practice.

Although the original work has explained that Yu Xiaogang's theory is correct, Su Xing personally verified it in practice.

Of course, the awakening is not verified on his own body, all of which are paid to buy slaves and come back for experiments.

Wake up father relied on being rich, plus Wake was really smart since childhood, let him wake up.

"After 6 years, I finally found my own way to become stronger."

Waking up at this time, his expression was excited and excited.

But it quickly became calm.

"Then, my path to becoming stronger starts with blowing up my spirit ring!"

"Even though the spirit ring has a strong increase in strength, it has a certain obstacle to the soul master's control of the spirit power. I want to control my own spirit power perfectly, and I can only blow up the spirit ring! "

The road to becoming stronger starts with blowing up the spirit ring.

Wake up, if someone hears something like this, he will definitely laugh, and he will be sure that the person who said it is either a fool or an idiot.

However, this is an iron fact that has been repeatedly verified by Awakening. The more spirit rings, the stronger the quality, the more difficult it is to control one's spirit power perfectly. You can only use the spirit ability attached to the spirit ring to release attacks.

Waking up also realized the reason why the soul master of Douluo Continent has mastered the magical energy of soul power, but has so few self-created soul abilities.

Not to mention creating your own spirit abilities, it is very difficult to change your own spirit abilities a little bit.

I didn't say much. After everything was ready, I woke up and meditated slowly cross-legged.


The yellow light flickered, and a yellow spirit ring, a hundred-year-old spirit ring, surfaced at the awakened feet with the release of awakening.

This is a four-hundred-year-old spirit ring, which was originally obtained by the Su family for a large price to ask someone to help wake up hunting.

Now, when I wake up, I want to blow it up.

Exploding ring is the profound meaning of the Vast Sky School's magical skill Osumi Hammer.

However, it is not difficult to explode the ring. The difficulty is that after the spirit ring is exploded, it can still use its bursting power. It is naturally impossible to wake up, and he does not need it.

The explosive ring of the Haotian School is in danger of destroying the spirit ring, but UU reading www.uukanshu.com wakes up to destroy the spirit ring.

He doesn't need the skills attached to the spirit ring!



As he woke up with a low drink, the yellow four-hundred-year spirit ring that appeared on Wake's body suddenly exploded with a bang.

Along with the explosion of the ring, there was also a strong spirit power fluctuation, which exploded in all directions centered on awakening, with an astonishing momentum.

Awakening ignored the movement caused by the ring explosion, but silently the current state of soul power.

"Sure enough, after the ring is blown, the limit of the spirit ring is eliminated, and the manipulation of the spirit power is more convenient."

"And the spirit power on the body has not diminished, but the spirit ring is temporarily gone, and spirit abilities can no longer be used."

"It's almost the same as the profound meaning of Clear Sky School. The explosive ring of Clear Sky School is actually temporarily lifting some spirit ring control restrictions on their own soul power. Only the people of Clear Sky School can display their own magical skill, Osumi Hammer. !"

"So in fact, anyone can blow up the ring, as long as they have their own soul skills."

"Others didn't do this, it's just that their own spirit abilities are not as powerful as Clear Sky School's Osumi Hammer, and the effect is not obvious. Everyone mistakenly thinks Clear Sky School's explosive ring is different from theirs."

"Even the people of the Clear Sky School don't know why!"

The effect after blasted the ring was consistent with the experiment, which also made Su Xing relieved.

No matter how many experiments there were before, it was only what the experimenter showed, not from the body, so it is inevitable that there is some worry.

Now, the worry is gone.

Then, Wake stretched out his hand and summoned his own coin martial arts, and there were intertwined lightning and lightning that appeared along with the coin.

Next, it depends on whether he can create the spirit ability he wants.

"Super Electromagnetic Gun!"


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