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After passing the second level, the third level test is not a problem for Tang San and the others at all.

Soon, under the leadership of Dai Mubai, Su Xing and others arrived at the fourth level.

There, I dont know if I can wait until someone comes to the fourth level. Zao Wou-ki is lying on a chair and sleeping with his eyes closed!

After hearing the movement, Zao Wou-ki slowly opened his eyes.

"One, two, three, four, five..."

"Hey! It's amazing, this year, five of them came to the fourth level together!"

"If this is to receive two students, Dean Ferrand will be very happy!"

After seeing Dai Mubai's five students with him, Zao Wou-ki was also surprised.

"Teacher, they are all great spirit masters over level 25!" Dai Mubai stepped forward and said to Zao Wuji.

Tang San and the others should have been exempted from the second or third pass, but he forgot, or else they had reported to Zao Wou-ki that they were all students who had been exempted from the second or third pass.

"Not bad, it seems that this year are all little monsters!"

"I have decided, I will take care of the assessment of the fourth level!"

Zao Wou-ki was more satisfied when he heard the words, and he also moved the idea of personal assessment.

"Ah, Teacher Zhao..." Dai Mubai was a little surprised, but he didn't expect Zao Wou-ki to do it himself!

"What? Can't it? The dean is not here now, I have the final say!" Zhao Wuji stared at Dai Mubai domineeringly.

"Okay!" When Dai Mubai heard what Zao Wou-ki had to say, he had no choice but to let it go!

"The next assessment for you is to join hands and stick to the time for a stick of incense in my hands. Only after passing can you join Shrek Academy!"

"Okay, let me give you time to stick an incense stick and discuss the countermeasures. What is the characteristic of my martial arts spirit? Let the kid Dai Mubai tell you!"

Only then did Zao Wou-ki look at the five awakened people with satisfaction and tell the content of the assessment.


Wake up and speak immediately.

"what's up?"

Zao Wou-ki looked at Wake up dissatisfied, do you still have any opinions?

"Teacher, you look too scary, I'm scared, can I check with Senior Dai Mubai?"

Wake up and make a serious request.

He was here to abolish Dai Mubai today, and he didn't want to fight against Zao Wou-Ki at all.

"Teacher, his situation is a bit special, so let me take an assessment, Teacher Zhao, you are responsible for the other four people!" Su Xing said, Dai Mubai had already seen Awaken not pleasing to his eyes, and hooked up with his fiance. He also stood up and said immediately.


Zhu Zhuqing, who was on the side of , snorted when he saw it.

She knew exactly why they both wanted to fight each other.

Then it's done. By the way, let's see if Dai Mubai, the **** has made any progress in the past few years.

"The situation is special?"

Zao Wou-ki was puzzled. It seemed that Dai Mubai's attitude was a bit wrong, as if he couldn't wait to fight the opponent!

"Yes, teacher, Wake-up classmate, he doesn't have a spirit ring, he was bombed by himself, and he bombed it if he didn't want it!"

Ning Rongrong, who has the attributes of a witch, suddenly spoke up and introduced Zao Wou-ki to the special features of awakening!

"What? There is no spirit ring? And it was blown up by himself?" Hearing this, Zao Wou-ki also stared at him, staring dumbfounded at his awakening.

Seeing Zao Wou-ki's reaction, Ning Rongrong's mouth raised slightly, and he smiled from the bottom of his heart. Now that he feels comfortable, the teacher will also be scared.

"Yes, the spirit ring was blown up by me!"

Reawakened and nodded and admitted.

"If there is no spirit ring, then there is no spirit ability? Isn't it a waste?"

"Forget it, then you can check with Dai Mubai, no wonder you don't want to check with me, you are self-aware!"

"Dai Mubai, then this kid will be handed over to you, let him get rid of him, our academy doesn't need waste without spirit ring!"

Seeing Su Xing admit, Zao Wou-ki was surprised, but also lost interest in Su Xing.

He wants to test himself, just want to see the martial arts and spirit rings of the little monsters, since Awakening doesn't even have a spirit ring, he is not interested!

The spirit ring is gone, where is the fighting power?

Did you blow up the spirit ring yourself? I'm afraid it's not a fool!

The young people are thinking about grandstanding, what a pity!

"Ms. Zhao, is it really okay to say that people are wasteful?"

Su wakes up and hears this, and suddenly looks at Zao Wou-ki coldly.

If it wasn't for Dai Mubai that he wanted to abolish even more, he would want to play with Zao Wou-ki when he woke up, and let him see who was the waste.

"Ahem...Then you can pass Dai Mubai's assessment to show me!" Zao Wou-ki seemed to realize that his mouth was open, and said after a dry cough.

"Teacher Zhao, leave it to me!"

Dai Mubai couldn't wait to stand up.

It's just what I want to get awakened out of Shrek Academy!

"My martial soul is the Evil Eyed White Tiger, level 37 soul sovereign!"

"As long as you are in my hands and stick to a stick of incense, even if you pass the assessment, otherwise, you will be eliminated from Shrek."

Dai Mubai came to Su Xing and introduced the content of the next assessment.

While talking, Dai Mubai stretched his hands and bones, without any intention of keeping his hands.

"Be careful. If you don't work, you will give up, otherwise you will get hurt easily!" Dai Mubai said with hypocritical concern as he looked at Su Xing.

"Stop talking nonsense, you can't wait to teach me a lesson when you see me pestering your fiancee?"

"Just right, I also want to see if you are worthy of her!"

Wake up with a cold snort, and directly pick out Mingdao.




The others were stunned when they heard the words, and looked at Zhu Zhuqing. Although UU reading www.uukanshu.com did not name him, they knew that Zhu Zhuqing was talking about.

No wonder the atmosphere between the two has been wrong.

This is such a big melon!

Zhu Zhuqing was looked at by everyone, somewhat uncomfortable, and turned his head away with a cold snort.

She was a little embarrassed to awaken in public, and she disrespect her too much.

"The first spirit ability, the white tiger shield!"

"Then I will let you see if I am worthy of it!"

Dai Mubai was also very angry about awakening in public, and he let out his first spirit ability directly with a cold snort.


saw a white tiger phantom appearing, guarding Dai Mubai's body, making Dai Mubai's figure sturdy and fierce.

"The current me, attack, defense, and speed have all increased by 50%. Without a spirit ring, what can you use against me?"

"Zhu Zhuqing, you can't covet it!"

Dai Mubai then looked at Su Xing with a sneer, and rushed towards Su Xing as soon as he moved.

At this time, Tang San and the others had already stepped aside, leaving enough space for the two of them to do something.

"Tell your opponent the effects of your spirit ability, are you an idiot?"

Facing the fierce Dai Mubai, the look on her awakening remained unchanged, but she mocked.

Dai Mubai was awakened and his face flushed with anger, and he was extremely angry: "That's because I was afraid that you would be defeated by me accidentally, kindly remind you!"


The words fell, Dai Mubai had already arrived in front of Su Xing, and the Black Tiger slammed his heart directly towards Su Xing.

originally planned to slowly educate him to wake up, but now he wants to directly defeat the wake up.

Let Su Xing remember this shame!


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